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2020-10 06

[Student]Student Lee Eun-hye, Who Desires to Share More of One's Life Through Donation

“Through my donation experience, I want to pursue a life of sharing and being a generous person who provides help to the places that are in need.” Lee Eun-hye, who acquired a Master's degree in Fusion and Marine Sciences in 2019, donated the fee provided by BK21 (BrainKorea 21), living expenses, and the tuition to the Marine and Atmosphere Interaction Research Center, which had been provided by the Department of Fusion Marine Sciences. Like Lee, there are many alumni cheering up the students of Hanyang to open up their dreams in various fields. ▲ Alumna Lee Eun-hye acquired a Master's degree in Fusion and Marine Sciences. Q. Please give a brief introduction of yourself. A. I graduated as the class of 13 as an undergraduate from the Department of Fusion Marine Sciences. I desired to learn more about the field in graduate school, especially after listening to the lectures of professor Yeh Sang-wook, who lectured on topics such as the 'Introduction to Atmosphere Sciences' and 'Marine and Atmosphere'. I entered the research lab as the class of 18, studied the field for 2 years, and was given a master's degree in August. Q. What do people in the Department of Fusion Marine Scienes study? A. The department studies understanding and preserving the future envrionment of the Earth, while also studying the characteristics of the marine environment that shift according to the advancement of national technologies related to marine development. The department also defines the roles of marine organisms, reactions of the marine ecosystem, and econlgical role of the marine lives. The department is fostering specialists that can adopt to the actual field of research, by providing field experiences using marine research ship. Q. Please tell us what led you to donate to the research center. A. I decided to donate the amount of money that I had been provided by participating as the researcher on a research project. The amount had been given to me because the Department of Fusion Marine Sciences had been selected as the BK21 department. Learning from my guidance professor who is contributing for humanity by predicting climate change and also making a contribution, I also wanted to donate the amount, hoping that it would be used in a better place. During the 2 years of studying for my master's degree, I witnessed the research fee being used only for the right purposes. I wanted to thank my professor for providing economic and mental support throughout the years. As a result, I decided to donate the money directly for the research center. Q. What is the Marine and Atmosphere Research Center like? A. The research center is conducting sutdies on understanding and predicting the changes of the Earth's climate environment. The purpose of the study lies in serving humanity by predicting unusual weather events caused by global warming, climate change, and the possible disasters that can occur. The research center not only conducts studies but also presents the study results at academic conferences inside and outside the country, also having the time to share the information with the centers of other universities through workshops. Q. Is there any event that you got to have a perspective on donating as a student? A. Wherever the donation is made, or whatever the amount is, I feel like the donated amount has always been used for the development of the center, considering the minds of the donor. Through this experience of donation, I want to pursue the life of sharing and being a generous person that provides help to the places that are in need. Q. Last words to the Hanyang University students of ERICA Campus! A. There are only good things to come about! I envy the fact that the Su-in line has been opened, and there will be a new Shin-an line opening in the near future. I hope that all of the students get to graduate from school after acquiring various experiences in our campus, which is famous for university-industry cooperation. I also hope that all students grow up with the professors of our univeristy who have excellent research skills. The press hopes that the inverview with Lee Eun-hye becomes a celebration for the students of Hanyang University ERICA and an indirect experience on donation. We also wish for a bright future to the graduates of Hanyang, including alumna Lee Eun-hye. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-09 24

[Special]The 2020 Promising Student Startup Team 300 Minister of Education Certificate Award Ceremony

