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2020-10 13

[Student]Kim Ho-Jun and Song Nuri-young receive the Silver Award at the 36th Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Competition

Hanyang University students Kim Ho-jun (Class of '19) and Song Nuri-young (Class of '16), from the Korean Traditional Music Department in the College of Music, both received silver awards for the gayageum part and daegeum part each at the 36th Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Competition that ended on the 17th. This year's Dong-A Korean Traditional Music Competition, which was sponsored by the Jeong Hyo Gugak Cultural Foundation and the Lotte Group, was held by the Dong-A Ilbo at the Heong Hyo Art Center. The competition began in 1985 to foster the human cultural assets of the future. Through the competition, various professors and artists have been discovered. The competition is divided into two groups: the 'Students' and the 'General' participants, which seeks the best artists according to the instruments. This year, there have been a total of 40 participants that have received the award among the 56 final round participants, including seven gold award winners from the general section and 2 gold award winners from the student section. Due to COVID-19, this year's competition was held without an audience. Specific results and commentaries on the competition can be found on the website of the competition. Also, the video clip of the final round will be released within this month, under a certain amount of payment. ▶ Check keywords from Hanyang wiki (Click) : Student Awards Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-10 06

[Student]The Department of Educational Technology is helping students with hearing disabilities.

In May, a student with a hearing disability talked about the difficulties of online lectures on the Seoul Campus board of 'Everytime', an online university student community. Due to the influence of COVID-19, the student could not find the typing helper for the lectures, leading the student to study the lecture without proper assistance. On the writing that has been posted on 'Everytime' after the event, which is under the title of 'How are the students with hearing disabilities participating in the lectures?', were students who did not just idly ignore the difficulties of those students. In the writing, 4 students from the Department of Educational Technology introduced a project called 'From Hear', which is a project to help raise awareness for students with hearing disabilities. The students have been conducting the project since before the occurrence of COVID-19 to let people know of the lack of support that students with disabilities are receiving. 'From Hear' is planning to raise awareness for affected students by creating card news and sponsoring students with disabilities by raising revenue through the created goods. Students of other departments also gathered to help students with disabilities. Another anonymous student shared an easy method to type the audio related to the writing on students with hearing disabilities, attempting to provide substantial help to those students. The writing has been going viral among students, creating opinions among the students such as 'cool', 'they truly are studying for the educational technology', 'I should also register for helping the students with disabilities' and more. Meanwhile, helpers for disabled students is a volunteering activity that students can participate through taking the class together with the disabled student that is in need, providing academic help such as taking notes, typing, as well as helping the students with moving around the campus. There are three types of helpers, which are lecture helpers, moving helpers, and living helpers. The Seoul Campus recruits helpers 4 times a year, while ERICA Campus does so 2 times a year at the Center For Students With Disabilities. ▲ Contributed by: Online University Students Community 'Everytime' Seoul Campus Board Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-09 23

[Student]Kim Ma-ro, the Department of Clothing & Textiles, wins the grand prize at the International Competition ‘2nd 3D Creative Competition’

Students Won Hyun-ah, Han Min-jae, and Chen Tan-yi of Hanyang University were named among the winners of the honor, while Kim Ma-ro (a senior in the Department of Clothing & Textiles) was selected as the grand prize winner for the student department at the International Competition ‘3D Creative Design,’ which marked its second anniversary. The awards ceremony will be held at the Samsung Station Textile Center on October 8. The 3D Creative Design Competition is a 3D contest that utilizes 3D clothing design software ‘CLO,’ and this year, it expanded its main stage beyond Korea to a global competition. Co-hosted by the Korea Textile Export-Import Association and the CLO Virtual Fashion Corporation, it was actively sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, large export vendors, and Japanese, Turkish, and Italian companies. This year, 455 people from 35 countries around the world participated in the contest, including Korea, the United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, and France. The final 10 winners of the global competition were selected on August 31 after a fierce competition rate of 45:1 in the competition that began in March and proceeded for six months. Ten winners were selected in the general and student categories, and Kim Ma-ro, a senior medical student at Hanyang University Department of Clothing & Textiles, won the grand award in the student category. Subsequently, Hanyang University students Won Hyun-ah and Han Min-jae won the "KTTA Association President Award," and "Chen Tan-yi," a Chinese student at Hanyang University, was named for the popularity vote, which selects only two people. Thus, four students of Hanyang University won the award. The winners will be provided with funding as well as opportunities to link internships for top students. Furthermore, two of the participants will also receive ‘Cintiq16’ from their sponsor ‘Wacom’ for the most ‘likes’ on the community site ‘CLOLLAB (')'. ▲The winner of the ‘2nd 3D Creative Competition’ (Source: K TEXTILE homepage) Under the theme of "Corona 19’, ‘Post Corona 19’, and ‘Sustainable Fashion’, various works including masks and protective clothing were submitted, and the judges were composed of highly experienced judges, with designers from global brands such as "Adidas," "Marc Cane," "Arcteryx," and "Target," as well as domestic fashion experts and professors. Meanwhile, according to the Korea Textile Export-Import Association, preparations for the ‘3rd 3D Creative Design Competition’ will begin in the second half of this year following this year's successful competition. ▲'The 2nd 3D Creative Competition' The final work of Kim Ma-ro (Department of Clothing & Textile), the winner of the Grand Award in the student category (Source: K TEXTILE homepage) ▲Poster for the ‘2nd 3D Creative Competition’ (Source: K TEXTILE homepage) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 23

