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2020-05 26

[Event]2020 Spring Semester Career Special Lecture Held Live and Online

The Hanyang University Global Career Development Center started the 2020 Spring Semester Career Special Lecture on May 18, which was conducted online via live streaming. This special lecture that was held from May 18 to May 27 was divided into four different steps of "Ready, Take Off, Real Game, and Finish," and lectures on work types such as production, sales, R&D, and business management were also prepared. Students who registered could view the lecture through the online video chat program Zoom. There are four different types of lecture contents for each step. From the first step, Ready, the lecture dealt with employment trends, 'the second, Take Off, focused on company analyzation and special lectures for different work types, and the third and fourth steps, Real Game and Finish, presented special content on cover letters and interviews. This online career special lecture covered every aspect of employment, and lasted around 3 hours. The lecture was an academic program targeting seniors and 2020 graduates as its major audience, but all students were allowed to register regardless of their year of school. The program accepted up to 500 applicants in order of registration, from HY-CDP - Career Development Program (QUICK MENU). Students who registered were given an individual Kakao Talk alarm with a shared URL, conference number, and passcode, which allowed access to the online lecture room. Also, those that participated in the program received an extra point on HELP. Outlines and specific lecture notes can be viewed on the website of the Hanyang University Career Development Center. ▲Career Development Center 2020 Spring Semester Career Special Lecture Outline (Contributed by Career Development Center Website) ▶ Take a closer look at the Career Development Center '2020 Spring Semester Online Career Special Lecture' Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-05 22

[Alumni][Attention, Hanyangians!] Alumni Lee Young-kyu Chairman of Welcron Group Becomes a K-Quarantine Leader

Lee Young-kyu, chairman of Welcron Group, a medium-sized company that maintains technical skills in functional material fields such as microfiber, is a matchmaker. He transformed the crises which others said were difficult, the 1997 and 2008 financial crises, into opportunities by making aggressive investments. As a result, Welcron, which started as an industrial textile company, now has Welcron Healthcare and Welcron Hantec under its wing, with last year’s sales reaching 391.9 billion won. ▲ Alumni Lee Young-kyu poses in an interview with Maeil Business Newspaper (Photo by:Maeil Business Newspaper) Lee graduated from Hanyang University's Department of Organic and Nano Engineering in 1992 and started his business. While he was working at his second job at Yakjin Trading Corporation after the Tong Yang Nylon Corporation, his participation at the Japanese textile product exhibition served as momentum. Seeing that microfiber was only being used to create high-end textiles, he proposed using it as a cleaning cloth. He thought “the added value would be great if I make cleaning tools such as mops and dishcloths with microfiber.” Lee focused on the added value of the commercial microfiber field from the start of his business and devoted on developing microfiber post-processing technology. As a consequence, he created a highly absorbent composite material that has better absorption and cleaning power than ordinary fabrics, and which has become acknowledged as an environmentally friendly product across Europe. However, all of a sudden, the IMF financial crisis broke out. Lee went to the bank before the financial crisis . “We decided to export the microfiber cleaner to Germany and Sweden” and asked the bank to “lend us money to build factories and buy machines as we wanted to handle all of our customers' orders.” Even the company faculties said it wouldn’t work, but after persistent persuasion, they were able to borrow 350 million won. Thanks to the money to buy factories and handling all the orders from foreign countries, their sales tripled from 2.8 billion won in 1997 to 8.8 billion won in 1998. The second crisis came along with the 2008 global financial crisis. As the global economy stagnated and exports decline, Lee turned his eyes to domestic markets and concentrated on developing bedding products using microfiber. In his interview on May 17 with Maeil Business Newspaper, he said that “60% of current sales of Welcron is from the bedding and living industry sectors” and that “We would have stayed at as a small and medium-sized company if we hadn’t taken on new challenges at the time.” Also, he added that “Our company has grown during the two crises” and showed confidence that “We also see a possibility in COVID-19.” Verifying his statement, Welcron’s living business sector has been slowing down due to the aftermath of COVID-19, but the meltblown felt, which is the core material for mask filters, and their masks are playing an important role. The amount of production of the meltblown felt rose to 50t per month. In the past, Welcron has had a history of success in developing a KF94 level mask filter that was accredited by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety by developing a HEPA filter through the meltblown complex radiation construction method in 2008. Lee said that “The mask factory production line located in Bucheon is now producing 1.2 million masks per month, and we are planning to add one more production line by the end of this month” and that “If we have a chance, I would like to export masks around the world and play a role in promoting the "K-Quarantine." Currently, Lee is focusing on expanding the business scope by using the material business as the next growh engine, including the high-efficiency filter projects using the meltblown method and defense projects using composite materials. Lee showed his will by saying that “the defense industry is growing five times the size of its plant located in Gimhae,” and that “We will start various material industries such as multi-material applied products and PTFE artificial vascular tubes in the coming future.” Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-05 19

