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08/05/2019 HYU News > General


The New Buildings We Will See Soon

Which buildings on Hanyang campus are under construction?


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The founder of Hanyang University Kim Lyun-joon once said that "Construction sounds will never cease on Hanyang campus." Accordingly, construction sites on Hanyang campus are giving a new face to the school. Currently, there are about 30 large and small scale construction projects taking place throughout the campus.

The completed construction of Track and Field

The two biggest construction projects at the moment are the building of the new track and field with an underground parking lot and the School of Nursing's Future Education Center. The track and field are being transformed into a greener sports ground containing a soccer field, basketball courts, and a running track, sitting above an underground parking lot. The Future Education Center will be a six story building located between HIT and Hanyang Hospital, exclusively for the department’s use. The construction projects are expected to be completed by March 31, 2020 and July 31, 2020, respectively.

The track and field are under construction. By March of 2020, this place will be transformed into a sports ground with an underground parking lot.
(Photo courtesy of Facility Maintenance Team)

The Future Education Center is under construction. On the right is the design of the building that will be completed by July 2020.
(Photo courtesy of Facility Maintenance Team)

Aside from these two major projects, there are 28 small scale construction projects, including extension work on the HIT Commax Startup Town and painting the exterior of Music Halls Ⅰ and Ⅱ. Many more construction projects are being planned, including the construction of Student Residence Halls 6 and 7, the Biomedical Research Center, and the Machinery Building, all of which are in the designing stage.

There are access prohibitions students should be aware of. The wooden sidewalk around the track and field is closed to pedestrians, and the roads around the Business Administration Building and Multidisciplinary Lecture Hall are inaccesible to cars.

“We are currently making our best effort to complete all the construction on schedule, with safety as our priority,” said Shin Kyu-chul, a Facility Maintenance Team member. “The various construction sites may create inconveniences such as noise, dust, and entrance shutdowns. We ask for Hanyangian’s cooperation and promise to do our best to make a safe and pleasant campus environment.”

Lim Ji-woo
Photos by Lee Hyeon-seon

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