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2019-04 11

[HOT Issue]Cool Seniors Who Offer Department Jackets as a Gift

Recently, the alumni association of Hanyang University's Department of English Language and Literature (President Moon Hyun-mo, '79) gifted the department jacket to 54 of the freshmen of 2019. This was the second occurance of this generous event. △ Moon Hyun-mo (center), the president of the alumni association of the Department of English Language and Literature, particiated in the jacket gifting ceremony on April 2nd, 2019, in the HIT building. △ The design of the department jacket distributed to the freshmen From scholarships to supporting an English play, the alumni association has been carrying out numerous events to support the students of the department. Starting in 2018, the alumni association decided to start gifting department jackets, so this year marks the second giveaway. Their main goal is to escalate the freshmen's sense of belonging and pride in the department and to boost fellowship with the alumni. As the receiving students are enthusiastic, the plan is to continue this event in the future. △ On April 2nd, 2019, the freshmen who participated in the department's MT are wearing the gifted jackets and are taking photos commemorating the event. The alumnus Lee Ki-myung ('86, the secretary general of the alumni association), who led the program, stated, "We hope this gift from the department's alumni celebrating the start of the freshmen's university life becomes a tradition of Hanyang University's Department of English Language and Literature." He also revealed that the whole department felt a great sense of belonging and pleasure because of this event, and they look forward to hosting more events in the future. Shin Moon-kyung ('79, the vice president of the alumni association) remarked, "I hope this cheerful feeling continues even after the students' graduation." She also hoped that "With the pride of being a Hanyangian of the Department of English Language and Literature, please be reliable alumni in the future as well."