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2020-07 16

[General]Hanyang University's Ocean Acoustics Laboratory Selected as a "2020 Healthy Laboratory"

Hanyang University's Ocean Acoustics Laboratory has been selected as a "2020 Healthy Laboratory" by the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT). The nomination of Healthy Laboratories is the first policy this year focused on helping science and technology laboratories affiliated with domestic universities promote research environments that support the growth of young scientists. Seeking out and rewarding laboratories with excellent laboratory management, research culture, and research achievements, will promote healthy research culture as well as give researchers a morale boost. In order to select Healthy Laboratories, MSIT received voluntary pre-recommendations from lab researchers, and the final six laboratories were selected out of 46 laboratories (from 20 schools) that were pre-recommended. The selected laboratories were Hanyang University's Ocean Acoustics Laboratory, Myoungji University's Microelectronics Manufacturing Technology Laboratory, Seoul National University's Occupational & Environmental Health Laboratory, Jeonbuk National University's Environmental Remediation Engineering Laboratory, and POSTECH's Materials Processing & Integrated Biosystems Laboratory, KAIST's Laboratory of Liver Research. Hanyang University's Ocean Acoustics Laboratory is made up of 13 researchers and promotes constant environmental improvements such as laboratory remodeling, 20 vacation days each year, and providing meals during late night work in order to provide welfare that students can actually feel. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-07 13

[Medical Center]Hanyang University Hospital Ranks 6th in the 2nd Patient Experience Assessment among Domestic Advanced General Hospitals

Hanyang University Hospital (President Yoon Ho-joo) was evaluated using the 2nd Patient Experience Assessment and ranked 6th among domestic top 42 advanced general hospitals, which was conducted by the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service. It ranked 2nd placed within the Seoul region. This Patient Experience Assessment was conducted in 2019, for hospitals having more than 300 sickbeds being assessed. A total of 23,924 patients over age19 from 154 hospitals gave their assessments of the hospitals. The 6 categories of nursing service, doctor service, prescription and treatment process, hospital environment, the security of patient rights, and overall evaluation were assessed through 24 questions over the phone. Hanyang University Hospital received an average score of 87.05, which is higher than the total average of 82.7. The hospital especially received high scores on nursing service (90.72), doctor service (87.09), and prescription and treatment process (88.32), and other categories such as hospital environment (85.67), the security of patient rights (84.32), and overall evaluation (86.17) receiving scores higher than the average. Also, Hanyang University Hospital ranked in the top 5 among the domestic advanced general hospitals in 4 of the 6 categories, such as doctor service ranking 3rd and nursing service reaching 4th. Park Seong-ryul, the head of the center who had been preparing for the assessment at the Medical Cooperation Center, mentioned that "we applied the patients' comments from the 1st Patient Experience Assessment, and conducted our internal assessments regularly, which led to good scores on this 2nd assessment. Also, the patient-centered services such as "the alert message for the doctors’ round visits" and the “always memo”had an especial impact on the great increase in the hospitalized patient satisfaction." Hanyang University Hospital’s President Yoon Ho-joo mentioned that "after endlessly struggling to improve our medical services after the 1st evaluation, we were able to receive good results on this assessment," and added that "we will always try our best to become the Hanyang University Hospital that considers things from our patients’ perspective." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-07 13 Important News

