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2020-04 01

[General][Photo] Spring's Arrival

Cherry blossoms and forsythia are blooming all over campus, despite the emptiness it around due to the COVID-19. More sceneries around the campus can be seen through the Google Album. ▶ Global News Team Translated by: Lee Wonyoung

2020-03 13

[General][Photo] Distance Learning Lecture, "How Should It Be Conducted?"

With the university's decision to conduct 2 weeks of online lectures due to COVID-19, Education Innovation Team held a seminar on informing how to utilize online platforms that support lecturers to conduct the smooth operation of the classes, on the 5th at the Great Conference Room of HIT. Global News Team Translated by: Lee Wonyoung

2020-03 12

[General][Photo] Recording a lecture in a self-studio

With two weeks of distance learning lectures scheduled after the opening of the semester, professors are recording a lecture on a self-studio witin the campus Global News Team

2020-03 09

[General][Photo] 'From 1979 to 2019' Summarizing ERICA Campus’ History

A record of ERICA Campus’ 40-year history has been officially published in a single book, with the title ’40 Years of History.’ The ERICA Campus was established in 1979 and recently welcomed its 40-year anniversary in 2019. This 700 page book was published to commemorate the ERICA Campus’ 40-year anniversary with records of some of the most iconic moments of its history during this time period as well as other important yearly records and photos. <ERICA’s 40 Years of History> Read it as an E-Book: View The Table of Contents from Hanyang Wiki:년사 *only in Korean

2020-02 25

[General]ERICA Academic Information Center & Library: Provides New E-Learning Service

▲ Provided by: ERICA Academic Information Center & Library Hanyang University's ERICA Academic Information Center & Library started a new E-Learning content service starting from January. The newly opened education services are SERI&U and Hackers, which are online learning materials. SERI&U Knowledge Library offers educational content that holds the latest information on the business grounds given out by SERI CEO, to the business CEOs and core individuals of talent. The content provides up-to-date information regarding categories of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Humanities, Economics·Business, Latest Trends, and Leadership, in a form of a 5~10 minute video clip, delivering the core information to the audience within a short time. In addition to the categorized video content, they provide materials such as a PPT summary and a one-page summary in a PDF form. SERI&U Knowledge Library currently has about 2,300 contents, which would allow students to have the latest educational content from various fields. Hackers Language Education Content are also newly provided. The new content is directly created and provided by Hackers. Students can take about 300 video lectures in English, Chinese and more, without any limitations. The content also provides lectures for English certificates such as general English, TOEIC, TOFEL, TEPS, and IELTS. It provides self-diagnosis examination regarding TOEIC and TOFEL, allowing students to diagnose one's level and select the lecture depending on the level of difficulty. There are also other E-Learning services provided from Hanyang University ERICA Academic Information Center & Library, such as languages learning program of 24 languages of the world, 'Rosetta Stone Foundations,' online lectures for public officials, 'Amor Exam,' IT lectures provided by 'IT GO' and more. Students can earn the chance to gain extracurricular knowledge and grow as a self-directing individual by using various outside educational services provided by the Academic Information Center & Library. Global News Team Translated by: Lee Wonyoung

2020-02 18

[General][Photo] The First Snow Piled up this Winter...Creating a Snowy Scene around Campus

The campus was covered with snow that came down throughout the night. While the snow near the roads was cleaned after it stopped falling, the campus covered in snow created marvelous winter scenes around campus. ▲ A lot of snow piled up at the Amphitheater of Hanyang University Seoul Campus. ▲ The scene around Aejeemun and the subway station ▲ The snow on the stairs in front of the main gate is being cleaned. * See more snowy scenes at the university website : Global News Team Translated by: Lee Wonyoung

2020-02 17

[General][Global Hanyang] President Kim Woo-seung visits five universities and institutions in Ireland and Belgium

