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2020-10 21

[Alumni]Alumni Park Hwa-young receives the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Park Hwa-young (Photo·62), chairman of INCOCO, a famous and global company with its ‘sticker manicures’, received the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award. EY Entrepreneur of the Year is an award started in 1986 Milwaukee by the global accounting firm EY and has been awarding successful global start-ups in diverse fields. In this year’s Innovative Cosmetics Concepts field, the global nail brand INCOCO won the award. Alumni Park Hwa-young INCOCO is a cosmetics company that gave rise to the manicure revolution in the United States·Europe·Asia regions by creating the first ‘sticker manicure’. With its unrivaled technology, it is considered to have moved away from the limitations of nail polish while allowing faster and more convenient manicure usage and minimizing nail damage. With its entry into the UK·France·Korea, INCOCO has 500 employees in the New Jersey headquarters and factories, and earned more than 200 billion won in sales last year. Meanwhile, chairman Park Hwa-young majored in vocal music at Hanyang University and moved to the United States to study chemistry and engineering, to become the first to commercialize ‘manicure film’. Chairman Park, removing the barriers between academics, has been recognized as the ‘icon of convergence’ in the global cosmetics field. Hanyang University awarded Chairman Park with an honorary doctorate in engineering last year in recognition of his contribution. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 16

[Alumni][Attention! Hanyangians] Alumnus Ko Young-yeol broadens the spectrum of the Korean traditional singer and music

▲ Alumnus Ko Young-yeol (Source: Hello Artist) Alumnus Ko Young-yeol from Hanyang University's Department of Korean Traditional Music drew attention with an unrivaled sound in "Phantom Singer 3" in July of this year. Although he only made it to the second-to-final round, he was the most suitable participant for the team named Lavidans, which means "a guide to crazy music," and their popularity was no less than the winning team, "Lapoem.” Mr. Ko dreamed of becoming a national swimmer until sixth grade in elementary school. While looking for ways to increase his lung capacity, he was led by his mother who recited pansori, and thanks to swimming, he practiced pansori in a very short time. Eventually, he became a singer as if it was his destiny and entered the Department of Korean Traditional Music at Hanyang University. He is also an all-around performer who is good at playing musical instruments. Because he loved playing musical instruments, he practiced geomungo, kkwaenggwari, drum, and janggo. He plays the trumpet and midi as well as the Korean traditional musical instruments very well. The piano was also encountered by chance and pansori was played according to the piano melody, which is how the unusual scene of the "Keyboarding Singer" was born during the "Phantom Singer 3" solo performance. When he was in university, he won the first place in the pansori category of the Onnara Korean Traditional Music Contest in 2014 and joined the 22-member modern orchestra "Easton Most" as a singer in December. Taking advantage of this experience and knowledge, he later tried various genres of music and created an inspiring crossover stage in the "Phantom Singer 3." Mr. Ko has already been called a rising star in the pansori field for the past four years. Along with Kim Jun-su, a member of the National Changgeuk Company, he became renowned by participating in the Ethnic Fusion Group 'Second Moon' album 'Pansori Chunhyangga'. He starred in KBS's "Immortal Songs" with the Second Moon of the Ethnic Fusion Group and with the Gukak Girl Song So-hee, he won the final title with a twist between piano accompaniment, ballad songs, and pansori "Chunhyangga." At a time when the door to joining a state-run art organization is getting narrower and the number of stages is decreasing, this kind of Mr. Ko's move gives hope. In an interview with Newsis on August 2nd, he said, "I was also lost. I had to take tests at national and public organizations and face difficulties while doing creative activities," and also stated, "But every time, I was stubborn. The most important thing is that you know how to pursue something new and show your will." Mr. Ko plans to continue to be active in the future. In a documentary to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Cheongsan-ri, which will be broadcasted by KBS this fall, he finished filming his presentation at the South Chungcheong Province independence fighter General Kim Jwa-jin’s Hongseong birthplace, Dongsango Street, and at the beach. On August 31, he sang "Heungtaryeong," "Bird, Bird," and his own song, "Unattainable Days" with Haegeum player Sung In-young. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 14

