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04/17/2019 HYU News > General


Contributing to a Healthier Society

The Sports Talent Sharing Program


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From 2017, under the management of Professor Kim Jong-hee (Department of Physical Education), the department of Physical Education has been operating the Sports Talent Sharing Program that promotes sports activities among neglected classes of people. Now entering its third year, the program is operating mainly two tracks, Hopefully Firm (heemang-teunteun, 희망튼튼) and Fitful Longevity (kunkang-jangsoo, 건강장수), with the former targeted towards multicultural teenagers and the later towards the elderly within the regional community of Seongdong-gu.

Sports Talent Sharing Program

According to Kim, the program was first proposed by Seoul City in 2017, with the intention of enhancing physical activities, especially among the disadvantaged classes within Seoul. The program was managed in a way in which graduate students with professional certifications in certain physical activities could share their knowledge with those who have fewer opportunities of participating in such sports activities. Kim accepted the proposal with the thought that the program would be a great opportunity for the students from the Department of Physical Education to not only share their talents with the neglected but also pursue their studies in the actual fields.
Professor Kim Jong-hee (Department of Physical Education), left,  is conducting an MOU with the principal of the School of Global Sarang on the Sports Talent Sharing Program Hopefully Firm track.
(Photo Courtesy of Yoo)
“I believe that the main purpose of the graduate school is creating something new. Although studying theoretical concepts through textbooks and lectures is important, I wanted to provide an opportunity through which students could actually apply what they are learning in the real world,” explained Kim. As a result, Hanyang University has participated in the program for the past two years, with 2019 being its third. While specific terms within the program change every year, Kim and his students have planned two main tracks for the 2019 program, appointing Yoo Hyun-ki (Department of Physical Education, Master's Degree) and Lee Se-woong (Department of Physical Education, Master's Degree) as managers for the Hopefully Firm and Fitful Longevity programs, respectively.

Hopefully Firm Track

The Hopefully Firm Track has conducted an MOU with The School of Global Sarang (지구촌학교), which is an alternative school for multicultural students located in Seoul. The Hopefully Firm program team visits The School of Global Sarang every Monday and Friday, and offers two-hour classes in seven different programs: soft-football, indoor-futsal, flying-disk, soft-hockey, apparatus-gymnastics, stretching and yoga, and chookball. Having participated as a teacher in last year’s program, Yoo is now organizing the overall track as the manager.

Mainly targeting teenagers, especially those of multicultural heritages, the seven programs were designed to meet their interests, alongside with the fact there were graduate students that were fully qualified to teach those specific programs. “Sports are something that can be enjoyed by everybody, regardless of their race, age, or even gender. I participated in this program both as a teacher and manager with the thought that it is one that provides even neglected classes the opportunity to both take part in and enjoy sports activities,” stated Yoo. With the 2019 program still in progress, Yoo also showed his hopes for this program setting the grounds for a platform in which the neglected and disadvantaged can further enjoy various sports activities.
The students of the School of Global Sarang are participating in the provided sports program.
(Photo Courtesy of Yoo)

Fitful Longevity Track

With Lee appointed as the manager, the Fitful Longevity Track has conducted an MOU with the Doseon-dong Senior Welfare Center and Seoul Forest Day-care Center, both located in Wangsimni, Seoul. Five programs are prepared for those at the Doseon Center, which are silver pilates, props-used training, health dance, coupling, and senior health measurement. The Day-care Center has four programs: silver stretching, cera-band activities, exercise gymnastics, and health measurements for seniors with dementia. As can be seen in the different programs provided, the programs of the Day-care Center are more sedentary as they target the eldery who have symptoms of dementia.

Similar to the Hopefully Firm track, the Fitful Longevity team also visits both centers twice a week, conducting each program for around an hour per session. Considering the fact that the Fitful Longevity track mainly targets the elderly, Lee explained that many of the participants have low strentgh and stamina. Mostly being deprived of the opportunity to fully participate in sports activities, Lee mentioned how he would like to contribute to expanding the basis on which the elderly can pursuit a healthier life through physical activities. Furthermore, there are the expected benefits of achieving higher levels of social abilities and psychological stability through their participation in the program.
The participants of the Fitful Longevity track are taking part in a sports class at Doseon-dong Senior Welfare Center.
(Photo Courtesy of Yoo)
Future Plans

Having operated the program on a yearly basis since 2017, Kim showed his satisfaction with the program having been greatly enhanced both in quality and quantity. “The provided programs have improved every year, and have been met with higher satisfaction from its participants. The number of MOUs conducted, along with the graduate students volunteering as teachers, has also shown great enhancement,” maintained Kim. This sufficiently meets Kim’s aim of graduate students taking full advantage of participating in this program, having the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge while giving back to society.
Kim, center, is sharing his ideas on the Sports Talent Sharing Program with Yoo Hyun-ki (Department of Physical Education, Master's Degree) and Lee Se-woong (Department of Physical Education, Master's Degree), from left. 

As for future plans, in addition to providing such sports activities to neglected people within the regional community, Kim also mentioned preparing other programs in which the members of Hanyang can also participate. He stated that health and society are two things that are tightly related, with the former having a great impact upon the latter. Already having succeeded in contributing to society while fully utilizing their talents, it will not be long before the Department of Physical Education, with Kim and his students, will provide a new platform through which Hanyang members can also pursue a healthier life.

Choi Seo-yong
Photos by Lee Hyeon-seon
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