[Special]A Semester of the Emergency Measure Committee

When the Student Union of Hanyang University is vacant or resolved to be dismissed, the student presidents from each college gather to form the emergency measure committee. The president of the emergency measure committee has the same authority and responsibility as the president of the Student Union. Successively since 2018, the emergency measure committee has been organized to stand in for the absent union. This semester, they have worked especially hard for the students’ convenience in the chaotic situation of COVID-19. Kim Seok-chan (Division of Business Administration, 3rd year) served as the president of the emergency measure committee from November 2019 to July 2020. Kim said he ran for the president because previously, he had only participated as a supporting member of the Student Union, but he wanted to experience leading his own committee. Kim Seok-chan (Division of Business Administration, 3rd year) served as the president of the emergency measure committee until last semester. This semester, the emergency measure committee’s main task was to minimize the inconveniences of students caused by the COVID-19, by talking to the school and delivering students’ demands. “The emergency measure committee listened carefully to the students' voices and delivered them to the school to produce results that both the school and the students would be satisfied with,” said Kim. The emergency measure committee has prepared various forms of support to help students who are struggling due to the COVID-19. They secured an additional 100 million won for scholarship programs. “With the additional budget, it was possible to hold scholarship programs including face-to-face test subsidies,” said Kim. They also tried to promote other scholarships run by the school, including ones provided for the students whose family economic situation dramatically worsened due to the COVID-19. “We tried to promote scholarships in various ways including SNS, so that as many students as possible could benefit from them,” said Kim. In addition to practical aid, the committee also planned entertaining events such as an online festival for the spring semester and an e-sports competition. Unfortunately, they were not able to push ahead due to the rapidly increasing complaints in regards to the students' safety and off-line final exam. “Seeing how many students enthusiastically participated in the online this semester.” The members of the committee delivered the demands of the students and prepared various support systems for them. (Photo courtesy of Kim) Kim chose the joint action with other Hanyangians, which was held on June 23, as the most memorable activity during his term as president. The joint action was held to deliver the request of students for non-face-to-face final exams and tuition reimbursement through the staging of a demonstration. On that day, Kim was surprised at the large number of students who gathered to express their opinions. “I was moved by how the students gathered together and participated in the demonstration,” said Kim. It was also impressive that the students who participated voluntarily practiced strict social distancing and cleaned up after the demonstration was over. “I’d like to thank all the students who participated in the event and Ryu Duk-kyung (Department of Korean Language and Literature, 4th year) who organized the event,” said Kim. Kim chose the joint action held on June 23 as the most memorable activity during his term as president. During his term, Kim felt both pride and the weight of being a student representative. “When I was talking with the school headquarters staff, I thought a lot whether my current thoughts were different from those of other Hanyangians,” said Kim. “As a student representative, I tried to represent the opinions of most students and act carefully.” Kim thanked the members of the emergency measure committee for their efforts to create a satisfying school environment for students. “The voices of students from last semester were delivered to the school's headquarters, and they also recognized the problems of the current situation,” said Kim. “I hope students continue to pay attention to the situation in school, and do not become easily skeptical or unenthusiastic because their opinions are not reflected right away.” Hwang Hee-won

2020-07 13

[Performance][Information Disclosure] 2019 Patent application and registration performance, Hanyang University ranks TOP 5

The Ministry of Education and the Korean Council for University Education disclosed the Patent Application and Registration Performance in a university notification last month. Hanyang University had the fifth largest number of patents with 406 domestic and 122 international cases. The patent application and registration performance in the university notification included the patents registered or applied for in 2019 as the standard. In particular, the patent performance results are one of the yardsticks for estimating the technology transfer import fee and estimating the university’s research capacity. the technology transfer import fee and the university’s research capacity. KAIST, with 884 cases (687 national + 197 international cases), had the largest number of patent applications and highest registration performance results out of 149 national universities. Following KAIST were more than 400 patent registrations by Seoul National University with 780 cases (571 + 209 cases), Yonsei University with 713 cases (565 + 148 cases), Korea University with 596 cases (497 + 99 cases), Hanyang University with 528 cases (406 + 122 cases), Sungkyunkwan University with 472 cases (365 + 107 cases), and Kyunghee University with 464 cases (345 + 119 cases). Meanwhile, according to the Status of Our University’s Patent Applications in the US revealed by the Korean Electronics Association(KEA) last May, after combining the data through May 27, 2019, Hanyang University ranked seventh with 682 cases. Next, Hanyang University ranked fifth with 1483 cases among universities with multiple national patent applications over the past three years. The Status of Patent Application in the US of University in Korea and The Current Status of Applications for 20 National Universities by Year (2016~2018) Over the Last Three Years by KEA only had “applications” as the standard which did not account for the rejected or withdrawn cases after simply being applied for. ▼ 2019 National 149 patent application/registration status Rank University Registered Patents National Applications National Registrations International Applications International Registrations 1 KAIST 884 1011 687 430 197 2 Seoul National University 780 958 571 483 209 3 Yonsei University 713 982 565 221 148 4 Korea University 596 977 497 276 99 5 Hanyang University 528 692 406 261 122 6 Sungkyunkwan University 472 627 365 155 107 7 Kyunghee University 464 469 345 163 119 8 UNIST 420 489 380 94 40 9 Kyungpook National University 311 435 253 118 58 10 POSTECH 310 338 245 193 65 Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-07 13 Important News

