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2020-06 16

[General][On-the-Spot] Final Exams and Social Distancing

While putting in a significant amount of effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the university is following prevention guidelines to ensure that final exams at the university run smoothly. On June 15th, many students took their final exams that were administered according to the designated health precaution procedures at the Olympic Gymnasium. ▲ Individual students’ temperatures are being checked at the entrance to the exam room. ▲ A student is wiping his desk using wet wipes that have been distributed individually. ▲ Students partaking in taking the examination must individually write up and submit a Health Questionnaire. ▲ At the entrance of the exam room, there is a notice in regards to the examination guidelines such as temperature checks. ▲ The Olympic Gymnasium has desks arranged in compliance with social distancing guidelines. ▲ Final exams are underway at the Olympic Gymnasium. ▲ Many students are taking their final exams at the Olympic Gymnasium. ▲ A student is taking his exam while the distance between him and the other desks are secured according to social distancing guidelines. ▲ Final exams are being conducted at the Olympic Gymnasium by maintaining a safe distance between the students. ▲ Students taking final exams at the Olympic Gymnasium Global News Team Translation by: Lee Jung-joo

2020-06 09

[General][On-the-spot] “Where Did All the Cars Go?” After the Opening of the Parking Gate

From the operation of the "Industrial Center Parking Gate" from June 1, there has been a noticeable drop in the numbers of vehicles on campus. Parked cars disappeared due to ordinary vehicles being virtually restricted from entering designated areas. Most of the parking has been relocated to parking lots built below the Track and Field, with signs set up at the existing parking areas that green areas or rest areas are to be created. In line with the launch of the underground parking lot at the Track and Field, the Property Management Team plans to strengthen ground-level parking management and create a pedestrian-centered, pleasant, and safe campus. ▲ Only authorized vehicles can enter the parking gate installed under the passageways between the Industrial Center and the Engineering Building 2. ▲ A vehicle is entering the parking lot installed underground beneath the Track and Field. The number of available parking spaces can be checked at the entrance. ▲ The view of the parking lot in front of the Industrial Center (Advanced Materials & Chemical Engineering Building) from the Amphitheater. ▲ The view of the parking lot in front of the Industrial Center from the Hanyang University Museum. No vehicles are parked. ▲ A green space construction notice is installed at the parking space in front of the Advanced Materials & Chemical Engineering Building. ▲ Flower pots are located instead of vehicles at the parking lot in front of the Information Technology / Bio Technology building. ▲ A green space construction notice is installed at the parking space in front of the Information Technology / Bio Technology. ▲ General vehicles cannot be seen even in the Graduate School parking lot. ▲ Vehicles usually parked along the back road of the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library cannot be seen, and instead flower pots are placed. ▲ Parked vehicles cannot be seen in front of the College of Education either. Parking is not possible due to the placement of flower pots. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-05 27

[General]ERICA Volunteer Corps Changes its Volunteer Program to an Online Volunteering Program

On May 14th, ERICA campus’ Volunteer Corps announced that it would completely replace its offline community service activities with online lectures, due to the current COVID-19 situation. It has changed the existing requirement of 30 offline volunteer work hours to 15 online lectures (conducted for a total of 30 hours). The online lecture period runs from May 6th to June 21st, and students are required to complete this course within the volunteer work period, divided into three different classes. The first volunteer work period will be from May 6th to May 31st, the second from May 23rd to June 7th, and the third from June 8th to June 21st, and students must view all 5 contents in each class period that are 10 hours in total. After the students are finished taking the 15 online lectures, they must enter a volunteer service report of a designated length in a review format on the volunteer service system between May 18th and June 21st. For the community service lecture program (General Elective Course, 1 credit, P/F), a student must listen to both the courtesy training and the online volunteer lectures while also completing the volunteer activity report in order to earn the credit. The Volunteer Corps has stated that students should check the volunteer activity conditions closely to ensure they get all the credits they need. For more information, students can contact the Volunteer Corps through the phone (031-400-4342) or by e-mail ( ▲출처: Source: Volunteer Corps, ERICA Campus ▶ERICA 사회봉사단 홈페이지 바로가기 Global News Team Translation by: Lee Jung-joo

2020-05 12

[General]COVID-19 Research Materials Available for Free… Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library is Providing Free Documents

On April 28, Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library decided to provide free research documents service for articles related to COVID-19. Articles and information related to COVID-19 can be accessed online. Difficulties around the world have been caused by COVID-19 and research is being carried out in every country as quickly as possible. In this situation, the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library has decided to provide free materials to aid in the research of Hanyang University researchers. The Academic Information Center & Library is providing quality content for free on 20 academic channels, and COVID-19 related materials can be downloaded in various formats such as eBooks, PDFs, and URLs of articles. The Academic Information Center & Library stated that they will constantly proceed with updates of related contents to encourage smooth research operations. Academic materials related to COVID-19 can be accessed through the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library homepage banner. ▶Click to go to Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library ▼(Note) COVID-19 Electronic academic resources banner (only in Korean) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-05 04

