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01/21/2020 HYU News > Medical Center > 사회봉사


The Hanyang University Medical Center Volunteers in Tây Ninh

14 individuals formed a volunteering corps including Professor Kim Yong-ju


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The Hanyang University Medical Center traveled for an overseas volunteering activity for four days, on January 14th, in Tây Ninh, Bình Định, Vietnam.This overseas volunteering corps included Professor Kim Yong-ju (Pediatrics and Adolescents) and a total of 14 individuals from doctors, nurses, and administrative support members from the departments of gastroenterology, neurology, pediatrics and adolescents, urology, and family medicine.

The volunteering corps received a heartful welcome and response from the local people as they cared for around 1,300 patients from internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, and dental surgery in the same location in 2016. 

Professor Choi Ho-sun, the head of the medical center and the vice president of the medical department, said, “This location desperately needs medical support,” and “We will spread the founding principle of 'Love in Deed and Truth' and will do our best to care for the local people’s wounded minds.”

Tây Ninh is where the Capital Mechanized Infantry Division of Korea fought during the Vietnam War. As a result, it was difficult for Koreans to come to terms with its historical significance since a number of civilian casualties had occurred.

The Hanyang University Medical Center completed their medical volunteering, child education, and the building of new homes to make the location a place of reconciliation and friendship.

Global News Team
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