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2020-07 30

[Event]"How Can You Have a Fruitful Time in University?" The ERICA Career Development Center Holds an Online Career Talk Concert

The ERICA Career Development Center is opening an online career talk concert called "With the Parents" for freshmen and sophomore students, and one called "Spending Vacation Time Wisely," for sophomore and junior students. The first segment of the online career talk concert, With the Parents, will be held on August 2 from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on the topic of "Should freshmen start preparing early for job employment?", and the second segment will be held on August 9, on the topic "What should students from each grade prepare?" also from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Those who have registered need to attend both segments. Meanwhile, the online talk concert, Spending Vacation Time Wisely, is also divided into two segments, and runs from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The first segment will be on July 31, on the topic of "How Do I Choose a Career that Makes Me Happy?," while the second segment is on August 7, on the topic "Where Are Our Alumni Currently Employed?." Professor Kang Won-jun, who is known for his long-term experience in job employment and careers, will be leading the event, while the participants are limited to only 15 students. Students that are participating in the online career talk concert With the Parents need to attend the event as a team with their parents. The registration can be done starting from July 15 to 26, following the announcement information posted on HY-CDP. The ERICA Career Development Center said, "We hope that students in lower grades will have the chance to start thinking earlier about their careers together with their parents, while sophomore and junior students learn about things to prepare for job employment over the vacation." More detailed information can be found on HY-CDP. ▶ Go and register for online career talk concert 'with the parents' ▶ Go and register for online career talk concert 'Spending a wise vacation time' Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-07 29

[Event]Hanyang University-Korea Institue of Nuclear Nonproliferation and Control (KINAC) Contracted MOU

On July 27, Hanyang University contracted a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Korea Institute of Nuclear Nonproliferation and Control (KINAC) to help foster rising talents in nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear security areas. In 1958 Hanyang University established a Department of Nuclear Engineering for the first time in Korea and strived to develop talented individuals in the nuclear field, while KINAC is a specialized institution for nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear security regulation. As much as KINAC is an institution that promises the peaceful use of nuclear energy through the construction of a security system, control of trade processes, physical protection, and cybersecurity, this contract with the university holds great meaning. Following the contract. both institutions will cooperate in the development of education infrastructure and research conduct on nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear security areas by sharing related experiences and information. Through the process, students will experience and learn about the security control system in light of nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear security regulation, and hopefully contribute to the peaceful use of nuclear energy in the end. Kim Suk-chul Head of KINAC commented that "through the cooperation of the two institutions, we will expand the exchange in practical dimensions so that the government's nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear security strength can increase." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-07 23

[Event]President Kim Woo-seung Joins the "Hope Campaign Handwriting Relay" to Overcome COVID-19... Crisis to Opportunity

The president of Hanyang University joined the Hope Campaign Handwriting Relay to help overcome COVID-19 on behalf of Hanyang students. President Kim released a photograph of himself holding a board on which he wrote a message of support. The Hope Campaign Handwriting Relay is a movement where people write handwritten messages and upload them online to show support for medical staff and quarantine officials suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic. President Kim was nominated to participate in this relay by Bae Choong-sik, the dean of KAIST's engineering department. ▲ President of Hanyang University, Kim Woo-seung holding a board with a handwritten message of support Along with the photo, President Kim introduced Hanyang University's efforts that have been made to keep the campus safe. In additition, President Kim gave some examples for the local community along with reassurance for the Hanyang Univerisity Hospital. He mentioned that "Korean have overcome difficult times with consideration and unity," and added "we need to understand and work together under these circumstances for a hopeful future." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-07 07

[Event]The 4th Completion Ceremony of the Hanyang Global Lions

On June 12, the 4th Completion Ceremony of the Hanyang Global Lions (Lions from below) was held in the Administration Building of Hanyang University. The Lions are a student operation group managed by the Office of International Affairs, aiming for the intercommunication of overseas exchange students that Hanyang University has invited and the students of Hanyang University. The completion ceremony was attended by the 3rd and 4th year Global Lions. The Lions have managed various activities such as a buddy program and a club for foreign students, having invited exchange students of the Spring semester to participate. During the completion ceremony, an operation report and impressions on being part of the Lions were shared. The operation report was made by the student delegate Hu Sae-yeon, followed by the awarding of completion certificates and a congratulatory address. Hanyang President Kim Woo-seung, the Dean of the Office of International Affairs Yoon Jong-seng, and related personnel participated in the completion ceremony. Take a closer look at [[Hanyang Wiki]] :한양글로벌라이언즈 Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-06 30

