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2020-09 10

[General]Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs - Hanyang University Establishes a Contract Department called "Functional Food"...Class Begins on September 1st

The Department of Functional Food was newly opened at Hanyang University's Seoul Campus to train professionals in the field of functional food. On the 31st, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced that the Department of Functional Food, a master's degree course for students in functional food sector, will begin classes on September 1st. However, the ministry decided to carry out the courses online due to COVID-19 pandemic. The contract department is a system in which industrial bodies and educational institutions make mutual agreement and provide specialized education required by industries. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs selected Hanyang University and Korea University as the two operating institutions after evaluating their institutional capabilities, educational performance conditions and operation plans. Hanyang University opened this new department as Functional Food while Korea University opened a new department named Functional Food Science. Korea University has also completed recruiting trainees. For the first batch, each University selected 20 trainees with bachelor's degree who worked for more than 10 months at small and medium-sized companies related to functional food in consideration of their competence, status and type of business. As a result, out of a total of 35 companies that participated, 78% were small medium-sized companies, 55% were those who worked for less than 5 years and 45% were female trainees. 65% of graduate tuition fees will be supported to trainees for 2 years and Research and Development tasks will be carried out to solve the technology with difficulty in the corporate field. After completing 24 credits for two years, if the trainees submit a dissertation or capstone design results, they will be awarded a degree of Master of Science. After graduation, the trainee will be required to work at a company for more than 1 year before serving as an expert in all functional food field, including manufacturing and evaluation. An official from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said "With the spread of corona 19, interest in functional foods related to immune system improvement has been increasing," adding, "We will open two new contract departments related to future innovative foods such as elderly-friendly food and Medi Food next year to help train more core human resources in the future promising food sector." ▶See the keyword in Hanyang Wiki (Click): Department of Functional Food, Contract Department Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-09 09

[General][On-the-spot Photo] “Free Graduation Photo Print”

In the midst of the canceled graduation ceremony due to COVID-19, the Student Union is holding an event to print photos uploaded on SNS for free by installing a photo print kiosk in the Student Welfare Building's 2nd floor corridor, according to the university headquarters ‘gown rental and photo zone operation.’ Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 08

[General]'Start-up Academy' for Innovative Startup Leaders Opens on the 17th

Hanyang University (President Kim Woo-seung) opened Start-up Academy for nurturing innovative startup leaders. This is the 17th session of Start-up Academy, which is a program for the pre-startup leaders. Education on the overall process of startups will be done such as the basic capabilities, idea actualization, taxing and accounting, marketing, and EXIT planning, for 15 weeks in total. It especially offers special startup education such as having senior CEOs as the lecturer and mentors. Online entrance ceremony for the Start-up Academy is having a talk concert with students. About 100 people attended the online entrance ceremony that was held to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as the selected students, mentors, staff, pre-startup leaders, and graduate students. Jun Joon-hee Coupang vice-president, Lee Jong-huen Maspresso President, Han Sung-won President of Happy Rabit, and Kim Ji-woong President of Make-bot attended the talk concert, listening to start-up difficulties of the students and sharing start-up scaling-up strategies. President of Startup Support Foundation of Ryu Chang-wan mentioned that "Start-up Academy delivers information straight from the field by the senior CEOs and specialists, to that the pre-startup leaders can reduce the trial and error," and added that "the foundation will provide full support using concrete curriculum and various networks so that the students can reach stable commercialization." Meanwhile, Start-up Academy, which has been established in 2012 as part of the CEO fostering project for the first time within domestic universities, raised 771 graduates. Within the graduates, a total of 428 companies has been established, creating a profit of 312.9 billion won. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-09 03

[General]Hanyang University's Research Institute for the 4th Industrial Revolution Opens Free Online Courses for the Public