[Alumni]Alumnus Kim Tae-kyun, Inaugurated as the President of KEPCO

▲ Alumnus Kim Tae-kyun (Department of Electrical Engineering, year 82) Alumnus Kim Tae-kyun (Department of Electrical Engineering, year 82) was inaugurated as the 31st president of KEPCO's Power Research Institute on August 31. Kim earned a bachelor's degree, master's and doctorate degree in electrical engineering from Hanyang University and completed the executive education on energy at Seoul National University. After joining KEPCO in 1996, he has served as the head of the Electric Power System Group, the head of the R&D Policy Team, the head of the Next Generation Transmission Research Institute and has been serving as the head of the Research Strategy Office since 2019. In particular, he was awarded the Minister of the Power Technology Promotion Competition in 2009 and the Prime Minister's Award in 2014, which led the development of KEPCO's transmission and technologies based on his academic depth and leadership. Kim said, "The Electric Power Research Institute will accelerate research to overcome the new threats and changing energy environment of the post-corona era," adding, "Based on the research institute's experience, we will put in full efforts to ensure that the Electric Power Research Institute moves forward." Check keyword [[Kim Tae-kyun(Alumnus)]] on Hanyang Wiki Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-09 09 Important News

[Alumni][Hanyang Hand-in-Hand] Expressing Gratitude when you Feel it, that is Donation

Expressing Gratitude when you Feel it, that is Donation. Kim Dong-sik, CEO of Kweather (Mechanical Engineering 90') ▲Kim Dong-sik, CEO of Kweather (Mechanical Engineering 90') The title "very first" to Kim Dong-sik was not easily earned. He humbly said that having a positive mindset and a challenging alma mater allowed him to overcome his fear and be who he is now. CEO Kim Dong-sik said that he will repay the love he have received from school by donation, starting with 5 million won. We will now hear about the pride he has for "Hanyang" and "Hanyang-in" (Hanyang student), and the love he received from his alma mater. Q1. We heard that you recently donated 5 million won to Hanyang ERICA Campus. What was your motivation? A1. When I was an undergraduate student, I was allowed to use the lab together with graduates, thanks to considerate professors. On graduation day, I received the president's award with an active recommendation from the school. Looking back on the process of studying abroad, it would never have been easy without the support of the professor and the school. For these reasons, I always thought, even after starting business, that it would be great to pay back the school's contribution, and I am happy to be able to repay little by little through immediate transfer system. Q2. There are many ways of donation (voluntary work, talent donation, etc). Do you have any "new donation culture" in mind? A2. I always had the idea of donation but constantly thought that donation was only for those who succeeded which made me think about questions like "am I allowed to donate?" or "would it seem like I want to smear?" However, after donating this time, my thoughts changed. I realized that it's the heart that matters, and not the amount, and that is a true donation. I'm planning to portray my "love for alma mater." If I see any alumni who are hesitant, like me, I will make sure to encourage them. (laughs) Q3. In today's society, coporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasing. I think Kweather's various cooperate activites could be seen as "sharing" in that sense. A3. Like you can tell from the name of the company, Kweather is a company that provides information on the weather and fine dust. More specifically, we provide services that minimizes the damages caused by climate change and try to enhance the quality of life. The biggest advantage is to create things that everyone thought was impossible into a business model based on ideas and make it more socially meaningful. Wouldn't this be the value of "sharing?" "To give with sincerity is what donation means to me." ▲Kim Dong-sik, CEO of Kweather (Mechanical Engineering 90) Q4. Please tell us the benefits and how you felt when you donated for those "Hanyang ins" who are still hesitant to donate. A4. I used to think that Hanyang poeple had their own love for their alma mater, but this donation proved that I was not the only one thinking that way. Koreans lack in expressing through action, which may be because of the culture, but I hope that active expression will be established. If schools provide more diverse ways for alumni who are wiling but unable to donate, I am sure they will be able to show more "love for their alma mater." Q5. How do you feel seeing the school constantly developing? And if you have anything you want to say to your juniors, please let us know. A5. Hanyang University is already a good school. Of course, there may be a better university depending on who evaluates it, but I think all of our "Hanyang in" has the foundational skills to do anything. In particular, the practical education of Hanyang University will allow the students to transform ideas into action and make them real. I hope that juniors will take over this temperament and climate created by the seniors and challenge themselves to create new things without being tied to tradition. I also wish that there were opportunities for alumni to share their experiences with the juniors. It would be great to share worries and find solutions together. This way, won't we be able to see both seniors and juniors develop the same dreams? Q6. When explaining about you, the modifier "first" is followed like the first MIT master's degree and the first private forecast business registration. Please tell us about the direction and future plans that Kweather has. A6. I guess I got the title "first" because I constantly worked on things that people didn't think of and things that people thought was impossible. Looking back, I think Hanyang University's practical and challenging spirit made me who I am today. There are many poeple who fear the process of earning the title "first", but I try to have a positive mindset. I believe that going on a path that no one has ever been to means "there is nothing to fear when you lose it." So, there's no pressure, and depending on your efforts, you can produce meaningful results. I hope that more Hanyang-ins will not fear going on paths that people have not gone on before. Kweather's hard-working employees allowed Kweather to have some small achievements, and we will continue to make efforts to leave meaningful results, even if they bring smaller results. We are planning to push ahead with projects that can help the people by actively introducing technologies for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Kim Dong-sik, who expressed his gratitude to his alma mater through donation, will be a great courage for many Hanyang-ins to challenge everything. Written by. Editoral Office Photos by. Son Cho-won The information was published in the summer edition of 2020 (No. 18) of Hanyang University's Newsletter 'Hanyang Hand-in-Hand' ▶Go see Hanyang Hand-in-Hand Summer Edition 2020 (No. 18) Check out [[Hanyang Hand-in-Hand No.18]] Keyword in Hanyang Wiki Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-09 03 Important News