President Kim Woo-seung visited European universities and institutions from January 27th to the 30th to strengthen the ties between the institutions and Hanyang University. The visited destinations were three universities and two institutions: TU Dublin, KU Leuven, University of Antwerp, IMEC, and Materialise. On February 27th, he visited TU Dublin, Ireland, to hold a general meeting. The main discussions included support of the European Scholarship Program 'Erasmus +' to activate the existing ‘Software Convergence University 3 + 1 Multi-Degree Program,’ the activation of research exchang between the two universities, and proposals to expand student exchange outside the field of computer science. Additionally, Hanyang University introduced HY-LIVE and IC-PBL education using our Telepresence and 5G technology, which garned a signficant amount of attention. President FitzPatrick stated that he would visit Hanyang University later this year to promote further cooperation. Visitation photo of their discussion with TU Dublin, Ireland On February 29th, the president visited KU Leuven, Belgium. From Hanyang University, Professor Park Jin-gu, Lee Sun-young, Choi Young-jin, Nam Hae-un, Lee Sung-on, and Kim Tae-gon were present. In addition to the meeting of the presidency, some agreements were held, concerning with ERICA Campus engineering student exchange and business of cultivating global elites. The discussions on research exchange between professors from both universities were held. Afterward, they visited the Faculty of Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering Lab to discuss practical areas of joint research. Visitation Photos at KU Leuven, Belgium The president visited IMEC on the afternoon of February 29th. IMEC is a global research institute for semiconductors and healthcare, with over 4,000 researchers from over 90 countries. The presidency, who had a meeting with the IMEC research faculty, toured the inside of IMEC and was introduced to the research field to discuss the exchange. As part of Korea-Belgium's human resource development project, the two institutions discussed sending Ph.D. students from Hanyang University to KU Leuven and IMEC that carries out joint research to examine student exchange projects and discuss ways for continual operation. In particular, the proposal to attract the IMEC Korea branch to the ERICA Campus Innovation Park was discussed in-depth, as well as the exchange of research through the dispatch of doctoral and post-doctoral students. Visitation Photos at IMEC On the morning on February 30th, the president visited the headquarters of Materialise. After meeting with Stefaan Motte, the Vice President of Materialise, the group toured the facilities at the headquarter and proposed the involvement of the Korean branch in the ERICA Campus Innovation Park. Visitation Photos at Materialise Headquarters The group visited the University of Antwerp, Belgium. They went to laboratories such as IDlab and ELCAT after hosting an agreement and luncheon with the president of the University of Antwerp. The two organizations have concluded a sisterhood agreement and will carry out student exchanges in business and economics. Also, research exchange among professors was discussed. Visitation Photos at the University of Antwerp, Belgium ■ Information about the visiting institutions TU Dublin Ireland TU Dublin National University, founded in 1887 as the City of Dublin Technical Schools, is the first Technical University in Ireland. With a 2,000-member campus on 3 campuses, and the second-largest university in terms of the number of students. In the 2020 QS World University Rankings, it was ranked between 751 and 800. In January 2019, three Technology Institutes (Dublin Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown & Tallaght) were merged into TU Dublin. In 2014, the University, Hanyang University, Soongsil University, and Kyungpook National University signed a sisterhood agreement in the form of a consortium with the Korean Ministry of Education and the government scholarship program 'Han-EU ICI'. Five Hanyang students were dispatched each year, and five were invited to Hanyang University. In February 2019, TU Dublin signed a 3+1 double major agreement with Hanyang University's ERICA Campus Software Convergence University. In 2019, the program started with two dispatches and one invitation. In 2020, the Erasmus+ European Scholarship Program will increase the number of participants in the double major program. KU Leuven Founded in 1425, KU Leuven has a long history and consists of three groups: Biomedical Sciences Group (14 departments), Humanities and Social Sciences Group (8 departments), Science, Engineering and Technology Group (14 departments). The total number of students is over 50,000. It is also ranked 45th in 2020 THE World University Rankings. After entering into the 2013 Management / Economic Student Exchange Agreement with Hanyang University, 46 students were dispatched or invited from 2015 to last year. When the Belgian royal delegation visited Korea, an agreement was signed for further exchanges and cooperation between the two nations for further exchange and cooperation. In February 2020, an additional student exchange agreement with the ERICA College of Engineering will be concluded. University of Antwerp Founded in 1852, the University of Antwerp is a national university of more than 20,000 along with nine colleges. In 2020, it was ranked 198th in THE World University Rankings. There has been no exchange with Hanyang University so far, but through this visit and agreement, Hanyang has established a sisterhood relationship and started research and student exchange. IMEC IMEC, found in Belgium, is an international research institute established in 1984. It has offices in the Netherlands, Taiwan, China, India, and the United States, in addition to Belgium headquarters. IMEC serves as an International R & D Hub in the field of Nanoelectronics & Digital technology. It also operates a 24,400㎡ Campus with labs and clean rooms. IMEC is working on a joint research project with KU Leuven through the ‘Korea-Belgium Global Expert Training for Future Innovation Growth’ as part of the R & D project for innovative growth in 2019. Materialise Founded in 1990 in Leuven, Belgium, the company specializes in 3D printing and is one of the oldest independent companies in the field. The company employs more than 1,800 people and was listed on NASDAQ in 2014. In addition to its headquarters in Belgium, it has offices in many countries around the world, including the United States, Columbia, Brazil, Australia, and Malaysia. Global News Team Translated by Hyejeong Park

