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2020-10 14

[Faculty]Professor Park Jeong-won attends the International Video Conference to mark the 30th anniversary of Korea-Russia Cultural and Arts Exchange

Hanyang University's College of Music president Park Jung-won attended the 30th anniversary of the Korea-Russia cultural and arts exchange at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on the 8th, which was hosted by the Korea-Russia Culture and Arts Association (Chairman Lee Sang-kyun) and the Gorchakov Public Diplomatic Support Foundation (Chairman Leonid Drachetsky). This international conference, which was held under the theme of ‘30 Years of Cultural and Arts Exchange between Korea and Russia and Future Challenges’, was conducted online due to COVID-19. Including Professor Park, cultural and arts experts from the two countries, including Kim Dong-ho, former executive chairman of the Busan International Film Festival, Sitora Alieva, the executive chairman of the Kinotavre International Film Festival, Alexey Shalasov, the head of the Moscow Academy's National Philharmonic Orchestra, Kang Soo-jin, the artistic director of the National Ballet, and Vladimir We, the president of the Bolshoi Theater, reflected on the past 30 years of Korea and explored desirable future cooperation. Meanwhile, the Korea-Russia Culture and Arts Association, established in 2013, is engaged in activities such as publishing a series of art exchange events between the two countries, inviting Russian cultural figures, and holding international conferences. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-10 13 Important News

[Policy]Hanyang University-SK C&C Cooperate to Create Social Value in Our Daily Lives

Hanyang University signed the cooperation contract with SK C&C on October 5th, to create social values through the 'Haeng-Ga-Rae(幸加來)' application. About ten people attended the contract ceremony, including Hanyang University Vice-President of faculty education Kim Myeong-gik and the president of the SK C&C Happiness Expanding Center Ahn Suk-ho. This contract was signed to develop a digital platform that allows university students to create social values, through activities such as reducing carbon emission, preventing overuse of resources, social donation, activating social enterprises, and more. SK C&C will open up and explain the operational know-how of 'Haeng-Ga-Rae', the social value creation supporting platform, and help the application to be utilized in universities. ▲ Kim Myeong-gik Hanyang University Vice-President of faculty education (left) and President Ahn Suk-ho of SK C&C Happiness Expanding Center are taking photographs after the 'Haeng-Ga-Rae' contract. 'Haeng-Ga-Rae' is the blockchain-based platform that was developed by the idea from 2019 SK C&C members. The application aims to spread the SV(Social Value) among the society, adding the meaning of 'Creating tomorrow that adds happiness' on its name. The SK C&C members have downloaded the Haeng-Ga-Rae application and accumulate the SV Points, through carrying out activities such as using the tumbler, using the stairs, walking, blood donations, and volunteer work, both sided printing, and finishing all food in the company cafeteria. The accumulated points are used for donations or buying products related to social enterprises. As the contract is made, Hanyang University students and faculty can download the 'Hanyang University Haeng-Ga-Rae' application on Google Playstore and Apple App Store starting from October 8th. Various Hanyang University SV Points will be automatically accumulated when activities such as walking on the campus building stairs, using tumblers, finishing all food in the university cafeteria, and more. Individual SV Points can be used in university cafes, bookstore, and buying souvenirs within the university. The university is also planning to allow students to purchase products of social enterprises and make donations using the SV Point through the 'Hanyang University Haeng-Ge-Rae' application. Kim Myeong-gik Hanyang University Vice-President of faculty education mentioned that "the university is currently having difficulty in letting students know of the social values that are in need and provide chances for students to create these social values, largely due to the untact environment," and added "'Haeng-Ga-Rae' is a way for students to create social values without the limitations of time and location, allowing students to directly see the social values that they are creating. This will hold great meaning in using the application within the university." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-10 13

[Student]Kim Ho-Jun and Song Nuri-young receive the Silver Award at the 36th Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Competition

Hanyang University students Kim Ho-jun (Class of '19) and Song Nuri-young (Class of '16), from the Korean Traditional Music Department in the College of Music, both received silver awards for the gayageum part and daegeum part each at the 36th Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Competition that ended on the 17th. This year's Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Competition, which was sponsored by the Jeong Hyo Gugak Cultural Foundation and the Lotte Group, was held by the Dong-A Ilbo at the Heong Hyo Art Center. The competition began in 1985 to foster the human cultural assets of the future. Through the competition, various professors and artists have been discovered. The competition is divided into two groups: the 'Students' and the 'General' participants, which seeks the best artists according to the instruments. This year, there have been a total of 40 participants that have received the award among the 56 final round participants, including seven gold award winners from the general section and 2 gold award winners from the student section. Due to COVID-19, this year's competition was held without an audience. Specific results and commentaries on the competition can be found on the website of the competition. Also, the video clip of the final round will be released within this month, under a certain amount of payment. ▶ Check keywords from Hanyang wiki (Click) : Student Awards Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-10 12