[Faculty]The 8th Paiknam Great Scholar Award Goes to Professor Jung Min

Professor Jung Min Hanyang University selected Professor Jung Min, from the Departement of Korean Language & Literature, as the laureate of the 8th Paiknam Great Scholar Award for 2020. The Paiknam Great Scholar Award was created to honor the spirit of Doctor Paiknam Kim Yeon-Jun (1914~2018), who established Hanyang University under the creed of Love in Deed and Truth and worked his life to benefit the education industry. This award has been given to scholars with great achievements in education and research. Professor Jung, one of the representative researchers in the field of humanities in Korea, conducted his research focused on Yeon-a Park Ji-won and Dasan Jung Yak-yong during the Josun Dynasty, focusing his study on the cultural-historical approach on intelligence tendencies and information editing methods of 18th-century intellectuals. Professor Jung has authored more than 70 books and Korean translations. He has received many academic awards including the Wol-bong Academic Award of 2015, the Jihun Korean Academic Award, the Woo-ho Humanities Award, and more. He has also been selected many times as best lecturer and best teacher, adding his name to the Hanyang University Hall of Fame as a 2019 Well-known lecturer. Professor Jung mentioned that "the so-called Big-Bang experience of knowledge during the 18th century could provide us with a model that we can use to handle our information-intensive society of this era, and I want to find theoretical research that can provide us with the solution of the social problems through the people's perspectives and knowledge of the 18th century. The past is not only the older future, but it is also the present of that time." The award ceremony was held on the 15th, the 81st anniversary of Hanyang University, taking place at the Paiknam Music Hall. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-05 19

[Alumni][Attention, Hanyangians!] Having Applied for 1,000 Patents over 23 Years, Kim Dong-won's Inventions Continue

▲ Kim Dong-won Alumnus Kim Dong-won, Hanyang alumnus and Director of the H&A Based Research Lab of LG Electronics has applied for 1,000 patents over the past 23 years. He is also the person who developed the clothing quality caring appliance, the Styler, and a laundry machine called the Twin Wash that has a combination of a drum washer and a top-loader washer. Kim received the Invention King of the Year award in 2019, which is the highest honor among all engineers, for the achievements that he has made in developing industrial competency. Kim graduated from Hanyang University's Department of Mechanical Engineering, finished his masters and doctorate at KAIST, and entered LG Electronics in 1996. Rather than studying pure academics, he wanted to use the knowledge that he acquired and provide an easier life for people through the creation of new products. The first team that he was assigned to was a group that was developing clothing equipment such as washing machines and dryers, which allowed him to focus on clothing-related home appliances for the next 20 years. The Styler that he developed came from a thought about how to make fewer visits to the cleaners. Considering that people could reduce the daily inconvenience of going to the cleaners and then having to return to pick up their clothing, he researched at least 5~6 times a day, and sometimes up to 10 times. After 9 years of research, the Styler was released in 2011. While in the beginning, its selling profit was not very high, in the end, it created a new market called "clothing quality caring appliances" and reached its highest selling volume in February. Moreover, Kim is also the developer of the Twin Wash, a laundry machine that has a combination of both drum washer and top-loader washer. The Twin Wash was a great success, recording 10 thousand sales within just 12 weeks. There have been more than 1,000 patents including the Styler and the Twin Wash, both of which he applied for after entering LG Electronics. On average, Kim has applied for a new patent every week. His numerous inventions led him to receive the the Invention King of the Year award. This award is only given once a year to one inventor that has highly contributed to industrial development and national competency through technology development, and is considered the greatest honor among all engineers. Then, what is the secret to his inventing skills? At an interview with the Seoul Press on May 5th, Kim mentioned that "every time I want to give up, I ask myself whether the product that I am working on truly holds value from the perspective of customers." He added that "while asking myself this question over and over, I come up with the confidence that I can provide customers with better benefits and values." He also mentioned that "I also tell my younger co-workers that if they are confident that a product will be valuable to customers, then they should not give up on it despite the difficult process." Kim still does not know the word "pause." "Washing and drying clothing is one of the most tedious house chores," Kim continued, "but I want to persist in developing clothing-related appliances so that they can help reduce the working hours inside the house and make the chores more convenient so that customers can use their time more valuably." He also mentioned that he is "planning to create an appliance that can create a brand new field of demand in kitchen appliances, which can be called 'the 2nd Styler.'" Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-05 18