[Event]"For a Better World"... Center for Social Innovation Recruits Participating Teams for the First Global Social Innovation Idea Contest

The Center for Social Innovation announced on June 22nd that they are recruiting participating teams for the First Global Social Innovation Idea Contest (APTE Online & GSIIC) until July 20th. According to the Center for Social Innovation, this program will be scheduled as follows: July 29th: Orientation; August 1st: Prior-education on SDGs and entrepreneurship; August 3-7: APYE online program on opening, a specialist session, project development/pitching workshop/specialist mentoring, and project presentation/winning team award ceremony; August 8th~27th: Project Development - UNDP Youth Co: Lab Springboard platform provided; and August 28th: Global Social Innovation Idea Contest. Awarding-winning projects and support funding will follow afterwards. All programs will be conducted through online video conferences and webinar programs. The topic of this contest is a social innovation model idea for the better world in the post-COVID-19 world. Registration is possible until July 20, and any Hanyang University students who have social innovation ideas for a better world can register as a team of 3-5 members. Also, a participation fund of 250,000 won will be fully funded. The winning project will be given 15 million won as the total award and support fund. The other various benefits will also be given, such as a certificate from the host institution, a 2021 APYE Program priority selection right, global social innovation specialist mentoring, a winter APYE invitation, a project development platform (UNDP Youth Co: Lab Springboard), a chance to exchange ideas with global social innovation youth leaders, the right to participate with the UNDP Youth Co: Lab Movers, and more. The specific program plans can be accessed on the website of the Center for Social Innovation of Hanyang University. ▶ Go to the Center for Social Innovation Announcement Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-06 30

[Event]Hanyang University Holds 2020 SW Technology Startup Idea Contest

Hanyang University's Software-Centered Business Group (Director Yoon Min-soo), with the Startup Support Group, held the Software (SW) Technology Idea Contest at the Seoul Campus in Seongdong-gu, Seoul, on June 26. This contest was designed to call forth SW-based innovation startup ideas and to provide opportunities for career development to students in a SW-startup-related field. There were 44 participants from 26 teams in the competition. Starting in April, students were coached on idea generation, app development, and creating business models from the University Startup Mentors, and four teams were selected through preliminary rounds on the 12th. Winners of the 2020 Software Technology Startup Idea Contest held at Seoul Campus, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on June 26 are taking photos after the award ceremony. The final four teams were evaluated in the final round on June 26. This year's winner was the Doctor Soldier team (Head Lee Do-hyun, Junior in the Department of Computer Science), who suggested a Military Life Management Smart Doctor App. △The MEITI & MEITI Team's (Head Lee Eun-ah, senior in the Department of Computer Science) Deep-Learning-Based Chinese Education Service won second prize, and △Memolight Team's (Head Oh Si-hwan, Junior in the Department of Computer Science) Memorable Book Quotes Scanning and Data Management Service and △ Team's (Head Lee Gun-myung, Senior in the Department of Computer Science) AI-based Companion Animal Healthcare Service received third prize. The winning teams were given certificates and scholarships in the name of the head of the Software-Centered Business Team and the Startup Support Team. Yoon Min-soo, Head of the Software-Centered University Business Team said, “Through the competition, we could discover the infinite potential of students,” and that “We will lead in fostering students talented in innovative software with systemic education and programs”. Ryu Chang-wan, Head of the Startup Support Team said, “We will actively support the creative ideas of the winning teams as they become sustainable businesses.” Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-05 26