[Alumni][Hanyang Hand-in-Hand] Class of 86 alumni association’s special ‘Hand-in-Hand’ and glowing ‘share’

Their special ‘Hand-in-Hand’ and glowing ‘share’ Class of 86' Alumni Association ▲ Class of 86' Alumni Association (From the left) Park Han-chul (President of the alumni association) / Sung Joo-eun (Secretary General) / Kim Ki-yeon (Vice-president of the alumni association) / Kwon Byung-woon (Director of the Development Fund) The Class of 86' alumni association is planning to give 500,000 won scholarships every month to 16 students for one year (total of 96 million won). They are linked with an invisible string. By gathering gain with old friends after a long time, they are making meaningful ‘values’ one by one together. The Class of 86 alumni association is acting on behalf of ‘Hanyang’ to share warmth with others. Let me introduce their ‘hand-in-hand’ that is more beautiful as they are together. Q1. Could you explain on what chance and method the class of 86' alumni association started raising and giving scholarships? A1. Along with giving financial donations by gathering a little sincerity for neighbors that are living through difficult times, we decided to raise development funds when we were thinking of the ways to contribute to the development of our alma mater. We then decided, after a long debate, on how and where we should use the funds to provide a small help to the students who need to lessen their studying time to earn living expenses as their family circumstances are difficult and to participate in the ‘HY-Lion’ character business venture that the school is promoting right now. Q2. How does the Class of 86' alumni association exchange and participate? Could you tell us some unique characteristics or something you are proud of? A2. After the 2016 school admission 30th anniversary homecoming day, the association was established and about 890 members and 150 on-the-spot members are participating as of now. Along with the Presidential Group (1 president, 2 vice-presidents, 2 secretary generals), there are other departments such as the Development Fund Department that will contribute to the growth of the school, the Volunteer Department for social services, and the Central Executives of the Next 50 Department that shares their experiences and knowledge to enrich the second half of their lives. Other than that, there are hobby gatherings (golf, hiking, book and culture, choir, bowling, skiing, photography, etc.) and local gatherings (lsan, Incheon, Gangdong, Seocho, Anyang Wanggwacheon, Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongnam, Daejeon, etc), and annual regular events are mostly proceeded by the central organization. Each hobby and local gatherings have active exchanges from regular or occasional gatherings. Furthermore, the Hanyang 86 band leads a wholesome communication and each Kakao Talk chatrooms are very active. The association’s slogan is ‘Valuable Hanyang 86, Sharing Hanyang 86’. As you can see from the slogan, something we are proud of is that it is not a mere gathering to have fun but pursues meaning, value, and the balance of sharing the joy. In fact, lots of efforts are being made right now. Volunteer works such as Cheongyangni food truck volunteer work, support for alone senior citizens, orphanage volunteer work, and local volunteer work, along with hobby gatherings, and these make the meaning of participating together more special. ▲(Left) Park Han-chul( President of the alumni association) / (Right) Kim Ki-yeon (Vice-president) Q3. Would you share your thoughts for giving donations to the school juniors and the alma mater that the alumni gathered together? A3. Starting from the development fundraising at the homecoming day and to the present day, it is a good thing that