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2020-03 09

[General][Photo] 'From 1979 to 2019' Summarizing ERICA Campus’ History

A record of ERICA Campus’ 40-year history has been officially published in a single book, with the title ’40 Years of History.’ The ERICA Campus was established in 1979 and recently welcomed its 40-year anniversary in 2019. This 700 page book was published to commemorate the ERICA Campus’ 40-year anniversary with records of some of the most iconic moments of its history during this time period as well as other important yearly records and photos. <ERICA’s 40 Years of History> Read it as an E-Book: View The Table of Contents from Hanyang Wiki:년사 *only in Korean

2020-03 09

[HOT Issue][COVID-19] ‘Love in Deed and Truth’ into Practice Through Voluntary Fundraising

(source: Everytime) On March 1st, a post was uploaded on an anonymous university community app, also known as ‘Everytime’ with the title: ‘We are collecting donations from Hanyang University students for COVID-19 aid.’ This post was written by a student named Cho Sung-jae, who decided to raise funds to help those who are in need to fight the COVID-19 virus by emulating Hanyang University’s Motto, ‘Love in Deed and Truth.’ The organizers behind this fundraiser are students Cho Sung-jae (Department of Policy, Class of ’19), Kim Do-young (Department of Policy, Class of ’16), Shin Hyo-jung (Department of Policy, Class of ’17), and Park Eun-bin (Department of Policy ’19). The first round of fundraisers was supposed to be held from March 1st to March 8th, with the goal to raise two million won. However, due to the students’ keen interests and active donations, they were able to reach its goal of raising two million won after just two hours of uploading the post. A vote on how the donations would be done and to where the donations would be given were done through KakaoTalk’s Open Chatroom system, and the two million won that was collected was donated to the ‘Community Chest of Korea, Daegu Branch’ under the name ‘The Students of Hanyang University.’ (source: Everytime) For the second round of donations, the organizers expected to raise around eight million won by the 8th, but just like the first round of donations, around 10-million won was successfully raised in just a day of uploading the post about the second round of donations. By March 2nd, 8 P.M., a total of 1,0841,583 won was raised with 566 students who participated in the fundraiser. Because the donations are continuously being raised in a faster manner than anticipated, there isn’t a specific amount of money that has been set as the target goal for the third round of fundraisers, but the organizers plan to donate everything that has been given by the 9th. All fundraisers are given under the name, ‘The Students of Hanyang University’ and all matters concerning donations, such as where the donations would be given away, are done after careful negotiations through a KakaoTalk Open Chatroom where everyone is identified according to their real names. Students can send their donation money to this bank account: 3333-15-2756575, KakaoBank (Cho Sung-jae). Bank statements and a list of depositors can be checked on the Everytime app. Global News Team

2020-03 09

[Faculty]Hanyang University ERICA professor Kim Se-kwon was awarded the Marine Drugs Best Paper Prize

Professor Kim Se-kwon Kim Se-kwon, a professor in the Department of Marine Science and Convergence Engineering at Hanyang University ERICA campus, recently won the 2019 Best Paper Award in Maritime Drugs (IF=4.6) , a globally renowned journal on marine medicine, according to Hanyang University on March 3rd. Professor Kim published the paper with the theme of ‘Marine fish proteins and peptides for cosmeceuticals (Review).’ Global News Team

2020-03 09

[HOT Issue][Photo] Preparing for COVID-19… The Campus is now 'in quarantine'

In order to prevent the spread and infection of the COVID-19, Hanyang University campus buildings’ main entrance, hallway, and open spaces are in quarantine.

