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11/21/2018 Special > Infographics


2018 JoongAng Ilbo University Rankings: Seoul Ranked 3rd · ERICA 9th 

The Seoul Campus ranked 1st and ERICA 6th in the student achievement category and is the only university to have 2 campuses mentioned in top 10.


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Hanyang University's Seoul Campus was ranked 3rd while the ERICA Campus was ranked 9th in last year's JoongAng Ilbo’s comprehensive university rankings for 2018. This year, Hanyang is the only university to have two campuses ranked in the top 10 for four consecutive years from the evaluation.

On October 29, the JoongAng Ilbo released the results of the ‘Comprehensive Evaluation,’ which assessed all universities on a common basis and a ‘Department Evaluation’ by using indicators according to the characteristics of each academic category. The comprehensive evaluation was conducted for 57 universities with four or more departments, including the Humanities, Sociology, the Natural Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, and the Arts. The department evaluations were conducted in four categories: the Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, and Engineering.
This year's evaluation was conducted from 32 criteria (total 300 points) in four categories: a professor’s research (10 criteria, 100 points), educational conditions (12 criteria, 100 points), student education and performance (6 criteria · 70 points), and reputation (four criteria and total 300 points).

The Seoul Campus ranked 1st in ‘student education and achievement’ (54 points), 3rd in ‘professor research’ (72 points), 4th in ‘educational conditions’ (62 points), and 5th in ‘reputation’ (26 points) category. In total, the results have led Hanyang to rank 3rd with 214 points. Hanyang has also stood out in terms of ‘student education and achievement,’ by presenting high employment rates (4th in the net employment rate and 6th in the maintenance rate) as well as having a good score in the dropout rate (5th). In addition, as a college advocating the founding philosophy of the ‘practice of knowledge,’ the third largest revenue was obtained by transferring technology to companies. According to an official from Hanyang, "The Seoul campus recorded 4th place in 'international research papers' and 'professor research,’ for professors publishing a large number of internationally recognized papers. Also, the second rank reflects the fact that internationalization-related indicators are excellent, and the quality of international students is high because of the high percentage of foreign students qualified for language proficiency," the official added.

The ERICA Campus ranked 6th in ‘student education and achievement’ (50 points), 10th in ‘professor research’ (61 points), 14th in "educational conditions’ (50 points), and 16th in ‘reputation’ (19 points). Overall, the ERICA Campus ranked 9th with a total of 180 points. It also displayed its strength in the ‘Industry-Academic Cooperation.’ In addition, it ranked 1st in ‘the ratio of participation in on-the-job training,’ 2nd in ‘revenue of industry-academic cooperation per science-technology professors,’ and 5th in the ‘graduate students’ start-up activities.’ According to Vice President Kim Woo-seung of ERICA, "We have been rapidly accepting requests from the field through industry cooperation and creating an industry-friendly system that is more sustainable than other universities." He went on to further explain that they had also prepared a large-scale start-up space by referring to prestigious overseas universities.

Meanwhile, the Seoul Campus was ranked 5th in the ‘reputation’ category, which surveyed 550 personnel managers from companies and public institutions as well as 550 high school teachers. Also, the campus was ranked within the top-ten positions upon the four questions: ‘the most desirable new recruits,’ ‘being most likely to be recommended to apply,’ ‘the greatest potential to grow,’ and the ‘university with a high contribution to the national and local community.’ Among non-Seoul universities, the ERICA Campus, Inha University, and Busan National University recorded the top three spots. 

SNU (242 points) tops the rankings again this year in the overall evaluation for this year. Subsequently, the following universities are listed in the top-ten positions: Sungkyunkwan University (222 points), Hanyang University, Seoul Campus (214 points), Korea University and Yonsei University (206 points), Kyung Hee University (188 points), and Ewha Womans University (181 points).
The 2018 JoongAng Ilbo university assessment was conducted in four categories: Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, and Engineering. Only universities that account for a certain percentage or number of students in each department were eligible (Humanities · Natural Science 10%, Social Science ·Engineering 20% / Humanities 1000, Social Science 2000, Natural Science 1500, and Engineering 2500 students). 

The Seoul Campus ranked 2nd in the ‘Humanities’ (174 points), 4th (173 points) in Social Science, 6th in Natural Science (195 points), and 4th in Engineering (195 points). The ERICA Campus ranked 16th (126 points) in ‘Humanities,’ 19th (134 points) in Social Science, and 13th (161 points) in 'Engineering.'

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