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2020-09 10

[Event]Hanyang University Holds 'JOB Discovery Festival'

Hanyang University is holding untact job fair, 'JOB Discovery Festival' starting from August 31st to 29th of the next month. On the 31st, Hanyang University announced that it will hold a job fair with the cooperation with 'Catch', an employment portal, which will be held online. While many kinds of university events are being canceled due to the aftereffect of COVID-19, this job fair will be operated online starting from one-on-multiple video consulting to employment consulting. The job fair has secured the participation list of conglomerates such as SK, Lotte, LS, GS, and Hyundai Card. The fair will consist of programs such as △‘Live employment consulting according to the company' △'One-on-multiple consulting' with HR manager/current employee △'Employment Consulting Board' for posting Q&A within 24 hours and △‘Company PR Booth'. Current students and graduates wishing to participate in the job fair can join the fair through the registration website. Kim Sung-soo, head of the Hanyang University Global Career Development Center mentioned that "as the job market is declining due to COVID-19, we planned for an online job fair to support students that are looking for a job" and added that "live job consulting with the managers of the companies will provide great help to the students." Meanwhile, the number of universities holding an online job fair is increasing following Hanyang University, such as Korea University, Sungkyunkwan University, and Yonsei University. ▲Website of 2020 Hanyang University untact JOB Discovery Festival Go straight to 2020 Hanyang University untact JOB Discovery Festival▶ Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-09 10

[Student]Seol Cho-eun and Lee Soo-jin receive fourth prize on the Remote Learning UCC Contest

Hanyang University's Division of Economics and Finance students Seol Cho-eun and Lee Soo-jin received the fouth prize on the Remote Learning UCC Contest in August 20th. The Korean Council for University Education (hereinafter the Council) announced the contest result of the '2020 Spring semester outstanding self-directed learning ability development experiences UCC contest' on the 20th and disclosed the award-winning works on the Council's official Youtube channel University Where TV. This contest was designed to discover and share outstanding cases of students' know-how on online lecture usage or cases of learning ability development in order to spend the rest of the university years using time efficiently and prepare for future pandemic situations. In the contest, there were diverse works with different ideas such as the best cases of △online lecture usage, △learning ability development through online education, △improving one's self-directed learning ability, △experiences of obtaining expert knowledge through non-face-to-face learning periods , △receiving certificates outside academic fields, and △hobbies and self-development. After the evaluation, one first prize, one second prize, six third prizes, and 10 fourth prizes, comprised a total of 18 works that were awarded and given incentives. Students Seol Cho-eun and Lee Soo-jin each received awards for their videos titled, 'Studying Myself' and 'Wise Online Lecture Life.' A faculty of the Council said, “We are planning to give opportunities to create a right university culture by students spreading their diverse ideas and healthy thoughts inside the university society” and that “Through this, we hope students get courage and strength to go out into society.” ▶ Click to seek the keyword on Hanyang Wiki: Student Awards ▼ Watch videos (Student Seol Cho-eun) ▼ Watch videos (Student Lee Soo-jin) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 10

[General]Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs - Hanyang University Establishes a Contract Department called "Functional Food"...Class Begins on September 1st

The Department of Functional Food was newly opened at Hanyang University's Seoul Campus to train professionals in the field of functional food. On the 31st, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced that the Department of Functional Food, a master's degree course for students in functional food sector, will begin classes on September 1st. However, the ministry decided to carry out the courses online due to COVID-19 pandemic. The contract department is a system in which industrial bodies and educational institutions make mutual agreement and provide specialized education required by industries. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs selected Hanyang University and Korea University as the two operating institutions after evaluating their institutional capabilities, educational performance conditions and operation plans. Hanyang University opened this new department as Functional Food while Korea University opened a new department named Functional Food Science. Korea University has also completed recruiting trainees. For the first batch, each University selected 20 trainees with bachelor's degree who worked for more than 10 months at small and medium-sized companies related to functional food in consideration of their competence, status and type of business. As a result, out of a total of 35 companies that participated, 78% were small medium-sized companies, 55% were those who worked for less than 5 years and 45% were female trainees. 65% of graduate tuition fees will be supported to trainees for 2 years and Research and Development tasks will be carried out to solve the technology with difficulty in the corporate field. After completing 24 credits for two years, if the trainees submit a dissertation or capstone design results, they will be awarded a degree of Master of Science. After graduation, the trainee will be required to work at a company for more than 1 year before serving as an expert in all functional food field, including manufacturing and evaluation. An official from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said "With the spread of corona 19, interest in functional foods related to immune system improvement has been increasing," adding, "We will open two new contract departments related to future innovative foods such as elderly-friendly food and Medi Food next year to help train more core human resources in the future promising food sector." ▶See the keyword in Hanyang Wiki (Click): Department of Functional Food, Contract Department Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-09 10 Important News

[Policy]“Where to register remote class complaints?” Hanyang University opens the Course Quality Improvement Center

Hanyang University opened the ‘Course Quality Improvement Center’ on August 28. It was created to enhance the operation of courses and the communication between professors, students, and administrative departments as the COVID-19 situation persists, while diverse class types such as the face-to-face class, the non-face-to-face class, and mixed classes continue on. From September 1st (Tuesday), the Course Quality Improvement Center, a complaint solving system for courses, will be in operatioin. With the system, fast complaint handling is possible by gathering comments from students and professors, and providing answers from professors and administrative departments. Additionally, answers must be provided within 48 hours after question registration. Instructors and students can choose anonymity (optional) to freely give their own opinions. Log-in to the HY-in Portal, access 「MY Home-My lecture room」 choose the course and question type to receive answers in 48 hours. PC and mobile applications are all available and the courses are based on those registered/in charge of. ▶Click to see according Hanyang University announcement Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 09

[Academics]Hanyang University 4th Industrial Revolution Research Center registers a patent for efficient dust purification of underground tunnels

Hanyang University's Fourth Industrial Revolution Research Center registered a patent for efficient dust purification of underground tunnels on August 31. Professor Cho Byung-wan in her class The Hanyang University Industry-University-Research Cooperation Foundation completed the registration of a patent (patent registration number 10-2144020) for underground spaces using quantum energy fields and waterfalls, natural ventilation methods of tunnels, and purification systems. This is the result of a study by Professor Cho Byung-wan, the director of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Research Institute and a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, to solve the fine dust problem in underground tunnel spaces, such as subways, which is one of the causes of fine dust in Korea. Along with the recent increase of subway construction, the number and length of tunnels has increased, causing air inside the tunnels to flow into the outlet without being ventilated properly with the outside and not purified, causing urban fine dust. The air inside such tunnels contain a number of pollutants that are harmful to the human body, such as micro dust, nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (Sox), formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In the case of subways, most of the operating sections are made of underground spaces, which by the piston effect causes train wind when the train enters or leaves the underground station. Such train winds are threatening the health of citizens as fine dust enters the platform through cracks in the screen as well as causing noise, resulting in major air pollution in the platform and on the train. To purify the air inside the tunnel, a jet-fan is installed inside the tunnel and filters are applied in ventilation facilities to filter pollutants. In general, expensive purification filters are rarely used due to huge operating costs and noise problems caused by huge electricity consumption of fan-type dust collectors. Fine dust collection vehicles and cleaning vehicles are operated as temporary measures if necessary, but the actual purification effect is insignificant. The patent describes the natural ventilation methods and devices that maximize the flow of the energy field-based Bernoulli fluid, which is identified by the new advanced quantum mechanics by applying advanced scientific technology in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Furthermore, it also provides technologies for increasing the flow rate of polluted air inside the tunnel using the sectional change through the dust collector and natural ventilation methods and devices for underground space tunnels using plasma and waterfalls that purify the internal air in real time through quantum energy field-based nano plasma light falls or nano hydrogen antioxidant spray falls in the space of the tunnel. Professor Cho said, "We will consult as the world's first scientific system to solve the serious global fine dust problem in subways including developed countries, so that it can be extensively used in the construction of subways, roads and underwater tunnels around the world with the technology of the fourth industrial revolution, so that it can become a breakthrough in Korea’s construction and management of tunnels." Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 09 Important News

[Alumni][Hanyang Hand-in-Hand] Expressing Gratitude when you Feel it, that is Donation

Expressing Gratitude when you Feel it, that is Donation. Kim Dong-sik, CEO of Kweather (Mechanical Engineering 90') ▲Kim Dong-sik, CEO of Kweather (Mechanical Engineering 90') The title "very first" to Kim Dong-sik was not easily earned. He humbly said that having a positive mindset and a challenging alma mater allowed him to overcome his fear and be who he is now. CEO Kim Dong-sik said that he will repay the love he have received from school by donation, starting with 5 million won. We will now hear about the pride he has for "Hanyang" and "Hanyang-in" (Hanyang student), and the love he received from his alma mater. Q1. We heard that you recently donated 5 million won to Hanyang ERICA Campus. What was your motivation? A1. When I was an undergraduate student, I was allowed to use the lab together with graduates, thanks to considerate professors. On graduation day, I received the president's award with an active recommendation from the school. Looking back on the process of studying abroad, it would never have been easy without the support of the professor and the school. For these reasons, I always thought, even after starting business, that it would be great to pay back the school's contribution, and I am happy to be able to repay little by little through immediate transfer system. Q2. There are many ways of donation (voluntary work, talent donation, etc). Do you have any "new donation culture" in mind? A2. I always had the idea of donation but constantly thought that donation was only for those who succeeded which made me think about questions like "am I allowed to donate?" or "would it seem like I want to smear?" However, after donating this time, my thoughts changed. I realized that it's the heart that matters, and not the amount, and that is a true donation. I'm planning to portray my "love for alma mater." If I see any alumni who are hesitant, like me, I will make sure to encourage them. (laughs) Q3. In today's society, coporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasing. I think Kweather's various cooperate activites could be seen as "sharing" in that sense. A3. Like you can tell from the name of the company, Kweather is a company that provides information on the weather and fine dust. More specifically, we provide services that minimizes the damages caused by climate change and try to enhance the quality of life. The biggest advantage is to create things that everyone thought was impossible into a business model based on ideas and make it more socially meaningful. Wouldn't this be the value of "sharing?" "To give with sincerity is what donation means to me." ▲Kim Dong-sik, CEO of Kweather (Mechanical Engineering 90) Q4. Please tell us the benefits and how you felt when you donated for those "Hanyang ins" who are still hesitant to donate. A4. I used to think that Hanyang poeple had their own love for their alma mater, but this donation proved that I was not the only one thinking that way. Koreans lack in expressing through action, which may be because of the culture, but I hope that active expression will be established. If schools provide more diverse ways for alumni who are wiling but unable to donate, I am sure they will be able to show more "love for their alma mater." Q5. How do you feel seeing the school constantly developing? And if you have anything you want to say to your juniors, please let us know. A5. Hanyang University is already a good school. Of course, there may be a better university depending on who evaluates it, but I think all of our "Hanyang in" has the foundational skills to do anything. In particular, the practical education of Hanyang University will allow the students to transform ideas into action and make them real. I hope that juniors will take over this temperament and climate created by the seniors and challenge themselves to create new things without being tied to tradition. I also wish that there were opportunities for alumni to share their experiences with the juniors. It would be great to share worries and find solutions together. This way, won't we be able to see both seniors and juniors develop the same dreams? Q6. When explaining about you, the modifier "first" is followed like the first MIT master's degree and the first private forecast business registration. Please tell us about the direction and future plans that Kweather has. A6. I guess I got the title "first" because I constantly worked on things that people didn't think of and things that people thought was impossible. Looking back, I think Hanyang University's practical and challenging spirit made me who I am today. There are many poeple who fear the process of earning the title "first", but I try to have a positive mindset. I believe that going on a path that no one has ever been to means "there is nothing to fear when you lose it." So, there's no pressure, and depending on your efforts, you can produce meaningful results. I hope that more Hanyang-ins will not fear going on paths that people have not gone on before. Kweather's hard-working employees allowed Kweather to have some small achievements, and we will continue to make efforts to leave meaningful results, even if they bring smaller results. We are planning to push ahead with projects that can help the people by actively introducing technologies for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Kim Dong-sik, who expressed his gratitude to his alma mater through donation, will be a great courage for many Hanyang-ins to challenge everything. Written by. Editoral Office Photos by. Son Cho-won The information was published in the summer edition of 2020 (No. 18) of Hanyang University's Newsletter 'Hanyang Hand-in-Hand' ▶Go see Hanyang Hand-in-Hand Summer Edition 2020 (No. 18) Check out [[Hanyang Hand-in-Hand No.18]] Keyword in Hanyang Wiki Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-09 09

[Admission ]2021 University admission plan changes… How will Hanyang University proceed?

The Korean Council for University Education (hereinafter the Council) announced the 2021 university admission implementation plan changes on August 30 according to the spread of COVID-19 for the safe operation of university examinations. Hanyang University’s major changes are ▲ college examination (interview, practical examination, essays, etc. ) screening period changes ▲ practical examination subject(or type) reduction ▲screening process stage reduction to decrease the test participants for practical examination ▲ standard qualification for overseas students and foreign student special admission changes such as language ability test. Detailed information can be checked at the chart below. There won’t be any additional changes on this year’s university admission plan after this change. The according changes can be checked at the ‘어디가’ (, a university information portal. Therefore, applicants need to check the changes of the university admission process one is applying for before the application period. The changes for each Hanyang University Campus for 2021 university admission plan is as below. ▼ Seoul Campus 2021 ‘nonscheduled’ university admission plan changes Screening type Before change After change Practical /performance examination(special talents in music) A. Practical examination schedule: 2020-10-17(Saturday) ∼ 2020-11-01(Sunday) A. Practical examination schedule: 2020-10-16(Friday) ∼ 2020-11-01(Sunday) Foreign students whose parents are both foreigners A. Screening type: essay exam A. Screening type: document evaluation Practical /performance examination(special talents in dancing) A. Practical examination type: basic skills + personal skills - basic skills: follow the video for each major (male/female separated) - personal skills: major piece A. Practical examination type: personal skills - personal skills: major piece Practical /performance examination(special talents in arts) A. Screening factors reflection rates: - Stage 1(twentyfold): student portfolio 100 - Stage 2: practical examination 100 A. Screening factors reflection rates: - Stage 1(tenfold): student portfolio 100 - Stage 2: practical examination 100 ▼ ERICA Campus 2021 ‘nonscheduled’ university admission plan changes Screening type Before change After change Practical /performance examination(outstanding talents-general physical training) A. Practical examination schedule: 2020.12.11.(Friday) ∼ 12.12.(Saturday) A. Practical examination schedule: 2020.12.11.(Friday) ∼ 12.13.(Sunday) Foreign students whose parents are both foreigners A. Screening type: essay exam A. Screening type: document evaluation Practical /performance examination(outstanding talents-practical music(vocal)) A. Screening factors reflection rates: - Stage 1(twentyfold): practical examination(face-to-face) 100% - Stage 2: practical examination(face-to-face) 90% + student portfolio 10% A. Screening factors reflection rates: - Stage 1(twentyfivefold): practical examination(non-face-to-face) 100% - Stage 2: practical examination(face-to-face) 90% + student portfolio 10% Practical /performance examination(outstanding talents-general physical training) A. Practical examination type - Standing long jump - Medicine ball Throwing (male 3kg, female 2kg) Running back and forth 10m x 2 times Running back and forth 25m x 4 times A. Practical examination type - Standing long jump - Medicine ball Throwing (male 3kg, female 2kg) Running back and forth 10m x 2 times (deleted) Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 09

