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12/24/2019 HYU News > Medical Center


Hanyang University Hospital Wins 1st Place in the ‘2019 Emergency Medical Treatment Center Evaluation’

Received an 'excellent evaluation' with a 1st place ranking, rating the best among 19 out of 30 evaluation criteria


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The Hanyang University Hospital ( director Yoon Ho-ju) placed 1st in the Seoul region at the ‘2019 emergency medical treatment center evaluation’ that the Ministry of Health and Welfare recently performed on regional emergency medical centers.

Hanyang University Hospital received an excellent evaluation with a 1st place ranking in the evaluation result among 5 regional emergency medical centers in Seoul. In particular, 19 out of 30 evaluation items, including △the appropriateness of care for patients with severe diseases △the final treatment rate and △the level of a joint treatment doctor were rated as the best among 34 regional emergency medical centers nationwide. 

The assessment is the result of the Ministry of Health and Welfare's assessment of 34 regional emergency medical institutions across the country from July 2018 to June 2019, in which six categories - safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, proper timing, functionality and publicness - were assessed. The assessment index includes △Safety (Appropriacy of safety management, safety of power, appropriateness of care for patients with severe emergency), △Effectiveness (Adequacy of dedicated medical personnel, adequacy of emergency facility operation, adequacy of the emergency medical quality management system) △ Patient-centeredness (User convenience, patient satisfaction survey) △Proper timing (efficiency of emergency room operation) △Functionality (Critical care for patients with severe emergency , adequate management of patients with emergency services) △Publicness (Emergency medical information reliability, public role performance, the establishment of a social safety net).

Yoon Ho-ju, the director of the hospital said, “The regional emergency medical center was ranked first among the regional emergency medical centers in Seoul as a result of providing the best treatment for severe acute diseases,” and he added, “Its main emergency medical system, equipped with optimized facilities and equipment, has been highly evaluated for treating emergency patients quickly and safely.”

Hanyang University hospital's regional emergency medical center has the largest number of emergency patients among 29 regions since January of 2017. As well as providing prompt emergency medical services, it is currently actively accommodating emergency patients as the regional emergency medical center of the Southeast region including the highly overcrowded regions with emergency patients in Seoul (Gangnam-gu, Gangdong-gu, Gwangjin-gu, Seocho-gu, Seongdong-gu, Songpa-gu) and Gyeonggi (Guri-si, Hanam-si, Yangpyeong-gun). Also, it is vigorously executing the operation and education of a disaster medical support team responsible for the role of the public sector as a disaster stronghold hospital.

Global News Team
Translation by: Kim Hyun-soo

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