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08/20/2019 HYU News > Faculty


Professor Han Tae-hee selected as "Promising Researcher of the Year"

Published paper in the Journal of Materials and Chemistry issued by the Royal Society of Chemistry


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▲ Professor Han Tae-hee

On August 14, Hanyang University announced that Han Tae-hee, a professor of Organic and Nano Engineering, was named the Emerging Investigator of  2019 by the Journal of Materials Chemistry A which is published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
The Journal of Materials Chemistry A selects highly promising researchers among the world's up-and-coming researchers who have earned a PhD within the past 10 years. Han was chosen for his research on graphene fiber and ion transport in a nanochannel.

The key to the research conducted by Professor Han is to turn graphene into nanochannel fiber and convert the difference of salt concentration into electricity. Han added graphene quantum dots to the process of making graphene fibers to increase the surface charge density of the fibers. As a result, he found that this surface property plays a very important role in generating power. These fibers have a high transmission capacity of ions where they can generate more than twice as much power, compared to using a different level of salt concentration.

Han said, “The fiber manufactured with the technology, elaborated on in the paper, can be used in the manufacture of fiber-type ion separation membranes due to its high ion transport capability. He also added, “It can provide a new direction for the study of molten salt development, a type of renewable energy.”

The result of the study "Graphene Quantum Dots/Graphene Fiber Nanochannels for Osmotic Power Generation" was published online in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A on July 2, selected as a paper on the back cover. The research was conducted with support from the Ministry of Education's basic research project, the Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communication's project to nurture next-generation engineering researchers, and the development of nanomaterial original technology.

Translated by Hyejeong Park
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