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11/21/2019 HYU News > Faculty


Noted as the 20,000th Nationalized Citizen of Korea: Professor Krisda Chaemsaithong

Settled in Korea 7 years ago… delivered an aim to foster younger scholars


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The number of people who have become naturalized as Korean citizens has surpassed 200,000 after 62 years since the establishment of the Korean government. The Ministry of Justice invited 15 newly naturalized citizens to government office buildings for a certificate of nationality conferment ceremony. Among them, professor Krisda Chaemsaithong(Department of English Language & Literature) from Thailand received attention by attending the ceremony as the 200,000th nationalized citizen of Korea.   
▲ Professor Krisda

Professor Krisda is affiliated with College of Humanities Department of English Language & Literature, and he settled in Korea 7 years ago after working as an English literature professor at the University of Houston in the U.S. Professor Krisda is renown as a worldwide expert in the field of court language, and went through a special promotion in the second half of the year in 2018 by being recognized for his contributions to the university.

Professor Krisda shared his thoughts through Yonhap News by saying, “I really like the Korean people and the Korean culture after living in Korea.” He continued by saying, “Now that I have acquired citizenship by being recognized for my academic achievements, I will further contribute to Korea’s development through my studies and strive to cultivate young scholars.”

Meanwhile, the initial nationalized person after the establishment of the Korean government was Son Il-seung with Taiwan nationality on February 8th of 1957, and since then, until the year 2000, naturalized persons were limited to 33 people annually. The numbers have gradually increased, and recently, roughly 11,000 people have become nationalized. 

The Global News Team   -
*Translation by Kim Hyun-soo
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