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2020-04 28 Important News

[Special]Hanyang Resumes Offline Lectures

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all courses were switched to online for the first four weeks of this semester. However, the university resumed some offline lectures starting on April 13 – most classes were limited to experiment practice and theory practice courses. The administration is paying extra attention to prevent the community-acquired infection. The students, on the other hand, have shown varying reactions surrounding the resumption of offline lectures. The university has recently resumed offline lectures, most of which are experiment practice and theory practice courses. In order to hold offline lectures, professors need to file up the request to the Academic Service Team the week before their first offline class. The classes could be held after the approval of the students, the affiliated college, and the Infectious Disease Control Committee. According to the Academic Service Team, about 200 classes requested offline lectures at Seoul Campus. A total of 70 classes requested offline classes at ERICA Campus, 27 of which are personal lessons hosted by the Department of Applied Music professors. Still, the officials added that even after receiving permission, many classes continue to be conducted online. In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, there are a number of requirements before being allowed to attend an offline lecture. Before entering the classroom, students must be checked to ensure their temperature is below 37.5 degrees and fill out a self-health checkup form in front of the main gate. They are also required to wear masks in the classroom and wash their hands using hand sanitizer. Ventilation is also an important issue, as professors are encouraged to leave the windows and doors open. The participants – including the instructor – should maintain at least two meters of physical distance. Students should turn in a self-health checkup sheet and wear masks before entering the classroom. Students have expressed mixed opinions regarding the resumption of offline lectures. Nam Hee-joo (Department of Architecture, 5th year) preferred to have offline classes as she had more opportunities to receive critiques on her architectural designs. "There were lots of environmental limitations to getting enough feedback online,” said Nam. She added that offline classes motivated her to concentrate more on the professor’s lectures and comments. However, some of the students did not feel the same way. Kim Ki-young (Department of Jewelry and Fashion Design, 1st year) said that there was no notable difference between online and offline lectures. Kim said that he would rather choose to have more online classes considering his long commute time to school. Meanwhile, school officials said that they are making every effort to find ways to ensure the safest way to resolve the confusion caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. “The university believes that the health and safety of students and faculty members is the top priority,” said Oh Chae-young, a staff member of the Academic Service Team. “Please understand the inconvenience caused by online classes and the restricted access to school facilities as it is is a necessary measure to ensure our members' health and safety.” Oh Kyu-jin Photos by Kim Su-ji

2020-04 27

[Performance]2020 THE World University Impact Rankings Announcement… Hanyang University Ranked 91st in the World

The 2020 THE World University Impact Ranking has been announced. Hanyang University ranked 91st in the world with a combined score of 84.1 and ranked among the top 100. It is second only to Yonsei University in Korea. The "World University Impact Rankings," which THE (Times Higher Education) has been carrying out since 2019, evaluates and ranks universities around the world every year across the 17 categories of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations. The 2020 second evaluation was conducted for 857 universities in 89 countries, with 17 domestic universities also participating. Evaluation criteria increased to 17 from 11 last year, reflecting all 17 indicators of the UN SDGs. THE World University Impact Rankings website ▲ THE World University Impact Rankings results announcement: ranking by the indicators of Hanyang University in 2019 and 2020 First of all, the University of Auckland in New Zealand has topped the list for two consecutive years. It is also notable that Sydney University, Western Sydney University, and Latrobe University of Australia ranked second to fourth, in that order. Arizona State University in the U.S. ranked fifth, and there were no Asian universities in the top 10. In terms of domestic rankings, Yonsei University ranked the highest at 47th. Hanyang University ranked 91st and Kyungpook National University ranked 99th, which put the three universities in the top 100. In the field of "industrial innovation and infrastructure," in which Korean universities show high performance, seven universities were listed in the top 100 list, including Yonsei University in 3rd, Kyungpook National University in 13th, Hanyang University in 18th, and Chungnam National University in 40th. In the field of "quality jobs and economic growth" category, some universities ranked within the top 100 list such as Yonsei University in 5th, Kyunghee University in 41st, and Hanyang University in 49th, while in the "gender equality" category, Ewha Womans University ranked 50th, and in the "clean water and sanitation" field, Kyunghee University ranked 22nd, and Hanyang University was 32nd. ▲ Checking Hanyang University by region in the THE homepage Hanyang University entered the top 100 by jumping to 91 from the previous year's 101st-200th range. Among the detailed indicators, the index ranked 92nd in ending hunger, 32nd in clean water and sanitation, 49th in quality jobs and economic growth, 18th in building infrastructure and expanding industrialization, 84th in addressing inequality, 86th in creating sustainable cities and residences, 72nd in responding to changes in donations, and 75th in protecting water resources. However, apart from the overall ranking increase, individual indicators are showing a downward trend compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, according to a Maeil Business newspaper article from April 23 reporting the results of the domestic evaluation, Phil Bati, editor of THE, said, "Universities in Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mexico are also ranked among the top 100 influential universities in the world, meaning that traditional barriers such as wealth and research reputation are not a problem when making achievements for sustainable growth for mankind." * THE World University Impact Rankings homepage * [[Hanyang Wiki]] THE World University Impact Rankings세계대학영향력순위 Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-04 27

