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2020-04 16

[Performance]118 Hanyang University Students Pass the 2020 CPA Exam During its 1st Testing Window

According to the University News Network, Hanyang University has been ranked the 6th highest in terms of the number of successful candidates that passed the CPA exam during its first testing window from the university. There is a total of 118 candidates who passed the exam from Hanyang University’s Seoul campus. In 2017, Hanyang University had 83 successful candidates, 93 in 2018, and 105 in 2019. With 118 successful candidates in 2020, the university is showing a continuous incline in its number of successful candidates who pass the CPA exam during its first testing window for four consecutive years. Amongst the domestic universities, only Hanyang University and Korea University has been showing an incline in the number of students who passed the exam over four consecutive years. This year, there were 240 successful candidates from Korea University, who also had the greatest number of candidates that passed, with Sungkyunkwan University and Yonsei University right below them. Ewha Woman’s University marked an end to the Top 10 list with 78 passing candidates, and the Top 10 list released by the University News Network consisted mostly of major universities in Seoul. Out of the 9054 applicants, there were 2201 successful candidates who had passed the exam during its first testing window, with a 4.1:1 competition rate. The number of applicants had increased by 542 compared to the previous year, but its competition rate was somewhat lower as the number of successful applicants expanded by 193 people. 2 years ago, the government stated that it will gradually expand the number of successful CPA exam applicants, saying that there is a need for more accountants. Because of this, this year’s CPA exam’s minimum number of applicants who are expected to pass during its second testing window are 1100 people, which is 100 more compared to last year. Amongst the number of applicants who had passed, there were mostly university-enrolled students with 64.5%, and 25% were university graduates. This proves that out of the 10 successful candidates who had passed the CPA exam during its first testing window, 9 were very close to stepping out of their university gates and into society. Amongst the university majors, there was an overwhelming number of applicants who held business-related majors. This is because those who graduated with business degrees have strengths in certain test sections, such as but not limited to business administration, economic principles, commercial law, and accounting. As many as 77.8% of those who had passed the exam were from business-related majors. Those who passed the exam during its 1st testing window are aiming to become the final successful candidates of the CPA exam after its 2nd testing window that is planned to take place from June 27th to the 28th. Test applications will be accepted from May 14th to the 26th, and the final successful candidates will be announced on August 28th. This year, a total of 3,519 applicants are expected to take the exam during its second testing window, including those who had passed the first testing window and those who suspended. Meanwhile, Hanyang University operates a CPA exam class for those who pass the exam during its first testing window, for those who pass the class entrance exam that takes place every semester, and also for those who obtain excellent grades in the class’ mock exams. Admitted students will be exempted from dormitory fees and will be provided with scholarships and tuition fees. Hanyang University has had 275 students who had successfully passed the exam over the recent five years, with an average of 55 students every year, and 60 students last year. This ranks the university in 7th place for the number of successful applicants it had produced amongst all universities in South Korea. Global News Team Translated by: Lee Jung-joo

2020-04 16

[Performance]Hanyang University Ranks 2nd Domestically and 14th Internationally in a World Intellectual Property Report

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)’s "World Intellectual Property Report 2019" released on the 7th, Hanyang University has placed 2nd domestically and 14th amongst universities around the world for its number of international patent applications. In the TOP 25 list of universities with the most international intellectual properties, four Korean universities made the list, with Hanyang University in 14th place, Seoul National University in 9th place, KAIST in 19th place, and Korea University in 22nd place. Just by examining this list, it is noticeable that Hanyang University placed 2nd amongst domestic universities. International patents are systems under the Patent Cooperative Treaty (PCT) which are used as an indicator of the technological prowess or the globalization of the state, business, and university. Hanyang University was able to show that it has gone up one rank compared to the year before and that they are a leader for technological innovations both at home and abroad. Additionally, South Korea has filed 19,085 international patent applications and ranked 5th due to it. And as its number of international patent applications has increased by 12.8% compared to 2018, South Korea was able to set a record for having the highest rate of increase amongst the top 10 countries. Global News Team Translated by: Lee Jungjoo

2020-04 14
2020-04 14
2020-04 13

[Reviews]All the Information You Need for Your Campus Life! <2020 ERICA Campus Guidebook> Published

▲ 2020 ERICA Campus Guidebook On March 17th, Hanyang University ERICA Campus published the 2020 ERICA Campus Guidebook to help freshmen with their new campus life. The guidebook presents all the essential information needed for the students to live a good school life such as a basic introduction to the university, the academic calendar, tips on how to use lecture-related websites, and guides on different degrees. With all this information gathered in one book, this guidebook is expected to easily solve some of the issues that Hanyang students may face during their school life. First of all, "PART 1. Academic Systems" deals with information such as the 2020 academic calendar, how to use the HY-in portal and Blackboard, the course credit system, graduation requirements, and leaves of absence. "PART 2. University Life Guide" provides information such as semester registration and scholarship system, and information about various support centers that can be reached at ERICA Campus. It also includes projects and education programs provided by each center, which will give helpful information to Hanyangians that are interested. Additionally, because there is information on shuttle buses, student ID registration, in-school contacts, there won't be a need to search for such information on the internet. At the end of the guidebook, there is a 2020 calendar with a notes section attached, which can be used as a notepad and a scheduler as well. The 2020 ERICA Campus Guidebook, which holds all the essential information for students, is being distributed in a book form as well as an e-Book format. ▶Go and Check the '2020 ERICA Campus Guidebook' Global News Team Translated by: Lee Won-young

2020-04 08

[Faculty]Professor Seo Tae-won Won Best Innovative Product at the Reddot Design Awards

"Edelsto," a building exterior cleaning robot built by a team from Hanyang University led by Professor Seo Tae-won (Division of Mechanical Engineering), won the prize for most innovative product at the 2020 Reddot Design Awards held by the German Nordheim Westfalen Design Center. The Reddot Awards are in the world’s top 3 design awards, with more than 6,500 product submissions from 60 countries this year. Professor Seo’s Edelstro, which was selected as the Most Innovative Product this year, is a robot that is installed in the gondola of skyscrapers to analyze and clean the exterior walls of buildings without human casualties. Also, users can closely check contaminated areas using visual sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms installed in the robot, and the point that intuitive cleaning by manipulation of squeeze·brush nozzles is being highlighted. Professor Seo said that “Through the Dubai International Building & Construction show (THE BIG 5) and CES exhibition, the utility of and demand for Edelstro has been confirmed, along with the recognition of its aesthetic value from the Reddot Awards this year, and noted that “We plan to release a prototype by the end of the year after testing its suitability for diverse environments in other countries.” ▼ Edelstro (Photo by: Professor Seo Tae-won) Global News Team

2020-04 08

[Student]"Hanyang's Love for Culture" at ERICA Campus

▲ The 16th Hanyang Culture Supporters Q. Please introduce Hanyang Culture Supporters to us. A. Hanyang Culture Supporters is an official organization affiliated with the Student Administration that plans, supervises, and hosts several cultural events in order to create ERICA campus’ very own specialized culture. We help the students to stay energized by hosting various events every Wednesday, a day of the week that many students can agree is like a "slump day" for them. Through these events, we help the students stay more energized so that they can devote themselves to their studies throughout the entire week. We are always working hard to make sure that the students of ERICA Campus are enjoying a happy campus life. Q. What kind of events have you hosted so far? A. For each festival season, we always host a variety of events for the students to enjoy. In 2018, we hosted an environmental campaign titled "We are Green Hanyang Culture" in order to create a culture of environmental awareness specifically for Hanyang University. For this campaign, we handed out free drinks to the students who brought their own empty bottles, and we also entertained an environmental mock test and handed out prizes to those who scored well. In 2019, we also hosted a "Subjective Travel Journal" event as the last event of the year. During this event, the students chose where they wanted to go and after filling out an Arrival Card, the students were able to experience what it would be like to travel the world through VR technology. ▲ A photo from the "We are Green Hanyang Culture" event Q. How can students participate in the events hosted by Hanyang Culture Supporters? A.The events are held once or twice a month, on Wednesdays from 1 to 3 pm in front of Democracy Square. This event only exists at the ERICA campus, and is a valuable time reserved and created by Hanyang Culture Love so that the students can participate in our events with ease. So, we hope that students will be able to participate and create their own precious university life memories by coming to Democracy Square on Wednesdays at 1 pm. Q. What kind of processes does the organization go through before hosting an event? A. The Organization of Hanyang Culture Love consists of the Management Team, the Planning Department, the Operations Department, and the External Cooperation Team. Before hosting an event, we have periodic meetings with the Student Administration so that we can prepare for our events that can be symbolized as something special for the Hanyang University students. We then have regular meetings one month before an event to decide on a concept and to thoroughly plan for it. We then create posters and prepare advertisements to publicize the event on social media, and we also conduct rehearsals all together a day before the event. We are always trying our best to make sure that we will conduct something that makes the students at ERICA campus happy. Q. When do you feel taking part in Hanyang Culture Supporters is rewarding? A. Among the students who have participated in our events, there have been many who have posted pictures of themselves or the prizes that they received on their personal social media accounts. When I saw how much the students have enjoyed our events, I was able to feel fulfilled and happy. Q. How can students apply to join Hanyang Culture Supporters? A. Hanyang Culture Supporters is a student body that is run by Sophomore students for an entire year. Our application period is open during the second half of the year for students who are becoming sophomores the following year, regardless of their admissions year number. If there are any students who would like to take part in Hanyang Culture Supporters from the year 2021, you can get to know us better through our various events in 2020 and join us as the 17th members later this year! Q. What should one be aware of when applying to Hanyang Culture Supporters? A. Hanyang Culture Supporters always welcomes students who have a sense of responsibility, are sincere, and honest. In order to host the events every month, we have regular meetings every week and each member of the organization must work on and finish their tasks with sincerity in order for our events to run smoothly. But even if you feel that you are not competent in those fields, as long as you are a student who loves Hanyang University and is willing to have an active school life, anyone can join Hanyang Culture Supporters. Global News Team

2020-04 07 Important News
2020-04 07

[Student]The Practice of Love by ERICA Ambassador 'Love, Hanyang'

'Love, Hanyang,' the promotional ambassador group of Hanyang University ERICA has shown love to Hanyang. Let's take a look at the miracles they've created in the midst of a difficulty cuase by COVID-19 crisis. Q. We have invited 'Love, Hanyang,' who worked hard to collect donations to help overcome COVID-19. How did you start this donation event? A : Due to the sudden spread of COVID-19, we were disappointed that we couldn’t proceed with the activities that we had prepared. We thought about what we could do to help overcome COVID-19 and came up with the idea of starting a donation drive. We selected organizations fairly and carefully, hoping that the donations would be used in a timely manner, and asked various institutions to promote the drive to many students from Hanyang University ERICA. Also, for transparent financial management, the ambassadors did not lose their tension during the week-long fundraising period by organizing and disclosing the deposit details every day. We were proud that we could carry out the 'Love in Deed and Truth', which is part of the school’s philosophy, and it was an honor for Love, Hanyang to lead the event. In the beginning, it was a bit stressful to start fundraising as a school representative, but thanks to all the Hanyang family members that participated, it was better than expected. Q. What does the university ambassador Love, Hanyang do exactly? A : Love, Hanyang is the official ambassador of Hanyang University ERICA’s Admission Team, and works to promote our school both on- and off-campus. In this year, nine students are participating as 15th member of Love, Hanyang. Love, Hanyang is communicating with many middle and high school students through campus tours, HY-LIGHT (a high school student college tour program), frequent admission fairs at Coex, and local high school visitations to promote Hanyang University ERICA. Moreover, we carry out protocols during official school and student events to communication with our students. In addition, Love, Hanyang is a model for school promotional magazines, newsletters, and promotional videos as a representative body of the university. Q. Please tell us about the pride of Hanyang University ERICA that Love, Hanyang loves. A : Hanyang University ERICA, which is known as a university-industry cluster, operates IC-PBL, an independent and creative education model inside all divisions in our university. IC-PBL is a learner-centered class that builds self-directed problem-solving skills in conjunction with businesses. From this, students can solve problems that can occur on real business sites by themselves. Furthermore, we are actively supporting student startups. In order for all students interested in startups to experience them, we are operating startup lectures as basic mandatory classes and liberal arts classes which allow students to gain basic startup knowledge. As a result, Hanyang University ERICA has a strong startup establishment rate every year with high student participation, as it supports startup clubs with production costs, marketing, promotion costs, offices, and meeting rooms. Q. What skills are needed in Love, Hanyang? A : Love, Hanyang considers love for school an important factor as it is an ambassador group that represents Hanyang University ERICA students. It is helpful for promotional activities if one knows a lot about the university along with caring a lot about it. Also, there are a lot of situations where presentations or communications are needed in places with a lot of people or with middle and high school students, faculty, parents, and people from outside. So, we think a friendly attitude is also an important asset. Lastly, a strong sense of responsibility is required for the team to perform each of the tasks faithfully. Those of you who have passion and a sense of responsibility for Hanyang University should appeal to what you are confident in while filling out the application form and preparing for an interview. Q. Finally, is there anything you want to say to the freshmen class of '20? A : Dear freshmen class of '20, you’ve done a great job surviving the tough exam years and coming to Hanyang University ERICA. With COVID-19, we are concerned that you cannot fully enjoy life on-campus that you would have dreamed of. We, Love, Hanyang, also can’t wait to see you on the blooming campus after this chaotic time passes. You can all do anything you want and become anyone you want to be. Do not doubt your abilities, and we hope you build a variety of experiences and precious memories over the course of four years. Please show a lot of love and attention to Love, Hanyang, and we will be rooting for you to show everything you’ve dreamed of at Hanyang University ERICA! Global News Team

2020-04 06

[Academics][Excellent R&D] Into the Unknown through Convergence

For a long time, scientists have wanted to figure out how the elements which constitute the universe were formed. Still, there is not much known about this mechanism. Heavy-ion particle accelerators now provide a clue to the generative processes as they reproduce what the universe has been going through since its creation. Professor Kim Yong-kyun (Department of Nuclear Engineering) contributed to the establishment of a new heavy-ion particle accelerator RAON by building the most powerful and accurate μSR (Muon spin rotation). Professor Kim Yong-Kyun (Department of Nuclear Engineering) is engaging in the domestic heavy-ion particle accelerator project called RAON. RAON is a heavy-ion particle accelerator propelled by the Institute of Basic Science, which is a machine that can be used to find undiscovered elements or reenact the formation process of existing elements. It will be the first heavy-ion particle accelerator that uses both Isotope Separation On-Line and In-flight Fragmentation methods. Because the machine is so complex, researchers are conducting the project in collaboration with many other accelerator research groups including Radiation Instrument and Sensor Engineering Lab (RAISE), a Hanyang University Research Laboratory led by Kim. Kim’s team has been specifically working on μSR. μ (Muon) is an unstable elementary particle similar to the electron which is created by collision between high-energy protons and the atmosphere. Owing to its greater mass, μ accelerates slower than electrons in electromagnetic fields. μ lets scientists probe the properties of novel materials as it penetrates far deeper into the matter than X-rays. μ exist all around the world, but is useless because of its short meantime of 2.2 μs (microseconds). “That is why we use heavy-ion particle accelerators to create μ,” explained Kim. μ helps probe the properties of novel materials as μSR has become a tool of measurement. (Photo Courtesy of Kim) μSR measures the decay and spin information with μ produced by the accelerators, offering new insights into the property of a matter. μSR is a technique based on the implantation of spin-polarized μ in the matter and on the detection of the influence of the atomic, molecular or crystalline surroundings on their spin motion. Kim’s team is now building the most powerful and precise μSR in the world. “Our μSR is expected to further the development of new semiconductors and superconductors as well as shed light on material science,” said Kim. Ten years ago, when the government first launched the project of building the domestic heavy-ion particle accelerator, no one in the field believed that there would be a notable achievement. However, within a decade, RAON is becoming the cutting-edge convergence technology of basic science. Kim attributes its success to Korea’s competitiveness in interdisciplinary education between basic science and practical studies. “STEM education in Korea is top-notch,” said Kim. “The Department of Nuclear Engineering's curriculum contributed to a certain extent.” Kim ascribed its success to the education system that highlights interdisciplinary studies. Kim advised students to find new possibilities and integrate different interests, saying “You should challenge yourself to achieve what you aim for.” With these initiatives in mind, Kim is pioneering his way into science and technology that is yet unknown. Oh Kyu-jin

2020-04 01

[General]ERICA Shuttlecock, Installed Hanyang QR Code Sticker

Two QR code Hanyang stickers have been installed at the Shuttlecock of Hanyang University ERICA Campus. The QR code connects to the official blog of ERICA. This sticker not only helps freshmen and other students to easily access the newly created official blog, but it is also expected to bring changes to the atmosphere around the Shuttlecock. Large images of ERICA's mascot Hanyangee have been printed to make the spot a popular photo zone. Meanwhile, ERICA's official blog is being utilized to help students access major announcements such as in-school announcements, alumni news, donation news, photo archives, campus life updates, and more. * Visit ERICA Campus's official blog directly at Global News Team Translated by: Lee Won-young

2020-04 01

[Media Briefing][Seoul Economy Daily] Hanyang University, Selected as Seoul's 'Campus Town'

On December 30th, the Seoul Economy Daily announced the new selection of Seoul 'Campus Towns.' The Seoul Metropolitan Government newly selected 17 locations as 'Campus Towns,' a start-up support facility in cooperation with the area near the university. Hanyang University was selected as a unit-based campus town from this project. A unit-based project is a programmed project aiming to promote youth activities, such as start-ups, using each university's characteristics and capabilities. The duration of the project is 3 years and the university is expected to receive approximately 500 million won in support from the Seoul Metropolitan Government by the end of next year. On the same day, the Kukmin Ilbo also delivered the news of the Seoul Metropolitan Government's new selection of 'Campus Towns.' <Article Address> Global News Team Translated by: Lee Won-young