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11/19/2018 HYU News > General


Future Mobility Idea Ad-venture Hackathon 2018

Part one: a synopsis of the two-day competition and the selection of finalists


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From November 10th-11th, the 2018 Future Mobility Idea AD-venture Hackathon took place at the Hanyang University Commax Startup Town over the span of two days. Regarding the issue of future mobility, which is related to the people’s future transportation needs, the competition focused on selecting viable ideas in the technology and service field. Hosted by the Center for Global Entrepreneurship, LINC Foundation, and Hyundai NGV, the hackathon consisted of 11 participating teams from Hanyang University, which produced a final seven teams who will give their final presentation pitch on November 24th, 2018.

“Hackathon” is a combination of two words: “hack,” which is a slang word for ‘high-productivity programming,’ and “marathon,” which means ‘a very long race.’ In other words, it is an event that goes on for several days, in which a large number of people participate to produce ideas. In the hackathon held at Hanyang University, the main topic was creating and producing viable ideas for future mobility such as exhaust gas pollution abatement technology and elderly driver support technology with shared economy. 

The participants of the 2018 Future Mobility Idea Ad-venture Hackathon were able to develop academically by sharing their various ideas with fellow students.

On the first day of the two-day competition, there were team building and ideation projects with mentoring on crafting a verifiable business model. The second day consisted of idea presentations from 11 teams, of which, seven teams were selected. These teams received intensive mentoring for a two week period from November 12th to the 23rd from mentoring experts from Hyundai NGV to further develop their business models. According to Sim Kyu-byoung, the CEO of Growth Hacker Hackathon Evangelist and the head the hackathon, "only one team will be selected as a final winner on the final pitch day on November 24th, and that team will be given the opportunity to tour Silicon Valley with trip expenses covered starting in January of 2019."

Sim Kyu-byoung, the CEO of Growth Hacker Hackathon Evangelist, is giving a lecture to students on the topics of lean value up and hackathon.

“There were various participants from not only the engineering departments but also from the humanities departments. It was nice to see participants from various fields who were all interested in startups in the field of future mobility,” stated Sim. There were several interesting teams. With one team in particular representing the sole global team consisting of two Korean and two Chinese students from Hanyang University, all of whom first participated as individuals in the beginning. It was during the ice breaking period that Lee Bo-young (Department of Educational Technology, 3rd year) met other students with similar ideation approaches and decided to form a group. Lee’s team members include Kim Tae-hoon (Division of Business Administration, 2nd year), Wei Wei (Division of Mechanical Engineering, 4th year), and Wang Young Wol (Division of Business Administration, 2nd year). This newly founded team decided to make an idea proposal regarding an environmental-friendly silver-car with a biometric sensor to target the elders in Korean society. “Our group was able to come up with various ideas during the hackathon by giving each other feedback,” stated Lee.

The 2018 Future Mobility Idea Ad-venture Hackathon came to an end on November 11th, 2018. Out of the 11 participating teams, seven teams were selected to give a final presentation pitch on November 24th, 2018.

According to Lim Jun-chae, the Deputy Director of Hyundai NGV's Future Talent Team, "one of the biggest factors that the judges will take into consideration during the ideation presentation evaluation is whether the ideas offer viable services worthy of an investment. In addition, a thorough examination and understanding of the future mobility market is crucial." Furthermore, Chang Sang-gil, the Deputy General Manager of the Startup Support Foundation in Hanyang University, stated that this hackathon is a chance to excavate students with creative ideas. “This year’s Hanyang University Future Mobility Hackathon is the first of its kind. The Startup Support Foundation hopes to increase the size of the event next year and bring other universities together,” said Chang.

Part two will cover the finalists’ final pitch presentations and the final winning team.

Seok Ga-ram
Photos by O Chae-won

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