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11/26/2018 HYU News > General


The 34th Economics and Finance Seminar

A seminar voluntarily maintained by students for 34 years


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Around the middle of November each year, a tradition has been going on for 34 years at the College of Economics and Finance. This tradition, which students have been voluntarily maintaining by themselves, commenced once again on November 22nd of this year, marking the 34th Economics and Finance seminar which was held on the 6th floor of the Paiknam Library. The topic of the academic presentation for this year's seminar was the crisis of national pension exhaustion and its resolution plan.
You could hardly find an empty seat at the international conference room in which the seminar was held.

The seminar began with an opening statement from the chairman of the seminar, Lee Sang-won (College of Economics and Finance, 4th year). Then the dean of the department gave a congratulatory message to the audience. After the first session of the seminar had started, four student presentations from the academic department of the seminar preparation committee took place. After the presentations, a comment from the advising professor, Chun Young-jun (College of Economics and Finance) followed, after which, the first session concluded with final words from the chairman. The second session consisted of dinner and recreation time for students and professors from the College of Economics and Finance.
The topic for the presentation is selected by taking into account the interests of students at the College of Economics and Finance and the current issues that lie with the contemporary society. The internet bank, trade war, and electric charges were among the list of potential topics for the presentation this year; however, the vote from the committee determined that the subject of national pension would be the main topic of discussion for the 34th seminar.
One of the presenters is explaining the fuzzy-set ideal type analysis that they used to evaluate institutional, demographic, economic, and fiscal factors of Korea's national pension system.

The presentations at the seminar covered the definition of national pension, how the national pension system is applied in Korea, and the many disputes regarding the current system. They also introduced the national pension system in operation at foreign countries to apply and supplement for the shortcomings that Korea’s national pension system holds at present.
Members of the academic department focused on completing the academic journal until the 23rd of October, after which they practiced giving presentations. “Since we only had about two months to prepare for the seminar, the academic department almost always stayed up late at night to have meetings regarding the presentation. I sincerely want to thank all nine members of our department, and I would also like to give a special thanks to professor Chun Young-jun who gave us helpful guidance,” said Lee Won-seob (College of Economics and Finance, 3rd year), the director of the academic department.

Kim Hyun-soo
Photos by Park Geun-hyung
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