[Event]Hanyang University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group holds Art & Tech Meet-up Day for "Communication of Art and Technology"

The Hanyang University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group will hold an Art & Tech Meet-up Day with the Korean Culture and Arts Council (hereinafter referred to as the Arts Council) with the theme of "Communication of Art and Technology." ▲Art and Tech Meet-up Day Poster (Source: Korean Culture and Arts Council) Art & Tech Meetup Day is a joint event of the "2020 Art & Tech Revitalization Project," inviting experts in the field of technology-related arts creation to give online lectures on September 25th, October 14th, and November 19th. This year, the Art & Tech Activation Creative Support Project recorded the highest competition rate ever of 12.3:1, proving the keen interest of the art scene in creating convergence art. Art & Tech Meetup Day is an expert lecture program for artists who will lead new art creations, including selected organizations, and introduces innovative convergence art creation models. It is also held as a venue for sharing knowledge that presents practical communication directions for art and technology collaboration. The first meet-up day, which will be held on September 25th, will showcase the mega-media art project "WAVE," set up at COEX Artium in Samseong-dong, with Lee Sung-ho, CEO of District, who has attracted attention not only in Korea but around the world, giving a lecture on "media art that went to the gallery (from "WAVE" to "Arte Museum"). CEO Lee Sung-ho, who is making an unrivalled move in the media art project, talks about ways to exchange and collaborate with art and other areas at a time when the boundaries between pure art and industry are being broken down. In particular, the first meet-up day is drawing attention as it announced that it will unveil the Jeju Art Museum, the nation's largest permanent exhibition hall for immersive art, on its online tour, which is scheduled to open in late September as the next project that District has been ambitiously pushing for. The 2nd Meetup Day, which will be held on October 14th, Kinetic artist Jung Won-seok will present conflicts and solutions that can occur when technology experts and artists collaborate with the theme of "Convergence Art Creation - The Techniques of Conversation." The third Meetup Day, in which Kim Hae-in will participate as a speaker, will be held on November 19th under the theme of "How to Express Art Using Human Body as an Interface," where artists familiar with analogue creative methods will discuss how to start digital work together. These lectures will be held online through Zoom due to COVID-19. Only 200 applicants will be able to participate per session, and applications can be made on the "On-Off Mix" website. Zoom will provide question and answer sessions, allowing an environment that is similar to meeting and talking with the speakers offline. This Art & Tech Meetup Day is expected to present artists with concrete examples of collaborative success in creating convergence arts, breaking down the communication barriers that come from the linguistic differences used by artists and technology experts, and presenting a way for art and fourth industrial revolution technologies to coexist and collaborate together. Meanwhile, the Art & Tech Activation Project has been promoted by the Arts Council since 2017 to expand the base of the promotion of technology convergence art creation. Its goal is to further expand expression through art and art creation by incorporating technology rapidly into our lives in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. Details about the project can be found on the Art & Tech platform. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-10 12

[Academics]Professor Lee Dong-yoon obtains a patent on cell encapsulation of xenotransplantation jointly developed with Optipharm

Optipharm announced on the 17th that a patent related to the cell encapsulation of xenotransplantation, jointly developed by Lee Dong-yoon, a professor in the department of Bio-Engineering at Hanyang University, and Optipharm, has been obtained. The name of the patent is "Alignite microcapsule for cell membranes and its manufacturing method." This patent is a technology that reduces side effects after the procedure, such as human immunization and hypoxia, by double-capping with substances called alginate and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) when implanting pancreatic cells of mini pigs into the human body. Alginate is a polymeric compound available for human bodies approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is a representative material used for cell screening. It is responsible for protecting pancreatic cells from human immunity. The pancreas does not affect the cell's original function as it can absorb the oxygen and nutrients needed for cell growth and secrete insulin. However, the fact that it melts in the body over time has been pointed out as a problem. To solve this problem, the patent included a process of coating called EGCG to the alginate that is wrapped in pancreatic cells. This will increase the durability and survival rate of transplanted pancreatic cells and prevent them from easily decomposing in the body. Optipharm's director, Choi Ki-myung, explained, "If you double-coat with EGCG made up of alginate and human-friendly natural substances, many problems such as fibrosis, shorter survival time, and excessive use of immunosuppressive agents can be solved." Optipharm has been focusing on the cross-fertilization business for type 1 diabetes treatment by using the pancreatic cells of transgenic pigs, which are made by inserting or subtracting certain genes. The company plans to conduct a nonclinical experiment on monkeys next year in focus to stabilize the patented technology. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-10 06

