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11/14/2019 HYU News > HOT Issue


Black Out ! Electricity Will be Cut Off at Seoul Campus for 5 Hours

Buildings access closed from 8 a.m. on 17th


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On the 17th, Sunday, most buildings on Seoul campus are scheduled to go black out. The Office of Facilities Management gave notice that electrical power supply will be suspended in 38 buildings for 5 hours starting 10 a.m. on November 17th.

This black out arises due to the periodic inspection of electric installation from Korea Electrical Safety Corporation following related laws. Although some buildings are excluded, it is a large-scale power outage that applies to most buildings on campus, which needs careful preparation to prevent any harm.

Access to these buildings will be banned starting from 8 a.m. Access time can be delayed due to reactivation of the security system and inspection of any abnormalities even after 3 p.m., the scheduled time of the shutdown. Use of elevators are banned along with the shutdown of the building, and all passageways in between buildings will be blocked. In case a problem arises within campus on that day, students can call the integrated security situation room(02-2220-2119) for help.

*Target Buildings : Administration Building, History Museum, Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library, College of Social Sciences, Graduate School of Public Policy, Student Union, College of Natural Sciences, College of Education, College of Education Annex, R & D Building, Engineering Center, Engineering Center Annex, Jae Sung Civil Engineering Building, Civil Engineering Building(in between area of International Building and Jae Sung Civil Engineering Building), Engineering Building Ⅱ,  Fusion Technology Center, Engineering Building Ⅰ, College of Medicine, College of Medicine Ⅰ, College of Medicine Ⅱ, College of Medicine Engine Room, Law Building Ⅰ, Law Building Ⅱ, Law Building Ⅲ, College of Economics and Finance, College of Economics & Finance Law Library, College of Human Ecology, Chung Mong-koo Automotive Research Center, Music Hall Ⅰ, Music Hall Ⅱ, College of Humanities,  Information Technology / Bio Technology,  Student Residence Hall Ⅱ, Hanyang Techno  Residence Hall, Gaenari  Residence Hall, Hannuri Residence Hall, Olympic Gymnasium, Hanyang Primary School (38 buildings in total).


Translation by: Kim Hyun-soo
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