The 2020 Promising Student Startup Team 300 Contest Award Ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and ICT successfully finished on September 18th. In this award ceremony held in the Knowledge Bunker Haedong Boost-up Room of ERICA's Engineering Building V, Director Lee Sang-joon’s (Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering) Coding Bird team and Director Kang Dong-ho’s (Department of Mechanical Engineering) Pinpoint team received the award. ▲(From the left) Director Kang Dong-ho, LINC+ Head of the project Choi Ji-woong, Director Lee Sang-joon What could be a fun coding class that children can enjoy? The answer is a programming class through drones. Director Lee Sang-joon’s Coding Bird team started with this question. Director Lee Sang-joon said that he first thought of making a fun coding class when he saw students struggling with coding and not being interested. He planned the education curriculum using drones, which children like. He created a fun class kit that lets students have fun with coding and drones through learning SW basics by making games and making a real fan with a monitor. The Coding Bird Team developed a coding education system that elementary, middle, high-school students, and the general public, can utilize, such as block coding for beginners, Arduino for intermediates, and ATmega for skilled persons. Director Lee Sang-joon said that he wants to make efforts in solving the education gap of the neglected class of people and isolated regions with lack of coding education infrastructure. In fact, the Coding Bird Team’s products are used as class materials in 40 schools, with online sales actively on progress. Not only that, as it uses video lectures for its main learning material, their future growth is anticipated in this new era of untact generation. ▲ Director Lee Sang-joon Firefighters are our heroes that protect us, but who protects them? The answer is a multifunctional grid laser lantern for firefighters. “We wanted to become a new eye to firefighters to give them a more secure view.” The eyes of director Kang Dong-ho sparkled as he started talking about the current problem firefighters are facing. They have difficulties securing a clear view when suppressing fires due to smoke and ashes. To solve this problem, team Pinpoint developed a product that combined DOE device (diffractive lens), grid laser, LED lantern, fluorescence compass, and the siren function. It is portable enough to fit in one hand, enables clear view of more than 500 meters, and has a function of letting sirens go off when the movement of the firefighter holding the product is not sensed for a certain amount of time. Director Kang Dong-ho even gave a demonstration at the reward ceremony with a real prototype. He wanted to make a product that ensures their safety, just like how they ensure ours. Their product is valuable, as they are in direct relation with the lives of firefighters. ▲ Director Kang Dong-ho For students dreaming of startups for a better future Director Lee Sang-joon and Kang Dong-ho said in chorus the compliments to the Hanyang University ERICA startup support system. They said that students should actively use the wide rand of excellent infrastructure of diverse startup education, monetary support, professors highly skilled in business practice, and mentoring system, along with the LINC business. Director Kang Dong-ho said, “For a successful startup, it is important to believe in one’s ideas and actualize it.” This implies that one’s own ideas will come up when they search deep into their field of interest and the process of actualizing this is important. Furthermore, he added that it is also crucial to get advice from seniors who succeeded in their startups and enlarging one’s perspective. Director Lee Sang-joon gave advice to think carefully about the reason why one wants to begin a startup. This is because it is dangerous to jump into the field of startups with only an absurd dream of success. He said, “Because a startup is a process of solving problems by oneself, with endless thinking and studying required,” and that “a passionate attitude and will is important.” The LINC+ Head of the project Choi Ji-woong said at the reward ceremony, “I think it is really wonderful to see young students taking on new challenges. I hope the visions of the young generation becomes a big dream of the future.” He also gave some words of advice to ‘realize the needs of different customers with a wide perspective and to proceed the startup’. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 14 Important News

[Event]Hanyang University ERICA, Gyeonggi-do Province -Ansan City-Kakao opens Ceremony for Kakao Data Center Construction

On September 7th, Hanyang University. Gyeonggo-do, Ansan City, and Kakao signed a business agreement in the Gyeonggi Provincial Government Office to build a Kakao Data Center and an industry-academic cooperation facility. The President of Hanyang University, Kim Woo-seung, the Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Lee Jae-myung, the mayor of Ansan, Yoon Hwa-sup, and the co-CEO of Kakao,Yeo Min-soo, attended the signing ceremony. ▲Source: Real-time social broadcast LIVE According to the agreement, Kakao will spend 400 billion won on the project to build a data center and industry-academic cooperation facility on 18,383 square meters of land around Hanyang University's ERICA campus. The construction design will be completed in the second half of this year, and after adminstrative procedures, such as building permits, contracts and construction will be carried out in 2021 with a completion aim in 2023. The data center will be built on the site of the Campus Innovation Park Urban High-tech Industrial Complex, which was selected as a pilot project implemented by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and the Ministry of Education as a national project last year. ▲Campus Innovation Park HUB ▲Bird's-eye view of Campus Innovation Park The Kakao Data Center is hyper-scale enough to operate more than 100,000 servers, and can store 120,00 servers in the computer building. The amount of data that can be stored reaches 6 EB (exabytes), which is 310,000 times larger than the amount of information in the Library of Congress. Hanyang University's ERICA campus is planning to build a small-scale high-tech industrial complex, including the Kakao Data Center, as a base for regional innovation and growth. [Campus Innovation Park] A business run by The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and the Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Enterprises to promote the creation of innovative spaces that combine corporate housing facilities, startup support facilities, and housing and cultural facilities on unused sites on university campuses in order to create new jobs for high-quality young people. *News related to Campus Innovation Park - University Journal: - JoonbooIlbo: Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 27

