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01/06/2020 HYU News > General


The first 'Employee of the Month,' Jang Hyun-il, Junior Manager of the College of Engineering

Award ceremony held on the 31st of November


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The first winner of the 'Employee of the Month' event has been selected. The event first started in November 2019 and is being held by the Human Resources Team of Hanyang University, which is anticipating a boost in employee morale along with creating a culture of praise within the workspace. The first winner of the event is Jang Hyun-il, the junior manager of the College of Engineering RC Administrative Team.

A recommendation post regarding Mr. Jang is currently on the 'Employee of the Month' bulletin board with a post date of November 8th. The post starts with the title of "Compliments for Jang Hyun-il of Seoul College of Engineering," mentioning that 'with over ten buildings to manage, dedication is necessary in order to make the College of Engineering run smoothly and without any obstacles. Regarding this issue, Mr. Jang has been successfully taking care of both small and great issues within the college, serving as the budget, space and falicity manager.' The post also received comments mentioning that 'Mr. Jang is a diligent worker, more than any others.' 

In November 2019, the Human Resources Team announced the selection of Mr. Jang and held an awards ceremony on the 31st. The winner was given a specially designed memorial tablet.
▲ (From the left) Junior manager Jang Hyun-il and President Kim Woo-Seung

Global News Team
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