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03/18/2019 HYU News > General


The 15th President of Hanyang, Kim Woo-seung

Hanyang’s next four years illustrated by President Kim


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On February 25th, 2019, President Kim Woo-seung took office as the new president of Hanyang University. Being an alumnus of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, ERICA campus, President Kim became a professor of Hanyang University in 1991 and is recognized for his contributions in various areas around the school. Since then, he has advanced within Hanyang over the past 40 years. “After all these years, I am confident that I love Hanyang more than anyone else does,” said President Kim. “Thus, I applied to become the president so I could lead Hanyang in making new forward progress.”

President Kim Woo-seung took office as the new president of Hanyang on February 25th, 2019.

The next four years will be filled with Kim’s enthusiastic plans. President Kim proposes, as the four major management plans: strengthening global competitiveness, creating greater synergy between the two campuses and among departments, developing sustainable innovation projects, and actualizing the 3S vision. The greatest emphasis was put on 3S (smart education, start-up, and social innovation). President Kim says, through 3S, pragmatic individuals that 'accompany the world' may be cultivated, maintaining Hanyang’s honor as "the Engine of Korea."


"I want Hanyang to become a university that 'accompanies the world,'
communicates with society, and provides solutions to its problems,
thereby changing the world," said President Kim.

President Kim will also pay attention to small and big concerns of all members of Hanyang, from the scope of each individual to the entire campus as a whole. While planning to strengthen the bond between Seoul campus and ERICA campus, he plans on launching "Lunch-meeting days" and an online Hanyang Contents Sharing Community (HCSC) in order to listen to the voices of every student and staff member.

In addition, he discussed ways to raise the performance of international students and enhance the alumni network. President Kim also addressed many students' practical problems, such as a lack of lectures and classrooms, promising fast and effective solutions.

President Kim envisions a more glorious 100th year of Hanyang.

“I sincerely hope our students learn as much as possible during their time at school – and grow to drive new innovations during this turbulent time,” says President Kim. With thoughts toward the future, he keeps a grand hope in mind. “I aspire to lay a cornerstone on top of the last 80 years of Hanyang University, for a more glorious 100th year.” With the new president's hopeful goals, a bright future for Hanyang awaits. 

Lim Ji-woo

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  • Manwar Hussain03/27/2019

    Congratulation. Hope your leadership will tailor the world recognition of Hanyang University.