[Special]Gamers of Hanyang University

One of the most popular pastimes for college students in South Korea is gaming. Many Hanyangians also play games to release stress and socialize through online platforms. With the long summer vacation ahead, some special clubs at Hanyang University present diverse ways to enjoy computer games while promoting fellowship between various gamers at school. When the Lions Play Maple Story The club When the Lions Play Maple Story started from a Kakaotalk open chatroom back in April 2017. In order to help more Hanyang students enjoy Maple Story, a free online game with more than 3.9 million users, in a more systematic fashion, the open chatroom developed into an official club in February 2019. Due to the difficulty of holding an annual election for a president, the club centers around a management board which directs multiple game-related activities throughout the year. The club’s 2020 management board explained that the club’s main purpose is to “have Hanyangians share information and enjoy various in-game and offline events in order to lead a happier Maple-life. The activities held in the club are truly diverse. The management board said that before the spread of the coronavirus, the club held events such as a Maple mock-exam, Maple picnics during the fall, and Maple Story booths during school festivals. The Maple mock-exam in particular garnered a lot of attention not only from those within the school but also from gamers outside of the school. The test consisted of the expert players in the club handing out Korean SAT-like tests to assess members' knowledge about Maple Story. The Maple mock-exam gained nearly 30,000 views through SNS, earning positive feedback both from the club participants and the public who were all allowed to take the test. The SAT-themed Maple mock-exam consisted of questions to test students' knowledge about the game Maple Story. (Photo courtesy of When the Lions Play Maple Story) Moreover, the club has sold Maple Story-themed cookies and postcards during school festivals. They also entered an official festival held by the game company Nexon called NECOJE and held Maple Story tournaments with other Maple Story clubs from various universities. The members of the club visited the festival held at Nexon, the creators of Maple Story. (Photo courtesy of When the Lions Play Maple Story) The 2020 management board said any player who has one character above level 200 and has a clean playing record is welcome to join the club. The board invites all Hanyangians, stating that in their club “all players from all kinds of background come together through the game platform and become friends.” The 2020 management board said any player who has a character above level 200 and has a clean playing record is welcome to join the club. The board invites all Hanyangians, stating that in their club “all players from all kinds of backgrounds come together through the game platform and become friends. HYES HYES is another huge gaming club in Hanyang University which scouts 80 new members every semester. The club is a part of the ABC club, which is being funded by the gaming company Blizzard. The president of the club, Kim Ji-hyeon (Department of Media Communication, 4th year) explained that the club does not specify the games the participants can play and that the members are free to play any games they like within the club. HYES holds various events as well, such as a PC room overnight stay, a HYES special event called Full Playthrough where the club rents a party room and starts a new game which they play until the morning in order to clear all the stages, and an HYES tournament. “For the last tournament, 60 participants competed for a grand prize of 200,000 won,” said Kim. In addition, they hold offline sessions in Hanyang university classrooms in order to bond over playing games and meet regularly. HYES often hold PC room all nighters with all members after borrowing the entire facility. (Photo courtesy of HYES) This semester, due to the spread of coronavirus, the events are being put on hold. However, Kim said as soon as the coronavirus is contained, the members would go to PC rooms together and watch live game tournaments again. “As long as one knows how to enjoy playing games, neither their age, major, or grades matter in this club,” she said. “Everyone is invited to join at any time.” OOPArts At Hanyang, not only are there clubs that play games, but there is also a club dedicated to creating games. The OOPArts club stands for Out-of-Place Artifacts, and its participants aim to create games that are ahead of their time. The club’s activities mainly consist of presentations by the members, during which they introduce the games they play, discuss the issues in the game industry, research game engines, and learn about AI and user interface design. During the first semester, the club studies the game engine Unity, along with free gaming tools such as the Unreal Engine. With the skills they learn during the first semester, the participants then move on to creating a game of their own during the second semester, completed at the OOPArts Development Conference (ODC) at the end of the semester where each member presents their finished project. (From left) Baek Jong-won and Seo Byung-gi presenting their game during ODC. (Photo courtesy of OOPArts) The enthusiasm of the members pays off through different opportunities. One of the biggest achievements was the game Frostroy, created by Baek Jong-won (Department of Computer Science, 4th year) and Seo Byung-gi (Department of Computer Science, ‘20), which won an award at the Busan Indie Connect (BIC) festival and was introduced to the public at the G-Star Convention. A former vice-president of the club, Jung Sang-yoon (Department of Computer Science, 3rd year), explained that the club deals with “difficult gaming systems no one knows what to make of at first.” There were times when the team would suffer from mysterious gaming bugs for several days and had to restructure the entire game due to the slightest mistakes. “However, when the project is finally finished and presented at the ODC, it feels like we have created a ‘universe’ of our own,” he added. “And everyone is invited to share the same feelings.” Lee Yoon-seo

2020-07 12 Important News

[Special]How the Lion Became the Symbol of Hanyang

A lion is the officially designated school mascot of Hanyang University. The lion indicates the tradition and pride of the university and is used to represent Hanyang on school banners, student supplies, souvenirs, and other representative images of the university. Then when and how did the lion first establish itself as the symbol of Hanyang, and how has it changed over time? The lion is the symbol of Hanyang University and is frequently used as a representative image of the school. The statue of a roaring lion In February 1966, the lion statue in front of the Administration Building was unveiled. It was donated by the alumni of the Class of 1966 to memorialize their commencement. Although there are some mismatches between the sources, the stone statue is known to have been carved by Jeon Roe-jin, a master sculptor who won the National Art Exhibition several times. Made of granite, the statue depicts the spirit of a roaring lion. Hanyang Newspaper describes the lion statue as follows: "A lion generally implies bravery and is used as a symbol of heroes. The dignity of the Hanyang Lion corresponds with that representation." Hanyang Newspaper, March 5th, 1966 Since then, the lion has become the symbol of the university. These editorial cartoons show how it has been used throughout the history of Hanyang. The heyday of Hanyang Baseball in the 1970s (Photo courtesy of Hanyang University Archives) Celebrating the establishment of ERICA campus. (Photo courtesy of Hanyang University Archives) Hanyangians on their volunteer activities for rural communities. (Photo courtesy of Hanyang University Archives) Trivia on the teeth of the lion statue For a long time, there has been a myth surrounding the teeth of the lion statue. As many students of Hanyang have prepared for the bar exam and civil service exams, they often counted the lion’s teeth for good luck before their tests. As a result, a number of times the lion's teeth, as well as the tail, have been removed from the lion by the examinees. The school administration responded strongly to this issue in the early 2000s, and the lion's granite teeth were replaced with plastic ones. There was a myth about the lion statue's teeth, as they were thought to bring luck to examinees on the bar exam and civil service exams. (Photo courtesy of Hanyang University Archives) The lion becomes the brand of Hanyang Today, the lion is more than just a representation of the school; it is the brand of Hanyang. The university launched HYlion 1.0 as its official mascot in 2011. Its name came from the combination of the words "Hanyang" and "lion." The mascot was updated last year, reinforcing its function as a character brand. “The focus is on planning, developing, and finding various applications of HYLion to strengthen a shared sense of school spirit,” said Lee Soo-kyeong from the Design Administration Center. “It also aims to make Hanyang more appealing to future students.” (Left) HYlion 1.0 and (right) HYlion 2.0 (Photo courtesy of Hanyang University) Oh Kyu-jin Photos by Oh Kyu-jin

2020-07 09

[Academics]Professor Choi Chang-hwan's Team Develops a New Material for Steel-genetics that Is Diversifiable into 3D Flash Memory Devices

Professor Choi Chang-hwan, Division of Materials Science & Engineering, and Dr. Koo Bon-cheol, a research team student, have developed a new material that can solve the high-density and low-power problems of 3D flash memory devices. This research has been highly praised for opening up the possibility of reducing flash device thickness, which is a task that must be overcome in order to continuously upgrade current 3D flash memory devices. Current 3D flash memory devices use thin-film materials consisting of oxide, nitride, and oxide (ONO) to store memory. This film has a thickness of 20 nm. 3D flash memory devices need continuous enhancement to improve their performance. However, it is difficult to reduce the thickness of existing ONO thin-film, and it is not easy to improve the speed and power of the flash element. In addition, alternative thin-film materials need to be developed due to difficulties in multi-level cells (MLCs) that can store various information in one cell. Professor Choi's team cooled an aluminum-coated substance in Hafnium oxide (HfO2), forming a new thin-film with residual polarization and an avionics field, maximizing the properties of the steel electrode. Flash memory devices with this feature are highly desirable as they can easily be repaired using improved polarizing properties. Moreover, the thin-film thickness can be implemented even if it is under 10 nm. Also, the properties of the steel-genetic have been improved as they induce a stable orthorhombic phase through high-stress deformation. Not only that, but Hafnium oxide is also a material that has been proven to be reliable in the field of logic semiconductors. Manufacturers being able to manufacture new Nand flash memory using this material without further investment is a significant benefit. This study was conducted by a team led by Professor Song Yun-heup, Department of Electronic Engineering, with the support of Samsung Electronics' Future Technology Development Center. It was introduced at a symposium on very-large-scale integration (VLSI) by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a world-renowned association on semiconductors, which ran for six days starting on the 14th. In particular, this study was chosen as one of the "highlighted" theses by the technical committee and was introduced to the media, allowing it to gain the spotlight. The Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, is the most prestigious conference in the field of semiconductors, along with the International Electron Device Meeting (IEDM). Annually, the conference presents the latest research on semiconductors and selects the papers that have contributed the most to semiconductor companies and academia. This year's conference was carried out online due to COVID-19 and received the most theses in 10 years. Out of the 248 papers that were received, 86 papers were selected as the most influential thesis of which only 29 papers were sponsored by universities"?). Professor Choi said, "Technology to implement strong-genetics is emerging as a trend in academia," and he added "this is the first good example that has raised the generation of Hafnium oxide material, which will be used for NAND-flash high-density integration, to nearly universal level." In addition, he mentioned that "Out of the 8 ferrogenic thin-film thesis papers that were chosen, 5 were from companies and 3 were from universities". He said, "The research team from Hanyang University was the only Korean university to have a thesis selected," and added "it is rare to present a research conducted by university without any cooperation or sponsor of enterprises. This study is expected to contribute to the development of the thin-film that can be implemented in 3D flash memory devices." AlHfO2 showing the properties of ferroelectric by quick cooling, completed by Professor Choi Chang-hwan's research team. <Origin: Hanyang University> More on [(HanyangWiki)]강유전체소재개발 Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-07 08

