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10/13/2019 HYU News > General


An Alumnus of 30 Years Ago and a Freshman Meet for a Campus Tour

How Hanyang University has changed over the past thirty years


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30 years ago, Kim You-shin (Department of Education, ’97) entered Hanyang University with excitement. “Being on this university campus was like a dream for me,” said Kim. “Since then, Hanyang has become a representation of my youth.” Today, 30 years after Kim's entrance into Hanyang, a freshman named Kim Seong-jun (Department of Business Administration, 1st Year) accompanied his 30 year senior on his campus tour.  While Kim You-shin recollected his old memories, Kim Seong-jun made new memories on their tour together.
(From left) Kim You-shin (Department of Education, ’97) and Kim Seong-jun (Department of Business Administration, 1st Year) are posing together. The Lion Statue is considered one of the best landmarks of Hanyang among students, faculty, and alumni. 

Where the two men first met was in front of the Lion Statue. It stands between the two Administration Buildings. “As the Lion Statue is one of the best landmarks of Hanyang, many seniors would do a traditional wedding ceremony in front of the statue,” said Kim You-shin. The alumnus continued with a myth surrounding the statue, saying that its teeth were widely known as the charm of passing the bar exam. Kim Seong-jun seemed to be astonished to hear about the myth as they headed towards the Amphitheater.
The Amphitheater is considered as the symbol of Hanyang by many alumni.

“It was an unforgettable experience to speak in front of a large audience,” said Kim You-shin, looking back on his public speech at a rally. “The Amphitheater is the symbol of Hanyang. Various events were held in the Amphitheater, and it will do so in the future.” The two men took a photo inside Hanyang’s major landmark and walked towards the HIT building.
The Hanyang Institute of Technology (HIT) Building replaced the sports field and became the hub of Industry-University Cooperation.

There used to be a sports field where the Hanyang Institute of Technology (HIT) Building now stands. In the old days, admissions were announced on the bulletin board on the sports field. “The sports field is where I heard my acceptance news,” said Kim You-shin, reminiscing back on the excitement. “It also used to be my workplace, as I started my job at the Industry-University Cooperation in 1997.”
An old auditorium was rebuilt into a cutting-edge library as it serves as a major source of talent. 

On top of the hill stood Paiknam Academic Information Center and Library. The central library of Hanyang was built in 1998. “It used to be an auditorium back in the 80s,” Kim You-shin recalled. “The central library was then located nearby the main entrance, which is now the College of Medicine Building.” He did not have many memories of this library but was glad to hear that students could study in such a state-of-the-art facility.
30 years have passed and things have changed. However, the headstone remains the same.
(Photo courtesy of Kim You-Shin)

Kim You-shin could not keep his eyes off the College of Education Building. The former president of the college spent much of his school life at the building. Kim You-shin showed Kim Seong-jun an old photo that he took in front of the headstone. “The stone was set up to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Hanyang University, which is the same year when I started school,” said Kim You-shin who told anecdotes on his college life as they moved on to Hanmadang and the Student Union Building.
With different emotions in mind, Hanmadang was the nostalgic site for Kim You-shin.

Kim You-shin, who is currently the chairman of the 30th Anniversary Homecoming Day Preparation Committee, seemed to be immersed in his memories. “Hanmadang is the most memorable place for me as it presented joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure,” said the alumnus. “The mass movement for democracy started here. It is also where I had this rare opportunity to see Kim Kwang-seok (a South Korean folk-rock singer) singing.”

During the campus tour, Kim You-shin was overwhelmed to see the changes. “Hanyang has changed a lot,”he said. “Along with the new buildings, the campus has changed into a place where you can feel the richness of daily life.” Kim Seong-jun stated that he did not know much about Hanyang before the tour. “It has only been two months since I started school,” said the freshman. “I learned a lot as a member of the Hanyang community.”
(From left) The reporter Oh Kyu-jin, Kim You-shin, and Kim Seong-jun are walking down the stairs next to the College of Humanities.

As some people say, time changes everything except something within us, which is always surprised by that change. How is Hanyang remembered in your memories?

Oh Kyu-jin
Photos by Kim Ju-eun
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