[Event][Full Text] A Congratulatory Speech from the President of Hanyang University During the 81st Anniversary Ceremony

Today Hanyang University celebrated its 81st anniversary. We are gathered here today surrounded by everyone who loves Hanyang University to celebrate and share their joy with one another. I believe that the hearts of those who shaped Hanyang University with keen interest and passion over the past 81 years are here with me right now at this time. Thank you very much. Today, during this joyous occasion, I think of the noble willpower and wishes of Paiknam Dr. Kim Lyun-joon, the founder of Hanyang University. His firm will to develop the country through education and practicality to foster ‘the practitioner of love’ is still a valid calling here, right now, as we mark the 81st anniversary of the university’s foundation. Dear my beloved Hanyang University family members, During last year’s 80th anniversary ceremony, I talked about the new 100 years of challenges. Although there are still quite a few things to improve on, over the past year, I have pushed, to the best of my ability, for mutual development of both the Humanities and the Natural Sciences departments, Seoul and ERICA campus, and the undergraduate and graduate schools, while also reorganizing the curriculum into a more user-centered one for the students’ development, introducing the IC-PBL curriculum to foster problem-solving skills and establishing an educational environment to actively utilize EduTech, which will become the foundation to the new challenges that the university will undertake for the next 100 years. Additionally, in order to create a collective research ecosystem and to establish a research system to strengthen its connection with society, the Industry-University Collaboration Center (IUCC), the Medicine-Engineering Bio Convergence MEB Center, and the Hanyang Humanities Enhancement Center was established to drive the growth of Hanyang University. Honorable Members of the Hanyang University Community, Hanyang University’s founding principle, “Love in Deed and Truth”, will now help us dream of understanding and creating harmony beyond the competition by partaking in global causes based on our interest and love for others. But of course, all of our family members of Hanyang University should be at the center of all these grand aspirations and plans. Over the past 81 years, Hanyang University will participate in a new challenge based on the brilliant practical achievements that the university has achieved. Like Churchill said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” And with that, in compliance with the safety measures imposed in our daily lives due to COVID-19, our university students would like to express their gratitude towards their professors and employees who are dedicated to conducting a fever check for all visitors by holding themselves responsible to ensure the safety of the students entering and leaving the building. I believe that this is the true practice of “Love in Deed and Truth”. Let’s give ourselves a round of applause. Dear my beloved Hanyang University family members, People say that our society will now be divided between pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19. The most straightforward example to this is that distance learning classes, which suddenly started, will now become a must-have process, not a choice. This does not mean that offline lectures will disappear completely, but that distance learning courses will be very important to supplement offline lectures. IC-PBL lectures will naturally be leaned towards Blended Learning, and it is not difficult to assume that industry-university cooperation will be done remotely and more easily without any restrictions on distance and time. Just like this, the pace of things changing has become even faster. The important thing is that while responding to such changes may not be easy, it is not impossible. Just like Zygmunt Bauman said, the alternative is not to be found. The alternative should be made and created. It does not exist by itself, but it rather comes from our own attempts and challenges. All living things and any other organizations are innovating their organizational structure to adapt to environmental changes, and the tasks for individuals are decimated and created along the way. Every organization seeking innovation will have a partial and whole paradoxical experience, and only those that overcome it will create an ecosystem of evolution that is sustainable and evolving. However, the organization as a whole will be on the verge of collapsing when it comes to sacrificing an entire organization’s innovation for the protection and benefit of the organization’s parts and individuals. In order to prevent this from happening, all members associated with Hanyang University and their efforts are required. As always, I believe in the passion and ability of our Hanyang family members. No matter what changes come our way, we will take a joyful leap forward as we challenge ourselves, just like we have done over the past 81 years. I recently read an article that mentioned a quote by Professor Jim Dator, a world-renowned futurist and an honorary professor from the University of Hawaii, who said, “The future is unpredictable.” He also said, “It is a very dangerous and unwise gamble to plan only one type of future. It is your duty to come up with a policy that can respond to whatever the future unfolds for you.” “The future is not about predicting, it’s about dreaming about it and making it come true.” Although we are currently facing an unpredictable era, I believe that the future of Hanyang University will be bright if all members work together to prepare ourselves for the dream that our university is ultimately aiming for. Based on the accumulated power that has been nurtured in Hanyang University’s history, I think that all members of Hanyang University are responsible to make sure that the university evolves into a system that supports our society through policies that respond to the changes of our era. Since policies are only implemented through the right regulations and systems, I ask all members of our university to be self-conscious and strive for more sustainable development of Hanyang University, in order to eliminate deficits that can be caused due to the wrong policies being created. To my dearest Hanyang family members! Whatever the new challenge is for today as we celebrate our 81st anniversary, I believe that the Hanyang family will be at the center of it. I know that you have contributed to building our university to where it stands today with great dedication and passion, so I would like to say that you are the most valuable and irreplaceable asset of Hanyang University today. Please continue to bless Hanyang University’s future with great interest and love, and walk with Hanyang as the school embarks itself on more journeys that are to come. Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who celebrated the 81st anniversary of Hanyang University. Much love to you all. Thank you. Global News Team Translated by: Lee Jung-joo