[General][Photo] Track and Field, Three Weeks Until its Completion

On April 28, we checked on the track and field which is in the final stage of its construction process. The completion ceremony of the field will be held on May 15. ▲ A photo of the track and field taken by a drone. Along with the artificial turf, the school logos, and English letters are clearly visible. ▲ Looking at the track and field from the FTC ▲ Looking at the track and field from the stands ▲ Many underground spaces are in the final stage of construction. ▲ Parking lots have been built underground. ▲ Underground spaces have been built under the ground field. ▲ Going to the track and field is possible by taking the elevator on the side of the Paiknam Music Hall Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-04 28

[General]2020 First Semester Midterms… Strengthening Observation to Catch Fraudulent Acts

On April 2, the Hanyang University Office of Academic Affairs Academic Service Team announced the 2020 first semester midterm exam guidelines. The team emphasized the rules to enforce reports of substitute exams or other fraudulent acts and to put strict treatments in accordance with school rules if caught. Currently, the mid-term exam, which applies to all undergraduate lectures at Seoul Campus except for E-learning, was recommended to take place after April 27, the seventh week after the start of the class, and the final exam between June 15 and June 20, the 14th week after the start of the class. In principle, different types of midterm exams are conducted by remote exams (online exams), the Blackboard assignment function and e-mail are available, and other tests may be implemented as well at the instructor's discretion. If the conditions of the compliance with preventive measures are met, face-to-face classes (offline exams) may be conducted with the approval of the college dean and the Infectious Disease Control Committee. During a meeting, the university headquarters suggested that some large-scale lectures conduct exams offline, or that they take final exams twice by postponing midterm exams. They also said they would make separate procedures for online exams as unexpected problems such as bugs could arise. ▲ Part of the exam related fraudulent acts information posted by the Academic Service Team In addition, regarding cheating on online exams, which many students are worried about, the Academic Service Team announced guidance on the April 23 of the ‘2020-1 Midterm exam cautions and fraudulent acts measures.’ In a notice, the Academic Service Team said they will monitor strictly to catch any cheaters such as those trying to submit substitute tests and making sales through various student community sites. They will also gather student reports and conduct a full survey of students in order to ensure fair midterm exams for the first semester of 2020. If necessary, they are also considering responding by requesting a cybercrime investigation team. When a fraudulent act is reported or detected, the cheating person or substitute test dealer will be deemed a cheater; the course grade for the relevant semester will be an F; and the Disciplinary Committee will punish the cheaters according to school regulations (Article 51 disciplinary action), the regulations on student punishment (disciplinary action), and the enforcement rules (cancellation of the grades under Article 22). In addition, details of such misconduct will be added permanently to the school register and the culprits will be subject to severe disciplinary action. It is possible to report substitute tests, sales, and fraudulent acts through the Academic Service Team e-mail ( or by informing the teaching instructor in charge. The information includes the course information (class code, course title, and the signature of the instructor in charge), details about the misconduct (detailed record of the person practicing misconduct), and the contact information of the informant for further investigation which will be kept confidential. In the fifth meeting held on April 16, the university administartion replied that they will actively utilize the Blackboard real-time system and use all possible methods to strengthen communication with professors related to midterm exams. ▶ Go directly to the official website for the announcement ▶ Read the contents of the fifth meeting of the student council (Facebook) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-04 27

[General]If Your Attendance for the Live Video Lecture Isn’t Recognized, “Request Attendance”