[General]If Your Attendance for the Live Video Lecture Isn’t Recognized, “Request Attendance”

On March 30, the Academic Service Team announced information about attendance during the distance learning period of the first semester of 2020. About 350 complaints have been submitted to the school's technical team regarding online attendance, and the results were presented after making requests to the university main administration. The attendance for distance learning is the same as before. Live video lectures, online recording lectures, and project-based lectures are the three class types, while the project-based lectures are limited to a maximum of two of the total sessions this semester. The live video lecture runs according to the set timetable, and the online video lecture allows attendance recognition if the student watches the video within the deadline assigned by the instructor. Furthermore, if a student watches the online recorded lecture as assigned before the deadline but is not recognized with a grade of "Pass" in Blackboard, the student can submit an attendance error notification to the Blackboard Support Center. The Blackboard Support Center said “It can take a while since we are solving the cases we have received in order,” and that “we will try to reply back within 24 hours of the process.” What should be paid attention to in this announcement is that the attendance request method for live video lectures has been informed. Previously, the attendance error reporting was only accepted regarding the online recorded lectures, but the live video lectures had to be confirmed through individual contact with instructors. However, this time, a formal announcement about live video lecture attendance was presented. ▲ The attendance recognition request in Blackboard is available through the message icon on the upper right side of the screen. Students should try accessing the video at least three times, and then if they are unable to access it, the attendance recognition request may be filled out and sent to the instructor through email or Blackboard message. The Blackboard messaging system can be accessed by clicking the upper right side message icon. If you check the "send a copy to the recipient's email" when sending, it will also be sent via email. Based on the Blackboard record of the student's access to the course room and the details of the student's explanatory statement, the instructor will determine whether the student had enough sincerity and effort but failed to access due to inevitable circumstances, and will reply back to the student through email or Blackboard message. ▲ Recorded versions of the live video lectures can be accessed through Blackboard Collaborate on the right side detailed menu option (…) of each course. If the instructor acknowledges the access failure reason, the student can watch the recorded version of the live video lecture through Blackboard and request confirmation, and the instructor can recognize the attendance after checking. The recorded version of all live video lectures can be watched by clicking the Blackboard collaborate left side menu […]. Detailed information and the format for the attendance recognition request can be found on the Hanyang University official homepage notice board. Check the university website for the announcement Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-04 27 Important News