2020-03 09

[Special]Voices of Freshmen on the Delayed Curriculum

Due to the continuous spread of coronavirus in South Korea, most universities, including Hanyang University, have delayed the first day of classes for two weeks and substituted the following two weeks with online lectures. This unexpected change has generated substantial inconvenience for students, especially freshmen. Left to spend the confusing first weeks of university individually, what are their thoughts on the school’s management and the rapid changes in the 2020 curriculum? It is already the second week of March but the campus is still empty as a result of the delayed curriculum caused by coronavirus. How do you feel about the systematic management of the school? Jung Bo-sung (Department of Architectural Engineering, 1st year) felt the communication between the students and the school should be improved. He explained that as a freshman, without any orientation or entrance ceremony, there was a lot of trouble registering for classes on his own. On the other hand, Hwang Sung-bin (Department of Korean Language and Literature, 1st year) said she has been able to follow the school curriculum well, thanks to the department meeting and the orientation meeting organized by her seniors and colleagues. As guidance on university life is crucial during this time, many freshmen seemed to be on the lookout for their seniors' assistance, as well as information on applications such as Everytime or Campuspick. How do you feel about replacing offline classes with online classes? Jung Soo-bin (Department of Information Sociology, 1st year) expressed positive reaction towards the policy. She said the school has made a fair choice in its quick decision to delay the offline courses. Also, Jung said the timely execution of lectures should be prioritized over all else. On the contrary, Park Si-Un (Department of Chemistry, 1st year) voiced out his concern against the system. He opinionated that certain classes cannot be taken online. The lectures where experiments make up most of the curriculum need to take place offline, and as a student of a major where experiments constitute a large part of education himself, he is in doubt whether the school can offer an appropriate solution. All the freshmen, despite their differing opinions, agreed on their wishes to attend school as quickly as possible after the coronavirus outbreak has been contained. The spring campus of Hanyang University, still empty, awaits the arrival of new students. Lee Yoon-seo

2020-03 08

[Special]Special Graduation Ceremony that Overcame the Coronavirus

This year, Hanyang University canceled all graduation ceremonies to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This disappointed many graduates, as graduation is one of the most meaningful events of university life. Therefore, some Hanyangians had decided to personally congratulate their successful end of school. Cha Hye-jin (Department of Cultural Anthropology, 4th year), Lee Min-yeong (Department of Cultural Anthropology, 4th year), Shin Hae-un (Department of Cultural Anthropology, 4th year) prepared an unforgettable graduation ceremony for their friend Kim Hyo-been (Department of Cultural Anthropology, ’20). The four have been friends for four years, and they did not want Kim to graduate without any special celebration. “It felt like throwing away our memories of four years,” they said. The ceremony was held on February 19th at Hotel-Soosunhwa in Euljiro. The graduation ceremony started with a greeting, followed by the reading of the graduation letter. They also recited the speech by the dean of the department of Cultural Anthropology, Ahn Shin-won, to add a touch of formality. After that, they held the graduation cap and flowers ceremony, a photo shoot, and the after-party. Kim Hyo-been (Department of Cultural Anthropology, '20) and her friends held their own graduation ceremony on February 19. (Photo courtesy of Kim) The order of this graduation ceremony was similar to the typical graduation, but “everything else such as the place and the mood was very different." They also tried to add creative things to make the event more unique. For instance, Kim’s friends made a graduation cap in person and wrote her a heartfelt congratulatory poem. “Making the graduation cap together was also an unforgettable memory,” they said. Kim and her friends during the graduation ceremony (Photo courtesy of Kim) Although there was no official ceremony, some graduations were more meaningful and special than the yearly event. “I was so disappointed when I heard that the graduation ceremony would be cancelled,” said Kim. “But having a self-graduation ceremony with my closest friends was an unforgettable memory." Hwang Hee-won

2020-03 06

[Policy][COVID-19] "Consult Your Career Through a Phone Call ... Global Career Development Center Starts Non-Face-to-Face Services

The Global Career Development Center of Hanyang University announced on the 3rd that they are starting to offer non-face-to-face services in regards to the COVID-19 situation. The Global Career Development Center noted that 'the recession that is being caused by the 2020 COVID-9 is leading to the decrease of employment' and 'many major companies are canceling or reducing the scale of open recruitment, changing them to either regular employment or nonscheduled employment. This suggests a possibility that the open employment of those with no prior work experience may decrease continuously.' Also, the Center added that 'because regular employment and nonscheduled employment are done with the focus on an individual's job competency, which is the most important to recognize one's characteristics, target one job field, and create experiences related to that particular job field.' For this matter, the Global Career Development Center is providing one-on-one telephone consulting with career supporters. While it used to be conducted in a face-to-face form, all consulting is now provided through the phone due to COVID-19. Everything can be done on the phone including personal career concerns, cover letter consulting, interview consulting, and psychological diagnosis and explanation. To sign up for consulting, students need to log-in to HY-CDP, click 'Consulting Reservation' banner, select the consulting teacher and reserve the time on the Career Support tab. Additionally, online cover letter finishing guides and free use of EDUCE is provided. When connected to HY-CDP, students can view the special lecture on writing cover letters and previously accepted cover letters of the seniors. Also, students can get their cover letters to be corrected on-line. EDUCE provides not only the online explanations of test problems and mock-tests for conglomerates and public enterprises but also the company analysis information and guidebook for interviews. Global Career Development Center emphasized that 'students should visit HY-CDP continuously, since there may be additional services that will be provided.' Detailed information and programs can be found on the HY-CDP website. Global News Team Translated by: Lee Wonyoung

2020-03 02

[HOT Issue][Photo] 'Empty Campus' on March 2nd

With the first day of school delayed to two weeks later due to COVID-19, the campus that should have been crowded with students is nothing more than an empty scene (March 2nd).

2020-03 02

[Academics]Professor Jang Jae-young Developed Thermoelectric Material with Possible Use for Energy Source for Wearable Electronics

Hanyang University Professor Jang Jae-young (36·Photo) of the Department of Energy Engineering and his team recently developed a stretchable organic thermoelectric material that has a self-healable characteristic. Thermoelectric material is a material that converts heat energy into electric energy using temperature difference, that has been so far using materials based on metal or ceramics. When the research outcome created by Professor Jang's team is commercialized, which was introduced on the cover of Advanced Functional Materials, one of the world's most renowned papers on materials academics, it will allow the wearable electronics to recharge the battery by only using the body temperature, expecting a great increase in its hours of usage. Professor Jang Jae-young Professor Jeong Yong-jin There have been active researches being done on high polymer-based thermoelectric materials, which has better flexibility than metal-based materials with difficulties on modifications. However, due to the drawback that an organic material with a soft property of matter can easily lose the characteristic of thermoelectricity when under a physical collision, researchers were having a hard time commercializing the results. Accordingly, to utilize the source throughout a wider area than the energy source of wearable devices, the need for the development of new organic thermoelement was raised, which has flexibility, elasticity and also can self-heal the cracks created through outside impacts. To solve this problem, Professor Jang's research team used functional organic material and provided material design and manufacturing process strategy at the same time, leading to the development of a material showing the best thermoelectricity. The team went through successful doping of conjugated polymer in a form of nano-wire and showed its thermoelectrical characteristic, while also embedding this to thermoplastic elastomer matrix and developing a thermoelectricity material with both a complex form of elasticity and self-healable characteristics. The developed material features great thermal conversion property on low-temperature and small temperature differences, keeping its stable self-healable ability throughout outside impacts such as scratches or cracks. The significance of the research lies in the fact that it has confirmed the possibility of utilization of organic high polymer-based thermoelectricity material as an energy source of wearable devices. Professor Jang mentioned that "this thermoelectricity material will be a great help to the development and commercialization of future electric materials such as electric skin and wearable smart devices," he also added, "the specific technology is also expected to be used throughout the next-generation energy harvesting related field." The research was conducted under the Ministry of Education(Basic Research Support Program-SGER) with support from the National Research Foundation of Korea, co-working with Professor Jeong Yong-jin of Korea National University of Transporation, School of Chemical and Materials Engineering. ▲ Result of self-healable and stretchable organic thermoelectric materials developed by Professor Jang Jae-young's team ▲ Cover of the world renowned paper on materials academics, Advanced Functional Materials <References> ■ Thesis Title: Self-Healable and Stretchable Organic Thermoelectric Materials: Electrically Percolated Polymer Nanowires Embedded in Thermoplastic Elastomer Matrix ■ Writer Information: Professor Jeong Yong-jin (1st writer, School of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Korea National University of Transportation), Jung Jae-min Doctor Candidate (Hanyang University), Suh Eui-hyun Doctor Candidate (Hanyang University), Doctor Yun Dong-jin (Samsung Advanced Institue of Technology), Oh Jong-gyu Doctor Candidate (Hanyang University), Professor Jang Jae-young (Communications Writer, Hanyang University) Global News Team

2020-03 02

[Policy][COVID-19] University's Countermeasure Website Open

After the government elevated the current status of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) alert level to 'Severe', Hanyang University has strengthened online announcements regarding the issue. The university has created a website specifically for COVID-19 and is updating the Wiki contents to reinforce member access to pertinent and related information. ▲ The first page of the website for COVID-19 (coronavirus 2019) Countermeasures The 'COVID-19 (Novel Conoravirus) Countermeasure' website was urgently established. The website can be reached by clicking an image on the upper area of the first page of the Hanyang University website, or by typing or copying and pasting this specific web address: (Vanity URL People can be informed of the situation on selected infirmaries, the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Call Center, and an online bulletin board for the university's countermeasure plans. There are also instructions on hygiene guides for prevention of the disease, behavior instructions after contacting an infected patient, and more. The Student Support Team is also opening Daily Situation Reports through the website. The announcement page related to the website also appears first when accessing the university portal(, instead of the log-in page. Korean, English, and Chinese links are provided, relocating to the 'COVID-19 Countermeasure' website. ▲ When accessing the university portal, the announcement page on COVID-19 appears first. Leads to related guides according to languages. Moreover, Hanyang Wiki is organizing and posting information related to the University's countermeasures. The keyword is '코로나 19 (코로나19)'. The major policies are posted chronologically as soon as they are confirmed and announcements made from each department are also accessible. While the website provides related information separately, Hanyang Wiki gives the information in the form of a series. There is also information other than the university's official announcements, such as the countermeasures taken by the Student Union. Meanwhile, News H student reporters are being operated with a different system to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as stopping official off-line meetings from two weeks ago, wearing a mask when collecting the news, and conducting interviews in a written form if possible. University's actions and situations related to COVID-19 are still ongoing and the online announcements created to minimize the students' confusion will be provided for the time being. ▲ Information posted on Hanyang Wiki '코로나19' keyword. Overal information is separated by the table of contents. Global News Team Translated by: Wonyoung Lee

2020-03 02

[Special]Starting a New Life as a Teacher

To become a school teacher in Korea, one needs a teacher's license and must pass the teacher qualification examination. The competition is notoriously fierce, recording around a 1-to-10 competition rate each year. Nevertheless, many Hanyangians compete their way through the hard time and achieve their dream of becoming a teacher. “A teacher who loves and communicates with students” - Yang Yun-jung Yang Yun-jung (Department of English Language Education, '20) passed this year’s teacher qualification exam and has started her life as an English teacher at a high school in Gyeonggi-do. “Becoming a teacher has been my dream since I was young,” said Yang, excited to finally realize her goal. Yang Yun-jung (Department of English Language Education, '20) is pictured with her students during her teaching practice. (Photo courtesy of Yang) As a new teacher, Yang is eager to try her own creative English teaching methods. “In reading, I plan to group students with similar reading abilities and do activities like essay-writing, discussion, and a reading contest," she explained. Also, considering the fact that Korean students are typically weak English speakers, she wants to help students overcome their fear of speaking through practical and interesting speaking practices, not only focusing on grammar. Yang thinks it is important as a teacher to communicate with her students. SNS will be her tool. She plans to hold many SNS events for students and parents. Yang also wishes she could share her hobbies with students, such as reading books and exercising. “I especially look forward to sports days and festivals when I can really get along with students.” Pictured are the teacher's guide books that Yang will need to study. To Yang, being a teacher is a career that needs to agonize constantly for the development of students. “It is challenging for one teacher to lead and communicate with the entire class of students, but it is necessary that teachers love and spare every one of their students. I’m determined to work hard for my students’ academic, as well as their emotional growth,” said Yang. She hoped that many future teachers prepare a loving and caring heart for students. “A memorable teacher” – Han Ye-jin Han Ye-jin (Department of Mathematics Education, ‘20) also passed the math teacher qualification exam this year. Despite being a new teacher, she was assigned to be a home room teacher, promising a meaningful year ahead. To make her own unique class, Han explained that she is planning to utilize the stamp activities. Students will receive small gifts according to the number of stamps they obtained as a reward for their behavior in class. Han expects the activity to encourage students to participate in the math class actively. One other thing that she looks forward to is to post her teacher’s life on SSAEMstagram (a combined word of ssaem meaning ‘teacher’ in Korean and Instagram). Han hopes to communicate with her students actively and make memories by recording her everyday life in school. “I want to post pictures with my students and make a collage of birthday letters on each student’s birthday,” said Han. “I hope that when students recall their school days as adults, they think of me as one of the good teachers.” Han Ye-jin (Department of Mathematics Education, ‘20) and her students during the teaching practice (Photo courtesy of Han) Throughout the harsh preparation and competition, Hanyang’s two alumni held onto their dream of becoming somebody’s teacher one day. This year, their hard work has borne fruit. By passing the notorious examination—they have proudly accomplished their life-long dream—and await their first classes as a new teacher. Hwang Hee-won

