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10/06/2020 Interview > Student > ERICA


Student Lee Eun-hye, Who Desires to Share More of One's Life Through Donation

Erica Campus student Lee Eun-hye (Department of Fusion Marine Sciences 13) donates 5 million won to the Marine and Atmosphere Interaction Research Center

Global News Team

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“Through my donation experience, I want to pursue a life of sharing and being a generous person who provides help to the places that are in need.”

Lee Eun-hye, who acquired a Master's degree in Fusion and Marine Sciences in 2019, donated the fee provided by BK21 (BrainKorea 21), living expenses, and the tuition to the Marine and Atmosphere Interaction Research Center, which had been provided by the Department of Fusion Marine Sciences. Like Lee, there are many alumni cheering up the students of Hanyang to open up their dreams in various fields.

▲ Alumna Lee Eun-hye acquired a Master's degree in Fusion and Marine Sciences.
Q. Please give a brief introduction of yourself.

A. I graduated as the class of 13 as an undergraduate from the Department of Fusion Marine Sciences. I desired to learn more about the field in graduate school, especially after listening to the lectures of professor Yeh Sang-wook, who lectured on topics such as the 'Introduction to Atmosphere Sciences' and 'Marine and Atmosphere'. I entered the research lab as the class of 18, studied the field for 2 years, and was given a master's degree in August. 
Q. What do people in the Department of Fusion Marine Scienes study?

A. The department studies understanding and preserving the future envrionment of the Earth, while also studying the characteristics of the marine environment that shift according to the advancement of national technologies related to marine development. The department also defines the roles of marine organisms, reactions of the marine ecosystem, and econlgical role of the marine lives. The department is fostering specialists that can adopt to the actual field of research, by providing field experiences using marine research ship.
Q. Please tell us what led you to donate to the research center.
A. I decided to donate the amount of money that I had been provided by participating as the researcher on a research project. The amount had been given to me because the Department of Fusion Marine Sciences had been selected as the BK21 department. Learning from my guidance professor who is contributing for humanity by predicting climate change and also making a contribution, I also wanted to donate the amount, hoping that it would be used in a better place. During the 2 years of studying for my master's degree, I witnessed the research fee being used only for the right purposes. I wanted to thank my professor for providing economic and mental support throughout the years. As a result, I decided to donate the money directly for the research center.

Q. What is the Marine and Atmosphere Research Center like?

A. The research center is conducting sutdies on understanding and predicting the changes of the Earth's climate environment. The purpose of the study lies in serving humanity by predicting unusual weather events caused by global warming, climate change, and the possible disasters that can occur. The research center not only conducts studies but also presents the study results at academic conferences inside and outside the country, also having the time to share the information with the centers of other universities through workshops. 

Q. Is there any event that you got to have a perspective on donating as a student?
A. Wherever the donation is made, or whatever the amount is, I feel like the donated amount has always been used for the development of the center, considering the minds of the donor. Through this experience of donation, I want to pursue the life of sharing and being a generous person that provides help to the places that are in need.
Q. Last words to the Hanyang University students of ERICA Campus!
A. There are only good things to come about! I envy the fact that the Su-in line has been opened, and there will be a new Shin-an line opening in the near future. I hope that all of the students get to graduate from school after acquiring various experiences in our campus, which is famous for university-industry cooperation. I also hope that all students grow up with the professors of our univeristy who have excellent research skills. 

The press hopes that the inverview with Lee Eun-hye becomes a celebration for the students of Hanyang University ERICA and an indirect experience on donation. We also wish for a bright future to the graduates of Hanyang, including alumna Lee Eun-hye.

Global News Team
Translation by: Lee Won-young

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