[Medical Center]Hanyang University Hospital Adopts Virtual Treatment Experience System 'Blue Room'

▲ The Virtual Treatment Experience System 'Blue Room' (Provided by: Hanyang University Hospital) Hanyang University Hospital announced on the 21st that it is adopting the 'Blue room', a virtual treatment experience system for the first time in the country. The Blue Room is a system that provides a virtual experience of treatment within the hospital to patients with a developmental disability, and who, especially, demonstrate a repulsion to contact with new environments. The virtual experience system, which has been adopted by the Hanyang University Hospital Developmental Medical Center, allows patients to have the experience without having to wear VR glasses, by installing a separate area and showing the experience by using three walls as the display screen. The name of the area holds the meaning of 'finding peace'. Inside the blue room, the patients can experience various scenarios that occur within the hospital, such as body measurements, drawing blood, and x-ray shooting. The diagnosis virtual experience application is also undergoing development so that the patients can pre-experience the scenes of the hospital from home and feel comfortable during the diagnoses. The President of the Developmental Medical Center, Kim In-hyang, stated, "it is difficult to give diagnoses to patients with a developmental disability as well as for young patients who are either visiting the hospital for the first time or are having to go through a surgery due to the high levels of anxiety." He also added, "through the treatment virtual experience system, patients can pre-experience the hospital environment from home and lower their level of anxiety." In addition, the President of the Developmental Medical Center also stated that the Blue Room had already been installed within the hospital and was currently being operated, which had become a great help as a tool in supporting the field, and that Hanyang University Hospital was the first and only hospital that had a virtual treatment experience system within the developmental disease hospital. Kim In-hyang concluded the interview by stating that the Developmental Medical Center would continue to strive to become the leading institution by integrating medical skills and technologies. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-10 05

[Academics]Hanyang University Industry-University-Research Cooperation Foundation Registered a Patent on Smart Carbon Grid

▲Professor Cho Byeong-wan Hanyang University Industry-University-Research Cooperation Foundation announced on the 14th that the Web2.0 Smart Carbon Grid Platform has been registered as the 2020 patent. The platform allows effective decrease, management, and transaction of Certified Emissions Reduction such as CO2, with the concept of the 4th Industrial Revolution as its basis. Professor Cho Byeong-wan of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, who registered for the patent, mentioned that "on Global New Deal that Jeremy Rifkin, a world renowned economist, wrote that the fossil fuel civilization is predicting the end of the world by 2028." He also explained that "the world is facing a resource crisis, energy crisis, environmental crisis, and climate crisis, calling for a world carbon economy platform that can integrate innovative reduction of carbons and management of technologies. Through the platform, the people will be able to realize the seriousness of the increase in energy consumption and scarcity of the resources. Developed nations, such as the U.S., Japan, and Europe are carrying on priority tasks such as controlling the green gas emission, securing efficiency during the management, and certifying the transaction system to figure out the exact amount and source of carbon emission according to the cities. These measurements are being categorized by cities, regions, areas, institutions, and households to control the total amount efficiently. Professor Cho mentioned, "the patents for the carbon economy platform that intelligently manage and trade carbon emission rights and the greenhouse gas inventory construction, which has the artificial intelligence algorithm used in the Web 2.0 network, can work two-ways (cause-manager-buyer) under the concept of the fourth industrial revolution. They are the most efficient platform technology against global warming so far, such as Youtube and Android of Google, and will surely be used in all countries, cities, institutions, and households around the world." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-09 24

[Policy]“Using unlimited video conference from now” … Issuing the Zoom license to enrolled Hanyang University students