Hanyang University's 4th Industrial Revolution Research Institute (ICBM) opened a free online course on "Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution" on a education platform Open MooC (Massive Open Online Course) to foster creative talent. The Open MooC lecture, a free online education program, provides an easy explanation of basic knowledge and overview of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including individual cognition technology, ubiquitous, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and the shared economy of capitalism 5.0. As the education is conducted online, the quality of the lecture will be enhanced through a system that allows questions at any time of the lecture. In addition, this course helps to develop ideas for start-ups and patents that are related to the 4th Industrial Revolution. In particular, those who fully complete the lectures and the criteria, will receive a certificate from the president of Hanyang University for free. Professor Cho Byung-wan, the director of the 4th Industrial Revolution Research Institute said, "at the point of transition from the 3rd to the 4th Industrial Revolution, we are trying to solve the information gap by informing the general public of the 4th Industrial Revolution in an easy way. We are trying to practice the philosophy of love, which is the philosophy of Hanyang University by sharing knowledge." Currently, more than 1,000 public members and university students are enrolled in the "Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution." For futher details on this education, contact Hanyang University's 4th Industrial Revolution Research Institute. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 26

[General]College of Medicine Will Start Local Society Health Examinations in Cooperation with Namyangju City and the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Hanyang University's College of Medicine is cooperating with Namyangju City and the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention from August 16th to October 31st, to start local society health examinations which aim to collect data for future health and medical policy planning. The examination has a total of 890 subjects over 19 years old, who have been randomly selected among the Namyangju Poongyang Health Center area (Jinjeop, Onam, Byeolnae-dong, Byeolnea-myeon), according to a statistical method. The examination will be operated with an investigator visiting the subjects and holding 1:1 interviews. ▲ The College of Medicine will start local society health examinations in cooperation with Namyangju City and the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (Contributed by: Namyangju City) This year, considering the exceptional case of COVID-19, steps such as measuring body features such as height and weight will be skipped, and the number of questions will also be greatly reduced. The subjects will answer a total of 142 questions, in which 97 of the questions are required, and 45 of them are related to COVID-19. The city requires 5 inspectors to take a COVID-19 test, and received negative results for all the inspectors. The inspectors are provided with an environment where they could perform self-checks of their health, wear masks when visiting the subjects, sanitize their hands, and check their body temperatures so that the subjects for the examination can reduce the concern of getting infected by COVID-19. The head of Namyangju Poongyang Health Center Jung Tea-shik mentioned that "safe examination will be conducted while keeping prevention instructions for the COVID-19," and added that "the examination will play an important role in the development of the city, and we therefore ask for cooperation from the citizens." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 26

[General]Hanyang University's 4th Industrial Revolution Research Institute Supports Consulting on "Ocean Bio-Healing Industry" in Wando, South Jeolla Province

Hanyang University's Fourth Industrial Revolution Research Institute (ICBM) held an advisory meeting with Wando-gun, South Jeolla Province, on a strategy to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution. The advisory meeting was held on August 13th, 2021 The Maritime Bio Promotion Plan, the marine healing industry, and the algae fair in Wando-gun South Jeolla Province were dicussed. This meeting was carried out online to ease the difficulties with managing projects and planning regional events conducted by local governments during the pandemic. Professor Cho Byung-wan (Department of Construction and Environment Engineering) said, "We hope that this consultation meeting will give a lot of vitality to the projects of local governments." The conventional concept of marine healing is limited to consumers' perception that marine resources are simply good for their health. The Fourth Industrial Revolution Research Institute suggested that it is necessary to break away from this by adding consumer-customized concepts by including a blockchain compensation and networking platform, a system in which participants receive health care. In addition, considering the technological development caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution and the advent of the pandemic, the construction of an infrastructure "System Virtual Physical System (CPS)" that integrates robots, medical devices and online software, and the surrounding environment was proposed. Last month, Wando-gun became the first to enact the Ordinance on Promotion and Support of Wando Marine Bio Industry to support the comprehensive and systematic development of the marine bio industry. Meanwhile, Hanyang University's 4th Industrial Revolution Research Institute, led by Professor Cho Byung-wan from the faculty of engineering, is a domestic laboratory that studies the fusion and combination of IoT, CPS, Blockchain, Machine Learning (ICBM) technology, advanced relativity theory, quantum mechanics, and genetic engineering. Click to see the keywords [[Cho Byung-wan]] ,[[4th Industrial Revolution Research Institute]] at Hanyangwiki Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 25