On March 30, the Academic Service Team announced information about attendance during the distance learning period of the first semester of 2020. About 350 complaints have been submitted to the school's technical team regarding online attendance, and the results were presented after making requests to the university main administration. The attendance for distance learning is the same as before. Live video lectures, online recording lectures, and project-based lectures are the three class types, while the project-based lectures are limited to a maximum of two of the total sessions this semester. The live video lecture runs according to the set timetable, and the online video lecture allows attendance recognition if the student watches the video within the deadline assigned by the instructor. Furthermore, if a student watches the online recorded lecture as assigned before the deadline but is not recognized with a grade of "Pass" in Blackboard, the student can submit an attendance error notification to the Blackboard Support Center. The Blackboard Support Center said “It can take a while since we are solving the cases we have received in order,” and that “we will try to reply back within 24 hours of the process.” What should be paid attention to in this announcement is that the attendance request method for live video lectures has been informed. Previously, the attendance error reporting was only accepted regarding the online recorded lectures, but the live video lectures had to be confirmed through individual contact with instructors. However, this time, a formal announcement about live video lecture attendance was presented. ▲ The attendance recognition request in Blackboard is available through the message icon on the upper right side of the screen. Students should try accessing the video at least three times, and then if they are unable to access it, the attendance recognition request may be filled out and sent to the instructor through email or Blackboard message. The Blackboard messaging system can be accessed by clicking the upper right side message icon. If you check the "send a copy to the recipient's email" when sending, it will also be sent via email. Based on the Blackboard record of the student's access to the course room and the details of the student's explanatory statement, the instructor will determine whether the student had enough sincerity and effort but failed to access due to inevitable circumstances, and will reply back to the student through email or Blackboard message. ▲ Recorded versions of the live video lectures can be accessed through Blackboard Collaborate on the right side detailed menu option (…) of each course. If the instructor acknowledges the access failure reason, the student can watch the recorded version of the live video lecture through Blackboard and request confirmation, and the instructor can recognize the attendance after checking. The recorded version of all live video lectures can be watched by clicking the Blackboard collaborate left side menu […]. Detailed information and the format for the attendance recognition request can be found on the Hanyang University official homepage notice board. Check the university website for the announcement Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-04 16

[General][COVID-19] President Kim's E-mail to Hanyang Students

President Kim Woo-seung sent out an E-mail titled "To my beloved students," which was addressed to all members of Hanyang University on the 6th. The President asked for the students’ understanding after all online class periods were indefinitely extended because of COVID-19, and informed the students about the countermeasures the university was taking in response to the outbreak. President Kim expressed his regrets by saying, "It is regrettable for all of us who were looking forward to meeting each other on a lively campus with flowers in full bloom,” while asking for the students’ deep understanding and consideration by saying that the school's decision "was made to protect the lives of our Hanyangians and their families.” In addition, the president mentioned that an Infectious Disease Management Committee was created in response to COVID-19. They hold meetings every day while keeping a close eye on developments in the virus situation, and are expanding facilities and equipment to ensure that all distance learning classes are able to run smoothly. Also, for classes that are no longer able to run as distance learning classes, such as classes that require lab experiments, practical training or practical skills, the president stated that offline classes are only allowed to be held as long as everyone can practice proper social distancing in conditions where hygiene regulations are strictly observed. Guidelines in regard to this matter will be released soon. President Kim Woo-seung ended his letter by stating, “I wish you and your family great health and happiness, and I will wait for the day where I can share my happiness and laughter with the students at this beautiful campus.” The following is the full text. Hello, students. This is President Kim Woo-seung. To begin with, I am writing to all of you regarding those who are suffering from the COVID-19 crisis, with sad and heavy feelings. I sincerely hope that the day when this situation ends comes soon and we can stand up again facing the bright future, leaving behind the pain and difficulties we now face. As you all know, our school has pushed back the class opening date of the 2020 first semester to May 16 in order to prevent the possibility of the spread of COVID-19 and create a safe educational environment according to the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and has been proceeding with all classes remotely. However, even as of April, the COVID-19 has rarely died out. In response, Hanyang University decided to conduct most classes that are 100% theoretical through remote lectures until the stabilization period, judging that the health and safety of students is the top priority. Please understand that this decision was unfortunate for all of us looking forward to meeting each other at the lively and blooming campus, but it was to protect the healthy daily lives of Hanyangians and their families. Hanyang University has formed an Infectious Disease Committee since the start of the COVID-19 and is doing its best for the safety of Hanyang members by holding daily meetings and keeping a close eye on the situation. We are fully committed to quarantine and hygiene, facilitating remote classes through enforcing the class management system and installing facilities. Training for class faculties has been carried out, and we are responding to questions and complaints in real-time. There have been inconveniences in the early days of remote learning, but the classes seem to be proceeding into a stable phase as students and teachers are rapidly adapting to the new environment. However, since it's the first time we're having difficulties, small and big confusions seem inevitable for a while, but we are trying to minimize the inconveniences. Experimental and practical training classes that cannot be carried out through remote learning will be selectively allowed under the approval of the undergraduate/graduate school deans, in cases where social distancing measures are supported and hygiene regulations (temperature checks, wearing masks, hand sanitization, answering health questionnaires, and classroom ventilation) can strictly be followed. This information will be announced to students. We promise that we will do our best to secure your health through strict observation and control. In any case, Hanyang's faculty members will do their best to help students to firmly concentrate on their studies with pride as Hanyangians in a safe environment. Please contact the school without hesitation if you have any inconveniences, questions, or requests. We will listen to your opinions with all our heart and devote our efforts into your amazing future and Hanyang's development. We wish you and your family good health and happiness and look forward to the day when we can share laughter on our beautiful campus. April 6, 2020 Sincerely, Hanyang University President Kim Woo-seung Global News Team Translated by: Lee Jungjoo, Park Gyeongmin

2020-04 13

[General]“Study with a friend!” Recruitment Begins for the IC-PBL Center’s HY Learning Pacemaker

The university’s IC-PBL Center stated on the 7th that they are starting to recruit new members for 2020 Spring semester’s "HY Learning Pacemaker." Their recruitment period starts from April 6th and ends on the 17th. HY Learning Pacemaker is a tutoring program where students of the same major who take the same course are grouped together into teams. Participating students are able to switch between the role of a tutor and a tutee to refine their knowledge by learning from other students and to develop the ability to effectively communicate what they know to other people. The students can acquire knowledge and other various skills that are required to study a difficult subject, and by communicating with their group members, students can also gain various indirect experiences related to their career and field of study. Previously, the IC-PBL Center only accepted teams that consist of up to four members, but this semester, they expanded the team limit to consist of three to six nationals, or to be a team that consists of 3-6 members, with at least one foreign student. After the application screening process, the 100 teams that pass the screening will be given a subsidy of 400,000 KRW. If the team has fewer than four members, 100,000 KRW will be provided per person, and if the team has more than four students, 400,000 KRW will be divided according to the number of team members. However, because of COVID-19, all activities in regards to this program will be done without face-to-face interaction. Therefore, all teams should plan to communicate and collaborate with one another online, and should avoid concentrating on topics that require frequent face-to-face contact with one another. If offline meetings are absolutely necessary, the students must abide by the university guidelines in their response to COVID-19. Meanwhile, the IC-PBL Center is running various programs to support Hanyang University students’ studies. Some representative programs include "Learning Pacemaker," "Global Community: Free period," and "Hanyang Scholar Town LION." Want to find out more about the "IC-PBL Center"? Click on this [Hanyang Wiki] page ▶교수학습센터 Global News Team Translated by: Lee Jungjoo

2020-04 13

[General][COVID-19] Infectious Disease Management Committee Strengthened Quarantine over Campus

Having the start of offline lecture ahead, Hanyang University strengthened the management of infectious diseases on campus on April 13th. A patrol party will be organized by district inside the campus, and they will be in charge of doing body temperature check and patrol work. From April 10th, body temperature check and wearing masks became mandatory for all those who enter and exit buildings under the recommendation of the Infectious Disease Management Committee. In accordance with this, all university employees are assigned to carry out body temperature check and patrol work in each building and work according to the set rules. The campus will be organized into a college zone and a multi-use facility, with employees given roles of body temperature check at the entrance and patrolling the designated area respectively. The six zones with multi-use facilities are the front of the Aejeemun (Hanyang Station Exit #2), the Hanyang Plaza Restaurant Street, the Amphitheater cafeteria, the convenience store in front of the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library (사자가군것질할때), the Student Union building entrance, the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library entrance and interior, and the HIT entrance and interior. These activities will continue for 10 hours from 8 am to 6 pm, with five groups working on a two-hour rotation schedule. ▲ Campus management zone The body temperature check is conducted on all entrants at designated entrances by people wearing transparent masks, non-contact thermometers, sanitary gloves, body temperature check stickers, masks, and identification ribbons. If the body temperature is below 37.5 degrees Celsius, a "safe" sticker will be attached to the top of their sleeve. The staff in charge will also patrol the designated areas wearing masks and identification ribbons, guiding people to wear masks, keep social distances, comply with lines, and sitting apart from each other. Global News Team Translated by Park Gyeong-min

2020-04 01

[General]ERICA Shuttlecock, Installed Hanyang QR Code Sticker

Two QR code Hanyang stickers have been installed at the Shuttlecock of Hanyang University ERICA Campus. The QR code connects to the official blog of ERICA. This sticker not only helps freshmen and other students to easily access the newly created official blog, but it is also expected to bring changes to the atmosphere around the Shuttlecock. Large images of ERICA's mascot Hanyangee have been printed to make the spot a popular photo zone. Meanwhile, ERICA's official blog is being utilized to help students access major announcements such as in-school announcements, alumni news, donation news, photo archives, campus life updates, and more. * Visit ERICA Campus's official blog directly at Global News Team Translated by: Lee Won-young

2020-04 01

[General][Photo] Spring's Arrival

Cherry blossoms and forsythia are blooming all over campus, despite the emptiness it around due to the COVID-19. More sceneries around the campus can be seen through the Google Album. ▶ Global News Team Translated by: Lee Wonyoung