2020-05 18

[Event][Photo] Hanyang University Holds its 81st Anniversary Founding Ceremony … Participates in the “Thank You Challenge”

On May 15th, a ceremony marking the university’s 81st anniversary was held at Paiknam Music Hall. This event was held on a small scale, with only a small number of people attending to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Although the event was simplified due to the virus, all participants added significant meaning to the meeting by taking part in the “Thank You Challenge” to express their gratitude and support to the medical personnel who are struggling on the frontlines against the COVID-19 virus. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Jung-joo

2020-05 18

[Event][Photo] Track and Field Construction Completion Ceremony

On May 15th, University's 81st anniversary, the ceremony for the completion of the Track and Field Artificial Turf Stadium and the Underground Parking Lot was held. Due to rain, the ceremony took place on the box seats and the completion was celebrated through the cutting ceremony and commemoration planting. The construction of the track and field took one and a half years, starting from November 2018. The artificial turf stadium that meets international standards with a width of 100 m and length of 68 m was constructed at ground level, along with two basketball courts, a jogging track, and fitness equipment around the stadium. Underneath, two underground floors of a parking lot were established with a capacity to hold up to 863 vehicles. The parking lot also has electric car charging stations and parking spaces for female drivers. Around the parking lot, 49 locations will be provided to students for the use of student clubs. Considering mobility difficulties, an elevator tower that connects directly to Paiknam Music Hall and the underground road to the FTC building were also constructed. The total ground area of the track and field and the parking lot is over 30,000 ㎡. Meanwhile, the Office of Facilities Management has solved the problem of a lack of parking spaces with this construction project. The office is planning to prevent access to vehicles in certain areas and create more green spaces on campus for students to be able to enjoy a safer and more comfortable campus. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-05 18

[Event][Full Transcript] Hanyang University's 81st Anniversary Commemoration Statement by the Chairman of the Board

Dear Beloved Hanyang Family, Around the day of Hanyang University's Anniversary, the scent of acacia flowers from the founder Paiknam Kim Yeon-jun's song "Song of May" spreads around campus in the wind and enters our mind. But this year, it is lonesome to see the empty campus, where students should be experiencing the scent and happiness around the school. While the COVID-19 situation is finally relenting, it has left a scar on all of our minds. What is fortunate despite this terrible situation is that while suffering from the virus that is sweeping across the world, the medical team of Korea has become a leader in the world, entering the field despite all the dangers ahead. Korea has also become the nation with the most advanced national system, where the disease prevention system and sanitation system have operated without major failures. I would like to deeply thank every medical team staff member and person in the Hanyang University medical team family for their efforts and devotion. The reason why numerous people have responded to the "Dukbun-ae" challenge is that all of us have felt gratitude to the medical teams throughout this situation. While standing in this place, I would also like to thank all the entire Hanyang family. Professors that put all their efforts into their students' education using online lectures, students that have followed along with the online lectures while regarding the emergency and cooperating in spite of some deficiencies, the university staff that established the online lecture system in advance that allowed our university to cope with the situation relatively quickly, and everyone that has focused on the quarantine to prevent in-school infection. Dear Beloved Hanyang Family, Going through this situation, I have contemplated the limitations of humanity and where people should be heading from now on. During this contemplation, I again, learned the meaning of and the great value of our foundation's ideology, love in deed and truth. Humanity has mainly tried to increase developments and scientific technology. However, in the end, perhaps we were too full of hubris. After this COVID-19 situation, it seems to me that perhaps we were looking down on essential issues of humanity such as making a humane society. What we have learned is that in the end, we need to make a change. I hope that the changes are more optimistic and desirable. Towards a direction where each of us can look back on our responsibilities and know that we took them seriously. "Our solidarity and rationality have been put onto the test." As the Prime Minister of Germany, Angela Merkel, said, we need to head away from greed, arrogance, prejudice, and discrimination and work on restoring the touches of humanity in the community with love in deed and truth. To All the Loving Hanyang Family Members! While we celebrate out university's anniversary this year with heavy hearts, it has also become a great chance for us to ruminate on Hanyang's founding ideology, Love in Deed and Truth. I hope that our anniversary in 2020 will be a day where everyone can once again place value on our ideology and have greater faith in love for students and love for the school. Further, I hope that it will be a day where we look back on the system of the university and deliberate on how to respond to the changes in the world in the future. Lastly, I hope that all people of the world will wisely recover from this situation, and I pray for the stability and happiness of the whole Hanyang family. Thank you. May 15th 2020 Chairman of the Board, Hanyang Foundation, Kim Chong-yang Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-05 13

