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02/28/2020 Interview > Faculty > 우수연구자


[HY's Excellence] A global innovator in the areas of composite material technologies to composite products, collaborating with the world's leading companies

Professor Sung Kyu Ha (Division of Mechanical Engineering)


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Professor Sung Kyu Ha is a professor of mechanical engineering at the College of Engineering and is recognized worldwide as an outstanding performer and technology innovator in the areas of composite materials. Hanyang Structures and Composites Laboratory (HSCL), led by Prof. Ha, has been actively collaborating with world-class companies and leading the core technologies in the areas of composite materials such as BOEING, TOYOTA, BASF, and ARKEMA for the last 30 years. Using composite materials, the performance of structures can be enhanced while reducing the overall weight. The use of the composite material is rapidly accelerated in the industry over a wide range of industry including automobiles, aerospace, sporting goods, construction, ship, etc.

HSCL has performed advanced and innovative research and development in response to industry demand for innovation and commercialization of composite materials using filament winding machine, autoclave, high pressure press, fatigue and impact test equipment. The key research areas of HSCL include: (1) innovative design of composite structures (2) weight reduction of energy-related structures (3) fatigue life prediction of composites (4) thermoplastic composite manufacturing processes, and (5) multiscale of composites. These R&D together with feasibility and proof studies has enabled commercialization of new technology in a short time in the actual industrial field.

As one of the core technologies in HSCL, composite life and failure prediction technology, based on a multi-scale approach, not only improves the efficiency of test produces but also ensures the safety of products. For examples of representative industry-academic cooperation research in this field, Singapore's Defense Research Institute (DSO) supported HSCL to characterize the adhesive bonding and to predict the exact residual strength and repair process of the aircraft body. HSCL further enhanced a life prediction technology to predict the fatigue and damage progression inside aircraft composite structures, supported by Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer for the last three years (2017-2019. For the past four years, HSCL also received research supports from TechnipFMC, the world's largest subsea oil and gas pipe manufacturer. Recently, the contract was renewed to aim at developing new thermoplastic composite hybrid flexible pipe that can withstand over 3000 m depth of the seabed with high strength and long life, without causing corrosion in the sea unlike metal pipes.

In the year of 2020, HSCL was selected and titled as Center of Excellence for Elium Composites (CEEC) supported by Arkema, a French thermoplastic and advanced materials company, to develop the commercialization technology of thermoplastic composite material in the areas of wind power blades, construction field, hydrogen pressure vessel, automobile parts. In particular, the research support includes a collaboration with Hyundai Motor to apply thermoplastic ELIUM to future thermoplastic composites of automotive parts.

HSCL has been also selected as an IUCC (INDUSTRY-UNIVERSITY COLLABORATION CENTER) by Hanyang University in September 2019 to lay the foundation for the mutual growth of Hanyang University and industrial companies. Through this program, HSCL is supported with enough space, equipment, and manpower from the University, and the benefit can be beneficial to member companies such as Arkema, Chomarat, TechnipFMC, Embraer and Hyundai Motors. Companies with IUCC membership will receive the essential technical supports and services from HSCL including the latest commercial composite leading technology, design and equipment resources, business consulting, as well as network sharing between companies. Professor Ha and HSCL researchers will continue to cooperate to revitalize the composite material industry and contribute to society.

2019, Guest Editor of Energies "Application of Composite Materials for Energy Devices"
2019, Guest Editor of Energies "Applications of Nanocomposites for Energy Generator/Harvester Devices"
2019-present, Editor, ChemEngineering
2016-present, Advisory Professor, LG Electronics Manufacturing Technology Center Future-Technology-Forum
2008-present, Editorial Board, Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites
2001-2002; 2008-present, Visiting Professor, Stanford University
1991-present, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University
1991-present, Member, Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers
1991-present, Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineering
1991-present, Member, Society of Advanced Manufacturing and Processing Engineering
1991-present, Editorial Board, The Korean Society of Composite Materials
1989-1991, Research Associate, Stanford University
1988, Ph.D. Stanford University
1985, M.S. Stanford University
1983, B.Eng. Hanyang University

  • Mass Production Process for Composite Automotive Parts
  • Innovative Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) of Composites
  • Fatigue Life Prediction of Composites
  • Braided, Woven, & Non-Crimp Fabrics
  • Enhance Impact Resistance of Composite Structures
  • Short Fiber Composites
  • Thin- vs Thick-Ply Laminates
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Innovative Design of Wind Turbine Blades
  • Design of Yacht Mast & Rigging System
  • Flywheel Energy Storage System
  • Finite Element Methods and Analysis of Composite Structures

“Load mitigation of wind turbine blade by aeroelastic tailoring via unbalanced laminates composites”, Composite Structures, 2015 Find more
“Ultimate strength prediction of braided textile composites using a multi-scale approach”, Journal of Composite Materials, 2015 Find more
 "Long-term Fatigue Strength Prediction of CFRP Structure Based on Micromechanics of Failure", Journal of Composite Materials, 2008 Find more
"Design of a Hybrid Composite Flywheel Multi-rim Rotor System Using Geometric Scaling Factors", Journal of Composite Materials, 2008  Find more
"Design and manufacture of a composite flywheel press-fit multi-rim rotor", Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 2008 Find more
"Micro-Mechanics of Failure (MMF) for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composites", Journal of Composite Materials, 2008.9 Find more
Characterization of Thermoplastic Composite material (2014.4 ~ , Arkema, France)
Global-local Multi-scale Based Design Tool Development for Composites Wing(2016.2 ~ 2019.1, Embraer, Brazil) 
Development of Composites Chassis Sub frame (2017.1 ~ 2018.4, Hyundai automotive, Korea)
Development of Non-Crimp Fabrics for Lexus LFA (Supported by TOYOTA, Japan)
Innovative Composites Process for Automotive,  (Supported by Plastic Omnium, France)
Design and Manufacturing of Flywheel Energy Storage System (Supported by Beacon Power, USA)
Durability of Braided Composites (In collaboration with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Durability of Composites Aerospace Structures (Supported by DSO National Laboratory, Singapore)
Innovation of Wind Turbine Blades (Supported by ACCIONA Windpower, Spain)
Resin Characterization for Wind Turbine Blades (Supported by BASF, Germany)
Innovative Design of Non-Crimp Fabrics: Unbalanced Layup (Supported by Chomarat, France)
Fatigue Life Prediction for Short Fiber Composites (Supported by BOSCH, Germany)
Design of Yacht Mast and Rigging System (In collaboration with Future Fibres, Spain)
Composite Flexible Riser (Preliminary study with Technip, France)
Design and Manufacturing of Composites Artificial Disc (In collaboration with Spinal Kinetics, USA)
Design Optimization of Composite Tennis Racket (In collaboration with Babolat, France)
Find more

Composite rotor for high-speed rotation and assembling method of the same Find more
Prosthetic Intervertebral Disc Find more
Method and a Kit for Inserting Prosthetic Intervertebral Discs into a Spine Find more

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