[Special]ERICA Campus in K-Dramas and Films

Did you know that ERICA Campus is often featured in famous K-dramas and films? University campuses, all beautifully built in their own respective ways, are often seen on television as the background for various dramas and films. Hanyang University's handsome scenery, with its harmonious alignment of buildings, has also been featured in numerous media programs. On the television screen, the campus has been transformed into a romantic cafeteria where the main characters become lovers, a mysterious building haunted by an evil spirit, and even the residence of the North Korea supreme leader. Hotel del Luna The drama Hotel del Luna (호텔 델루나), which featured as main characters the popular singer and actress Lee Ji-eun and the actor Yeo Jin-gu, filmed a scene in episode 2 at ERICA Campus. Hotel del Luna follows the story of a human hotelier Gu Chan-sung (Yeo Jin-gu) who fatefully becomes the manager of a strange hotel that only caters to ghosts and is run by a mysterious owner Jang Man-wol (Lee Ji-eun). The drama centers around the romance between the owner and the manager, and it garnered much popularity during the summer of 2019. In the introductory scene, Jang Man-wol saves Gu Chan-sung from an armor-clad evil spirit. The scene features a beautiful view of ERICA Campus's Lake Park as the background for the fight between the main characters and the evil spirit. ▲ The 2019 drama Hotel del Luna features a beautiful view of ERICA Campus's Lake Park as the background for the fight between the main characters and an evil spirit. (Photo courtesy of tvN) On an ordinary day, Lake Park is a famous gathering spot for Hanyang students. Easily accessible from ERICA Academic Information Center and Library, Engineering Building II, and the College of Design, students use the park to rest and chat with friends. The park also opens its space for various exhibitions and activities such as Wednesday Culture Fairs. ▲ Lake Park is a famous gathering spot for the students of ERICA Campus. Uncontrollably Fond The 2016 drama Uncontrollably Fond (함부로 애틋하게) focuses on the romance between Shin Joon-young (Kim Woo-bin) and Noh Eul (Bae Suzy), two high school classmates and lovers who are tragically separated, but meet again after many years as a successful actor and a documentary producer, respectively. The drama scene was filmed in the student cafeteria of ERICA Campus. In episode 3, the two characters pretend to be a couple after Shin Joon-young half-jokingly threatens Noh Eul into being his girlfriend. Assimilating into the drama seamlessly, the student cafeteria is repeatedly visited by the main cast throughout the drama. ▲ Two main characters of the 2016 drama Uncontrollably Fond playfully posing as a campus couple in the student cafeteria of ERICA Campus. (Photo courtesy of KBS) ▲ Assimilating into the drama seamlessly, the student cafeteria is repeatedly visited by the main cast of the drama. Secretly, Greatly Secretly, Greatly (은밀하게 위대하게) was a 2013 box office hit adapted from the famous 2010 webtoon series Covertness, which received over 40 million page hits. Starring popular celebrities such as Kim Soo-hyun, Lee Hyun-woo and Park Ki-woong, the movie follows the story of a North Korean spy Won Ryu-han (Kim Soo-hyun). After getting through a competition against the odds of 20,000 to 1, the elite spy Won Ryu-han has been residing in South Korea, disguised as an idiot in a poor neighborhood, while waiting for orders from North Korea. The story starts when a suicide order is given to him after two years. ▲ In the 2013 film Secretly, Greatly, the Administration Building of ERICA Campus was featured as the residency of the supreme leader of North Korea. In this film, ERICA Campus appears as a building located in North Korea. The scene shows the North Korean supreme leader ordering the officers to send North Korean spies on a suicide mission. The building used is the Administration Building which houses vital offices of the university such as the Office of the President. Its architecture was used to intensify the authoritative vibe of the film. ▲ The Administration Building of ERICA campus. (Photo courtesy of Hyundai Ilbo) To the Beautiful You The drama To the Beautiful You (아름다운 그대에게) aired in 2012 and starred popular idols Choi Jin-ri and Choi Min-ho and actress Kim Ji-won. Adapted from the Japanese manga Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, the drama centers around Goo Jae-hee (Choi Jin-ri), who falls in love with a high jump competitor Kang Tae-joon (Choi Min-ho) and fakes entrance to an all-boy's school that he attends, getting into a love triangle with Seol Han-na (Kim Ji-won), a talented gymnast. Episode 11 depicts Seol Han-na practicing in the dance practice room just moments before she suffers an ankle injury. The place where she practices for her competition is the dance practice room of ERICA Campus. ▲ To the Beautiful You, which aired in 2012, used the dance practice room of ERICA Campus as the practice room of a female character. (Photo courtesy of The dance practice room was renovated in 2002 to provide a more pleasant environment for the students. Now, it has wider space for practice and consists of numerous hallways and an efficient ventilation system. ▲ The dance practice room of ERICA campus. Lee Yoon-seo