[Student]Student Council Holds an Online Special Promotion with Danawa..."Buy IT Electronics at a Cheap Price"

Hanyang University's student council partnered with Danawa to hold a special price promotion that sells custom-built computers and IT electronics at lower prices online. The special promotion will start on September 14th at 11am and will conclude on the 20th of September at 11pm. This promotion may close early if the stock runs out. Type A and type B of custom-built computers will be given a 33% discount and can be purchased at KRW 490,000 and KRW 460,000 respectively. In addition, IT electronics such as TVs and laptops will be given a 10% to 32% discount. More details can be found on the student council's Facebook page. ▶Go to Hanyang University Student Council Facebook Page ▶Go to Danawa Online Special Promotion Webpage ▶Danawa Online Special Promotion Poster (Source: Student Council Facebook Page) Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-09 22

[Student]Hanyang University-KTC Created MOU For Continued Industry-University Cooperation

On September 10th, Hanyang University created an MOU with KTC (Korea Testing Certification) on industry-university cooperation for creating and researching new knowledge and technology, technology consulting, job employment, sharing academic knowledge, and so forth. Kim Woo-seung, the President of Hanyang University, the Dean of the College of Engineering Lee Joo, the Leader of External Affairs for the College of Engineering Song Simon, and Park Sung-sook, the Dean of the Division of Mechanical Engineering, attended the ceremony, while Je Dae-shik, the President of KTC, Yang Seung-in, the Leader of the Industry Support Team also attended. The KTC is an internationally approved test certification institute, serving as the partners of industries around wide fields such as tests and certifications, citizen safety, industry support, overseas certification, research and development, and local area development. By creating the MOU with Hanyang University, the institution agreed to cooperate with the university. ▲President Kim Woo-seung (right) and the President of KTC Je Dae-shik are taking a photograph in the Office of the President on the Seoul Campus after agreeing to an MOU on September the 10th. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-09 16

[Student]'Good Influence' Challenge for University students... Attention to Team Hanyang University 'Seongsu-dong Pedestrian Environment Improvement Project'

Hanyang University's "Walkable Street Seongsu" team participated in the "University Student's Good Influence Challenge" on September 4th during the "Social Value Connect (SOVAC) 2020," hosted by the SK Group. "Social Value Connect 2020" will be held from the 1st to the 24th. During this event, 6 universities will participate in "university student's good influence challenge," which is held on the 4th. The 6 teams will find solutions to various social problems deepened by the COVID-19 pandemic and compete for a solution that would bring a good influence on society. "Hanyang Walkable Street" Team carried out a project with the motto, "Our painting Stops Cars" to improve the pedestrian environment in Seongsu-dong. In addition to Hanyang University, a total of 6 universities, including Korea University, Sookmyung Women's University, Ewha Women's University, Yonsei University and Seoul National University, participated in the competition to present creative solutions to social problems. On the 4th, the "Good Influence" award was given to Sookmyung Women's University along with 2.2 million won as a prize money. Sookmyung's "Imageus" team developed a platform linking retired sports players. The Hanyang University team received the "Do it Now" award together with 1 million won as prize money. "SOVAC 2020" will be carried out for 4 weeks. They will hold lectures, talk shows, live competition, university challenges and other various programs to solve social issues. You can watch the programs on the SOVAC webpage, Youtube Channel, and the NAVER Happy Bean Campaign Page. ▲Social Value Connect 2020 (SOVAC 2020), Poster for "University Student's Good Influence Challenge" (Source: SOVAC 2020 Webpage) Search the keyword [[University Student's Good Influence Challenge]] at Hanyang wiki Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-09 10

[Student]Seol Cho-eun and Lee Soo-jin receive fourth prize on the Remote Learning UCC Contest

Hanyang University's Division of Economics and Finance students Seol Cho-eun and Lee Soo-jin received the fouth prize on the Remote Learning UCC Contest in August 20th. The Korean Council for University Education (hereinafter the Council) announced the contest result of the '2020 Spring semester outstanding self-directed learning ability development experiences UCC contest' on the 20th and disclosed the award-winning works on the Council's official Youtube channel University Where TV. This contest was designed to discover and share outstanding cases of students' know-how on online lecture usage or cases of learning ability development in order to spend the rest of the university years using time efficiently and prepare for future pandemic situations. In the contest, there were diverse works with different ideas such as the best cases of △online lecture usage, △learning ability development through online education, △improving one's self-directed learning ability, △experiences of obtaining expert knowledge through non-face-to-face learning periods , △receiving certificates outside academic fields, and △hobbies and self-development. After the evaluation, one first prize, one second prize, six third prizes, and 10 fourth prizes, comprised a total of 18 works that were awarded and given incentives. Students Seol Cho-eun and Lee Soo-jin each received awards for their videos titled, 'Studying Myself' and 'Wise Online Lecture Life.' A faculty of the Council said, “We are planning to give opportunities to create a right university culture by students spreading their diverse ideas and healthy thoughts inside the university society” and that “Through this, we hope students get courage and strength to go out into society.” ▶ Click to seek the keyword on Hanyang Wiki: Student Awards ▼ Watch videos (Student Seol Cho-eun) ▼ Watch videos (Student Lee Soo-jin) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 07

[Student]Team Hanyang HERoEHS, Won at the RoboCup Korea Open 2020

Hanyang University HERoEHS team won at the 'RoboCup Korea Open 2020' which has been held from the 14th to the 15th, at the university adult-sized Humanoid Soccer subject. The competition has been co-held by the RoboCup Korea Association and the Robot Newspaper, which has been sponsored by the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement, Korea Association of Robot Industry, Korea Industry of Robotics & Technology Convergence, Kookmin University, and Philoptics, including Hanyang University. The competition reached its 8th year in 2020, which was supposed to be held for three days starting from February 14th to 16th at Pyeongchang Resort in Gangwon-do. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it has been postponed two times and finally opened online. A total of 160 teams of 350 elementary, middle, high school, and university students participated on RoboCup Korea Open 2020, competing in subjects such as Humanoid Soccer, Junior Soccer, Rescue Line, Rescue Maze, Rescue Simulation, On Stage, Rescue Basic, GEN II, and Cospace F1. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 26

[Student]Student Formula Club "RACE" Places Second at the 2020 KSAE

Hanyang University student racing club RACE placed second in the technology idea sector at the 2020 Korean Society of Automotive Engineers Contest that was held for three days from August 7 to 9. RACE participated with an E-Formula vehicle in the Formula category to create technological gaps with other teams by using two independently-controlled BLDE motors and monocoques, which let them get attention with a high-quality design. In particular, the creative and outstanding monocoque forming technology commanded attention. Engineer Lee Young-sub who participated in constructing the body said, “A carbon monocoque was used in the RH27, which we predicted would allow us to obtain a stronger property compared to the weight of the previous pipe frame,” and that “In fact, as the specimen experiment result, higher rates showed by 1.3 times in buckling, 3.5 times in bending, 9.4 times in energy, and lower rates of 0.75 times in transformation. From this, we could optimize the vehicle by obtaining stronger properties and at the same time minimizing the weight.” ▲ Hanyang University student formula club ‘RACE’ is taking a picture together after getting a reward When asked about the reason they were awarded a prize, they said that “as for our team, we were the only university in Korea to create a monocoque with a resin infusion method, which allowed us to maintain the advantages of the monocoque that we've mentioned before but at the same time minimize the cost by decreasing the cost of outsourcing,” and explained that “we believe that the fact that we've created a high completion level monocoque with the least cost led us to receive the award." Furthermore, they explained some difficulties they faced and said that “there were some parts of the thickness aren't even as the nature of the forming procedure and also some difficulties in adding the finishing touches.”Then they shared their aspirations saying that “we would like to make improvements on these parts to build a more perfect vehicle next time.” RACE, which has grown under HAST is planning to produce a high-quality E-Formula(electric racing) based on the all-wheel drive (AWD) in-wheel motor next year and prepare for global contests outside Korea in 2021. Click to see in detail in [[Hanyang Wiki]] Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 13