[Performance]ERICA Selected to 2020 Interdisciplinary Curriculum Support Project led by Design

Hanyang University ERICA Campus was selected for the "Design-led 2020 Interdisciplinary Curriculum Support Project" which is supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korean Design Promotion Agency on the 22nd. This project, which is implemented for the first time this year, aims to train design integration specialists with an understanding of the entire process of product and service development, from planning to marketing. This project is designed to support the management of interdisciplinary curriculum such as engineering and business administration, and to develop human resources capable of solving integrated problems through interdisciplinary education based on actual projects in industrial fields. A total of 6 universities, Hanyang University's ERICA campus, Soonchunhyang University, Anyang University, Yonsei University's International Campus, Korea University of Industrial Technology and Hansung University, will participate. The 6 universities participating in the project plans to develop human resources based on ther different points. ERICA plans to strengthen IC-PBL education to develop capabilities in order to solve industrial and social problems and develop technology-sympathetic cooperative talents. They will have a design advisor, a student-tailored education that encourages students to collaborate with other students from different majors as well as IC-PBL (Hanyang University education model) at the UX Design Center for artificial intelligence (AI) to lead future design trends that are human-friendly. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 25

[Performance]ERICA Selected as the "2020 Design-leading Multidisciplinary Education Course Support Business"

Hanyang University ERICA Campus was selected on August 22 as the University participating in 2020 Design-leading Multidisciplinary Education Course Support Business by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Institute of Design Promotion. This business, which began this year, aims to grow a design-leading professional force that fully understands the process from planning to marketing such as product, service, and system. This business supports a multidisciplinary education course management such as design-leading engineering and economics, and aims to support talented students who have theoretical and practical information across diverse fields through industrial-settings-based programs and problem solving potential. Along with Hanyang University ERICA Campus, Soonchunhyang University, Anyang University, Yonsei University International Campus, Korea University of Industrial Technology, and Hansung University are participating. These six universities are participating in this business plan to nurture talented students with their own differentiated points. ERICA Campus plans to enforce the IC-PBL education that is required for developing problem/solution capabilities for industry/social problems to support talented students in technology-sympathizing cooperation. They are also planning on a "design advisor", which is a student-centered education that encourages students of different majors to cooperate, and an AI Design Center’s IC-PBL (Hanyang University ERICA’s education model of the industry-local district-university link that solves real problems that happen on-the-spot) environment to lead a human-friendly future design trend. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 21 Important News

[Event]2019 ERICA Commencement Ceremony held through live online broadcast

On August 19th, the 2019 Hanyang University ERICA Campus and the Graduate School of Industrial Convergence Spring and Fall Commencement Ceremony was held. This ceremony was participated by the minimum number of people to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and was broadcasted live through the Hanyang University ERICA Youtube channel. Starting with the opening speech, the ceremony processed with President Kim Woo-seung’s congratulatory message, the President of the Alumni Association Son Yong-geun’s words of encouragement, graduate representative Shin Hye-rim’s (Division of Economics) formal reply, the commencement ceremony, and the award ceremony (Chairman of the Board Award, President Award, President of the Alumni Association Award). In this Commencement Ceremony, special congratulatory videos of professors, faculties, graduates, and undergraduates, along with ERICA professor choir’s special performance brightened the 2019 Commencement Ceremony. ▲ President Kim Woo-seung’s congratulatory message ▲ Graduate representative Shin Hye-rim’s (Division of Economics) formal reply ▲ Ceremony participated by the minimum number of people to prevent the spread of COVID-19 ▲ Graduates taking photos Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 21 Important News

[Event]ERICA Campus holds online Commencement Ceremony due to COVID-19, broadcasted live through Youtube

