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2019-12 12

[HOT Issue]Clarivate Analytics Announces the Integration of SCI and SCIE to SCIE from 2020

When evaluating the research abilities of universities and researchers around the world, indicators such as 'the number of SCI-level papers' are commonly used. SCI stands for Science and Technology Citation Index, or 'a quotation index for science and technology papers.' In addition to this Science Citation Index (SCI), it includes SCIE (Science Citation Index Expanded), SSCI (Social Sciences Citation Index), A&HCI (Arts and Humanities Citation Index), and a databased called SCOPUS, provided by a publishing company Elsevier. Four of them, except SCOPUS, were built by the U.S-based Clarivate Analytics and are serviced through the Web of Science Core Collection. However, until now, the master journalist provided on the Clarebate Analytics website has provided a menu to identify SCI and SCIE, but there has been confusion due to SCI and SCIE's classification, as SCI was included in SCIE and provided within the Web of Science Core Collection. Indeed, SCI and SCIE do not differ in the quality of the paper, but only in the difference that SCI is data provided on CD/DVD and SCIE is data provided online. To solve this problem, Clarebate Analytics said it has been working to set internal policies and add information and URLs for each journal since October 2019, and that it will provide SCI by integrating SCI into SCIE without officially using SCI classification as of January 3, 2020. In other words, all science and technology journals in the Web of Science Core Collection are classified as SCIE. Global News Team

2019-11 14

[HOT Issue]Black Out ! Electricity Will be Cut Off at Seoul Campus for 5 Hours

On the 17th, Sunday, most buildings on Seoul campus are scheduled to go black out. The Office of Facilities Management gave notice that electrical power supply will be suspended in 38 buildings for 5 hours starting 10 a.m. on November 17th. This black out arises due to the periodic inspection of electric installation from Korea Electrical Safety Corporation following related laws. Although some buildings are excluded, it is a large-scale power outage that applies to most buildings on campus, which needs careful preparation to prevent any harm. Access to these buildings will be banned starting from 8 a.m. Access time can be delayed due to reactivation of the security system and inspection of any abnormalities even after 3 p.m., the scheduled time of the shutdown. Use of elevators are banned along with the shutdown of the building, and all passageways in between buildings will be blocked. In case a problem arises within campus on that day, students can call the integrated security situation room(02-2220-2119) for help. *Target Buildings : Administration Building, History Museum, Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library, College of Social Sciences, Graduate School of Public Policy, Student Union, College of Natural Sciences, College of Education, College of Education Annex, R & D Building, Engineering Center, Engineering Center Annex, Jae Sung Civil Engineering Building, Civil Engineering Building(in between area of International Building and Jae Sung Civil Engineering Building), Engineering Building Ⅱ, Fusion Technology Center, Engineering Building Ⅰ, College of Medicine, College of Medicine Ⅰ, College of Medicine Ⅱ, College of Medicine Engine Room, Law Building Ⅰ, Law Building Ⅱ, Law Building Ⅲ, College of Economics and Finance, College of Economics & Finance Law Library, College of Human Ecology, Chung Mong-koo Automotive Research Center, Music Hall Ⅰ, Music Hall Ⅱ, College of Humanities, Information Technology / Bio Technology, Student Residence Hall Ⅱ, Hanyang Techno Residence Hall, Gaenari Residence Hall, Hannuri Residence Hall, Olympic Gymnasium, Hanyang Primary School (38 buildings in total). Translation by: Kim Hyun-soo

2019-09 10

[HOT Issue]General Student Council Announces Partnership with Enter 6 Shopping Mall

On September 6, the General Student Council Emergency Measure Committee (EMC hereafter) of the Seoul campus announced a partnership with 'Enter 6 Shopping Mall', a nearby shopping complex. Through issuing a membership card, not only undergraduates but also graduates and faculty members can receive discount benefits at Enter 6 Wangsimni. For this benefit, the EMC held a long consultation with Enter 6 and confirmed that the membership registration within the one-month designated period will be eligible for one year's benefit. It consists of 6 percent discounts on normal products, as well as additional benefits that only Hanyang members can enjoy, including point-setups and gifts. However, the benefits are limited to 'Wangsimni branch' and each store has a different discount rate or application period, so it is necessary to verify prior to use. * Hanyang University General Student Council Facebook: * Hanyang Wiki:엔터식스제휴

