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11/13/2019 Special > Infographics > ERICA


2019 Fall Semester: ERICA Students by the Numbers

A report on the current state of enrolled student statistics as of October 1st


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According to the ERICA Campus enrolled students report on the current state for the second semester of 2019, compiled on October 1st, the number of students enrolled in the school year stood at 8,657 and 3,593. If the 445 students who postponed acquiring their bachelor's degrees is distinguished and taken into account from this year's statistics, the total number of enrolled students will be 12,695. The figure was down 433 from 13,128 in the statistics from the first semester (as of April 1st).

According to the colleges and universities category, students enrolled in Engineering Sciences was the highest with 2,938 students, while the lowest number of students was in the College of Pharmacy with 128 undergraduates. However, in terms of the ratio of students to those who are enrolled, the College of Pharmacy shows a 98 percent enrollment rate as a result of only having two students on leave of absence. The College of Communications placed the second highest on the ratio of students attending school with 71.9 percent, and the College of Science and Convergence Technology scored the lowest with 63.5 percent.

The gender ratio of the enrolled students was 4,916 males and 3,741 females out of the total 8657, creating ratio of 57:43, and the school year dispersion was evenly distributed by 25% without any major deviation. However, the distribution of students on leave of absence was slightly different. Among the total of 3,593 students, the gender ratio of the students on leave was 77:23 with 2,764 males and 829 females, followed by the school year distribution ratio of second grade (38.4%), third grade (28.2%), fourth grade (20%), and first grade (13.1%).

Among the 445 students who postponed acquiring their bachelor’s degree, 434 students did not register for courses while 11 students did, making it 3.5% among all enrolled students. By unit, the College of Languages & Cultures had the largest number of students with 125, with the exception of the College of Pharmacy, the College of Sports and Arts had the lowest number of students with just 5 students.

Meanwhile, 98 students were expelled in the first half of last year (March 1 - August 31), and 15 students were expelled due to the expiration of their leave of absence due to employment, taking up the majority. The number of graduates was 603 based on late 2018 graduates.

The Hanyang Global News Team   -
*Special Translation by: Kim Hyun-soo
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