[Policy][COVID-19] Offline Classes Postponed for One Week... Effect of the Mass Infection

With the rapid change in the situation for COVID-19 due to the recent mass infection in the Itaewon clubs, the schedule that allowed for offline classes on all theory-based courses has been postponed for one week. This schedule can also change depending on further developments. According to the "2020 Emergency Announcement on Spring Semester Offline Class Operation," which was announced on the 12th, the offline classes that were originally planned to be held starting from May 25th are now postponed until June 1st. The offline classes were planned to be allowed for all theory-based courses, after receiving permission by going through specified procedures. This change of dates could be postponed again according to the quarantine authority, or cancelled to remain as distance learning classes for the whole semester. Whether the offline classes will be allowed after June 1st is expected to be decided on May 18th. Experiment and practice based courses, and IC-PBL lectures were already allowed to hold offline classes from April 13th, and some theory subjects such as Career Development I got permission for offline classes starting from May 18th. The classes that were already held offline will continue to be held in the format they currently are. Meanwhile, Seoul and ERICA Campuses sent emergency text messages to all students on the afternoon of the 11th, announcing that students who visited Itaewon during a certain period must be inspected. The following is the whole text of the text message sent from the Seoul Campus. 4.24~5.6 서울 이태원 소재 유흥시설(클럽, 주점 등)을 방문한 학생들은 방문일로부터 14일간 등교를 중지하고 증상유무와 관계없이 검사가 가능하니 1339나 관할 보건소로 상담바랍니다. 확진검사 결과 음성인 경우라도 확진자와 동선과 시간대가 겹치는 경우에도 14일간 등교를 중지해야 합니다. Students who visited entertainment facilities (clubs, bars, etc.) in Itaewon during 4.24-5.6 should stop attending school for 14 days from the date of their visit. Those students can be tested for COVID-19 regardless of symptoms, so please consult 1339 or the local health center. They should stop attending school for 14 days even if the test results are negative if their travel path and time of visit overlap with those of the confirmed patients. ▶ See announcements made from the Academic Service Team at Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-05 12

[Student]Hanyang Hope Begins a Campaign to Recommend Remote Volunteer Activities

In order to actualize Hanyang University’s principle, Love in Deed and Truth, Hanyang Hope, a student community service group affiliated with Hanyang Volunteer Corps, launched a campaign on April 23rd to introduce remote volunteer activities that can be done under the current circumstances of COVID-19. Hanyang Hope organized the Relay Volunteer Campaign to let the students know that even while they are taking distance-learning classes online due to COVID-19, they can still continue to practice the principle of Love in Deed and Truth even while they are spending more time at home. The purpose of this campaign is to encourage students to practice social distancing while also promoting volunteer work that narrows emotional distance. For this campaign, the student members of Hanyang Hope first practiced the remote volunteer activity on their own, wrote a review and instructions on how other students could participate in the same activity, and encouraged many other Hanyang University students to do the same. Remote volunteer activity relays and activity recommendation posts will be continuously uploaded through Hanyang Hope’s social media every week. So far, the remote volunteer activities that have been introduced by the community service group thus far include the "Stay strong, Korea" campaign that sends a message of encouragement to medical staff all over South Korea, a knowledge-sharing volunteer activity through the portal website Naver KnowledgeiN, "Remote Hyodream Volunteer Activities" which involve participants' hanging bags of daily necessities in residential areas of the elderly that live alone, and much more. Meanwhile, Hanyang Hope consists of a group of scholarship students with strong spirits for serving others and strong leadership skills that are affiliated with the university’s community service group, Hanyang Volunteer Corps. In order to actualize the university’s founding principle, Love in Deed and Truth, Hanyang Hope develops and plans various programs to carry out activities to promote various volunteer activities to the students through continuous community service activities and promotes the culture of volunteering. Further information regarding remote volunteer activities and Hanyang Hope can be found through their Instagram, Facebook, and the university’s page on the app, Everytime. ▲ Photos from "Remote Hyodream Volunteer Activities" (Source: Hanyang Hope’s Instagram) ▶Hanyang Hope (Students)’s Facebook Page ▶Hanyang Hope (Students)’s Instagram Page Global News Team Translation by: Lee Jung-joo

