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12/31/2018 HYU News > General


Learning Science With A Cheerful Santa

The ‘2018 17th Christmas Science Concert – Science in Cooking with Santa’


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The 2018 17th Christmas Science Concert – Science in Cooking with Santa was held on December 26th at the Hanyang University Paiknam Music Hall. First started and hosted by Professor Choi Jung-hoon (Department of Chemistry) and the Teenager into Science and Technology Center (TIST) in 2002, this year’s concert also ended in great success with a gathering of around 600 participants.
The 2018 17th Christmas Science Concert -Science in Cooking with Santa was held successfully with 600 people gathering at the Paiknam Music Hall on December 17th, 2018. The theme was cooking this year.

The Christmas Science Concert

The Christmas Science Concert has been held for 17 years, with the main theme of the concert changing every year. First planned to deliver scientific themes and principles in a more fun and easy manner, especially towards elementary and middle school students, every year Choi and the members of TIST host the concert, gathering hundreds of students on a national basis. According to Choi, they once even gathered 5000 participants, having to host the concert at the School Olympic Stadium, when they had the theme of ‘Finding Science within Circuses.’
Being the 17th this year, the concert has gained fame among young students, managing to gather 600 participants without any extra forms of promotion. With the main theme being ‘Finding scientific principles within the cooking environment,’ Choi introduced various scientific concepts that can be found in the conventional kitchen such as the basic principles of the microwave and induction heater. He also gave an image of the future cooking environment, by explaining how molecular gastronomy can be developed into the use of a 3D printer.

The students showed great enthusiasm throughout the whole concert, actively participating and communicating with Choi. Two students from Hansan Elementary School, Cho Ye-dam and Lim Seo-yeon (4th grade), especially displayed high levels of satisfaction after the prepared concert. With both students showing special interests towards the part in which slush changed into ice, they stated that the concert made them look upon science from a much more easy perspective. “Compared to school providing us with only lectures, the concert was interesting in that it helped us understand the process through fun experiments,” explained Lim.
The participating students showed high levels of enthusiasm throughout the whole concert.
Students from Donam Elementary School are showing their questionares after the concert.

Professor Choi Jung-hoon and TIST

Already meeting its 17th year, Choi mentioned that he has three years left until his age of retirement, which is exactly the 20th year that the concert would have been hosted. Making the concert into a great success, other countries, such as the Nagasaki University in Japan, have also tried to benchmark this particular program. Furthermore Choi has given guest lectures across 38 countries worldwide, based upon his continuous and successful efforts towards providing novel educational systems, mostly targeted towards teenagers.

Being the founder of the STEAM Education Program, which is a collaborative education system that fuses the fields of humanities, science, engineering, and the arts, Choi has long worked with TIST to promote the program, with the Christmas Concert setting an good example. TIST is one of the six ‘Teenager Science Centers’ that were first promoted by the government and is the one that is considered to have operated most fully towards meeting its original functions, even recently being introduced on the tvN program ‘Little-Big Hero’. (Replay of 'Little-Big Hero') 

Due to the long efforts of Choi and the members, TIST is now being recognized even upon a global basis. “Both in size and the contents provided TIST is considered to be the largest and most successful science center targeted towards the educational promotion of teenagers” explained Choi. With plans after the 20th concert yet being decided, it seems that people should keep a heads up in order to participate in the remaining three concerts due to its high levels of success and recognition that it is receiving in the educational environment.     
Choi Jung-hoon (Department of Chemistry) stated that the 20th concert is going to be hosted on the year of his retirement, and future plans toward the concert are to be confirmed at a later date.

Choi Seo-yong
Photos by Park Guen-hyung
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