[General]Allowing Sit-In Lectures During the First Week of the 2020 Fall Semester

The Hanyang University Seoul Campus Academic Service Team announced on August 18th that sit-in lectures for the first week of the semester will be available for students who are preparing to make course registration corrections. Students that were unable to register for certain courses before the beginning of the semester are also eligible to participate in sit-in lectures. However, although the sit-in lectures have been allowed by the lecturers of some courses, this does not mean that students will not have to register for the courses. Courses eligible for sit-in lectures will be open starting from August 24th, as registration starts on the same day. Students wanting to sit-in on lectures will need to register with the lecturer of the course by sending an e-mail with a pre-designed form. If the lecturer allows the student to sit-in, they can join the lecture for one week, starting from September 1st. Staff from the Academic Service Team mentioned that "being allowed to sit-in for the first week of lectures does not mean the student can take the course for the whole semester," also adding that "registering for a sit-in is irrelevant to actual course registration, which means that students wishing to take the course for the semester must register again." A detailed announcement can be checked in the Announcement section of the Hanyang University website. ▶ Check the announcement at <2020-Fall Semester Sit-In Lectures Registration> Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 20

[General]"Can We Use the Outdoor Gym Facilities Yet?” Hanyang University Begins Partially Opening Outdoor Gym Facilities

In accordance with Hanyang University's Infectious Disease Control Committee, some of the outdoor gym facilities will begin operating on a reservation system in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Starting from July 29 and August 3, the tennis court and the track and field artificial turf soccer field will, respecitively, begin operating through a reservation system, with limited usage of the basketball courts and running tracks (sports equipments). The usage time is on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students can sign up for general education soccer classes and club activities, but outside groups and games are not allowed. Students can sign-up through the HY-in Portal Facilities Reservation Request Representative Affiliated Administration Team. Moreover, when using the outdoor gym facilities, COVID-19 prevention guidelines must be followed, such as wearing masks, temperature-checks, hand sanitizing, filling out entry forms, strictly using personal sanitation items, and not using lockers or shower stalls. Additionally, someone must be in charge of disinfection management and submit a list of all participants. The track and field can be entered through the center aisle in front of the Fusion Tech Center (FTC). Further inquiries can be answered by the Property Management Team at 02-2220-0135. ▲ Hanyang University Track and Field Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 20

[General]AI One Team Holds "AI Study Week" that Provides Online Study Content

The AI One Team, of which Hanyang University is a member, announced on August 10th that they are holding an AI Study Week for 2 weeks through August 21st to provide diverse online study video content to help enhance interest and understanding in the AI field. The AI One Team is an AI Industry-University Cooperation that was established this February; it builds a platform of skills training for the enhancement of Korea’s AI capacity, strengthens business cooperation to discover and spread cases of AI application in real industrial sites, and creates an AI open ecosystem that small and medium-sized businesses and venture companies can participate in. At the moment, Hanyang University, along with KAIST, ETRI, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, LG Electronics, LG U-Plus, Korea Investment and Securities, and KT are cooperating. AI Study Week, which began on August 10th, was established not only to help lots of people become interested in AI, but also to let them easily understand the work that can be done with AI technology and data and to increase their insights into applying it to their tasks. During AI Study Week, diverse events are also taking place, including 3 AI online content lectures and untact seminars. The three online content sections, lasting under an hour, can be watched by anyone without additional registration if they access the Gwanghwamun Gate 2 on the AI One Team homepage or the KT PR department blog. There is diverse learning content prepared throughout the AI field, such as basic AI concepts, AI business trends, and AI recommendation systems. The untact seminar that was held on August 18 was hosted by Saltlux Director Lee Kyung-il, on the topic of The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Business, which was broadcasted live through the official KT Youtube channel. The AI One Team officials said that “Following the AI Book Recommendation, the AI One Team Industry-University Cooperation is holding AI Study Week together for Korea’s AI base expansion,” and that “we will consider lots of people’s interest and understanding in AI as the motivation to become the number 1 country in AI, and we will take lead.” ▲AI Study Week (Photo by: KT NAVER blog, Gwangwhamun Gate 2) Click to see [[AI One Team]] in Hanyang Wiki Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 19

