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2020-07 08

[General]Help with Online International Exchanges… Recruiting Short-term Online Korean Language Training Support for Japanese Students for 2020

Hanyang University is recruiting short-term online Korean language support team members to assist Japanese university students. Registration ends on the 10th. Every year the international team carries out a program for Japanese university students to help them experience Korean education and culture. However, due to COVID-19, the 2020 program will be carried out online. Any student who wishes to promote and exchange Korean culture and language through planning and operating online exchange activities for Japanese university students can apply to join the support team. The program will start on the 20th of July and will run until the 1st of September, and it will last 4 weeks from the 17th of August. This program will be supported by the international program team and the online team that provides and operates activities like Korean tutoring and cultural experiences. To be precise, it is divided into two teams: education and media. The education team will develop Korean language tutoring contents and online activity content while the media team will produce and manage video and social media content, in addition to updating announcements. The activity support team will be paid according to participation levels and will be presented with certificates of completion. All students of Hanyang University (Seoul or ERICA campus), including students on leave, may apply. Students who would like to go to Japan for an exchange, can edit photos and videos, can speak Japanese, and are active social media users (e.g., Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) are preferred, but these are not requirements. The online application period will end on the 10th of July at 12 PM, and interview times will be announced to successful applicants by e-mail on the 13th of July. Interviews will be held on the 15th of July for Seoul campus students and on the 16th of July for ERICA campus students. The final announcements to the successful candidates will be sent individually through e-mail on the 17th of July. To apply, please download the application form and apply via e-mail to You may download the application form from Hanyang University's international team announcement. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-01 13

[Performance]Hanyang University Designated as ‘Seoul City Campus Town’, Themed for Start-Up Campus

On December 29th, Hanyang University is newly designated as the ‘Seoul City Campus Town’ project, a start-up support facility in relation to universities. There are 17 newly designated campus towns, including 7 comprehensive types and 10 unit types, and Hanyang University belongs to the unit type university. Hanyang University was elected as it promoted the ‘HY-Seongdong Start-Up Campus’ at the exhibition held by the Seoul City Government. In this exhibition, 31 candidates applied and in-site survey, document review, and presentation followed. Hong Cheol-gi, the head of judges, said, “We considered the capability of forming start-up spaces that are specific and realizable so that they can help the start-ups immediately from 2020, detailed start-up cultivation plans to heighten the success rates and effects that can bring about including regional revitalization.” Campus town is divided into the comprehensive type and the unit type. The comprehensive type is to revitalize housing, cultural, commercial, and regional cooperation, based on the youth start-ups. The unit type is to promote youth activities based on university-specific characteristics and capacities. Previously selected comprehensive types were guaranteed 4 years and 3 years for unit types for the project duration. However, from these new projects, the project will be continued depending on the annual results of each campus town. Hanyang University is funded a maximum of 500 million won since it is selected as the unit type university. It will establish a detailed project plan from January and it will continue for a year. (Source: Yonhap News) Global News Team Translated by: Lee Seong-chae

2019-12 11

[Culture][Notice] Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library Holds a 30 Years Anniversary of the Collapse of the Berlin Wall

Hanyang University's Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library is currently hosting a special exhibition celebrating the 30 years anniversary of the unification of Germany and the collapse of the Berlin Wall. This exhibition, which was funded by Heiko Mass, the union foreign minister, and hosted by the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library, was titled “The Power of Emotions Germany 19 | 19" and subtitled as ‘100 years of German modern history read through 20 emotions.' The exhibition will be held from December 9th to January 10th of 2020 on the 1st floor lobby of the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library of the Seoul Campus. Global News Team Translation by Kim Hyun-soo

2019-12 03

[Academics][Notice] The Medical Research Collaboration Center hosts a special lecture on 'Meta Learner and Auto A.I.'

Hanyang University's Medical Research Collaboration Center will host a third lecture series on the Artificial Intelligence Research Network. The theme is 'Meta Learner and Auto A.I.' The event will be held at 5:30 pm on December 9th at the Lim Woo-sung International Conference Hall, on the 4th floor of the Lecture Hall of the Seoul Campus. The special lecture will be presented by Cho Dong-yeon, a member of T-Brain, SK Telecom's A.I. Center. The lecture will be linked to the Paiknam meeting room at Hanyang University's Guri Hospital. Global News Team Translated by Hyejeong Park

2019-11 22

[Event]Hanyang AI Solution Center, Industrial Circles CEO Invitation Forum on 22nd

The Hanyang AI Solution Center (Director Kang Sang-gi) invited the CEOs of industrial circles to host a forum themed: ‘Strengthening business competitiveness and AI’ at Seongdong-gu, Seoul Campus on the 22nd at 3 p.m. This forum will begin with the introduction of the AI center by Kang Sang-gi, the director of the center, and will further be discussing ‘AI technology and trend,’ ‘4th industrial revolution generation AI platform,’ ‘AI based image processing and its application in industries,’ and ‘industrial intelligence development and cases of application.’ The Hanyang AI Solution Center is the first AI solution center in Korea that was established last October to support the continuous growth of small and medium sized businesses and indendent, medium-sized operators. The Global News Team -

2019-11 14

[Event][Notice] "Shall I Study at Universities Abroad?" ... International Affairs Team Holds an Exhibition

International Affairs Team announced that the '2019 Study Abroad Exhibition and Briefing Session' will be held on November 14th, on the 6th floor of Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library. The exhibition opens from 11 AM to 4 PM and the briefing session will start after 1 PM on that day. After the briefing, a Q&A session continues. Since experiences abroad or studying abroad in other universities take important roles in the job market, many students want to get a chance yet information and understanding of such events are hard to be approached for students. Regarding this, International Affairs Team planned an event in the form of an exhibition to increase approachability. Hanyang University's outgoing program is run in various forms and conditions depending on the regular courses and short-term courses. In this event, the International Affairs Team will help students widening their choices through systemic introduction during the exhibition. During the exhibition, prize giveaways including a ticket to take the TOEFL test are prepared. 25 various booths helping students are provided. Individual consulting is available through program introductory booths ran directly by International Affairs Team. Also, students can also learn about specific programs and local situations at each university's booths. As students who have been abroad through the dispatching program answer the questions, the answers will be highly valuable. For those who attend the booth exhibition, additional points will be given for the 2020 Second Semester exchange student program.

2019-10 30

[Event][Notice] 6th Hanyang University Programming Competition 

The 6th Hanyang University Programming Competition will be held at 1 p.m. on November 10th in the IT/BT Hall (305), room 508, at Hanyang University's Seoul Campus. This competition has been held annually since 2014 for all students at Hanyang University (Seoul Campus). In this competition, students can participate as a team (three members) to solve programming problems. The students on a leave are welcome to join, but a team must consist of at least one undergraduate student. To participate in this competition, apply from the official website located here: ( In the ‘Beginner Division’ category, the award includes 600,000 won for the first place winner (one team), 400,000 won for the second place winner (one team), 200,000 won for the third prize (one team), and a special prize (five teams, announced on the day of the competition). In the ‘Advanced Division’ category, the award includes 1 million won for the first place winner (one team), 600,000 won for the second place winner (one team), and 400,000 won for the third place winner (five teams, announced on the day of the competition). For more information about the competition, contact Hanyang University's Algorithm club 'ALOHA' ( ▲ A poster of the '6th Hanyang University Programming Competition' Hanyang Global News Team *with translation by Hyejeong Park

2019-10 22

[Admission ][Notification] Hanyang University Recruits '2019 Hanyang Global IC-PBL Frontier'

Hanyang University recruits '2019 Hanyang Global IC-PBL Frontier'. A presentation introducing the program will be held in Room 210 of HIT on November 5 at 5 PM. 'Hanyang Global IC-PBL Frontier' is a global research program that students form teams and choose research objectives, plan by themselves, and visit governmental organizations, local governments, research institutes, universities, and companies abroad to solve their questions. The themes and fields for this program are ▲designated topics (4 teams): 'Ways to realize Hanyang University Social Innovation' and ▲free topics (6 teams): 'Society, Education, Art, Economy, Politics, Sports, Environment, Welfare, Science, Informatization'. It is encouraged to set a creative and innovative topic that fits participants' major field. Those who are willing to participate in this program should be sophomore or junior (except students on a leave of absence and graduate-to-be), and a total of 10 teams (3-4 people for each team, 6 teams for Seoul Campus, 4 teams for ERICA Campus) will be selected. The document application starts from November 4th to 12th, and the successful applicants will have an interview on November 22nd. When the finalists are announced on November 28th, they will start their projects abroad in January 2020, after finishing some processes including an orientation session in December. After they come back, there will be a debriefing session and awarding ceremony in next April, and an IC-PBL presentation on May 2020. To students who became the finalists, 1,500,000 to 2,500,000 KRW will be given. The supporting funds differ according to the locations. For more information, please refer to the announcements of the Hanyang website or contact the Office of Student Affairs (02-2220-0084). ▲ 2019 Hanyang Global IC-PBL Frontier Recruiting Translation by: Seongchae Lee (

2019-10 22

[Admission ][Notice] Graduate School of Business, Recruiting Freshmen for 2020 Spring Semester