[Event]2020 Spring Semester Career Special Lecture Held Live and Online

The Hanyang University Global Career Development Center started the 2020 Spring Semester Career Special Lecture on May 18, which was conducted online via live streaming. This special lecture that was held from May 18 to May 27 was divided into four different steps of "Ready, Take Off, Real Game, and Finish," and lectures on work types such as production, sales, R&D, and business management were also prepared. Students who registered could view the lecture through the online video chat program Zoom. There are four different types of lecture contents for each step. From the first step, Ready, the lecture dealt with employment trends, 'the second, Take Off, focused on company analyzation and special lectures for different work types, and the third and fourth steps, Real Game and Finish, presented special content on cover letters and interviews. This online career special lecture covered every aspect of employment, and lasted around 3 hours. The lecture was an academic program targeting seniors and 2020 graduates as its major audience, but all students were allowed to register regardless of their year of school. The program accepted up to 500 applicants in order of registration, from HY-CDP - Career Development Program (QUICK MENU). Students who registered were given an individual Kakao Talk alarm with a shared URL, conference number, and passcode, which allowed access to the online lecture room. Also, those that participated in the program received an extra point on HELP. Outlines and specific lecture notes can be viewed on the website of the Hanyang University Career Development Center. ▲Career Development Center 2020 Spring Semester Career Special Lecture Outline (Contributed by Career Development Center Website) ▶ Take a closer look at the Career Development Center '2020 Spring Semester Online Career Special Lecture' Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-05 18

[Event][Full Text] A Congratulatory Speech from the President of Hanyang University During the 81st Anniversary Ceremony

Today Hanyang University celebrated its 81st anniversary. We are gathered here today surrounded by everyone who loves Hanyang University to celebrate and share their joy with one another. I believe that the hearts of those who shaped Hanyang University with keen interest and passion over the past 81 years are here with me right now at this time. Thank you very much. Today, during this joyous occasion, I think of the noble willpower and wishes of Paiknam Dr. Kim Lyun-joon, the founder of Hanyang University. His firm will to develop the country through education and practicality to foster ‘the practitioner of love’ is still a valid calling here, right now, as we mark the 81st anniversary of the university’s foundation. Dear my beloved Hanyang University family members, During last year’s 80th anniversary ceremony, I talked about the new 100 years of challenges. Although there are still quite a few things to improve on, over the past year, I have pushed, to the best of my ability, for mutual development of both the Humanities and the Natural Sciences departments, Seoul and ERICA campus, and the undergraduate and graduate schools, while also reorganizing the curriculum into a more user-centered one for the students’ development, introducing the IC-PBL curriculum to foster problem-solving skills and establishing an educational environment to actively utilize EduTech, which will become the foundation to the new challenges that the university will undertake for the next 100 years. Additionally, in order to create a collective research ecosystem and to establish a research system to strengthen its connection with society, the Industry-University Collaboration Center (IUCC), the Medicine-Engineering Bio Convergence MEB Center, and the Hanyang Humanities Enhancement Center was established to drive the growth of Hanyang University. Honorable Members of the Hanyang University Community, Hanyang University’s founding principle, “Love in Deed and Truth”, will now help us dream of understanding and creating harmony beyond the competition by partaking in global causes based on our interest and love for others. But of course, all of our family members of Hanyang University should be at the center of all these grand aspirations and plans. Over the past 81 years, Hanyang University will participate in a new challenge based on the brilliant practical achievements that the university has achieved. Like Churchill said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” And with that, in compliance with the safety measures imposed in our daily lives due to COVID-19, our university students would like to express their gratitude towards their professors and employees who are dedicated to conducting a fever check for all visitors by holding themselves responsible to ensure the safety of the students entering and leaving the building. I believe that this is the true practice of “Love in Deed and Truth”. Let’s give ourselves a round of applause. Dear my beloved Hanyang University family members, People say that our society will now be divided between pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19. The most straightforward example to this is that distance learning classes, which suddenly started, will now become a must-have process, not a choice. This does not mean that offline lectures will disappear completely, but that distance learning courses will be very important to supplement offline lectures. IC-PBL lectures will naturally be leaned towards Blended Learning, and it is not difficult to assume that industry-university cooperation will be done remotely and more easily without any restrictions on distance and time. Just like this, the pace of things changing has become even faster. The important thing is that while responding to such changes may not be easy, it is not impossible. Just like Zygmunt Bauman said, the alternative is not to be found. The alternative should be made and created. It does not exist by itself, but it rather comes from our own attempts and challenges. All living things and any other organizations are innovating their organizational structure to adapt to environmental changes, and the tasks for individuals are decimated and created along the way. Every organization seeking innovation will have a partial and whole paradoxical experience, and only those that overcome it will create an ecosystem of evolution that is sustainable and evolving. However, the organization as a whole will be on the verge of collapsing when it comes to sacrificing an entire organization’s innovation for the protection and benefit of the organization’s parts and individuals. In order to prevent this from happening, all members associated with Hanyang University and their efforts are required. As always, I believe in the passion and ability of our Hanyang family members. No matter what changes come our way, we will take a joyful leap forward as we challenge ourselves, just like we have done over the past 81 years. I recently read an article that mentioned a quote by Professor Jim Dator, a world-renowned futurist and an honorary professor from the University of Hawaii, who said, “The future is unpredictable.” He also said, “It is a very dangerous and unwise gamble to plan only one type of future. It is your duty to come up with a policy that can respond to whatever the future unfolds for you.” “The future is not about predicting, it’s about dreaming about it and making it come true.” Although we are currently facing an unpredictable era, I believe that the future of Hanyang University will be bright if all members work together to prepare ourselves for the dream that our university is ultimately aiming for. Based on the accumulated power that has been nurtured in Hanyang University’s history, I think that all members of Hanyang University are responsible to make sure that the university evolves into a system that supports our society through policies that respond to the changes of our era. Since policies are only implemented through the right regulations and systems, I ask all members of our university to be self-conscious and strive for more sustainable development of Hanyang University, in order to eliminate deficits that can be caused due to the wrong policies being created. To my dearest Hanyang family members! Whatever the new challenge is for today as we celebrate our 81st anniversary, I believe that the Hanyang family will be at the center of it. I know that you have contributed to building our university to where it stands today with great dedication and passion, so I would like to say that you are the most valuable and irreplaceable asset of Hanyang University today. Please continue to bless Hanyang University’s future with great interest and love, and walk with Hanyang as the school embarks itself on more journeys that are to come. Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who celebrated the 81st anniversary of Hanyang University. Much love to you all. Thank you. Global News Team Translated by: Lee Jung-joo