[General]Major Lights of the University Will Be Turned Off on the 17th Annual Energy Day, August 22nd

Hanyang University is participating in the "Turn Off the Lights and Light up the Stars" campaign for the 17th Annual Energy Day, which is held by the Korea NGO's Energy Network and the Ministry of Environment. On August 22, starting on Saturday at 2 p.m., the university will raise air conditioner temperature settings by 2 degrees, and will also turn off the lights for 5 minutes at 9 p.m. of the same day. The Facility Maintenance Team will turn off the major lights of the university according to the time of the event, such as the front sign of Hanyang University, the lights on top of the Administration Building and Fusion Technology Center, and the lights around the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library. The maintenance team also asked for the participation of other members of the university to participate in the event, to the extent that it does not interfere with any ongoing research or experiments. Poster of the 17th Energy Day Event Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 18

[General]Hanyang University's Department of Music Therapy Develops a Song for the Seongdong-gu Smart Shelter

Music that was created by the Department of Music Therapy of Hanyang University is flowing in Seongdong Smart Shelters, special bus stops introduced by Seongdong-gu on the 3rd of August. Seongdong Smart Shelters are smart bus stops equipped with cooling and heating systems with ultraviolet air sterilizers. The facilities allow residents to wait for buses pleasantly in extreme cold or extreme heat. These smart bus stops are installed at 10 different bus stops, including the one in front of the Seongdong-gu District Office. ▲The first Smart Shelter Seongdong-gu installed (Sources: Seongdong-gu) All the systems in the shelter are controlled and managed 24 hours a day at the Smart City Integrated Control Center in Seongdong-gu by utilizing internet of things technology. For residents' full safety, even at dawn or late at night, Seongdong-gu has established an artificial intelligence system that directly shares information with the Seongdong Police Station and fire station when screams or abnormal behaviour is detected. It also has various convenient functions: free public Wi-Fi and phone chargers, as well as a small table with relaxing chairs. A separate space for wheelchairs and strollers also exist. In addition, music created by Hanyang University's Department of Music Therapy flows softly in the shelter. Seongdong-gu plans to further expand Seongdong Smart Shelters after examing residents' responses. "It's smart welfare to make the daily lives of our residents convenient through new technology," said Jeong Won-oh, head of Seongdong-gu District Office. He also added, "We will continue to put forth our best efforts to create a smart city that changes the lives of the residents." Meanwhile, Hanyang University's Department of Music Therapy will conduct research on human prosperity such as health, well-being, and education through a convergence approach with artificial intelligence. Lastly, it aims to lead social growth and innovation by training music rehabilitation specialists suitable for smart industries and music convergence experts who solve social problems. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 18

[General]Hanyang University's Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Signs a Business Agreement with Care Nation to Develop Wearable Devices

Hanyang University's Department of Rehabilitation Medicine signed a business agreement with Care Nation, a caregiver matching platform, on the 3rd to develop wearable devices. These two organizations are planning to lead Silver Healthcare by sharing human infrastructure and to accelerate the development of ICT wearables. Care Nation is expected to create products with ICT technologies as soon as possible. Real-time vital sign monitoring is available with the ICT wearables that Care Nation is developing. In addition, there is an AI alarm system based on big data collection from patients which provides quick medical services during emergencies. Apart from these services, other services like customizing diets, and giving medicine and healthy food recommendations will also use big data. Professor Jung Shin-ho of Hanyang University's Department of Rehabilitation Medicine said, "An ICT wearable device is a system that medical institutions and patients need," and added, "I hope that we are able to develop one as soon as possible through this MOU." Meanwhile, Care Nation is a platform that matches caregivers with the patient's carers based on big data, allowing them to conveniently check their career experience and reviews with smartphone applications. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin