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2020-08 10

[Faculty]“What Will Happen to Korea’s Festivals After COVID-19?” Professor Lee Hoon Attends an Online Debate Hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports

Hanyang University Division of Tourism Professor Lee Hoon participated in an online debate “COVID-19, where should Korea’s festivals go?” which was hosted on August 6 at 3 p.m. by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Korea Tourism Organization, the Tourism Sciences Society of Korea, and the Hanyang University Tourism Research Institute. The online debate was broadcasted live by the Youtube channel Korea Tourism Organization TV Channel. In the middle of the crisis when most festivals were canceled due to COVID-19 and the difficulties local economies and related organizations faced, this debate session evaluated the critical situations of festivals and discussed diverse response methods that fit the changing environment with new on-the-ground methods such as non-face-to-face festivals and festivals in daily lives. In the first session, the assistant director Kim Duk-jin from the Korea Insight Institute gave a presentation on the topic of the current state of festivals and the changed views through the perspective of big data, and Professor Kim Hyung-gon from Sejong University presented regarding the crisis of domestic and international festivals and the trend analysis. Moreover, General Manager Kang Young-kyu from the Chuncheon International Mime Festival and Secretary-general Lee Yong-yeol from the Boryeong Festival Tourism Foundation shared detailed examples of the new attempts they're making for the Chuncheon International Mime Festival and the Boryeong Mud Festival amid the COVID-19. Professor Lee Hoon presented during the second session and led a discussion on the strategies of festivals after COVID-19, and plans were discussed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports director of tourism policy Choi Bo-geun, Gachon University Professor Lee In-jae, Hangang Summer Festival general manager Yoon Sung-jin, Chuncheon International Mime Festival general manager Kang Young-kyu, and Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology researcher Hwang Hee-jung. Anyone who wished to join could watch the live online debate sessions, allowing viewers to ask questions in real-time, and 100 participants received coffee gift certificates. The manager of the Ministry of Culture and Sports said that “although the festival industry is facing a crisis due to COVID-19, I hope the festival grounds and institutes can together find diverse response methods according to the changing situation.” Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 07

[Academics]Joint Research Team of Hanyang and Kyunghee University Redefined New Gene Cause of Rheumarthritis

6 New Gene Causes of Rheumarthritis (SLAMF6, CXCL13, SWAP70, NFKBIA, ZFP36L1, LINC00158), an autoimmune disease that destructs itself, has been found along with a new gene cause (SH2B3) that is found exclusively in East Asians. Professor Bae Sang-chul The joint research team led by Professor Bae Sang-chul of Hanyang University Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases Department of Rheumatism and Professor Kim Kwang-woo of Kyunghee University Department of Biology, participated in by the Center for Genome Science under the Korea National Institute of Health and other university hospitals in Korea, published the above facts in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases on July 28th. The research was conducted through rigorous analysis of the genome genetic drift of both patients and non-patients of rheumatism in Korea, using the Korean Chip technology that has been developed by the Center for Genome Science under the Korea National Institue of Health. Furthermore, through computational biology based on genetic drift, transcriptome, and the epigenome, the research team also clarified that the genetic drift related to rheumatic diseases can also be part of the cause of the disease in the tissues of the lungs and small intestine. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that is caused when the immune system abnormally attacks the body tissues. This causes inflammation and pain around the joints and the tissues around them, also leading to possible permanent disability or organ damage caused by joint deformation. Rheumarthritis is known to have a high prevalence rate and therefore leads to an economic burden for patients. The cause of rheumatoid arthritis is a combination of many genetic variants and environmental factors. Bae Sang-chul President of Hanyang University Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases mentioned that "due to this discovery we were able to understand the development mechanism of rheumatism," and added that "genetic variants like this can be used to predict and diagnose rheumatism, allowing for more specified and advanced treatment of the disease." Also, this research holds a bigger meaning since "it provided a clue to the existing studies of genetic characteristics regarding the effects of the mucous membrane of our lungs and small intestine on autoantibody production." The research was conducted through the support of Hanyang University Research Institute for Rheumatology Research, the National Research Foundation of Korea, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the National Institute of Health. The first authors of the research are Dr. Kwon Young-chang (Hanyang University Institute for Rheumatology Research), student Lim Ji-woo (Kyunghee University Departement of Biology), Professor Bang So-young (Hanyang University Guri Hospital), while Professor Bae Sang-chul and Kim Kwang-woo participated as joint corresponding authors. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 06

