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06/10/2019 HYU News > General


ERICA's Got Talent

Two students with extraordinary talent on the stage of ERICA festival


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The 2019 ERICA spring festival (RE;BOOT) was a wild excitement, with a stage filled with famous singers beloved by the students such as 10cm, Davichi, Monday Kiz, and others. Among the crowd, two extraordinary students were invited onto the stage. Each with a unique talent, Park Min-ji (Department of Applied Music, 4th year) and Kim Sung-yeon (Division of Sport Science, 3rd year) ruled the stage and became overnight internet stars.

A duet with Monday Kiz

In this year’s festival, one of the main programs was "RE: college song festival," a singing competition for students of ERICA, hosted by a famous YouTuber named Changhyun Street Karaoke. The winner got a chance to sing a duet with the guest singer Monday Kiz on the stage, who was performing on the last day of the festival (May 23rd). Park says she only went to watch the competition, and somehow ended up competing as well. After singing six songs in front of 10,000 YouTube broadcast viewers as well as her colleagues, she won first prize and a chance to sing with the famous singer Monday Kiz.

On the stage, Park and Monday Kiz created a beautiful harmony that filled the night. Together they sang "When Autumn Comes" by Monday Kiz. Their song was answered with the audience’s cheers and singing along.
Park Min-ji (Department of Applied Music, 4th year) said she wants to pursue a singing career in the future.

Park said she always liked Monday Kiz and their songs a lot, which made the experience even more memorable. “I was extremely nervous, so the moment was over before I knew it. After the performance, I received a signed T-shirt, and he even invited me to the upcoming national tour concert which will be held soon,” said Park enthusiastically.


I can neigh!
Kim, who explained that she merely went to watch the singer 10cm's performance, also captured attention and became a star overnight with her unique talent as well. She spontaneously decided to participate in the short last-minute talent show to reveal her talent. Uniquely, it was neither her singing skills nor dance moves, but rather her ability to mimic horse sounds that earned her victory! While most other participants sang, she tried her luck with a neighing sound. She did not think it would go viral, but the video clip on YouTube currently has more than four million views (click to view the video).

“These days, everyone I know comes up to me and ask the same questions: how I make the horse sound, and if I could show them again. Then another person will come along and ask the exact same questions,” said Kim with a laugh. “Even my parents found it hilarious, and my mom seems determined to show the clip to everyone.”

Aside from the astonishing horse mimicking sound, Kim says she has a longer list of sounds she can make, which includes cats and elks. She has funny episodes on how she first started to mimic the sounds. Back when she was into horseback riding, she had made the horse sound, just for fun. Surprisingly, the horses thought it was a real horse neighing an emergency and responded to it.

Kim said she has been receiving many offers to star in television shows, such as My Little Television and Capture the Moment How is that Possible. “Unfortunately, I decided not to go on television,” explains Kim, but added jokingly, “nonetheless, I would love a collaboration with 10cm.”
Kim Sung-yeon (Division of Sport Science, 3rd year) posing like a horse. She has various other talents, working part-time as a translator, photographer, model, and graphic designer.

Along with the exciting stages of guest singers, the two students’ quite unexpected talents definitely took the stage to the next level, making a much more impressive and eventful show. Expectations are high on what next year’s festival will bring out of our students and go viral on the internet!

Lim Ji-woo
Photos by Lee Hyeon-seon
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