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03/08/2018 Special > Infographics


Hanyang, received the 3rd largest amount of government subsidy

Received 257.6 billion won, 4.7% of total asset given


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Hanyang University has the third largest amount of government subsidy in Korea.

On January 29th, the Korea Higher Education Research Institute (KHERI) reported a list of private schools who have received large amounts of government subsidy in 2016. According to the report, Yonsei University ranked 1st receiving 315.5 billion won, followed by Korea University receiving 276.3 billion won. Hanyang University received 257.6 billion won, while Sungkyunkwan University received 220.2 billion won, followed by Kyunghee University receiving 141.7 billion won. The additional universities who had received government subsidy included POSTECH at 139.8 billion won, Konkuk University at 138 billion won, Ewha W. University at 123.9 billion, Youngnam University at 115billion won, and Chung-Ang University at 113.6 billion won.


KHERI mentioned, “5 trillion, 514.7 billion won was given to private schools in 2016 as government subsidy, rating 22.6% of its earning.” It also reported that 8 out of 10 top universities receiving the most amount of government subsidy were located in the Seoul area (based on its original campus).


KHERI added, excluding POSTECH, that the government subsidy was mainly given to large schools located in Seoul carrying more than 20 thousand students.


For the amount of government subsidy given per student, POSTECH ranked in first place with 43.16 million won, followed by Korea University of Technology and Education (12.18 million won), Sungkyunkwan University (8.23 million won), Yonsei University (7.93 million won), Sogang University (7.9 million won), Hanyang University (7.79 million won), Korea University (7.41 million won), The Catholic University of Korea (72 million won), Ajou University (7.17 million won), and CHA University (6.71 million won).


The amount of government subsidy given per student from the top 10 universities is 6.63 million won per student on average, compared to the 4.1 million won, which is the average amount given to 4 year private schools in Korea. The result is 2.53 million won higher.

▼ Government subsidy for private schools in Korea   (unit: 100 million won, %)
rank name amount percentage by total percentage by income amount of subsidy per student(
10 thousand won)
1 Yonsei 3105 5.6 21.0 793
2 Korea 2763 5.0 23.7 741
3 Hanyang 2576 4.7 30.2 779
4 Sungkyunkwan 2202 4.0 24.0 826
5 Kyunghee 1417 2.6 19.6 425
6 POSTECH 1398 2.5 33.1 4316
7 Konkuk 1380 2.5 22.8 481
8 Ewha Women's 1239 2.2 20.2 575
9 Young Nam 1150 2.1 24.9 458
10 Chung-Ang 1136 2.1 19.6 393
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