[General]Help with Online International Exchanges… Recruiting Short-term Online Korean Language Training Support for Japanese Students for 2020

Hanyang University is recruiting short-term online Korean language support team members to assist Japanese university students. Registration ends on the 10th. Every year the international team carries out a program for Japanese university students to help them experience Korean education and culture. However, due to COVID-19, the 2020 program will be carried out online. Any student who wishes to promote and exchange Korean culture and language through planning and operating online exchange activities for Japanese university students can apply to join the support team. The program will start on the 20th of July and will run until the 1st of September, and it will last 4 weeks from the 17th of August. This program will be supported by the international program team and the online team that provides and operates activities like Korean tutoring and cultural experiences. To be precise, it is divided into two teams: education and media. The education team will develop Korean language tutoring contents and online activity content while the media team will produce and manage video and social media content, in addition to updating announcements. The activity support team will be paid according to participation levels and will be presented with certificates of completion. All students of Hanyang University (Seoul or ERICA campus), including students on leave, may apply. Students who would like to go to Japan for an exchange, can edit photos and videos, can speak Japanese, and are active social media users (e.g., Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) are preferred, but these are not requirements. The online application period will end on the 10th of July at 12 PM, and interview times will be announced to successful applicants by e-mail on the 13th of July. Interviews will be held on the 15th of July for Seoul campus students and on the 16th of July for ERICA campus students. The final announcements to the successful candidates will be sent individually through e-mail on the 17th of July. To apply, please download the application form and apply via e-mail to You may download the application form from Hanyang University's international team announcement. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-07 08

[Policy]10 Universities Including Hanyang University Developing the CDS Big Data University Coalition

Ten of Korea's universities, including Hanyang University, have created the Citizen Data Scientist (CDS) Big Data University Coalition to foster talented individuals in the field of big data. The CDS is for people that have a specific field and also possess big data processing skills. △Dankook University △Daejeon University △Dong-A △Yonsei University (Wonju) △Chonnam National University △Jeonju University △Jeju National University △Chosun University △Hanyang University and △Hoseo University have come together to form the coalition. Big data and data analysis are fields that are often considered to be abstract and difficult, with universities turning out fewer experts than are demanded by industries. The CDS Big Data University Coalition was established to solve this problem, to foster big data experts that businesses need through big data education that anyone can approach, analyze, and utilize. The CDS Big Data University Coalition will provide a big data education program to university students that will last two months starting in July, with plans to hold a competition in October. The coalition decided to extend their target subjects to employees of businesses along with elementary, middle school, and high school students. It will also carry out a big data-based platform project that fits the industrial environment of local societies, through the help of representative universities around the 4 districts of Korea. In the end, it aims to execute employment and business startup support projects for university students using newly created business models. Professor Jeon Byong-hun The first president of the CDS Big Data University Coalition, Jeon Byong-hun Hanyang University LINC+ Project Leader (Professor of the Department of Earth Resources and Environmental Engineering), mentioned that "Big data education and cultivating talented individuals cannot be carried out by a single university," and added that "the CDS Big Data University Coalition will take the leading role in the development of Korea." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-07 08