Hanyang University ERICA Campus held the graduation ceremony online to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The ERICA Campus broadcasted the 2019 Spring and Fall Commencement Ceremony live through the Hanyang University ERICA official Youtube channel on August 19, around 10:30. They have replaced the large scale graduation ceremony online to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This Commencement Ceremony was for all the students of the Graduate School of Industrial Convergence and ERICA Campus. However, following the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines instead of holding a public ceremony, the graduation cap and gown rent week was additionally held from August 18. The online Commencement Ceremony started with an opening speech, followed by the President’s congratulatory message, and the President of the alumni association’s words of encouragement. After, the commencement ceremony and diverse events proceeded, and the event was finished with a closing ceremony. Special alumni congratulatory videos and professor choir performance events were also included. Meanwhile, the Seoul Campus plans to upload the congratulatory message on their official Youtube homepage instead of holding a public Commencement Ceremony, while replacing the event with graduation suit rentals and photo-zones. The ERICA Campus 2019 Spring and Fall Online Commencement Ceremony could be participated through the Hanyang University ERICA Campus official Youtube channel. ▶Click to see [[2019 Spring and Fall Online Commencement Ceremony (ERICA)]] in Hanyang Wiki ▶Click to go to Hanyang University ERICA Campus official Youtube channel Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 20

[Performance]ERICA Selected for the Gyeonggi-do GRCC Project

Hanyang University ERICA Campus has been selected as a new research center for participating in the Gyeonggi-do Regional Research Center (GRCC) Project. The local government of Gyeonggi-do announced on the 19th that a total of 2 centers, the Hydrogen Energy Core Material Research Center of Hanyang University ERICA and the Innovation Research Center for Multiple Materials Processing Techniques of Korea Polytechnic University, have been selected from the 5 universities that applied for the project. The GRCC Project is an Industry-University Cooperation Project that connects universities within the local area and supports the technology development process, while also supporting the small and medium-sized companies that lack research-based infrastructure. The project will strive to prevent the reduction of research due to COVID-19 and the ensuing economic hardships, while also supporting research development to secrure a competitive edge for the future. The two selected universities will receive full support from the government for technology development for the next 6 years, receiving a total of 3 billion won. The Hydrogen Energy Core Material Research Center of the ERICA Campus is planning to support the start-up process of junior researchers with ideas that allow the independence of companies with technologies. This is to vitalize projects related to hydrogen energy, which is a next-generation eco-friendly energy. The Innovation Research Center for Multiple Materials Processing Techniques of Korea Polytechnic University aims to lead the development of the local machine industry through the application of multi-materials for lightening transport machines and the development of additive and bonding technologies. Lim Moon-young officer of Future Development Policies of Gyeonggi-do mentioned that in order to secure a competitive edge for the future, endless research development is needed, and that they "hope that companies within the province succeed in technology development by utilizing research centers with leading technologies and research infrastructure." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 12

