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07/29/2019 HYU News > General


DREAM Hanyang, the Future of Sports Industry

Performance tests, admission information, and career tips for pre-Hanyangians


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The Department of Sports Industry hosted DREAM Hanyang on July 22nd, which mainly consisted of high school students from all regions gathering at the Olympic Gymnasium for a performance test, career guidance, and information about admission to the College of Performing Arts and Sport.
Professor Lee Jong-sung (Department of Sports Industry) gave a speech during the opening ceremony of DREAM Hanyang on July 22nd, at the Olympic Gymnasium.

High school students who dream of entering Hanyang University's Department of Sports Industry had a chance to experience an evaluation of their performance ability in advance. Current undergraduate students of Hanyang University led a seminar on sports-related departments to help future Hanyangians design their career path. Afterwards, starting from 6 pm, students could take time to relieve their academic stress by enjoying some congratulatory performances. The main goal of DREAM Hanyang was to provide students with admission information in relation to the Department of Sports Industry and to motivate them to join Hanyang University.
Professor Lee Jong-sung (Department of Sports Industry) remarked, “Celebrating the 80th anniversary of Hanyang University, we wanted to hold the DREAM Hanyang event at the Olympic Gymnasium. It is a historic venue which was used as a volleyball arena at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.”
High school students were doing their best to achieve good scores on the performance test.
Lee Ha-yan came from Incheon to measure her athletic skills in preparation for college admissions.
Lee Ha-yan is a second grade student at Kyesan Girl’s High School, who came from Incheon to test her athletic skills in hopes of entering Hanyang University. “I was nervous, so I didn’t do as well as I would have done at school,” said Lee after her first standing long jump attempt.
Students were being tested on standing long jumps.
Son Seung-wu (Department of Sports Industry, 2nd year, right) introduced the Department of Sports Industry to encourage students to join.
Son Seung-wu (Department of Sports Industry, 2nd year) was in charge of the department promotion. “I hope students took away important tips to help them during the college admissions process. This is a great chance for them to learn where they stand in terms of athletic abilities among other students from all parts of the nation,” said Son. He added that their years as high schoolers will never come back, so he hoped that they will treasure today’s experience.
Students who excelled on the DREAM Hanyang performance tests received awards.

DREAM Hanyang was successfully completed with the participation of nearly 2,100 high school students. The day’s events helped to advance their understanding of the Department of Sports Industry through casual talks with seniors, and allowed them to reflect on their training through competition with peer groups.

Kim Hyun-soo
Photos by Kim Ju-eun and Kim Ga-eun
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