we can help our juniors in difficulties with small devotions gathered through the automatic transfer of 10,000 won each month. I am proud and happy that with big and small amounts of money, we’ve achieved the results with our united efforts, especially for helping our juniors in hard conditions. Whether it is a financial donation or sharing through volunteer work, it is meaningful in that ‘bigger contributions are possible when we’re together’. It is definitely a path that our seniors have walked on, but it feels like we’ve taken a load off our minds as we proceeded their great tradition together. We hope our juniors who received help when they were facing difficulties can provide help to their juniors or neighbors in the future. Q4. There are some unfortunate things for spreading the donation culture. There are even some people who have a negative view of donation cultures. What do you think are the insufficiencies of Korea’s donation culture compared to that of the developed nations? A4. Donation activities are not as easy as one desires or expects. In most societies, there exists a concept of donation as giving large amount of money or as an activity done by a very rich person. Also, there are tendencies to think that donations are done when one reaches a certain economic level. Because of these reasons, I think education on ‘donation’ from a young age is needed for the donation culture to settle healthily and maturely. When we look at the developed nations, there are many cases of children donating things that does not seem much of a help from a young age, such as giving one tuna can or snack box in the food bank and running a fundraising campaign with a small topic. Adults also hold various gatherings with the topic of fundraising. Thus, apart from the amount of money, they have a habit of giving donations together, even if it is of a small amount. I hope this kind of action become well adapted to our donation culture to make positive changes happen. ▲(Left) Sung Joo-eun (Secretary General)/ (Right) Kwon Byung-woon (Director of the Development Fund) Q5. How do you feel when you look at seniors and juniors that are spreading the name of ‘Hanyang’ by participating in diverse fields? A5. When I look at many ‘Hanyangians’ that are performing actively in diverse fields, it warms my heart. There is even a sense of an indefinite closeness when I realize that someone I do not know is a ‘Hanyang alumni’, just like when we use terms such as ‘family’ and ‘homeland’. Actually, there are ‘Hanyang alumni’ in our association members that are partners, children, or families. Likewise, the word ‘alumni’ has something that comes first to our hearts before defining its meaning. Q6. What does ‘Hanyang’ mean to the Class of 86 alumni? A6. Hanyang seems to be the foundation and the center of life that will be together for a lifetime, more than just a university that we once went to. ‘Hanyang’ is our trace that cannot be erased. We are gathering wisdom and sharing joy by sharing experiences with friends from different majors and trajectories of life. Like how ‘Hanyang’ is the foundation of the alumni association, I want to live my life by sharing the life value with Hanyang 86. I could feel that being together and sharing is the most ‘valuable’ and precious thing from the Class of 86 alumni association. I sent my big applauds for their ‘values’ they will achieve more in the future. Written by. Editorial Room, Photo by. Son Cho-won This content is published in the Hanyang University journal ‘Hanyang Hand-in-Hand’ 2020 Summer Edition (Volume 18) Click to see Hanyang Hand-in-Hand 2020 Summer Edition (Volume 18) Click to see keyword [[Hanyang Hand-in-Hand Volume 18]] in Hanyang Wiki Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 31