2020-03 02

[Special]Coronavirus Outbreak and Hanyang University

The world is at war with the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). As of March 1st, the novel coronavirus has infected 3736 people and killed 20 in South Korea. Following the government’s raising of the alert level to the highest, Hanyang University launched the Infectious Diseases Management Committee and started responding to the outbreak of COVID-19. What is COVID-19? Coronavirus is a group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. There have been six types of coronaviruses that have infected humans. The most typical types are Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (SARS virus) and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS virus). Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)—previously referred to as the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)—is suggested to be a type of coronavirus which shows a resemblance of 89.2% to the SARS virus collected from an ant-eating pangolin. COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2. The disease was first reported from a cluster of cases of pneumonia detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China. Within an incubation period of 1 to 14 days, those infected may either be asymptomatic or develop symptoms like fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Some may have sore muscles or diarrhea. The disease may eventually progress to pneumonia, multi-organ failure, or even death. COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV2 which might lead to pneumonia, multi-organ failure, or even death. (Photo courtesy of Gettyimagebanks) Facts about COVID-19 Despite the danger, there is not much known about the new virus, and many people have been exposed to fake news. Professor Kang Bo-seung (College of Medicine), recently praised for his professional prevention of the Coronavirus infection in the emergency room, spared his time to fact-check the myths on COVID-19. Compared to other epidemics, COVID-19 is reported to be highly infectious and transmissible. According to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), each patient infects 2.2 people, which is nearly twice the rate of the normal flu. Kang attributes minor initial symptoms to the rapid spread of the virus. Although COVID-19 has a lower mortality rate than SARS, it is still responsible for twice the number of deaths compared to the normal flu. In addition, there is a sharp increase in the death rate with one’s age. There is still no cure for COVID-19. However, there are ways to treat the infected. “Preservation treatment is sufficient for 80% of the patients who show mild symptoms.” The critically ill are treated with intensive care, some involving negative room pressure. Other antiviral treatments such as anti-AIDS drugs are used throughout the process. A few days ago, a fully-recovered patient was rediagnosed with COVID-19. There have been speculations that there might be a mutation in the virus. However, Kang said that it is too early to say as such. "Diagnosis is done with the PCR test, which is a genetic amplification test of the virus," said Kang. The professor added that there is not enough data accumulated to determine whether it is a problem with the test or an antibody amorphous condition which leads to reinfection. Professor Kang Bo-seung (College of Medicine) fact-checked various myths posed on COVID-19. The School’s Response Hanyang University made an announcement to postpone the start of the spring semester. The semester starts on March 16th, which is two weeks later than originally planned. The last day of the semester remains the same which is June 20th. However, June 22nd and 23rd have been designated as possible supplementary classes. The first two weeks of class will be conducted online. Hanyang’s Infectious Diseases Management Committee is cooperating with the KCDC, Seongdong-gu, and the Ministry of Education to prepare against the disease. The school has provided guidelines and student protection facilities to avoid community infections. “More information on COVID-19 will be provided through the official web page,” said Song. “With love in deed and truth, we ask for your understanding and cooperation in many controls and measures done to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.” Hanyang University provided guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. What You Should Do to Avoid the Infection Experts have advised the members of Hanyang to wash their hands often and thoroughly with soap and running water for 30 seconds or longer. If you show any respiratory symptoms, stay home for five days. “If fever stays at 38 degrees or higher, feel free to call the KCDC Call Center at 1339 and visit the Selective Care Center or National Safety Hospital," said Song. Experts have also suggested wearing a mask when visiting a hospital or health care center. Song advised contacting the college administration team or the Hanyang Health Care Center (02-2220-1466) if you are self-quarantined or confirmed to be infected. Kang recommended that meetings with meals and indoor religious events be suspended for the time being or restrained as much as possible. If inevitable, attendees should wear masks and arrange enough space for ventilation. “Wearing masks is critical as the virus reproduces faster in the initial stage—which is when people do not acknowledge that they are infected,” said Kang. In general, Kang advised people to keep 'social distance' to prevent the spread of the virus. People say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The members of Hanyang should be able to keep their own health by adhering to the prevention guidelines from the university and the government. Oh Kyu-jin