[Student]Song of Happiness with a Beautiful Voice

"I want to bring happiness through my songs. I hope this happiness will spread and make the world brighter. If my voice can deliver happiness to people, that would be my joy and happiness." A child who used to sing "yodel"grew up dreaming of becoming a singer and went up on stage. We met Kim Ye-ji, alumni of the Department of English Language and Culture, who participated in "Vocal Play 2" program as a representative of Hanyang University ERICA. Let us hear her story, who was loved by many for her singing skills and extraordinary bright energy. A coincidence and the determination to grab the opportunity "I was motivated by the activities in the central club, the Mungge Cloud. I posted a video of my singing on social media. The broadcast writer saw this and contacted me." She said that this opportunity wasn't welcoming at first. She was afraid that she might not be able to survive among many talented people as she did not major in music. However, her light-hearted decision: "Okay, let's just try," seemed to have been the key to making it up to round 16. A representative of Hanyang University ERICA, the place she dreamed of She was thrilled by the fact that she was the representative of Hanyang University ERICA among various universities. She, who found her dream through school club activities, said that school helped her realize that singing on stage in front of people was what she really wanted to do. To show her gratefulness, she decided to represent her school in this program. "I still remember the fall festival of 2017 fall semester. I participated in a club contest as a representative of the Mungge Cloud club and proudly won first place. I was proud to win the first prize over many prominent bands and dance teams. In the pop song contest which was held by the department, I sang a yodeling song and won both first place and the popularity award. I'm really grateful to the school that allowed me to make great memories with music." As I yodel to spread happiness "I started yodeling in elementary school after my mother recommended a specialty class. Although I started it out of curiosity, I was able to gain a lot of experience for 6 years after getting selected as a member of the Incheon Children's Yodel Group. I went around the country to perform, and I guess that experience has made me who I am now." She won over the judges and audience by yodeling instead of singing ordinary pop songs in the preliminary stage. As it was her first broadcast, she was very nervous, but her experiences from childhood led her to qualify. She said that she tried to put on a big smile and enjoy the song on stage as yodeling becomes more entertaining and exciting only when the singer sings it excitedly. She added that she only felt tension after finishing her performance and the corners of her lips refused to come down. Alumni Kim Ye-ji's Optimistic Energy! Kim Ye-ji received a lot of attention and love for her unique positive charm and bubbly character. She said she has her own mindset that keeps her like this. "I try to worry less. Since I was young, I have believed in the power that a positive mindset can bring. Even in bad situations, I try to look at the positive. I guess this naturally comes out of my attitude. Sometimes I hear bitter comments like "Isn't that too optimistic?" but I like myself like this. Everyone has different thoughts and tendencies. I always try to think positively by thinking "I have my own way!" Future plans "First, I'm trying very hard to become a singer. I aim to release my own song. I'm also thinking about Youtube content these days. I currently have a Youtube channel called Yeidi (예이디), where I film myself singing and also other various things like a vlog. I'm trying to discover and develop content that only I can do." As a senior on the dream path to a junior who is wandering the path "I want to tell them not to be afraid as it is okay to pursue careers that have no relation to their major. Like how I dream to become a singer without majoring in music, I don't want them to be caught up in this frame. I hope they have the 'greatness' to get out of the frame and move on to a bigger world." She added that this "greatness" comes from the objective view that one has. Knowing what you like and what you're good at will give you confidence. With confidence, you will succeed. It is okay to fall along the way. Your early twenties are the age where you can still get up after a fall. "I hope you find your dream and find a happy path," she added, leaving a heartfelt message of support. Kim Ye-ji is pushing herself towards her dream with the power of boldness. What goal would she have as a singer? "I want to bring happiness through my songs. I hope this happiness will spread and make the world brighter. If my voice can deliver happiness to people, that would be my joy and happiness." We support the future of Kim Ye-ji alumni to bring happiness to the world through her songs. ▲ Kim Ye-ji, the representative of ERICA in "Vocal Play 2" ▲Kim Ye-ji singing at the ERICA fall festival Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 12

[Performance]ERICA Selected in Brain Korea 21 (BK21) Preliminary Selection

On the 6th, the Ministry of Education and the Korea Research Foundation released the preliminary selection results of the fourth-phase of the Brain Korea 21 (BK21) project. Phase 4 of Brain Korea 21 (BK21) is a follow-up project of the phase 3 BK21 Plus project, which aimed to train about 19,000 master and doctoral level research personnel annually from September 2020, for seven years, by providing graduate students with research scholarships and labor costs so that follow-up generations can focus on their studies and research. A total of 695 education research foundations and 634 education research teams from 93 universities applied for the project. A total of 562 education research foundations(teams)(268 education research foundations and 176 education research teams) from 68 universities were selected in advance after going through a strict evaluation (based on innovative talent development projects, convergence research, and industry-academic cooperation plans). The selected education research teams will receive annual support of 408 billion won, which will help them train 19,000 master's and doctoral degree students while helping them to focus on their studies and research. In addition, unlike the previous Brain Korea 21 project, 19 universities that are selected by more than 5 educational research groups will be funded for graduate innovation. Hanyang University ERICA was selected by 1 education research team and 7 education research groups during the preliminary selection. More than 5 education research groups were listed and will be receiving funding for graduate innovation support. ▼ Hanyang Univerisity ERICA's selection ▼Universities selected by more than 5 education research groups The final selection of the education research groups (teams) and the budget distribution will be finalized during the objection period (~8.14), and the follow-up on-site inspection (August 31 to September 1, two days of progress). Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 12

[Student]"The COVID-19 Era Can Still be Better with Extra Help." Student Union Fee Payment Cancelled for 2020 Fall Semester

Hanyang University ERICA's Student Union Harang decided to cancel the payment of the student union fees for the 2020 fall semester. We talked to Yoon Ji-seok ERICA student union president about the decision. ▲ (From the left) Choi Jea-ui ERICA Student Union Vice President and Yoon Ji-seok President Q. The student union fee has been changed. How will the changes be implemented? A. The student union fee has been a selective choice that students can check and make payments for when submitting their tuition fee. After hearing considerations at the central committee, all entities within the school that use the student union fee have agreed not to receive the fee for the fall semester of 2020 and sent the requested document to the university (Office of Planning - Finance Team of the Seoul Campus). Through some debate, Hanyang University ERICA decided to cancel the student union fee payment for the 2020 fall semester. Q. What was the inspiration for this idea? A. The number of students visiting the school has been greatly reduced due to COVID-19, and the events that students can participate in have been canceled or postponed. Accordingly, after many discussions, we decided that it would be possible to operate the student union and the center meeting solely with the extra budget carried over from last semester. To reduce the burden of the students, we decided to cancel the student union fee payment for the 2020 fall semester. Q. We are curious how the student union and the central committee will operate without the student union fee. A. The student union and the central committee will operate as before without any changes. However, events will be planned according to the COVID-19 situation for the fall semester, in hopes that we can be more helpful to the students. Q. What are the foreseeable plans of the student union Harang, and what do you want to say before the end of the interview? A. All plans except the outdoor group events are being prepared without any problems. We are also trying our best to expand the scholarship and welfare benefits that students can receive during the era of COVID-19. As it is difficult to operate offline events, we will remain close to the students through Harang Tube, and the official Youtube Channel of Hanyang University ERICA. Please let us know any time when difficulties occur within the school through official student union Harang's SNS accounts (Instagram, Facebook), and we will try our best to take fast and clear action. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 06

[Alumni][ERICA’s Power] 34th ERICA Student Body President Jeon Yong-ki Becomes the Youngest Member of the National Assembly

ERICA Student Body President Jeon Yong-ki Becomes the Youngest Member of the National Assembly Alumnus Jeon Yong-ki (Division of Sport Science, Class of ’10) The number of newly-elected members of the 21st National Assembly is 151. As all citizen wish for a ‘working National Assembly,’ their expectations for the representatives are very high. There are different calls for change for the members in their 20s and 30s of the National Assembly than in previous political moments. Deputy Jeon Yong-ki is one of the members of the 21st National Assembly. As a former ERICA student body president, we asked him about youth politics, an area of the New Politics. ▲ Alumnus Jeon Yong-ki (Division of Sport Science, Class of ’10) A young deputy in his twenties, born by the hopes of the youth Deputy Jeon Yong-ki, who proudly made his entry to the 21st National Assembly has just started his work as a member. Born in 1991, he is the youngest member of the Democratic Party of Korea in history and the youngest male member of the National Assembly selected in the 21st Assembly election. “It didn’t feel real when I was elected. When it was time to go to the National Assembly, the responsibility came on me too heavily. I started my political activities by working for 3-4 years as the Chairman of the National University Student Council in the Democratic Party of Korea, and I am aware of how much my seniors have worked over the past 10 years to make members in their 20s and 30s of the National Assembly. I think my getting elected this time is the result of all that.” He has steered a great amount of interest by being elected 6 times as a proportional representative by breaking through the harsh proportional elections in the Democratic Party of Korea election process. It was a miracle, and everyone was surprised about how such a young person with only 4 years of political party experience received votes. His biggest supporters were none other than young partisans nationwide. The young partisans were the strongest and firmest strength during the 800,000 electoral colleges’ 1st election and the central committee's 2nd election. As a result, he firmly achieved 3rd place in the central committee election, constituted by the heads of the local government such as the members of the National Assembly, mayors, and governors. It was a moment of hope for young partisans. “One of the members of the central committee was very surprised at how I received such a large number of votes. In fact, he voted for me too but was 100% sure it was a wasted vote. He said he got lots of calls from young people asking him to vote for me. It is natural that he may not know what kind of young person I am because I have limited experience in politics. Nevertheless, he kept receiving calls from young partisans. He said he voted because he thought there would be a reason for it but could not expect how the result would turn out.” There were crises of changing the affiliated party to the Democratic Party of Korea and getting laid behind as the 16th in number on central committee, but in the end, he entered the 21st National Assembly due to the votes of numerous citizens. His election could be said as the result of efforts his seniors put in for a long time to make the 2030 National Assembly and the hopes of young people to build a National Assembly that can sympathize with them. ▲ Deputy Jeon Yong-ki had a leading role as the ERICA student body president in successfully drawing a consensus on "Prime Business 21," which had strong opposition due to department consolidation problems. A bigger world! Hanyang University, a life turning-point Alumnus Jeon Yong-ki (Division of Sport Science, Class of ’10) was a disciplined young man during his student years who put forth his best efforts in every aspect. As he was a bowler during his middle and high school years, he entered university as a student-athlete. The reason why he chose Hanyang University was to tie in his studies. “I made a promise to myself that when I went to university that I would not skip any lectures. Even if I was sick or drank a lot the day before, I always attended classes. I tried not to be absent even if I had to fall asleep during the class.” Because he studied diligently, he naturally received high grades and graduated 2nd in his class. His participation in the student council started after his service in the military. It was not that he was thinking of joining the student council from the beginning. In fact, he was running away with excuses to his seniors that suggested he participate. However, he could not find any more excuses when he realized that he could both study and hold office. As he has a personality of enjoying meeting people and not being able to stand it if things do not get done, he worked like a workaholic. After starting as a member of the student council, his role extended to the Department of Sports student vice-president, College of Sports and Arts student president, and then ERICA student body president in no time. ▲ Photo of "Prime Business 21" student body council His most memorable activities as the 34th ERICA student body president in 2016 are the prime business and the reformation of festival cultures. At that time, the opposing opinions of the prime business were strong due to the problems of department consolidation. For that reason, he thought there needed to be an opportunity for students to fully understand the necessity of the business and judge rationally. As a result, 1,300 students voted through the student council and 38.7% voted in favor. It was selected as the representative case of creating the best legislative organization that takes in the voices of students and derives a representative democracy. At that time, ERICA was the only university that presented a successful agreement and passed their evaluation with full marks on the "consensus with members" section. The transition from hosting festivals in Democracy Square for the last 30 years to the track and field was another unconventional move. “There were always problems with safety accidents as Democracy Square was too small. Therefore, we changed the festival location to the track and field. There were lots of disagreements, but we managed to persuade the doubters one by one.” The story of building waterways on the track and field floor by using a shovel with the members of the student council in heavy rain is famous. From that day, it has become a tradition to make waterways during the festival when it rains. “For me, Hanyang University is my life turning-point. I could finally realize how big the world is after coming to university. I built diverse things with friends from all backgrounds and got to see new worlds by meeting students from other departments. If I had not joined the student council or spoken up to society, I would have lived a life far from politics.” ▲ Alumnus Jeon Yong-ki (Division of Sport Sciences, Class of ’10) Anticipating the work of a young, generation-representing politician Deputy Jeon Yong-ki entered graduate school (Management Consulting, Class of ’17) after graduating in 2017 and made his mark on politics by playing the role as of the Democratic Party of Korea's 19th Presidential Election National Election Commission Youth Committee Director of Future Generation Joint Headquarters. After that, he worked as a Youth Policy Board researcher, National University Student Committee vice-president, and then president. After stepping into the National Assembly, he spoke of the New Politics. This means to approach politics from a new perspective. Many worry about his inexperience when looking at his relatively short time in politics, but thoughts do differ according to the generations. “I think there are limits to solving youth problems through the lenses of the older generations. When solving a problem, the right answer can come when solving it from a diverse perspective. That is the reason why there needs to be politicians who can represent different generations. Looking at the big picture, I want to be a politician that protects minorities. However, as of now, I want to try solving difficult situations that our generation is facing as a youth politician that stands with a generation-representativeness.” He defines politics as life. He says that the life of meeting people, connecting with others, and speaking for other people is politics. “I hope people’s awareness of politics can change. I hope people can learn the method of discussion and persuasion through politics. If that is achieved, healthy life politics like those of Northern Europe will be possible.” He is still cautious due to the responsibility to do well as a new member of the National Assembly, but Deputy Jeon Yong-ki speaks of his aspirations to carry out bold and reformative assembly activities. He is expected to grow into a passionate and challenging icon that is told “the young do things well as expected,” speaks for minorities as a young politician, and becomes a role-model for their juniors in school. Written by Oh In-sook Photo by Ha Ji-won This content is published in the Hanyang University Journal ‘HY ERICA’ 2020 Summer Edition (Volume 95) Click to see HY ERICA 2020 Summer Edition (Volume 95) Click to see ‘HY ERICA’, ‘Jeon Yong-ki’ in [[Hanyang Wiki]] Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min