[Alumni][Hanyang Hand-in-hand] Alumnus Ko Jae-kyung, sharing and giving is the legacy of my life

Sharing and giving is the legacy of my life Ko Jae-kyung, the Ubong Scholarship Committee Chairman of the board (Honorary professor of the College of Medicine) ▲Ubong Scholarship Foundation Chairman Ko Jae-kyung (Honorary professor of the College of Medicine) It was an obvious reason and logic. The mine of his late father was the signal post. Having a mindset that ‘my small help will be needed for others to move forward’ and putting into action. The Ubong Scholarship Committee Chairman Ko Jae-kyung says that this is the ‘donation philosophy.’ Also, with this belief, he has donated 260 million won since 2016 for scholarships and donation funds for the College of Medicine. The path that Chairman Ko Jae-kyung walked and the future legacy he will walk on is the value of sharing and accompanying. The heart for Hanyang followed by donation and sharing Ko Jae-kyung’s late father, who was a local district’s enterprise business person had a belief that business performance made by the love from the local community should be returned. Furthermore, Chairman Lee is acting out the belief given as his father’s legacy. ‘I didn’t donate by a special chance or to let people know. I just think it is the effect of my father’s belief. Especially, my father strived to provide scholarships to students with difficulties living and helped them grow as a fine citizen’. Chairman Ko’s alma mater is not Hanyang University but he was a scholar that researched in Hanyang University’s College of Medicine for 28 years, which is not a short time. In terms of the development of molecular biology research, he said that it was from the help of Hanyang University that he could enrich his academic findings. Moreover, when he was working at the school, he said the reason for getting the ‘This year’s professor award’ three times was due to the students and the school. ‘I hope for the best for the students and therefore have a great affinity for Hanyang and this naturally led me to donate. Wouldn’t it be the cast that this kind of strong support for school becomes the base to make the world better by letting each person’s healthy growth ?’ Chairman Ko says that it is rewarding to give donations to schools that have future talents that will be of help to the society. He indicated that it is unfortunate to see students that change their dreams from financial difficulties rather than working towards it. That is the reason why he wants his sharing to be a strong support for his juniors. Happy society comes from the circulation of sharing 'As I had mentioned previously, I worked in Hanyang University for 28 years and resigned in 1997. It has been more than 20 years since I left school, and I am very greatful that I can provide help to students, juniors, and the school that does not forget me. This makes me happy and proud of myself.' After giving donations to the school, Chairman Ko said he was happy and glad. What would be his idea of Korea's donation culture? Chairman Lee says that ‘developed nations’ have a culture in which each person and company holds responsibility as a member of society and shares the results that they have achieved by putting in their best efforts. Also, these good deeds are then well circulated to become a nation that everyone lives happily. In this sense, he is already putting the value of sharing into action to make a ‘developed nation’. This is because continuing his father’s belief of ‘growing and developing with the local citizens to contribute to the society’, he established the ‘Ubong Scholarship Foundation’. It has been more than 30 years since the establishment of the Ubong Scholarship Foundation. From the start of the establishment, he is providing a full-tuition scholarship