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12/24/2018 HYU News > General


Wrapping up Hanyang's 2018 with NewsH

Glimpses at the important events of 2018 in Hanyang


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2018 has been an eventful year for Hanyang University. Here will be  a few of Hanyang's meaningful events in 2018, introduced by NewsH articles, with the hope that it will lay the stepping stones for a more promising 2019 to come for all Hanyang members.

A year for steady growth

According to the released results of JoongAng Ilbo’s ‘Comprehensive University Rankings’ both campuses of Hanyang University have managed to make the top 10, with Seoul campus coming third and ERICA campus settling as ninth. Being the first in 2015, Hanyang University is still the only university to designate both campuses within the top 10 of the Joongang Ilbo university rankings for four consecutive years. The rankings were divided into two categories of ‘Comprehensive Evaluation’, which assess all universities upon a common basis, and the ‘Department Evaluation’ that gives credit to each academic field respectively based upon the individual evaluation-index.
Both Hanyang University Seoul and ERICA Campus have managed to each rank as 3rd and 9th on the 2018 JoongAng Ilbo’s ‘Comprehensive University Rankings’, being the only university to enter both of its campuses within the top 10. 
(Source: Joong-ang / Edit: NewsH)

The Seoul Campus managed to achieve especially high results upon ‘Student Education and Achievement’ (1st), due to its high employment rates, and ‘Internationalization-related Indicators’ with the professors publishing research papers that were recognized at a global level (4th) and the well-structured education programs toward international students. The ERICA Campus also showed high points upon both criteria (6th in ‘Student Education and Achievement and 10th in Professor Research), while also displaying its strength in ‘Industry-Academic Cooperation’ in respect to its high levels of achievement within the field of industry cooperation. Already succeeding in both campuses making top 10 for four continuous years, efforts towards making it five are already under progress. (Related Article - 2018 JoongAng Ilbo University Rankings: Seoul Ranked 3rd · ERICA 9th)

Becoming the first East-Asian member of Ashoka U

2018 was once again a meaningful year for Hanyang in that it managed to become a member of the Ashoka U, the first within the East-Asian region. Ashoka U refers to the higher education program of Ashoka, which is an organization that promotes social entrepreneurs (Changemakers), while forming the world’s largest social innovation network. Becoming a member of the Ashoka U committee shows that Hanyang University has been recognized as a world class university that has the strength to conduct social innovative actions alongside with the existing members such as Brown University and Cornell University.   (Related Article - Hanyang University, the first East Asian University selected as the 'Changemaker Campus')
The 2018 Seventeen Hearts Festival was held from the November 15th to 17th for three days. The festival is a good example of how Hanyang University is promoting values of social innovation and becoming a Changemaker Campus.

Hanyang University has long conducted actions of social innovation in order to become a Changemaker-Campus. It has newly created platforms for social innovation education, with the interdisciplinary major in social innovation and the new department in global socio-economic studies (Master’s degree) only being a start. The school has also recently hosted the 2018 seventeen hearts festival, which has been hosted for four consecutive years and promotes actions of social innovation, both within and outside the school campus. Now being recognized as a ‘Changemaker Campus’ on an international scale, its membership of into Ashoka U will set the grounds for Hanyang University becoming an even more active figure within the social innovation field. (Related Articles - The 2018 Seventeen Hearts Festival , The Power of Hanyang Changemakers)

Significant results on State Examinations

Once again Hanyang University’s College of Pharmacy has succeeded in producing successful results with showing a 100 percentage of successful applicants in the State Examination of Pharmaceutics (약사국가고시), which has been continued for five consecutive years since its first establishment in 2010. Despite its relatively short history, the College of Pharmacy has already produced around 130 pharmacists and 90 researchers within the field. Based upon such success the College has managed to rank as 91st on the ‘2018 QS World University Evaluation – Academics’.  (Related Article - Let’s Explore the College of Pharmacy!)
The College of Pharmacy has once again shown successful results upon the 2018 State Examination of  Pharmaceutics, managing to pass all applicants since its first establishment in 2018.

Even on individual levels, students of Hanyang have produced successful results on state examinations. Kim Geon-hi (Department of Economics and Finance, 1st year) has managed to pass the 2018 Civil Service Examination (행정고시), recording second seat in the serial group of financial administration. Passing the test at 23, which is considered as an early age among applicants, he was able to receive such results within two years of preparation. Two students from the School of Business, Kim Yoo-min (4th year) and Kim Ji-hoon (4th year) have succeeded in passing the 2018 35th Customs Broker Examination (관세사). The two students managed to make it within the low 6.62 percentage of successful applicants of this year’s examination.  (Related Articles - Passing the Civil Service Examination , Students from the School of Business Pass the 35th Customs Broker Examination)
From left, Kim Yoo-min and Kim Ji-hoon (School of Business, 4th year) are standing in front of the card that congratulates their passing of the 2018 Customs Border Examination, Kim Geon-hi (Department of Economics and Finance) is sharing his advice upon the 2018 Civils Service Examination.

Acting ‘Love in Deed’ both within and outside national borders

Hanyang University has long made efforts to meet up with its school motto ‘Love in Deed’, being the first Korean university to establish a ‘Social Volunteer Group’ in 1994. ‘Together-Handae (함께한대)’, is an organization that fully meets the school philosophy having conducted both voluntary actions within and outside national borders. Since 2012, Together-Handae have hosted two international voluntary programs every year, each once during the summer and winter vacation. This year the organization has practiced actions of love in Vietnam and Cambodia, completing their 11th and 12th international voluntary programs.
Members of Together-Handae are participating in the '2018 Voluntary Activities for Delivering Briquettes'. This year Together-Handae has conducted actions of love both within and outside borders, fully meeting the school principle of 'Love in deed'. 

It is not only the international society that Together-Hande is giving focus to. The voluntary group has recently finishing its ‘Voluntary Activities for Delivering Briquettes’ and ‘Love Gimjang Sharing Event’, also managing to return its deeds towards the local community. The former successfully delivered 2700 pieces of briquettes to 14 households mainly within Majang-dong and Saguen-dong, whereas the later managed to pack 10 kilograms of Kimchi, which will be delivered to the 500 households in Seongdong-gu. Sharing love both upon a domestic and international platform, further voluntary plans for 2019 are already in progress. (Related Articles - Making the World a Warmer PlaceThe 2018 Love Gimjang Sharing Event)

A Promising 2019
Meeting its 40th year of establishment in 2019, it seems that next year will be a busy year for Hanyang University. Alongside with the newly attending class of 2019, the school president will also be newly elected, with the current president Lee Young-moo successfully finishing his term in office. Likewise to successfully wrapping up this year, there is no doubt that all members of Hanyang will once again share their efforts, taking a further step towards their dreams, and eventually contribute to raising the name of the school and making its membership something to be proud of.  

Choi Seo-yong
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