2020-01 06

[General]The first 'Employee of the Month,' Jang Hyun-il, Junior Manager of the College of Engineering

The first winner of the 'Employee of the Month' event has been selected. The event first started in November 2019 and is being held by the Human Resources Team of Hanyang University, which is anticipating a boost in employee morale along with creating a culture of praise within the workspace. The first winner of the event is Jang Hyun-il, the junior manager of the College of Engineering RC Administrative Team. A recommendation post regarding Mr. Jang is currently on the 'Employee of the Month' bulletin board with a post date of November 8th. The post starts with the title of "Compliments for Jang Hyun-il of Seoul College of Engineering," mentioning that 'with over ten buildings to manage, dedication is necessary in order to make the College of Engineering run smoothly and without any obstacles. Regarding this issue, Mr. Jang has been successfully taking care of both small and great issues within the college, serving as the budget, space and falicity manager.' The post also received comments mentioning that 'Mr. Jang is a diligent worker, more than any others.' In November 2019, the Human Resources Team announced the selection of Mr. Jang and held an awards ceremony on the 31st. The winner was given a specially designed memorial tablet. ▲ (From the left) Junior manager Jang Hyun-il and President Kim Woo-Seung Global News Team

2019-12 04

[General]2019 Hanyang University Official Promotional Video

2019 Hanyang University Official Promotional Video English version

2019-11 11

[General]Creativity Achieved Through Practice

Kim Min-sik (the Department of Earth Resources and Environmental Engineering, ‘92) was a student who spent a lot of time in the theaters. His interest in drama started with external motivation. “I had a crush with this girl who enjoyed watching plays,” Kim said. “Even though I was dumped by the girl, watching plays became a casual activity and stayed out until now.” And this is what has motivated Kim to become a successful content creator – as a producer, blogger, writer, and YouTube creator. Providing the right atmosphere – as a producer He joined the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) as a television program producer in 1996. Kim mostly directed sitcoms and romantic comedies during his twenty-three-year career, including New Nonstop (2000), which was well received to have set the standard for Korean sitcoms, and My Wife is a Superwoman (2009), which earned him producer of the year in the Paeksang Arts Awards. “A program is a product of collaboration,” claimed Kim. “People I work with have their unique talent – either as an actor, a dramatist, or a cinematographer. What a producer should do is provide the atmosphere to be fully involved in the work.” Kim Min-sik (Department of Earth Resources and Environmental Engineering, ‘92) is a drama producer who is well-known for directing My Wife is a Superwoman (2009). Another way of storytelling – as a blogger Kim also described himself as a storyteller. “The essence of my job is to deliver a message,” said the storyteller. “I did not want to limit my boundary to drama. That is why I use social media to communicate with people.” Kim runs a blog that accounts for his interests, such as learning English, reading books, and traveling. With his habit of writing notes, he posts articles regularly. Kim stated that his blogs are for those who want to enjoy their pastime without spending money. “You need not suffer to enjoy your life,” Kim said. “I hope my posts provide some alternative ways.” Kim runs his blog, Free To the World, in order to deliver his messages. When dreams come true – as a writer Kim had the dream of becoming a writer ever since he was young. His blog served as a means to achieve his goal. Kim collected his posts and published a few books – some of which became bestsellers. Above all, he recommended Have You Ever Memorized an English textbook? to students of Hanyang. This book, which was published in 2017, has become a steady-seller for young adults who are trying to learn the basics of English. “The book deals with my experiences of learning English when I was in college,” Kim explained. “People often give up and blame the environment. You cannot change your