for Gwangju district university students. Furthermore, he is running a philanthropic enterprise along with the scholarship foundation. There is a facility called the ‘Nazareth House’ that supports the education and raising of children who are left out of families and societies and need help. It is a place run by sisters that forms family unions to provide a right and stable environment for children to grow into fine adults. I got in touch with them very long ago and have been helping them ever since’. When asked about a special episode he can remember, he talked about the start of the relationship with the Nazareth House. It was a time of the IMF in 1997 when it was difficult for the Nazareth House to receive donations as everyone was living in difficult situations. Chairman Lee even heard unfortunate news that it was not even possible to afford high-school tuition fees, which was why he decided to start is ‘sharing’. Afterward, he is constantly giving supports for student tuition fees or facilities even if it is a small help. It has been decades of relationship with the Nazareth House now. It is also rewarding to support through scholarships for university students, but he said that it is even more rewarding to hear that the little children of the Nazareth House becoming a healthy grownup as a member of the society. ‘Wouldn’t living a life that helps others be the value of life?’ ▲Ubong Scholarship Foundation Chairman Ko Jae-kyung (Honorary professor of the College of Medicine) Donation, a faith of being a help to others Chairman Ko Jae-kyung majored in biochemistry, which is one of the field of basic medicine and received awards such as the national seogryu medal, Paiknam academic award, and Kumho academic award. ‘I have made efforts for the research development of the Hanyang University’s medical education growth and this field through biochemistry. I cannot describe how honored I was to receive a very meaningful lifetime award for my effort. I am again grateful to think back at the moment.’ The standard and value of life differ for each person. When Chairman Ko was once a scholar, thought the value in life is a life that has its goals to be of small help to one’s academic field’s development by research. As it is not researching for one’s own good, it is also a form of intellectual sharing, a donation. ‘My definition of sharing is ‘not a concept of sharing what’s left, but being a help to others by sharing what I have’. It is the belief that my small help will be a support for someone to move forward and for that person to give back what they received to the society. This is my own ‘sharing philosophy’. In no time, Chairman Ko Jae-kyung has walked for 90 years in his life. His friends and those who had the same goals are cheering for him in heaven. ‘It is true that nothing can stop the time. But there are precious families beside me, I can move however I want, and even have hobbies that I enjoy. Also, the Scholarship Foundation that I established by accepting my father’s belief has been more than 30 years. I can still live a life that can be of help to others and I think this is the value of life.’ Hanyang University and the College of Medicine work together to meet their goals. It is his wish to be the stepping stone for future talents to freely expand on their dreams. Like Chairman Ko’s hopes, his life until now and the value of life is already a huge support for numerous people. Written by the Editorials, Photo by Son Cho-won This content is published in the 2020 Summer Edition (Volume 18) of Hanyang University Journal ‘Hanyang Hand-in-hand’ Click to see Hanyang Hand-in-hand 2020 Summer Edition (Volume 18) Click to see [[Hanyang Hand-in-hand]] in Hanyang Wiki Global News Team Translation by : Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 27