[Student]Student Jung Yeon-woo Receives the Grand Prize at the 40th National Traditional Music Competition

On August 5th, student Jung Yeon-woo of Hanyang University (Departement of Korean Traditional Music, '17) received the grand prize at the 40th National Traditional Music Competition. The competition was hosted by the National Gugak Center and the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Foundation, sponsored by Hana Bank, and is considered a gateway for beginning Korean traditional musicians. Before the award ceremony, the competition for the grand prize was held. Jung participated in the daegeum area, finally receiving the grand prize and 10 million won. As the grand prize winner of the pipe music, string music, and vocal music areas are also given military exemption, Jung received the benefit as well. The second grand prize, which is the Prime Minister Award, was given to Hong Sae-in in the geomungo area. ▲ Jung Yeon-woo (Contributed by the National Gugak Center) In the grand prize competition, the top tiers of 11 different areas of gayageum, geomungo, daegeum, pipe, haegeum, ajaeng, jeong-ga, pansori, folk song and gayageum chorus, composition and percussion competed together. The percussion area was selected as a field for the first time this year. During the preliminary round, the finals, and the grand prize competition, a total of 154 panels participated. Among the panels were artists that hold national intangible cultural assets, professors, composers, and performing musicians. This competition was originally planned to be held between April and May this year but was postponed due to COVID-19. For this reason, strict prevention rules followed, while also keeping the grand prize competition closed to the public. A total of 390 artists registered for the competition, while 299 people participated in the preliminary round, and 6 people from each of the 11 areas participated in the finals. The total number of people that received an award was 33. During the opening remarks, Lim Jea-won, head of the National Gugak Center, said that "we thank all participants for joining the competition despite the limited amount of practice areas and adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines," and he also added that "we hope that all of the participants become the leaders of the Gugak." Jung said that "while this is my 4th time trying out for the National Traditional Music Competition, this is the first time to receive an award." He added that "the time of preparation for this competition has allowed me to progress in many ways, and I am going to continue practicing harder." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 06

[Student]Career Development Center is Operating the Career Design Workshop..."Plan employment strategies with experts"

The Career Development Center will be holding a Career Design Workshop for sophomores and juniors. The first course is collective education with experts. It will be held on August 13th and August 14th from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in 3 groups of 10. In this program, students will prepare team porfolios and individual portfolios based on their team composition, self-analysis, corporate analysis by industry, and job analysis. Afterwards, the students will need to visit the school for an hour on either August 20th or 21th to receive individual consultation and complete their career portfolio. Finally, the Career Design Workshop will end on 26th of August after an awards ceremony. Out of the 30 participants, 10 students will be awarded prizes: 500,000 won for the grand prize (1 person), 200,000 won for the excellence prize (2 people) and 100,000 won for the encouragement prize (7 people). Woo Jung-Im, an alumnus who participated in this program said, "This program allowed me to plan for the future and helped me get accepted into the company I wanted" and recommended participating in this program before becoming a senior. This program will be carried out offline in a lecture room in school. All courses are free of charge. This program will accept applications through HY-CDP "Employment Education Program" until August 5th. More details can be found on the HY-CDP Web page. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-07 22

[Student]Hanyang Student Jang Ji-ho, Launched a Medical Supply Delivery Service Application "Piltong"

Jang Ji-ho, a Hanyang University student who is currently enrolled in the Department of Medicine, recently established a startup called Dr. Guide and launched a medical supply delivery service application for pharmacies this June, called Piltong. The application provides an Online to Offline (O2O) platform service to local pharmacies that provides not only a delivery service but also a data analysis function for prescriptions. Jang decided to establish a startup after having gained experience while working part-time at a pharmacy. Not long ago, he caught the world's attention by creating a web service called CORONA Map during the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic, which provided real-time information on hospitals around the Daegu area that had remote medical services and were offering medicine delivery. Jang is creating a success story with startups related to his major and commented that the most important part in the start up market is "the assembly of organization members who have immediate execution skills and the creation of an innovation focused on the consumer." He also emphasized the need for "innovations that can convert existing services, tools, or make existing products more user-friendly." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young