2020-05 18

[Event][Photo] Hanyang University Holds its 81st Anniversary Founding Ceremony … Participates in the “Thank You Challenge”

On May 15th, a ceremony marking the university’s 81st anniversary was held at Paiknam Music Hall. This event was held on a small scale, with only a small number of people attending to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Although the event was simplified due to the virus, all participants added significant meaning to the meeting by taking part in the “Thank You Challenge” to express their gratitude and support to the medical personnel who are struggling on the frontlines against the COVID-19 virus. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Jung-joo

2020-05 18

[Event][Photo] Track and Field Construction Completion Ceremony

On May 15th, University's 81st anniversary, the ceremony for the completion of the Track and Field Artificial Turf Stadium and the Underground Parking Lot was held. Due to rain, the ceremony took place on the box seats and the completion was celebrated through the cutting ceremony and commemoration planting. The construction of the track and field took one and a half years, starting from November 2018. The artificial turf stadium that meets international standards with a width of 100 m and length of 68 m was constructed at ground level, along with two basketball courts, a jogging track, and fitness equipment around the stadium. Underneath, two underground floors of a parking lot were established with a capacity to hold up to 863 vehicles. The parking lot also has electric car charging stations and parking spaces for female drivers. Around the parking lot, 49 locations will be provided to students for the use of student clubs. Considering mobility difficulties, an elevator tower that connects directly to Paiknam Music Hall and the underground road to the FTC building were also constructed. The total ground area of the track and field and the parking lot is over 30,000 ㎡. Meanwhile, the Office of Facilities Management has solved the problem of a lack of parking spaces with this construction project. The office is planning to prevent access to vehicles in certain areas and create more green spaces on campus for students to be able to enjoy a safer and more comfortable campus. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-05 18