The Hanyang University Education Innovation Foundation sent an email to enrolled Hanyang University students regarding the issuing of the Zoom license on September 10th. In explaining the purpose of the license issue, the Education Innovative Foundation stated, “we are trying to support group studying and club activities through video conferences,” which has limited not only lectures but also all student activities in this current situation of COVID-19. Accordingly, a Zoom video conference that enables 300 people to access with no limits on time is available to all Hanyang University Seoul Campus and ERICA Campus departments and graduate school students. Account activation is possible from September 18. The account activation email is sent through the address registered on the in-school information, which students should take a look at. The email information can be checked through Hanyang Portal – MY Home – General Settings – Personal Information Correction. ▲ ZOOM account registration guide: It can be checked through the email sent by the Education Innovation Foundation. Furthermore, as the log-in method is different for each account activation method, it is required that you check the ‘Zoom account announcement and user guideline’ that is attached in the email. New users need to click the [Account Activation] button in the email and fill in their name and password. However, previous users only need to click [Invitation Approval] and [Checked and Change] in the email. As the Hanyang University Zoom license has only been issued to enrolled students, the license user status is subject to change when the student status changes (i.e., students graduate, delay graduation, or take a leave of absence). Detailed information can be checked in the email sent by the Education Innovation Foundation. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 24

[Academics]Professor Lee Yoon-jung's joint research team develops a ‘single atom catalyst’ that quadruples fuel cell efficiency

A Hanyang University team led by professor Lee Yoon-jung from the Department of Energy Engineering, in cooperation with KIST Energy Materials Research Group, Dr. Yoon Kyung-joong, and researcher Shin Ji-soo's research team have jointly developed a fuel cell catalyst composed of a single atom. This has shown to decrease the precious metals content compared to the previous catalyst and quadrupled the energy generation efficiency. Unlike the secondary cell, which requires charging, the fuel cell called the ‘tertiary cell’ is a machine that produces energy through the chemical reaction of fuel (hydrogen and oxygen). As it is a method of putting in fuel, it can overcome the disadvantages of having to charge for two hours, which is a relatively long time. Especially, the solid oxide fuel cell is currently actively researched due to its advantage of working in high temperatures above 700 degrees Celsius. Platinum catalyst is required to obtain economic feasibilities of electricity production by increasing the chemical reaction efficiency of fuel cell. Since platinum is a precious metal which is quite expensive, it is an obstacle to fuel cell commercialization. A conceptual diagram of single atom catalyst. The black round marble (right upper side) inside the circle is the cerium oxide, with yellow spots of platinum atoms on its surface. (Photo by: KIST) The method for safe operation and efficiency enhancement when only using a small amount of platinum has been found by the joint research team. They strongly combined the platinum atom and cerium oxide nanoparticle, so that platinum atoms can individually show disperse reaction without agglomerating. Because of this strong combination, all platinum atoms can actively participate in the reaction as the dispersed atom status can be remained for a long time. Accordingly, the reaction speed of electrodes could be enhanced by 10 times while minimizing the platinum dose. Furthermore, it has been confirmed through the efficiency test that safe operation for more than 500 hours is possible even in temperatures above 700 degrees Celsius and that the electricity production efficiency of atom catalyst increases 3~4 times compared to the previous method. It is expected to move forward the commercialization of solid oxide fuel cell as the next generation eco-friendly fuel electricity. The solid oxide fuel cell catalyst allowed catalyst synthesis when the fuel cell operates in a high temperature after the injection of a solution, which has platinum and ceric ions, into the fuel cell. Moreover, it is expected to be applicable to previous fuel cell as it can be injected easily into the electrode without special equipment. The research team said, “Commercialization of solid oxide fuel cell will be advanced by enhancing its efficiency” and that “we need technology developments that can synthesize large amounts of atom catalyst through succeeding protocols.” This research was made possible with the support of the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National Research Foundation of Korea Climate Change Response Technology Development business and was published in the latest volume of the international journal ‘Energy & Environmental Science’ (IF: 30.289, JCR field top 0.189%). (Left) Solid oxide fuel cell battery (Middle) Single atom catalyst formed on the cell interior surface (Right) Platinum atom dispersed on the catalyst surface (Bright spot: platinum atom) (Photo by: KIST) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 23

[Student]Kim Ma-ro, the Department of Clothing & Textiles, wins the grand prize at the International Competition ‘2nd 3D Creative Competition’