environment, but you can break your habits. That is my message.” Kim recommended his book Have You Ever Memorized an English textbook? to students of Hanyang. A new challenge – as a YouTube creator Kim went on to a new challenge this June – to the world of YouTube content creation. Kim opened a YouTube channel named Back-to-back Subscriptions in collaboration with CBS’s Sebasi Talk. Kim introduces a series of book reviews, which are interconnected with each other. “What makes a difference between a YouTube clip and a television program is the instant reaction," said Kim. “I receive more direct feedback from the viewers on YouTube. This motivates me to provide more informative content with responsibility.” Kim expects his videos to arouse a chain of extensive reading. Kim opened up his YouTube channel named Back-to-back Subscriptions where he mainly does book reviews. Some say that people are born with creativity. However, Kim Min-sik seems to prove that creativity is achieved through practice – as he presents the most entertaining content as a consequence of good work habits. Oh Kyu-jin Photos by Lee Hyeon-seon

2019-11 04

[General]Professors of Seoul and ERICA Campus Jointly Win a Tennis Tournament

Besides many other things Hanyang professors excel in, if there is one more forte, it must be their tennis skill. The Hanyang professor tennis team won the first place trophy in the first Capital-area Professor Tennis Tournament in doubles (2 vs. 2 players) on October 12th, 2019. The victory was especially meaningful because the team was an exemplary collaboration of professors from both the Seoul and ERICA Campuses. The winners were Ahnn Joo-hong (Department of Bio Engineering), Ryu Su-yeol (Department of Korean Language Education), Yoo Hyoung-suk (Division of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering), Kim Jong-hee (Department of Physical Education), Park Jae-woo (Division of Sport Science, ERICA Campus), and Ko Ji-hyun (Division of Sport Science, ERICA Campus). (From left) Ryu Su-yeol (Department of Korean Language Education), Park Jae-woo (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Ahnn Joo-hong (Department of Bio Engineering) are members of the Hanyang Faculty Tennis Club that won first place in the first Capital-area Professor Tennis Tournament on October 12th, 2019. The tournament was the first professor tennis tournament held for the capital-area universities. 22 teams competed in doubles matches. The Hanyang professor team won all five games with flying colors, from the preliminaries to the final. In the finals, they won against the Seoul National University team that was known to have many skilled professors. The team commented that their strategy worked well in the later interview. The Hanyang Faculty Tennis Club’s president, Professor Park Jae-woo (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) said, “the winning was especially meaningful because the team was formed by both the Seoul and ERICA Campus professors.” Although there had been active interchanges between the two tennis clubs, it is the first time that they joined as a single team. “We only had one practice run together before the tournament. Still, there was a sense of closeness, and our team worked in perfect harmony – perhaps because we are all a Hanyang family,” said Ryu. The two campus clubs already have plans to join the next tournaments together as well and strengthen their bond. They are also considering holding the annual Hanyang faculty tennis tournament together from next autumn. The Hanyang professor team pose for a photo on the day of the tournament. The exemplary collaboration between the Seoul and ERICA Campus professors made the victory especially meaningful. (Photos courtesy of Hanyang Faculty Tennis Club) The professors did not forget to welcomingly encourage other faculty members of Hanyang to join the tennis club. “The Hanyang Faculty Tennis Club is a small group that has become active fairly recently, but we have a very family-like atmosphere,” said Ahnn. It is also unique in that it is the only university tennis club where professors and other faculty members are combined together, whereas it is normally separated in other universities. “We also give free lessons. Anyone who is interested, feel free to join us!” Lim Ji-woo Photos by Kim Ju-eun