[Event][Full Transcript] Hanyang University's 81st Anniversary Commemoration Statement by the Chairman of the Board

Dear Beloved Hanyang Family, Around the day of Hanyang University's Anniversary, the scent of acacia flowers from the founder Paiknam Kim Yeon-jun's song "Song of May" spreads around campus in the wind and enters our mind. But this year, it is lonesome to see the empty campus, where students should be experiencing the scent and happiness around the school. While the COVID-19 situation is finally relenting, it has left a scar on all of our minds. What is fortunate despite this terrible situation is that while suffering from the virus that is sweeping across the world, the medical team of Korea has become a leader in the world, entering the field despite all the dangers ahead. Korea has also become the nation with the most advanced national system, where the disease prevention system and sanitation system have operated without major failures. I would like to deeply thank every medical team staff member and person in the Hanyang University medical team family for their efforts and devotion. The reason why numerous people have responded to the "Dukbun-ae" challenge is that all of us have felt gratitude to the medical teams throughout this situation. While standing in this place, I would also like to thank all the entire Hanyang family. Professors that put all their efforts into their students' education using online lectures, students that have followed along with the online lectures while regarding the emergency and cooperating in spite of some deficiencies, the university staff that established the online lecture system in advance that allowed our university to cope with the situation relatively quickly, and everyone that has focused on the quarantine to prevent in-school infection. Dear Beloved Hanyang Family, Going through this situation, I have contemplated the limitations of humanity and where people should be heading from now on. During this contemplation, I again, learned the meaning of and the great value of our foundation's ideology, love in deed and truth. Humanity has mainly tried to increase developments and scientific technology. However, in the end, perhaps we were too full of hubris. After this COVID-19 situation, it seems to me that perhaps we were looking down on essential issues of humanity such as making a humane society. What we have learned is that in the end, we need to make a change. I hope that the changes are more optimistic and desirable. Towards a direction where each of us can look back on our responsibilities and know that we took them seriously. "Our solidarity and rationality have been put onto the test." As the Prime Minister of Germany, Angela Merkel, said, we need to head away from greed, arrogance, prejudice, and discrimination and work on restoring the touches of humanity in the community with love in deed and truth. To All the Loving Hanyang Family Members! While we celebrate out university's anniversary this year with heavy hearts, it has also become a great chance for us to ruminate on Hanyang's founding ideology, Love in Deed and Truth. I hope that our anniversary in 2020 will be a day where everyone can once again place value on our ideology and have greater faith in love for students and love for the school. Further, I hope that it will be a day where we look back on the system of the university and deliberate on how to respond to the changes in the world in the future. Lastly, I hope that all people of the world will wisely recover from this situation, and I pray for the stability and happiness of the whole Hanyang family. Thank you. May 15th 2020 Chairman of the Board, Hanyang Foundation, Kim Chong-yang Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-05 08

[Event]81st Anniversary of Hanyang University

The university anniversary ceremony, celebrating the 81st year of the opening of Hanyang University will be held on May 15 at 10:30 am at Paiknam Music Hall. The date of the annual event remains unchanged, but the size of the participants will be minimized. On May 15, which is the anniversary of Hanyang University’s opening, annual events with the Hanyang Foundation will be held beyond the university level. This is because the anniversary ceremony usually holds events where various service awards and exemplary service awards are awarded to the faculty of the foundation’s affiliated institutions, including universities, hospitals, Hanyang Women’s University, Hanyang Cyber University, and Hanyang University’s subsidiary high school. However, due to COVID-19, the event participants will be limited to major organizers and prize winners to minimize the size of the crowd. The event will also be simplified. The flower bouquet delivery ceremony and celebratory performances reflecting Teacher’s Day will be excluded. Considering that the Paiknam Music Hall has 580 seats, the anniversary ceremony is expected to be held unusually quietly with fewer than 50 participants. ▲ At the 77th anniversary ceremony held in 2016, with all seats at the Paiknam Music Center filled Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min