2020-04 26 Important News

[Special]Hanyang Athletes on the Court

At Hanyang University, many people do their own thing in their individual fields. Also, there are many students who play on the court as a representative player of Hanyang University. The ace players of Hanyang volleyball and basketball told us about their own stories and goals. (From left) Kim Sun-ho (Department of Physical Education, 3rd year) and Khishgee Boldsukh (Department of Physical Education, 3rd year), volleyball and basketball players, respectively, of Hanyang University. Kim Sun-ho, Hanyang volleyball player Kim Sun-ho (Department of Physical Education, 3rd year) started his life on the volleyball court when he was an elementary school student. Kim said he applied to the volleyball team with his friend, because he was tall for his age. As he entered Hanyang University, Kim recalls that the training level was much higher than that of high school, and it was hard to adapt. Also, he had his own minor disadvantage of being shorter than average for a left player. However, Kim could overcome his slump thanks to advice from his manager and coach. Kim learned how to train in the way that best suits him, training mostly in defense, which became his strength. Kim was especially confident that he always reacts flexibly to the opponent’s ball. Khishgee Boldsukh, Hanyang basketball player Khishgee Boldsukh (Department of Physical Education, 3rd year) grew up in Mongolia, where basketball is the most popular sport. Boldsukh started to get interested in basketball because his cousins loved it, and it made him dream of becoming a basketball player in the future. When Boldsukh first applied to enter Hanyang University, he dropped out due to a lack of documents. He was able to join the basketball team in the second semester, but he still couldn't participate in matches for three months since he joined later than others. “During this one year, I was lonely and sad, only being able to watch the matches without playing,” said Boldsukh. He said he could overcome this period thanks to his family, coaches, and teachers. They always comforted him with encouraging words like “You will become an awesome basketball player someday, if you overcome this adversity.” Boldsukh’s explained that he mainly practices throwing the ball as a shooter. Also, Boldsukh builds his strength to resist the opponents' powerful pressure and defense. To our teammates and everyone else who has supported us throughout the years Kim: “We couldn’t do anything this year because of coronavirus, but if the games resume this year, let’s cheer up and win together. Also, I want to say thank you to my fans for supporting me despite the cancellation of the games this season.” Boldsukh: “First, I want to say I love you to my family, and thank for cheering me up. I wish to reward my coaches, managers, and fans by growing into a good player. Also, to my colleagues, I want to say that I am always glad to be with you guys. Let’s do our best to get high scores this year!” Hwang Hee-won Photos by Kim Hyun-sub

2020-04 24

[Donation]The Department of Physical Education's Alumni Association Donates 30 million Won

The Department of Physical Education's Alumni Association donated 30 million won to the College of Performing Arts and Sports, Department of Physical Education on Tuesday, April 21. This development fund will be used for the future-oriented development of the Department of Physical Education through scholarships for students and the enhancement of the educational environment. In addition to Shin Tae-ho (Department of Physical Education, class of '81), the chairman of the Department of Physical Education's Alumni Association, General Secretary Jang Chan-soo (Department of Physical Education, class of '81), Professor Lee Sung-no (Department of Physical Education, class of '80), and Professor Kim Sung-min (Department of Physical Education, class of '91) attended the ceremony. ▲ (From the left) Professor Kim Sung-min, general secretary Jang Chan-soo, chairman Shin Tae-ho, president Kim Woo-seung, professor Lee Sung-no, and director of the Office of External Affairs and Development Hwang Hee-jun Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-04 23

[Policy]ERICA Campus Provides ‘BS-Care’ Scholarship to Motivate Students to Score Higher for the Basic Science Subjects

As part of the University Innovation Support Project, ERICA campus’ Academic Service Team revealed on the 20th that they will be providing a small amount of scholarship to freshmen and sophomore students that have improved their letter grades from C+ or lower as of 2019 to B0 or higher in the basic science subjects. The ‘BS-Care’ scholarship was enforced in order to motivate the students to improve their basic science subject grades in a short amount of time and to also increase the students’ learning capacity for other subjects in their major. The ‘BS-Care’ scholarship’s registration period will last from April 27th (Monday) to May 10th (Sunday). Possible recipients for this scholarship are the freshmen and sophomore students that are enrolled at the university from 2020 Spring semester to the Summer school (August) period that already have a letter grade C+ or lower and are re-taking the courses ‘Differential and Integral Calculus 1,2’, ‘Basic Physics 1,2’, and ‘Basic Chemistry 1,2’. The scholarship will be given after the 2020 Summer School, to the freshmen and sophomore students that have improved their grades to B0 or higher. Only those who are enrolled in school can apply, and students that are on leave of absence cannot. The number of students that will be selected is 80 students per each course, and each student will receive a scholarship worth 250,000 KRW in between late-July and the beginning of August in 2020. The selection priority will be as follows: 1st selection priority will be given to freshmen students, then sophomores, 2nd selection priority will be given to students who had lower letter grades previously (F → D0 → D+ → C0 → C+, within the same letter grades, the student with a lower score will take the priority in the selection), and 3rd priority will be given by registration order, based on the time when their registration e-mail arrived. Students can register for the following scholarship through ERICA campus’ Academic Service Team’s website, and more detailed information can be given by the Academic Service Team by calling them at 031-400-4218, or it can also be found through their website. ▶Academic Service Team (ERICA)’s Website ▶Application Guidelines for 'BS-Care' Scholarship (Basic Science Subjects) ▶ ERICA Campus’ Academic Service Team: 031-400-4218 Global News Team Translation by: Lee Jung-joo