2019-11 04

[General]Return to the Home of Youth

The 30th Anniversary Homecoming Day for the alumni who entered Hanyang University in 1989 was held at the Olympic Gymnasium on October 26th, 2019. Under the slogan, "Class of 89, Light of history,” the alumni had time to catch up with each other as well as to recall how Hanyang influenced their lives. The 30th Anniversary Homecoming Day for the Class of 89 was held at the Olympic Gymnasium on October 26th, 2019. Before the main event, there were performances by RHooters, Hanyang’s cheerleading squad. The alumni responded with a big applause as the squad cheered along to Dear You by Shin Hae-chul, which is a symbolic song of the 1980s. After Saranghandae, the ambassadors of Hanyang introduced the campus with a video clip, and the ceremony started with a congratulatory speech by President Kim Woo-seung of Hanyang University. RHooters, Hanyang’s cheerleading squad, marked the beginning of the Homecoming Day ceremony. “Alumni are people who share the history of Hanyang,” said President Kim. “With your effort, Hanyang has become a university that provides top-notch education.” The president, who is an alumnus himself, urged them to contribute to the society as representatives of Hanyang. President Kim Woo-seung (right) encouraged the alumni to contribute to society as representatives of Hanyang. Followed by a few more congratulatory addresses by the senior members of the alumni association, Kim You-shin (Department of Education, ’97), the chairman of the 30th Anniversary Homecoming Day Preparation Committee, took to the microphone. “We have lived different lives for more than 30 years,” said Kim You-shin. “However, it should not be a barrier to our bond as Hanyang alumni.” The chairman revealed his will to carry on strong ties with them. Kim You-shin (Department of Education, ’97), the chairman of the 30th Anniversary Homecoming Day Preparation Committee, is delivering his speech in front of the alumni. The event went on with video calls with alumni who are in the United States. It then followed with a ritual engaged by all participants, as they shouted out this chant: “Hanyang, the Home of Our Youth.” With a storm of applause, the official function of the Homecoming Day came to an end as the alumni enjoyed their banquet. The alumni from the Department of Theater and Film are toasting during the banquet. Koo Hye-ryeong (Department of Theater and Film, ’93) was excited to return to the campus with her friends. “I can’t believe that 30 years have passed,” said Koo. “It’s good to see friends who I couldn’t meet for decades.” Koo, who is a character actress, learned the fundamentals of acting during her college days. Thus, she described Hanyang as her source of pride. Koo Hye-ryeong (Department of Theater and Film, ’93) said that Hanyang was the source of her pride as an actress. Lee Joo-young (Department of Korean Traditional Music, ’93) was astonished to see the changes around the campus. “The atmosphere has changed a lot,” said Lee. “Hanyang has become a more animated campus, and I feel proud of it.” Lee referred to Hanyang as a symbol of her youth, where she devoted the passion of her twenties. Lim Jong-hyun (Department of Chinese Language and Literature, ’95) thanked the Preparation Committee for planning and arranging the event. “It was an opportunity to get together with friends that I could not meet for a while,” he said. Lim added to his memories in Hanyang – where he has developed into a person who plays a pivotal role in society. “As an alumnus, I would like to assist the juniors by using my experience.” Lee Joo-young (Department of Korean Traditional Music, ’93, center) and Lim Jong-hyun (Department of Chinese Language and Literature, ’95, right) are posing with friends from their student club. Charles Dickens said that every traveler has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering. It was a time for the alumni to look back on their lives as they return to the home of their youth. Oh Kyu-jin Photos by Lee Hyeon-seon