[Policy]Hanyang University Signs MOU on Construction Automation Technology R&D

Hanyang University (President Kim Woo-seung) has joined hands with the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (President Han Seung-heon) and the Korea Construction Equipment Technology institute (President Kim Min-hee) to develop research on smart construction. They signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the afternoon of the 3rd in order to conduct organic research with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy on the development of construction automation technology. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the agreement ceremony was carried out in an "untact" (non-contact) manner. On the afternoon of the 3rd, (from the left) Kim Min-hee the President of the Korea Construction Equipment Technology Institute, Kim Woo-seung the President of Hanyang University, Han Seung-heun the President of the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology are taking a photo after signing an MOU on research cooperation on construction automation development. This agreement ceremony was held in an "untacted" (non-contact) manner to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Under the agreement, Hanyang University, the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology and the Korea Construction Equipment Technology Institute will cooperate to successfully carry out both Smart Construction Technology Development and Core Technology Development projects like “Intelligent Construction Equipment Control Technology,” “Construction Equipment Automation Technology,” and “Development of Automated Excavators – truck operating system for the Automation of Construction” promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport and the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy. In addition, they have also decided to cooperate on research on the development of unmanned, intelligent, and eco-friendly systems in the future. President Kim Woo-seung said that Korea would need to cooperate with multiple academic institutions to strengthen the competitiveness of the construction industry. He also added that the competitiveness is expected to be further enhanced with the cooperation of Hanyang University’s Construction Environment Engineering Department, S-Tec E&C- a venture company for smart construction, the Korea Institute of Construction Technology – the start of Korean construction technology, and the Korea Construction Equipment Technology Institute – the source of smart construction machinery. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-07 08

[Medical Center]Hanyang University Hospital, Reaching First Class 8 Consecutive Times with Full Marks in Appropriate Assessment of Acute Strokes

Hanyang University Hospital (President Yoon Ho-joo) was recently awarded full marks in Appropriate Assessment of Acute Strokes, as conducted by the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service, helping it to reach first class while maintaining its reputation as a hospital that is great at treating acute strokes. Stroke are the 4th highest death cause in Korea, which is a term including both the cerebral infarction that is caused when the cerebrovascular is blocked and the cerebral haemorrhage that is caused due to the rupture of the cerebrovascular. Strokes are one of the most representative cerebrovascular diseases, with the number of patients and medical treatment fees increasing annually. The Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service has made an assessment of Korea’s 248 hospitals at the scale of a general hospital or larger, and that have diagnosed patients who were hospitalized via a trip to the emergency room within fewer than 7 days due to an acute stroke.The time period analyzed for the assessment was July to December of 2018. This Appropriate Assessment of Acute Strokes was conducted using 9 assessment criteria and 19 monitoring criteria. The criteria included items such as ▲having important specialists for multidisciplinary treatment, ▲the injection rate of a fibrinolytic drug intravenously and early rehabilitation evaluation rate that is needed for the early treatment and least likely occurrence of disorders, and ▲the number of dysphagia diagnostics that are needed to prevent other complications such as aspiration pneumonia. Doctor Yoon Ho-joo, the President of Hanyang University Hospital, mentioned that “the hospital is providing its best and most effective treatments to acute stroke patients, with fast management and diagnoses made by the medical team,” and added that “the operation of the specialized treatment sector for strokes also contributes greatly to providing such treatments, which allows for multidisciplinary diagnoses and treatments. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-07 08

[Faculty]Lee Hyun-kyu, Professor of Hanyang University, Receives an Academic Award from the Korean Society of Food Science and Technology

Professor Lee Hyun-kyu Lee Hyun-kyu, a professor of Hanyang University's Department of Food & Nutrition, received an academic award from the Korean Society of Food Science and Technology General Assembly which was held for four days from July 1 at the Kim Dae-jung Convention Center, Seou-gu, Gwangju. Professor Lee is conducting convergence research on food processing and functionality that increases the internal resorption rate of functional substances through capsule processing. Regarding this, he has published a total of 211 research papers (159 papers at the SCI level and 52 papers in national expert journals), applied for 39 patents, and written 4 books. Professor Lee was recognized for these achievements and received the Best Academic Award at the General Assembly. The Korean Society of Food Science and Technology was established in 1969 for the development of food science-related academics and industry and is an academic group that sits at the top of the list in terms of academic activities and the number of members among 300 academies registered with the National Research Foundation of Korea. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min