[Alumni]Alumni Kang Young-min, Appointed as the New Representative of GBFMS

Gold Brick FMS (GBFMS) Retail announced on August 18th that Hanyang University alumni, Kang Young-min (Department of Mathematics 86) has been appointed as its new representative. Kang announced that he is planning to establish four strategies such as securing the Target Area, specializing sales organizations, diversifying sales routes, and establishing the second basis of sales after he takes office. For the Short Term Plan for 2021, he is also aiming to increase the number of members and improve the management balance, while the Mid Term Plan aims to expand the service area to a nationwide network to provide FMS services to the rural houses, pensions, and local government facilities and buildings. Meanwhile, Kang majored in mathematics at Hanyang University and also majored in mathematical statistics for graduate school. He served as a director of the Shinhan Holding Company (Shinhan Life Insurance, Shinhan Bank, e-Shinhan), ING Life, an adjunct professor at Hanyang University's Graduate School of General Studies, Hanover Re_Life Financial Group Vice President (Marketing Academy), and as the head of FIFS (Sustainable Development Forest Research Institute). Check out the Keywork [[Kang Young-min]] at Hanyang wiki Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 27

[Alumni]Lee Jae-young Alumni, Selected as the Vice-Minister of the New Ministry of the Interior and Safety

▲ Alumni Lee Jae-young (Department of Law 95) On August 14th, Hanyang University alumni Lee Jae-young (Department of Law 85) was selected as the vice-minister of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety. Lee has been acknowledged for excellent consulting and coordination skills between the ministries, being an expert in government organization management, and local administration. Kang Min-seok, the spokesperson of Cheongwadae, mentioned that he has high expectations for Lee to "carry out core policies such as government innovation and decentralization of the power." Lee graduated from Hanyang University's Department of Law, receiving a master's degree in public administration at the University of Exeter in Great Britain, becoming a government official as passing the 35th Civil Service Examination for the Higher Civil Service. Starting from 1991, after he served as the head of administration of the Jeollanam-do region, he served as the head of the Government Office Management Division at the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, and as the head of the Government Innovation Organization. Check out the Keyword [[Lee Jae-young (Department of Law_85]] at Hanyang wiki Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 27

[Alumni]Alumnus Kim Hyun appointed as standing member of the Korea Communications Commission

Kim Hyun, an alumnus of Hanyang University for the class of 84, was appointed as the new top member of the Korea Communications Commission. On August 20, the blue house announced in a written briefing, "President Moon Jae-in will appoint Kim Hyun and Kim Hyo-jae as standing members of the Korea Communications Commission under Article 5 of the Act of Establishment and Operation." Prior to this, the National Assembly held a session on the 30th last month to process Kim's recommendation by the ruling and opposing parties. Kim Hyun became a nominee under the name of Democratic Party. Kim's term of office will run from August 24 to August 23, 2023. Meanwhile, after graduating from Hanyang University's Department of History, Kim served as a lawmaker in the 19th National Congress and served as director of Chunchu and a spokesman for the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 26

[Alumni][Attention! Hanyangians] Kakao Bank representative alumnus Yoon Ho-young listed as an icon of an innovative financial game-changer

The Kakao Bank placed itself as a benchmark for a global internet primary bank in financial innovation and economic successes such as turning into the fastest profit-making internet bank after two years of its establishment. At its core stands alumnus Yoon Ho-young, who was listed as an innovative financial game-changing icon as the representative of Kakao Bank. Mr. Yoon graduated from Hanyang University's Department of Business Administration and started his work in the Korea Fire Insurance in 1996. After he worked as the management chief at the ERGO Daum Direct, and as the Head of the Management Support Team at the Daum Communications and Kakao, he built an expertise in fusing finance and IT technology. Moreover, when he was working as the vice-president at Kakao, he was the first to prepare for the establishment of the Kakao Bank. The Kakao Bank came out announcing 'the start of a new bank different than before,' The internet primary bank was a new form that had to place itself in the market by squeezing through the prior bank areas, which nobody could guarantee its success. However, the Bank unexpectedly succeeded in its first profit-making in 2019, only after six quarters of its establishment. At the moment, the asset size grew as must as the local banks and the monthly bank application user number exceeds all other banks. According to the Munhwa Daily, published on August 24, Mr. Yoon said that “I've never thought about standardized leadership when leading the Kakao Bank” and noted that “businesses are live organisms. They require different leadership according to the business evolution stage,” Because there is no set path, there is an indisputable flexibility that the leaders show when establishing a new road. Now, Mr. Yoon is the leader of financial innovation. Mr. Yoon emphasizes horizontal and even relationships more than anything. It is because of the thought that'thinks are apt to fall when the people in their 40s plan and 50s to 60s decide on the services that people in 20s to 30s will use'. Following Mr. Yoon's management philosophy, every employee at the Kakao Bank uses English names and horizontal business cultures are attempted in diverse parts such as the working space and organization structure. In addition, Mr. Yoon gathered some intelligence groups to hold debates to struggle through the uncertainties of the future. It is from his belief that group intelligence is more efficient than individual ones. The typical example is the debate that took place for two weeks in the process of deciding to only provide mobile app services without PC banking as the prior bank businesses do. Mr. Yoon persuaded the need for a mobile application service that provides the best conveniences to the employees who supported PC banking. The reinterpretation of decision making efficiently shows Mr. Yoon's work method. He highlights that “although the authority of decision making is in the hands of the organization's chief, the real decisions must be made by delegating a person that thinks most about the problem and who is familiar with it to reach the best decision.” In fact, Mr. Yoon assigned the application design decision to the relevant department. In exchange, the responsibility is on Mr. Yoon. Mr. Yoon announced last May that “we will incarnate the Kakao Bank First that lets people think of our bank when they hear the words mobile finance through service extension and enforced customer experience.” The Kakao Banks' steps to reaching the goal within this year will be paid attention to. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 26