Students Won Hyun-ah, Han Min-jae, and Chen Tan-yi of Hanyang University were named among the winners of the honor, while Kim Ma-ro (a senior in the Department of Clothing & Textiles) was selected as the grand prize winner for the student department at the International Competition ‘3D Creative Design,’ which marked its second anniversary. The awards ceremony will be held at the Samsung Station Textile Center on October 8. The 3D Creative Design Competition is a 3D contest that utilizes 3D clothing design software ‘CLO,’ and this year, it expanded its main stage beyond Korea to a global competition. Co-hosted by the Korea Textile Export-Import Association and the CLO Virtual Fashion Corporation, it was actively sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, large export vendors, and Japanese, Turkish, and Italian companies. This year, 455 people from 35 countries around the world participated in the contest, including Korea, the United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, and France. The final 10 winners of the global competition were selected on August 31 after a fierce competition rate of 45:1 in the competition that began in March and proceeded for six months. Ten winners were selected in the general and student categories, and Kim Ma-ro, a senior medical student at Hanyang University Department of Clothing & Textiles, won the grand award in the student category. Subsequently, Hanyang University students Won Hyun-ah and Han Min-jae won the "KTTA Association President Award," and "Chen Tan-yi," a Chinese student at Hanyang University, was named for the popularity vote, which selects only two people. Thus, four students of Hanyang University won the award. The winners will be provided with funding as well as opportunities to link internships for top students. Furthermore, two of the participants will also receive ‘Cintiq16’ from their sponsor ‘Wacom’ for the most ‘likes’ on the community site ‘CLOLLAB (')'. ▲The winner of the ‘2nd 3D Creative Competition’ (Source: K TEXTILE homepage) Under the theme of "Corona 19’, ‘Post Corona 19’, and ‘Sustainable Fashion’, various works including masks and protective clothing were submitted, and the judges were composed of highly experienced judges, with designers from global brands such as "Adidas," "Marc Cane," "Arcteryx," and "Target," as well as domestic fashion experts and professors. Meanwhile, according to the Korea Textile Export-Import Association, preparations for the ‘3rd 3D Creative Design Competition’ will begin in the second half of this year following this year's successful competition. ▲'The 2nd 3D Creative Competition' The final work of Kim Ma-ro (Department of Clothing & Textile), the winner of the Grand Award in the student category (Source: K TEXTILE homepage) ▲Poster for the ‘2nd 3D Creative Competition’ (Source: K TEXTILE homepage) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 23

[Admission ]Hanyang University Office of Admissions releases the 2021 Rolling Admissions Registration Strategy video

Hanyang University Office of Admissions (Chief Lee Jae-jin) released a video clip on September 15 titled ‘2021 Registration Strategy Guide’ on its website to help examinees apply for rolling admissions. The video was produced for students that could not obtain information on entrance exams due to the cancellation of admissions briefing sessions and fairs because of the influence of COVID-19. In the video, the admissions officer that actually proceeds the evaluation explains in detail regarding the △ student record curriculum screening, △ student record comprehensive screening, and △ essay test that are the major rolling admissions screenings of Hanyang University along with the frequently asked questions. Furthermore, by revealing the detailed results of this year’s registration status and last year’s student record curriculum screening and essay test scores, and the 2021 Hanyang University rolling admission operation rules, they made content that can actually provide help to setting registration strategies for the examinees. Prior to this, Hanyang University sent about 20,000 ‘Special Packages for Admissions (application handbook, student record comprehensive screening guidebook, a booklet for registration strategies)’ on September 11 so that guidance counselors at 2000 high-schools can provide help to examinees. The Office of Admissions Chief Lee Jae-jin said, “We will overcome the shortcomings of existing fragmentary information provisions and will create practical and efficient information on entrance exams through a continuous reconsideration of transparency in information disclosure and development of new channels.” The chief for the Office of Admissions also noted that, “This year will be an opportunity to relieve the anxiety for both examinees and their parents who are worried due to COVID-19, by explaining in detail, the Hanyang University entrance application principles.” ▲ ‘Special Package for Admissions (application handbook, student record comprehensive screening guide book, a booklet for registration strategies)’ Click to go to Hanyang University Office of Admissions Homepage (Video link check also possible) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 23

[Student]Student Council Holds an Online Special Promotion with Danawa..."Buy IT Electronics at a Cheap Price"

Hanyang University's student council partnered with Danawa to hold a special price promotion that sells custom-built computers and IT electronics at lower prices online. The special promotion will start on September 14th at 11am and will conclude on the 20th of September at 11pm. This promotion may close early if the stock runs out. Type A and type B of custom-built computers will be given a 33% discount and can be purchased at KRW 490,000 and KRW 460,000 respectively. In addition, IT electronics such as TVs and laptops will be given a 10% to 32% discount. More details can be found on the student council's Facebook page. ▶Go to Hanyang University Student Council Facebook Page ▶Go to Danawa Online Special Promotion Webpage ▶Danawa Online Special Promotion Poster (Source: Student Council Facebook Page) Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin