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02/17/2019 HYU News > Faculty


Hanyang University selected 9 top researchers in 2019

Based on the most highly cited papers of the past 5 years


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▲ The 2019 top research professors of Hanyang University pose for a commemorative photo.

The Office of Academic Affairs selected nine top researchers from Hanyang University, Seoul Campus on January 21st. A luncheon was also held to commemorate the event. The top researchers were chosen based on which researchers had the most "highly cited papers,” placing them in the top 1 percent most cited in the past five years (2013-2017).
The selection of top-level researchers was conducted this year to encourage outstanding professors in the field of research and to produce more highly influential researchers (HCRs) in the world by strengthening their research capabilities.
Hanyang University selects approximately 10 top-level researchers each year and actively supports their research by supporting research personnel.
The Top Researchers of Hanyang University in 2019
The faculty selected are as follows: Professor Kim Ki-hyun (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Professor Jeon Byeong-hoon (Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering), Professor Yoon Jong-seung (Materials Science & Engineering), President Lee Young-moo (Professor of Energy Engineering), Professor Sun Yang-kook (Energy Engineering), Professor Baek Woon-gyu (Energy Engineering), Professor Yoo Dae-hyun (Medicine), Professor Hyun Sung-hyub (Tourism), and Professor Choi Hyo-sung (Chemistry).

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