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A university that fosters global leaders with both intelligence and character

International competition is accelerating due to the fast changing economic state and business environment of the 21 century.

Borders in the geographical sense no longer exist in the world economy, and it is the harsh reality of today that companies can no longer settle for domestic brands. 

In order to quickly respond to the sudden change of the surrounding environment, university education must face a transition based on the new paradigm of this competitive global system.

Hanyang University College of Business and Economics prioritizes, through the Division of Economics, Division of Business Administration, Department of Actuarial Science, and the Department of Accounting and Tax Administration, the aims of (1) Practical learning-oriented education, (2) Globalization-oriented education, (3) Education that stresses ethical thinking and behavior, and (4) Education that serves society as its top priority. 

Learning objectives

1) Foster future-oriented talents well-suited for a global economic and business environment
2) Cultivate outstanding individuals through industry-academic cooperation
3) Train young leaders of society in an active and positive manner
4) Foster volunteers who contribute to the community
5) Foster ethical individuals who value a moral economy and management practices
6) Foster educated people that serve society and practice love with honest and upright character. 
Faculty info
Joo, Man-Soo

Joo, Man-Soo
Dean, College of Economics and Business Administration

Yi, Sung Wook

Yi, Sung Wook
Chair, Department of Accounting and Taxation

Yi, Sung Wook

Yi, Sung Wook
Supervising Professor, Preparation Course for CPA (ERICA)