Entrepreneurial Lab


Purpose of entrepreneurial lab is to facilitate development of university and industry through technology commercialization by allowing research labs to establish business with their research capacity.

Concept of Business Startup

A full-time professor who is allowed to take time off or take time off from a university under certain conditions means establishing a venture company by utilizing laboratory and research space and infrastructure, and commercializing the research results he has.

실험실 창업 개념
Classification Entrepreneurial Lab
Ownership structure Composed with ownership of founder(researcher) of the lab
Support from University Intellectual property right is possessed by Industry-University Cooperation Foundation, in case of need, sign transfer contract or licensing with the lab
Other Directly operated by researcher/professor

Establishment Procedure

실험실 창업 설립절차 및 주요내용

For inquiries, contact person in charge via e-mail patent@hanyang.ac.kr