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10/09/2019 HYU News > General


HOW (Hanyang One World) to Connect the Cultural Bridges in Hanyang

Supporting foreign students in adapting to life at Hanyang and in Korea


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Hanyang One World (HOW) is an international exchange committee and one of the central Student Union affiliated special committees. Located in the international lounge on the first floor of the Student Union building, this friendly organization strives to support foreign students adapt to Hanyang University and to life in Korea, as well as to help voice the rights and opinions of foreign students and to act as the heart of interchange between Korean and foreign students.
The international lounge is always open and crowded with HOW members.

HOW was first established in the beginning of 2000. Currently, there are eight students organizers. Students of any nationality or age can become a staff of HOW, as long as they attend the school for four years. If one decides to join the organization, they can choose to engage in executive duties, the planning, foreign cooperation, or the promotion team. All staff members divide their duties during the break, but everyone joins together to help when an event is being planned at HOW.

In order to inform foreign students of HOW, staff members introduce the organization and recruit members at the student exchange orientation. It has been effective so far in attracting many interested students and other exchange students to go on a tour together around Korea and have fun at the many arranged parties.
HOW staff pose for a photo at the orientation for exchange students.
(Photo courtesy of Nam)

In addition, a language exchange program is planned at the international lounge once a month. The program matches those who wish to learn certain languages with each other. By filling out a google form which requires information on a language that one desires to learn, anyone can join this approachable language learning program.
Nam Yeon-joo (Department of Information Systems, 2nd year) is the current, 32nd committee president of HOW.

Nam Yeon-joo (Department of Information Systems, 2nd year) has been the committee president since the 31st. year of HOW. Participation was lower during the first semester due to a lack of promotion, but they stepped up their game by sharing Korean traditional lucky bags to celebrate Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day). “Our goal is to create events that can bring us a step closer to Hanyang students,” Nam said, while emphasizing the family-like atmosphere of HOW.

Speaking of a friendly atmosphere, HOW Friends is a mentor-mentee program with Korean course students from the Institute of International Education and Hanyang University undergraduates. On October 5th, HOW Friends went on a tour to the Gyeongbokgung Palace with support from Office of International Affairs. Many more exciting events are planned for those who wish to join HOW, including the Jeolla-do fall tour on October 12th, which is being funded by  the Korea Tourism Organization and the farewell party, where foreign exchange students will receive a certificate for their participation with HOW.
HOW Friends pose at the Gyeongbokgung Palace.
(Photo courtesy of Nam)
Lee Yong-hun (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1st year) is in the planning team of HOW and has been an active member for almost a year. He points out that his favorite part about HOW is that he can meet diverse friends and learn English along the way. He mainly participates in planning the whole trip or tour and undertakes the role of chairperson at most events. “Not many Korean students know about our organization, or the international lounge," he said, while mentioning the increasing burden ensued by a lack of staff due to frequent and large scale events hosted by HOW. “I find Hanyang One World to be a very meaningful and fun activity. I hope more Korean students can become aware and join our party,” Lee said hopefully.
Field trip to Gyeoungju Donggung and Wolji
(Photo courtesy of Nam)
(From left) Jimin Suarez (Department of Computer Science, 2nd year), Lee Yong-hun (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1st year) and Kimiko Larry (Department of Education, 3rd year) are chatting at the international lounge.

Jimin Suarez (Department of Computer Science, 2nd year) and Kimiko Larry (Department of Education, 3rd year) joined HOW this fall semester. They both picked the welcoming party as their favorite experience at HOW. “I loved playing drinking games and singing karaoke,” said Larry with much excitement. Suarez added his affection for the organization by saying, “I come to the international lounge at least once a week. In HOW, you get to meet various people, learn new languages, and simply have a good experience!”
HOW is open for recruitment at all times. Just visit the 1st. floor of the Student Union building, International lounge, or fill out a google form from Facebook or Instagram. Both foreign and Korean students are welcome to join. The staff of HOW is recruited about three weeks before the final exam of each semester, through various SNS accounts. HOW can help familiarize you with the Korean language, the culture, and college life. As an added bonus, the many friends you will make will join you on your journey!


Kim Hyun-soo
Photos by Kim Ju-eun 
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