2020-04 23

[Event]Holding the "2020 First Semester Graduate School Fair" for Undergraduates… for Three Days Starting on April 27

The "2020 First Semester Graduate School Fair" for undergraduate students will be held at Seoul and ERICA Campuses in the form of online or offline face-to-face consultations for three days starting on April 27. Held every semester (April, September), this event covers all departments of general graduate schools by campus and offers both online non-face-to-face consultations and offline face-to-face consultations with each department. In addition, along with 1:1 comprehensive counseling with professors and graduate school seniors, consultations for admission to undergraduate-linked courses and on-location admission application processes will take place. Students can participate in online consultations through video conferencing programs, such as Blackboard, Google Meet, Zoom, by referring to the graduate school homepage notice board. Also, those who receive consultations will receive a 50% discount on the application fee, if one fills out their registered ID infomration on the guest book on the application homepage "Uway Apply" after the consultation. It is expected that this event will be actively used as an opportunity for undergraduates who are interested in going to graduate school to get consultations on choosing their career paths and admissions. The consultation dates and methods vary by department, so checking the schedule prior to participating in the event is necessary. Other inquiries can be made through the Hanyang University graduate school homepage. Meanwhile, the 2020 First Semester Graduate School Fair will be attended by 10 colleges and 20 departments from Seoul Campus, and 8 colleges and 29 departments from ERICA Campus. Source: Hanyang University Graduate School Homepage ▶ Check out the 2020 First Semester Graduate School Fair for Undergraduates’ Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-04 21

[Performance]ERICA, selected to Join the "2020 ASEAN Countries' Invitation Program for Science and Engineering Students’

Hanyang University ERICA announced that it has been selected to join the "2020 ASEAN Countries’ Invitation Program for Science and Engineering Students" hosted by the National Institute of International Education under the Ministry of Education. The "ASEAN Countries’ Students Invitation Program" has been operating for the past three years for the purpose of helping foreign students experience Korea’s science and engineering academics and industrial development and to secure resources to attract the attention of prospective outstanding science and engineering students from abroad. ERICA Campus is hosting a training institute in the field of the 2020 ASEAN Countries’ Invitation Program for Science and Engineering Students, which will carry out its education program in July with 30~35 excellent students. The students are foreign scholoarship students (GKS·Global Korea Scholarship) who were invited to participate by ASEAN countries’ local governments. They will experience a total of more than 200 hours of education programs such as lectures and experiments, visit cooperative institutions of industries and research laboratories, and experience Korean culture and history. ERICA Campus operates an organization that is dedicated to training programs with experience running English training programs, which led to its selection for this contest thanks to the excellent performance results with other ASEAN countries’ universities through building the foundation for the transfer of outstanding students to undergraduate departments and graduate schools after completing the training program. Meanwhile, the universities selected as this year’s ASEAN Countries’ Invitation Program for Science and Engineering Students are Hanyang University ERICA, Gyeongsang National University, Kyungwoon University, Chungnam University, and Korea Maritime University. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-04 21

[Policy]Hanyang University, Newly Selected AI Graduate School and AI Integrated Research Center

The Ministry of Science and ICT announced on the 16th that they have recently selected Hanyang University Seoul Campus to operate the 2020 AI Graduate School (Advanced and Professional Track), which will be the main center for nurturing high-quality talents in areas related to Artificial Intelligence. The ministry also selected ERICA Campus as an AI Integrated Research Center (Integration Track), which will nurture talented minds and conduct research on AI Integration. A total of three universities, Hanyang University, Yonsei University, and Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, were selected as AI Graduate Schools out of 12 universities who applied, creating a competition rate of 1 out of 4. Regarding the AI Integrated Center, 15 universities registered for the selection while a total of four universities were selected, including Hanyang University ERICA Campus, Pusan National University, Inha University, and Chungnam National University. The AI Graduate School is a chance to enhance the dignity of the university by receiving a great amount of government funding and nurturing highly-skilled students talented in AI. For this reason, it is easy to see the university presidents' planning and leading the project plans and conducting projects with local self-governing bodies. Some predict that the competitive edge of the science and engineering fields within the universities will differ greatly by having an AI Graduate School. (Provided by : Ministry of Science and ICT) We have learned that the three universities selected to operate AI Graduate Schools have suggested operation plans such as △the Education system with more than 40 AI Master's and Doctoral students △Creating faculties with the highest national level skills △Opening an education program for intensive and specialized AI. To the three universities, a total of 19 billion won will be provided over the next 10 years, 1 billion in the first year and 2 billion won from the second year. Hanyang University Seoul Campus is planning to not only expand the full-time AI faculty, but also specialize and reinforce the field of AI through four institutions such as the AI Graduate School, Research Institution, AI Solution Center, and SW/AI Integrated Education Center. It will also run a creative and autonomous research program for Master's and Doctoral candidates to participate in, for papers and patents. (Provided by : Ministry of Science and ICT) The AI Integrated Center focuses on creating AI integrated talents through creative integrated research and education of AI majors and other majors. The selected university will be supported for three years, starting with 1.1 billion won the first year and 1.5 billion won starting from the second year. Hanyang University ERICA Campus is planning to enroll more than 40 talented students a year, through conducting AI integrated research on medical and pharmaceutical research. The government will support the AI Graduate School to promote the sharing and spreading of the research results produced by the AI Graduate School, and also to bring new faculty members from overseas. The Ministry of Science and ICT mentioned that it will "strive to expand the related AI personnel through diversified methods, by creating and amplifying the related majors and organizing the faculty qualifications such as by allowing faculty members to hold multiple positions. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-04 21

[Performance]Hanyang University ERICA, New AI Integrated Research Center

On the 16th, the Ministry of Science and ICT announced that a total of four universities, including Hanyang University ERICA, have been selected for the AI Integrated Research Center this year. It is a focused education and research center where the government provides intense financial support to nurture new, talented Master's and Doctoral students in areas related to artificial intelligence to conduct integrated research, according to the "Artificial Intelligence National Strategy" that the government announced last year. The AI Integrated Research Center emphasizes conducting creative integrated research and education, having an AI major at the center while cooperating with other majors. Hanyang University ERICA, which has been selected as a host of an integrated research center, will receive government funding of 1.1 billion won in the first year, and 1.5 billion won over the next three years. School is planning to nurture AI Integrated talents through University-Industry cooperation and joint research projects, connecting the medical and pharmaceutical areas, which are ERICA's strengths, and the local specialized industry. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-04 20

[Policy]How to Rent Facilities on Campus: Seoul Campus’ Website for Facility Rentals Launches

The Office of Facilities Management at Seoul campus established a website specifically for renting out different rooms throughout the university. The website can be accessed at the URL: On the 16th, the Office of Facilities Management stated that the university campus was being rented out not only by those affiliated with the university but also for other external, academic events, and that they have established a website that allows visitors to inquire and apply to rent different rooms on campus to reflect the need for a more intuitive and convenient system on the web. Additionally, if rentals are processed properly through more efficient use of space, it is also expected to positively contribute to the university's finances. ▲ The main page of Those who are affiliated with the school can request facility rentals through the school’s portal website, and those who are not can do so through this facility rental website. Some basic information about the university’s facilities is provided on the website, and one can also use the website’s features through the menu panel to look through some of the university’s main facilities, the facilities in each school building, application status, recommended facilities, and also search for specific facilities according to their preferences. Through the "HELP DESK" menu, users can also leave questions on the noticeboard. The "Information about the Main Facilities" page is organized according to spaces where large events can be held and is therefore helpful for those who are unaware of the campus’ overall structure. On the "Information about Each Building's Facilities" page, detailed information for each room in the buildings is laid out and is therefore convenient for the website’s users to satisfy their specific needs. Through the "Search" panel, users can search for the space they wish to use according to the number of seats they need. General facility rentals can be done after visitors check out the instructions for facility rentals first. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Jung-joo