[General]1st Research Alliance of COVID-19 Spread Prediction that Hanyang University Participated in Comes to an End… “Apply to Preventative Systems”

The 1st Research Alliance of the COVID-19 Spread Prediction Research Alliance that Hanyang University Participated in has come to an end. KT announced on August 2th that they will end the 1st Research Alliance of COVID-19 Spread Prediction Research Alliance and constantly supplemented and cooperated to use the research results on preventative systems of the COVID-19. The COVID-19 Spread Prediction Research Alliance is a cooperative organization established to jointly respond to the sudden spread of COVID-19 along with the KT Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Data Industry Development Institute. Along with Hanyang University-National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Seoul National University, Konkuk University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST), Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST), Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information(KISTI) also participated. KT carried out research that can predict the spread of COVID-19 to Korea and within certain regions with the help of the participating organizations by using technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and mathematical modeling, and by providing data on floating populations and roaming statistics. The COVID-19 spread prediction research progressed by this alliance was composed of two main factors: predictions on the danger of infectious disease flowing in from abroad and predictions of national spread districts. First of all, in order to predict the danger of the infectious disease inflow from overseas, the KT AI/BigData Service Team presented the predictions on the inflow of infectious disease from the worldwide COVID-19 news contents through machine reading comprehension technology, KISTI. Ahn In-sung's (department head) team presented "COVID-19 overseas inflow prediction," Professor Whang Eung-soo team from the Seoul National University presented "Predictions on the number of unidentified COVID-19 overseas influx patients in Seoul," and Hanyang University and Dr. Son Woo-sik from the National Institute for Mathematical Sciences presented "Prediction of COVID-19 overseas infectee- inflow." Furthermore, to predict the districts of national spread of the infectious disease, Professor Chung Eun-ok from Konkuk University presented "Analysis on the infection reproduction index and the changes of the floating population according to the government nonpharmacologic intervention policy," Professor Park Joo-young's team from KAIST presented "Analysis on the COVID-19 spread route network," Professor Hwang Ui-jong's team from KAIST presented "Analysis on the decrease of the floating population," Professor Yoon Se-young's team from KAIST presented "The infectious disease spread prediction and policy evaluation model," and Professor Lee Gil-jae team from KAIST presented "Individual unit COVID-19 danger evaluation model." KT and the Ministry of Science and ICT plan to sustain, enhance, and advance the research results to utilize them in the COVID-19 preventative system and establish the 2nd activity on the COVID-19 spread prediction research alliance by enlarging the research's organization and scope on the basis of management know-how on the first research alliance. According to KT, they are “planning to cooperate with the government to use the research results of the first research alliance activity on enhancing the K-quarantine” and that they “will contribute to minimizing the global pandemic of infectious disease by sustaining and enforcing the global disease spread prevention platform that is on the road to global expansion." Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 06

[Student]Career Development Center is Operating the Career Design Workshop..."Plan employment strategies with experts"

The Career Development Center will be holding a Career Design Workshop for sophomores and juniors. The first course is collective education with experts. It will be held on August 13th and August 14th from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in 3 groups of 10. In this program, students will prepare team porfolios and individual portfolios based on their team composition, self-analysis, corporate analysis by industry, and job analysis. Afterwards, the students will need to visit the school for an hour on either August 20th or 21th to receive individual consultation and complete their career portfolio. Finally, the Career Design Workshop will end on 26th of August after an awards ceremony. Out of the 30 participants, 10 students will be awarded prizes: 500,000 won for the grand prize (1 person), 200,000 won for the excellence prize (2 people) and 100,000 won for the encouragement prize (7 people). Woo Jung-Im, an alumnus who participated in this program said, "This program allowed me to plan for the future and helped me get accepted into the company I wanted" and recommended participating in this program before becoming a senior. This program will be carried out offline in a lecture room in school. All courses are free of charge. This program will accept applications through HY-CDP "Employment Education Program" until August 5th. More details can be found on the HY-CDP Web page. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 06

[General]Fall Semester Social Service Volunteering Lecture Goes Online

The social service volunteering lecture of the 2020 fall semester will be held online. The Center for Social Innovation announced on July 28th that the social service volunteering lecture of the 2020 fall semester will be held entirely online. The course registration period, including the add/drop period, will be from August 10 -14. The number of possible students for the lecture is 1,500, and registration will be closed once that number is filled. Additionally, those that are expecting to graduate in February of 2021 are required to take the lecture this semester for it to fulfill graduation requirements. As the lecture has been moved online, there are a few changes in the lecture format. The students first have to take online lectures on basic quality education and social services and submit a final thesis paper. The basic quality education will be taught through live online classes and will be limited to 400 people per lecture. Students will not be able to receive credit for the lecture if they skip the basic lectures. The online lecture will be divided into two parts of 15 hours each. Only the students that have taken the first online lecture will be able to take the second one. When the students submit the thesis paper after taking all the lectures, they will be able to receive credit for the course. More specific information can be found at the Hanyang University website. ▶Go directly to the Hanyang University social service volunteering lecture announcement Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 06

[Event]Hanyang University-Navy-Sejong University-Chungnam University, Signed the MOU on Academic Cooperation

Hanyang University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on academic cooperation with the Navy, Sejong University, and Chungnam University at the Navy Hotel in Seoul on the 24th. ▲Three universities, including the Navy and Hanyang University, signed the MOU on Monday. (source: Navy) The signing of the MOU is expected to broaden public consensus on maritime security policies by exchanging opinions and information, strategies, major technologies, and research trends. In addition, the international regular conference, ship discussion forum and the International Symposium on Maritime Power, which is currently co-hosted by the Korea Maritime Strategy Institute and the Marine Research Association, can be expanded to Hakgun Convention College. They are expected to continue joint activities that are necessary for mutual cooperation by expanding human exchange and participating in academic conferences and seminars on marine security and science and technology hosted by universities. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 06

[Admission ]Hanyang University Opens an Early Admission Consultation Cafe for 2021..."Online Consultation through Video Calls"

Hanyang University will be opening an early admission online counseling cafe for 2021 for 4 days from August 10th-14th (excluding the 13th). Unlike other early admission counseling cafes, this time it will be carried out online through pre-reserved time. Any examinees or parents who wish their chilren to apply for Hanyang University can apply to participate. Applications start on August 3rd at 11 a.m. on a first-come, first-served basis. Each consultation will be 10 minutes long. The admissions officer can provide information on admission, offer admission counseling, and answer questions but willl not be able to provide any counseling on individual school records or information on acceptance and rejection. Hanyang University said, "We will maintain the existing evaluation policy, including the comparative section of the first semester of year 3 in the comprehensive evaluation of the student record but will conduct it considering the situation of the high school." Hanyang University also added, "We are fully aware that it won't be easy due to COVID-19, but we will make a full effort to select talented people through fair evaluation." Further details can be found on Hanyang University's admissions page. ▶Go to Hanyang University's Admissions Page ▶Go to the Early Admission Cafe Application Page Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 05

[Faculty]Professor Chung Seok-gyoon Participating as a Debater in a Book Concert for <Culture Fusion, the Power that Changes the World!>

Hanyang University Professor Chung Suk-gyoon of the Department of Policy Studies will be one of the debaters in a book concert celebrating the publication of Culture Fusion, the Power that Changes the World! The concert will be held by the Korea Economy Culture Institute on September 10, at the Bit and Sori Art Hall located in Seocho-gu, Seoul. The author of the book, the President of the Korea Economy Culture Institute, mentioned that "a nation without culture is bound to be doomed," and that "culture is the future, and the culture industry will lead the future of our country." He also added that "the synergy that is created when culture is integrated with the economy and society will be immeasurable. We invite those that will walk together along the path of building up cultural power." At the book concert, which will be held for 30 minutes, Professor Chung and President Tak Gye-seok of the Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organization of Korea will participate as the debaters. The music concert, which will be held right after the book concert will be led by Professor Lim Chang-bae, the gold medalist of the World Choir Games. Soprano Oh Eun-kyung, Tenor Kim Dong-won, Saxophonist Son Jin, Music Story writer Lim Chang-bae, and Pianist Lee Yung-eun are expected to lead the banquet. Professor Jung passed the 30th Civil Service Examination and has held positions such as the vice leader of the OECD Information Economy Subcommittee, President of the national brand business/IT, an executive officer of industry policy of Cheongwadae, and Hanyang University President of the Graduate School of Public Policy. In 2017, Professor Jung was awarded the 2017 Korea Economy Culture Award in the field of economics. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 05

[Faculty]Lee Ryee-hyung Emeritus Professor, Selected as a new Member of the National Academy of Sciences

Lee Ryee-hyung Emeritus Professor was selected as a new member of the National Academy of Sciences on June 29. There are 6 new members including Professor Lee from the architectural engineering field, such as Emeritus Professor Shin Myung-soon of Yonsei University for political science, Park Sung-hue Emeritus Professor of pathology from Seoul National University, Kim Yung-shik Emeritus Professor of history and science history from Seoul National University, Lim Jung-bin Honorary Chair Professor of molecular biology from Soon Chun Hyang University, and Lee Myung-shik Professor of medical science from Yonsei University. The members of the academy are selected through the process of accepting multiple recommendations for renowned candidates from academic societies in each field, going through the evaluation process, and finally approving them at a general meeting. The members are awarded lifetime membership according to the Regulations of the National Academy of Sciences, and receive national support related to their research activities. The quota is 75 for liberal arts and social sciences together and 75 for natural sciences. The membership ceremony will be held on August 7 at 2 p.m. in the conference room of the academy located in Seocho-gu. Professor Lee graduated Hanyang University's Department of Architectural Engineering in 1964 and was employed as a professor of the university in 1977. Professor Lee taught students for 30 years and has served as the vice president of the research development area and the vice president of the Seoul campus. In 2005, Professor Lee held the chairman position of the National Conference of University Vice Presidents. Starting from being in charge of the structural design of 63 building, Professor Lee also served as a policy consultant for the Ministry of Science and Technology and a policy consultant of the Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea, while holding the position of the 4th President of Chungwoon University. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 03

[General]Hanyang University Seoul-ERICA Participate in the Korean Council for University Drone Sports

Hanyang University Seoul and ERICA Campuses participated in the Korean Council for University Drone Sports which was officially established on July 21. The Council had 28 universities in Korea as participants, such as Chonju University and Kangwon University. At the inauguration ceremony held at JJ Art Hall at the Jeonju University Museum of Art, LINC+ Heads of the project and professors from 28 universities and 50 faculty members were in attendnace including Lee Ho-in, President of Jeonju University; Kim Seung-soo, mayor of Jeonju; Noh Sang-heup, Director of the CAMTIC Advanced Mechatronics Technology Institute for Commercialization; and Han Sang-deok, Head of National Research Foundation of Korea. The council, which was established by the great achievements and the efforts of LINC+ that support the Ministry of Education and the Research Institution, plans to cooperate toward the vitalization of drone sports and leisure culture, starting from the establishment ceremony. The participating universities decided on a research project to enhance drone capabilities by preparing a drone soccer contest. Additionally, information sharing through periodic academic contests will be carried out and will support the drone program joint production and management. LINC+ Director Zhu-song, who first took charge as the council president said, "We will establish the lead model for the drone industry on the basis of drone development and expert growth systems that we have made,” and that “we will build the foundation for original technology development through drone sports”. 28 national universities participated in the Korean Council for University Drone Sports establishment ceremony (photo by: Jeonju University) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-07 30

[Event]"How Can You Have a Fruitful Time in University?" The ERICA Career Development Center Holds an Online Career Talk Concert

The ERICA Career Development Center is opening an online career talk concert called "With the Parents" for freshmen and sophomore students, and one called "Spending Vacation Time Wisely," for sophomore and junior students. The first segment of the online career talk concert, With the Parents, will be held on August 2 from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on the topic of "Should freshmen start preparing early for job employment?", and the second segment will be held on August 9, on the topic "What should students from each grade prepare?" also from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Those who have registered need to attend both segments. Meanwhile, the online talk concert, Spending Vacation Time Wisely, is also divided into two segments, and runs from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The first segment will be on July 31, on the topic of "How Do I Choose a Career that Makes Me Happy?," while the second segment is on August 7, on the topic "Where Are Our Alumni Currently Employed?." Professor Kang Won-jun, who is known for his long-term experience in job employment and careers, will be leading the event, while the participants are limited to only 15 students. Students that are participating in the online career talk concert With the Parents need to attend the event as a team with their parents. The registration can be done starting from July 15 to 26, following the announcement information posted on HY-CDP. The ERICA Career Development Center said, "We hope that students in lower grades will have the chance to start thinking earlier about their careers together with their parents, while sophomore and junior students learn about things to prepare for job employment over the vacation." More detailed information can be found on HY-CDP. ▶ Go and register for online career talk concert 'with the parents' ▶ Go and register for online career talk concert 'Spending a wise vacation time' Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-07 29 Important News

[Performance][Information Disclosure] Hanyang University Overwhelmingly Ranks First in Startup Founder Number, Business, Lectures, and Clubs

Hanyang University stands out among the top 15 Universities after analyzing "Student startup and startup support status" and "Startup education application status" as announced by the Academy Information (대학알리미) on June 30. In addition to the largest number of student start-up companies this year as well as the previous year, the number of start-up lectures was overwhelmingly high. Hanyang University had the most student startup businesses, which indicates the results of startup education. Hanyang University had 43 student startup founders that started 42 businesses last year and reached 500 million won in sales with about 100 million won in capital. This is about 2.6 times more business startups compared to the average number, since the top 15 universities’ average is 18.3 students starting 16.1 businesses per university. This shows the reason why Hanyang University holds such a high reputation as a cradle of CEO training. Hanyang University, whose startup founder number was the highest, also ranked first in number of startup lectures. Hanyang University has 512 startup lectures, which is more than three times higher than that of Kyunghee University (163 lectures) which ranked second. The increased rate of theory-based lectures was especially high, with 493 lectures, along with 19 practice-based lectures. Hanyang University showed a wide increase in the number of lectures with 67 lectures in 2016, 55 lectures in 2017, 262 lectures in 2018, which leaped once again in 2019. The average number of startup lectures of the top 15 universities is 100.1. Startups founded through extracurricular activities were also overwhelmingly high from Hanyang University. Hanyang University showed a huge majority in startup clubs and startup contests, excluding the startup camp. Last year’s number of startup clubs was 164, which was more than double that of Konkuk University and Korea University (78 clubs) which were ranked second. As for startup contests, Hanyang University held the largest number of start-up competitions with 13 sessions and second largest number of start-up camps(18 times) after Dongguk University(37 times). ▼ The following is the list of universities according to each category (provided by the Academy Information) <Number of student startup founders (according to the number of startup businesses)> Hanyang University 43 students (42 businesses), Korea University 34 (26), Konkuk University 30 (29), Kyunghee University 29 (21), Yonsei University 24 (20), Hankuk University of Foreign Studies 23 (23), Sungkyunkwan University 15 (10), Seoul National University 13 (12), Chung-ang University 13 (12), Dongguk University 12 (11), Ewha Womans University 10 (7), Sookmyung Womans University 10 (10), Inha University 10 (10), Sogang University 5 (5), University of Seoul 3 (3) <Startup lecture status (number of students applied)> Hanyang University 512 lectures (12,496 students), Kyunghee University 163 (5,983), Chung-ang University 102 (5,722), Hankuk University of Foreign Studies 100 (6,630), Yonsei University 57 (2,641), Sungkyunkwan University 158 (5,934), Inha University 74 (5,362), Konkuk University 92 (5,680), Korea University 40 (2,259), Dongguk University 62 (4,405), Sookmyung Womans University 43 (1,294), University of Seoul 35 (988), Ewha Womans University 22 (1,649), Sogang University 29 (690), Seoul National University 12 (449) (How many lectures?) <Number of startup clubs> Hanyang University(164), Konkuk University & Korea University (78), Sookmyung Womans University (76), Yonsei University (55), Sungkyunkwan University (48), Kyunghee University (46), Dogguk University (30), Chung-ang University (28), Seoul National University (19), University of Seoul (18), Sogang University (11), Ewha Womans University (11), Inha University (6) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min