Software Students

Illegal software use is forbidden on campus. Software download and CD borrowing services can be requested separately.

■ Undergraduate software support (can be installed on personal PC) :MS office 365/ MATLAB / SAS University Edition / Visual Studio Community version/ ChemDrawSite subscription

▷ Related Notices
Assembled PC license
Undergraduate S/W use

▷ Contacts : Information Infrastructure Team, Department of Information and Communications (Seoul 02-2220-0929, ERICA 031-400-4489)

Cyber Security Guide

▷Further information

For a safe cyber culture and advance protection againsy threat on personal information such as hacking & viruses on campus, Hanyang is doing its best to enforce security measures. We ask for your cooperation.

- Security Diagnosis Day
- Codification of personal information file
- Policies forbidding data sharing sites
- List of forbidden sites

▷ Contacts ; Information Infrastructure Team, Department of Information and Communications (Seoul 02-2220-1426, ERICA 031-400-4484)


Job Support andEstablishmentand Of Research Center Website Registration and Directories.

We are currently working to establish another website specially designed to provide administrational support for our server.
Through the the CMS site, you can check the related procedures.
External websites (such as SNS) may be registered in the directory and be reflected in the search results.
Therefore,, if any changes arise, contact us.

▷CMS service  :

Contacts : Media Strategy Center 02-2220-1764

Campus Telephone Services

Phones are installed and numbers given only when related to work.
Malfunction and change in location matters are handled.
Campus phone calls (new,  transfer, collect), operation, base station management, and line transfer is also processed.

Contacts : operating room(Seoul 02-2220-1000, ERICA 031-400-5009)

Domain, Network, Server Management Guide

Department of Information & Communication has been running Firewall and Web Application Firewall in order to maintain a safe information communication service t prevent hacking incidents that are getting smarter and being automatized everyday. Please keep in mind that through this process, access may be limited to school servers.

▷View policy ; Guides to school server management

Contacts: Information and Infrastructure Team, Department of Information & Communications (Seoul 02-2220-1426, ERICA 031-400-4484)