2019-07 31

[HOT Issue]Meet ERICA's Character "Hanyangi" as a Kakao Talk Emoticon

Kakao Talk is known as the national messenger. In the service, the most popular service is the emoticon shop to which Hanyang University's character was just launched. The lion character, Hanyangi, which was designed and managed by students of ERICA Campus has officially been registered in the emoticon store, equipped with various motions. The prepared amount all sold out within 5 hours of beginning the free download event. On July 17th, ERICA Campus Office of Admissions' Kakao Talk plus friend account ( announced the download event would start at 2 pm on the 25th. The emoticon was distributed the moment a user added the account as a plus friend. The event offered a limited number of downloads, and they ran out before the closing time of 7pm. With the title of "Hanyangi's Cheerful Life," the emoticon pack (collection) has a total of 16 stickers with motions, which can be used for various emotions in diverse situations. So, the number of Hanyang University ERICA Office of Admissions' Kakao Talk plus friends exceeded 14000 on the 30th, and it is posting announcements such as the university admission fair. Translated by Jeon Chae-yun

2019-05 16

[HOT Issue]Seoul Campus Will Not Host the 2019 Spring Festival "Rachios"

While the Hanyang University (Seoul) Student Union is currently vacant, the 47th Emergency Committee of the Student Union officially announced on May 3rd that it will not hold the spring festival "Rachios." The committee said that it tried to recruit executive members, but that they found it difficult to proceed with the plan due to the low number of applicants even with two recruitment sessions. The following is the full statement: The full statement of the Emergency Committee of the Student Union about the spring festival "Rachios." Hello, this is the Emergency Committee of the 47th Student Union for 2019. First of all, we are sorry to inform you that the 2019 Spring Festival "Rachios" will not be held, and we ask for your generous understanding. Our central administration department tried to hold the festival to meet the students' great interest and love for the event. However, it was not easy to break down the walls of reality. The current chairman of the committee and the central executive chairman have argued the necessity and justification of holding the event since the beginning of the school year. As a result, the Special Committee for the Preparation of the Festival was launched inside the Central Operating Committee; we were eager to successfully hold the festival at all costs. As a person who experienced the festival last year, I know how much it means to the students of Hanyang University. Since the beginning of this year, we have been busy preparing for the festival and have conducted two public recruitment sessions to fulfill our plan. Unfortunately, the number of applicants was absolutely insufficient. Currently, the executive department itself has not sufficiently allocated a director or head deputy position, nor do we have enough supporting members. Even the director and deputy were narrowly recruited from two public recruitment sessions. Moreover, I regret to tell you that we are also facing an immediate lack of executive leadership compared to last year. In our current situation, we have concluded that we cannot proceed with the festival despite our passion and desire, because we do not have the ability to take responsibility for the safety of the students in case of any accidents. Even though the festival planning association has been recruited, we are concerned about the these issues. We cannot ask the association to take responsiblity for festival-related work; nor does the size of the association guarantee the lucrative fulfillment of the task. Therefore, we decided to call off the festival due to the lack of manpower. The festival would be virtually impossible to proceed with in the absence of the executive branch, as well as the production of content, discussions with management agencies, financial sponsorship, and other school departments. I would like to officially inform you that there will be no spring festival "Rachios" organized by the 47th Emergency Committee of the Students Union. Our committee is deeply sorry for not being able to proceed with the festival that has been loved and anticipated by the students. We are deeply sorry for letting you down. Sincerely, The Emergency Committee of the 47th Student Union Forwarding: Student Union Facebook Page Translated by Hyejeong Park

2019-04 11

[HOT Issue]Cool Seniors Who Offer Department Jackets as a Gift

Recently, the alumni association of Hanyang University's Department of English Language and Literature (President Moon Hyun-mo, '79) gifted the department jacket to 54 of the freshmen of 2019. This was the second occurance of this generous event. △ Moon Hyun-mo (center), the president of the alumni association of the Department of English Language and Literature, particiated in the jacket gifting ceremony on April 2nd, 2019, in the HIT building. △ The design of the department jacket distributed to the freshmen From scholarships to supporting an English play, the alumni association has been carrying out numerous events to support the students of the department. Starting in 2018, the alumni association decided to start gifting department jackets, so this year marks the second giveaway. Their main goal is to escalate the freshmen's sense of belonging and pride in the department and to boost fellowship with the alumni. As the receiving students are enthusiastic, the plan is to continue this event in the future. △ On April 2nd, 2019, the freshmen who participated in the department's MT are wearing the gifted jackets and are taking photos commemorating the event. The alumnus Lee Ki-myung ('86, the secretary general of the alumni association), who led the program, stated, "We hope this gift from the department's alumni celebrating the start of the freshmen's university life becomes a tradition of Hanyang University's Department of English Language and Literature." He also revealed that the whole department felt a great sense of belonging and pleasure because of this event, and they look forward to hosting more events in the future. Shin Moon-kyung ('79, the vice president of the alumni association) remarked, "I hope this cheerful feeling continues even after the students' graduation." She also hoped that "With the pride of being a Hanyangian of the Department of English Language and Literature, please be reliable alumni in the future as well."