[Alumni]Alumnus Kim Hyun-soo Named CEO of Lotte Rental

▲Kim Hyun-soo (Department of Accounting, '81) On August 13, Hanyang University alumnus Kim Hyun-soo (Department of Accounting, '81) was chosen to be the CEO of Lotte Rental. On that day, Lotte Group announced that Kim had been named CEO according to an internal board of directors meeting. Kim graduated from Hanyang University's Department of Accounting in 1984, entered Lotte Industry, and went worked his way up the ladder, hold positions such as the head of the financial team of Lotte Department Stores, the head of the accounting team, and reaching the head of the financial department. From 2014 to 2019, Kim also served as the CEO of Lotte Insurance. Check the keyword [[Kim Hyun-soo]] from Hanyang Wiki Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 24

[Alumni][Attention! Hanyangians] Alumnus Kim Tae-soo Creates an AI Voice with Emotion with the AI Voice Service "Typecast"

What would you say if you could meet your family in heaven? The reproduction of a dead daughter’s voice in the "Special VR Human Documentary" broadcasted by MBC last February has sparked a very big issue. It wasn’t the real daughter talking but instead, a voice made by the voice AI startup Neosapience. ▲ Alumnus Kim Tae-soo (Photo by ZDNet Korea) Alumnus Kim Tae-soo graduated from Hanyang University's Department of Electronic Engineering, received a doctorate at KAIST majoring in voice recognition, worked at LG Electronics and QUALCOMM Korea, and established Neosapiens in November of 2017. Their main product is Typecast, which is a voice service created by AI. Typecast is adapted with a deep-learning technology that Neosapiens developed and is now an AI voice actor service that provides 60 different voices. In particular, Neosapiens has put human emotions into the voices, and these characters are called voice actors. They have been showing rapid growth since February of 2019 when the Beta Service was launched, and they reached 50,000 members this July. Mr. Kim said that “there were voice compositing technologies before, but controlling diverse vocalizations was difficult,” and that “we’ve created a technology that can recognize the surrounding situation and conversation content, and control emotions, which are applied to Typecast to control the timing of reading, pauses, and even rhythms.” They’ve also developed a technology that can synthesize many languages in the same voice. For instance, it is possible to create a video of President Donald Trump speaking in Korean. Actually, the Neosapiens gained popularity by copying the voices of the United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the historic first United States - North Korea summit in June 2018 with an AI voice actor. The voice actors' voices are mostly from professional voice actors. Each character not only provides voices but also acts with emotions. For example, it is helpful for reading books or producing effective commercials. The Typecast service has a monthly subscription fee. The fees are different according to the places used and the users. There are 4 types of imposed fees, including a free service. The free service usage limits the word count to under 3,000, and the three paid programs involve basic (15,000), pro (45,000), and pro-plus (99,000) packages. Neosapiens received an accumulated investment of 6.2 billion won early this year by a series A investment from Company K Partners and Woori Capital. They gained attention by introducing a voice actor service that applies an AI voice composition technology at the last CES 2020 and were even selected as the IT·Untact field innovation company at the Seoul CAC Global Summit 2020 in June. Mr. Kim said in an interview with ZDNet Korea on August 19 that “we will introduce an AI voice that will surprise you all,” and that “We’ve surpassed last year’s sales in the first quarter of this year. Therefore, we are expecting a billion won in sales just through subscription alone this year”. Additionally, he shared his aspirations by saying, “The AI we created is a virtual actor. We cannot use the content if the acting is bad. That’s why it is an AI voice actor. It is a new kind of business change. There will appear global players in this field in the next 5 to 10 years.” Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min