Hanyang University Graduate School of Buisness recruits freshman for 2020 Spring Semester. Majors in recruitment are △Hanyang MBA(organization personnel, accounting/finance, global business, production service, business strategy&venture, management information, marketing, business administration), △Professional MBA(medical management, project management, financial investment, digital business, arts & cultural management, global startup(admission for foreigners)), △International MBA(global YES, KABS(Korea&Asia Business Studies), GBM(Global Business Management). Meanwhile, the Graduate School of Business holds a admissions briefing for freshman on October 29th(Tues) 7 p.m. at the 7th floor SKT hall of Hanyang University Business Administration Building. Recruitment period is from October 30th(Wed) until November 16th(Sat), and application is due at uwayapply. ( For more detailed information, confirm at Hanyang University Graduate School of Buisness homepage ( ▲2020 Spring Semester recruitment poster of Graduate School of Buisness

2019-10 18

[Event]Hanyang University recruits volunteers for ‘The 2019 Love Gimjang Sharing Event’

Along with Hanyang University's Center for Social Innovation, Hanyang Harmony will hold ‘The 2019 Love Gimjang Sharing Event’ in front of the Administration Building (Lion Statue Square) on the Seoul Campus at 9 am on Saturday, November 9th. The event includes, not only making kimchi, but also packing and delivery work. Kimchi will be delivered to 500 households in need in the Seongdong area. Applications for this activity will be on a first come, first serve basis by October 25th, and you can fill out and submit an application form online ( For more information, please contact the Center for Social Innovation (02-2220-2406, for students and faculty members. In the case of Hanyang graduates or general participants, please contact (02-2220-2004, ※ The image below is translated as follows. [Detailed schedule] 09:00~09:30 (Orientation-Attendance Check) 09:30~10:00 (Opening ceremony) 10:30~13:00 (Kimchi and packaging, rearranging) 13:00~13:30 (Lunch) 13:30~15:00 (Cleaning and checking attendance) 15:00~17:00 (delivery) Application method (Selective) Submit the attached application form [Division] 1. Pay only donations 2. Payment of donations + Making Kimchi 3. payment of money + Making Kimchi + delivery 4. payment of money + Making Kimchi + delivery vehicle support 5. Delivery Commando (vehicle support or delivery) Vehicle support means you bring your own vehicle. [Content] 1. Select one of the divisions. 2. Download and fill out the application form. 3. Submit by email. - Basic amount of donation is 10,000 won or more. (The donation will be used to purchase kimchi ingredients) Others 1. We ask for your support because kimchi ingredients are purchased with raised donations. 2. Our administration team will prepare the rubber gloves and aprons for the activity. (We would like you to bring extra clothes and shoes in case of any stain.) 3. We issue a volunteer activity certificate (6 hours minimum) 4. Kimchi can be distributed to students who . (20 first-come-first-served students! Foreign students and studnets who live alone, 1 packet per person) (Application: Submit a simple reason in the application form, receiving it at 15 o'clock on the delivery schedule. We provide a container to carry it) The Global News Team

2019-10 16

[Admission ]Freshman Recruitment for the Department of Entrepreneurship

On October 15th, Hanyang University announced the freshman student recruitment for the Department of Entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship master's degree course was established under the goal of cultivating talent with global start-up capacity and conducting start-up-related research. The curriculum includes four systematic and professional stages, including ▲entrepreneurship cultivation ▲capturing business opportunities and establishing business plans ▲start-up management, and ▲growth and return. It is also suitable for those who wish to have practical study or entrepreneurship research since professors have a professional background in business management, experience as KOSDAQ CEOs, directors of small businesses, and Ph.D holders in venture studies. For students with high grades, research funds are being provided. Students will also have the chance to explore start-up support programs in cooperation with the Hanyang University Startup Support Foundation. The Hanyang University Startup Support Foundation provides education, training, and global programs for start-up cultivation Through Uway Apply (, students can submit the application form until the 17th of October. For more information, please visit the website of the Hanyang University Graduate School ( ▲ A Recruitment Poster for the Department of Entrepreneurship Hanyang Global News Team

2019-10 16

[Academics][Notice] Institute for Euro African Studies: Opening an International Academic Event

The Hanyang University Institute for Euro African Studies is planning on holding an international academic event with the theme being, ‘Africa public diplomacy vitalization of Asian countries based on the Africa market environment analysis’ at the Hanyang University Museum, 2nd floor, in the Kang Seong-hee Seminar Room on Friday, October 25th at 10 a.m. This international academic event is a special event commemorating the 80th anniversary. Scholars from African and Asian countries will be invited including Algeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, China, Japan and Vietnam to discuss local information of Africa, the status quo of African public diplomacy, and the achievements of Korean public diplomacy and expansion strategy. If you wish to participate, please fill out the online submission form located here ( and submit. For more details on the event, please contact the Hanyang University Museum (02-2220-1394~6) or the Hanyang University Institute for Euro African Studies (02-2220-0805). Hanyang Global News Team