2020-05 12

[Admission ]Hanyang University Recruiting Graduate School Students for the Department of Entrepreneurship

Until the 14th, Hanyang University is recruiting freshmen of graduate school department of entrepreneurship for 2020 Fall semester. The master's program for the department of entrepreneurship had been established to develop creativity-integrated leaders with creative thinking skills, entrepreneurship, and global startup capabilities, and to enforce research related to starting a new business. The curriculum of the department of entrepreneurship is made up of a total of 4 levels of systematic and professional curriculum which are △Entrepreneur capability development △Capturing business chances and developing business plans △Startup business management and △Development and withdrawal. The faculty are comprised of full-time professors with experience ranging from startup business management, being lead officers of the office of small and medium-sized businesses, being KOSDAQ CEOs, serving on the board of directors of medium-sized businesses, holding doctoral degrees in business, being global consultants, and more. This provides adequate studies for students who aim to experience both practical business and startup-integration studies. The students of the department of entrepreneurship will be provided with various support through the Hanyang University Startup Support Foundation, such as startup space, mentoring, tax accounting, and legal support. Outstanding students will also receive scholarships. Hanyang University Startup Support Foundation is operating education, training, and opening global outreach programs to develop startup leaders, as well as creating more than 100 startup businesses every year through supervising programs such as beginning startup packages and pre-startup packages that are being operated from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. Cho Nam-suk (Graduate School, Department of Entrepreneurship, 3rd year), who developed drones that use solar panels, mentioned that "the advancement of techniques was made possible by real-life startup track curriculum and specified mentoring after entering the graduate school." He also added that he "will continue to reinforce the techniques and business models by using Hanyang University's technology startup specified development program and networks." Some students decide to enter the school for a more in-depth study of entrepreneurship. Kim Ha-young (Graduate School, Department of Entrepreneurship, 1st year), who analyzed a technology startup case of an alumnus and registered the name as the first author on a paper from the Korean Society of Business Venturing during her undergraduate school years, went through the graduate school startup research track and finished her doctoral degree of entrepreneurship at a university overseas, and is now planning to continue research in a related field. Professor Ryoo Chang-wan, head professor of the department of entrepreneurship noted that "Hanyang University has been creating remarkable results on developing startup leaders and innovative businesses, based on its practical academics and alumni network." He added that "students that have real-life startup and research experience with entrepreneurship will be able to receive practical help from Hanyang University's systematic startup curriculum, programs, and startup network both inside and outside the country." A total of 30 students will be selected to participate in the master's degree program, and registration is possible until the 14th (Thursday) on U-Way Apply ( Specifications can be acquired by contacting the Graduate School Department of Entrepreneurship and visiting the website ( Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-05 12

[General]COVID-19 Research Materials Available for Free… Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library is Providing Free Documents

On April 28, Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library decided to provide free research documents service for articles related to COVID-19. Articles and information related to COVID-19 can be accessed online. Difficulties around the world have been caused by COVID-19 and research is being carried out in every country as quickly as possible. In this situation, the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library has decided to provide free materials to aid in the research of Hanyang University researchers. The Academic Information Center & Library is providing quality content for free on 20 academic channels, and COVID-19 related materials can be downloaded in various formats such as eBooks, PDFs, and URLs of articles. The Academic Information Center & Library stated that they will constantly proceed with updates of related contents to encourage smooth research operations. Academic materials related to COVID-19 can be accessed through the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library homepage banner. ▶Click to go to Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library ▼(Note) COVID-19 Electronic academic resources banner (only in Korean) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min