[General][On-the-spot Photo] “Free Graduation Photo Print”

In the midst of the canceled graduation ceremony due to COVID-19, the Student Union is holding an event to print photos uploaded on SNS for free by installing a photo print kiosk in the Student Welfare Building's 2nd floor corridor, according to the university headquarters ‘gown rental and photo zone operation.’ Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-09 08

[General]'Start-up Academy' for Innovative Startup Leaders Opens on the 17th

Hanyang University (President Kim Woo-seung) opened Start-up Academy for nurturing innovative startup leaders. This is the 17th session of Start-up Academy, which is a program for the pre-startup leaders. Education on the overall process of startups will be done such as the basic capabilities, idea actualization, taxing and accounting, marketing, and EXIT planning, for 15 weeks in total. It especially offers special startup education such as having senior CEOs as the lecturer and mentors. Online entrance ceremony for the Start-up Academy is having a talk concert with students. About 100 people attended the online entrance ceremony that was held to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as the selected students, mentors, staff, pre-startup leaders, and graduate students. Jun Joon-hee Coupang vice-president, Lee Jong-huen Maspresso President, Han Sung-won President of Happy Rabit, and Kim Ji-woong President of Make-bot attended the talk concert, listening to start-up difficulties of the students and sharing start-up scaling-up strategies. President of Startup Support Foundation of Ryu Chang-wan mentioned that "Start-up Academy delivers information straight from the field by the senior CEOs and specialists, to that the pre-startup leaders can reduce the trial and error," and added that "the foundation will provide full support using concrete curriculum and various networks so that the students can reach stable commercialization." Meanwhile, Start-up Academy, which has been established in 2012 as part of the CEO fostering project for the first time within domestic universities, raised 771 graduates. Within the graduates, a total of 428 companies has been established, creating a profit of 312.9 billion won. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-09 07

[Faculty]Professor Kim Yeon-kyu Presents at the 3rd Energy Forum 2020..."Performance and Challenges of the New Southern Energy Resources Business"

Professor Kim Yeon-kyu, from the Division of International Studies of Hanyang University, presented on "Performance and Challenges of the New Southern Energy Resources Business" at the 3rd Energy Forum 2020 which was held on August 28. The Energy Economy Newspaper, supported by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, will hold the 3rd Energy Forum 2020 in the Grand Ballroom of the Seoul Samjeong Hotel on the 28th together with Institute of Energy Economics. The theme of the forum this year is "Business Response Strategies for New Southern and Northeast Asia Energy Resources." The theme for 2019 forum was "A strategy to respond to the Energy Industry in the AI revolution." According to the August 27 Energy Economy, countries from all over the world are taking the initiative to overcome the global economic slump of the post-corona era. In particular, governments and industries are making effort to reconstruct the global supply network and capture ovrseas energy resource makets. Under these circumstances, this year's forum will bring together well known figures to gather relevant knowledge. The current state of energy resource cooperation in New South and Northeast Asia will be examined and will seek successful overseas business strategies in the era of energy conversion. The forum will consist of 4 sessions in total. Professor Kim will present on "Performance and Challenges of the New Southern Energy Resources Business" in the 2nd session. After Professor Kim's presentation, Hwang Jin-taek, a professor at Jeju National University, Lee Jung-ho, head of the Overseas Business Development Division 1 of Korea Electric Power Cooperation, Lee Yong-ho, head of the Overseas Investment Business Development Team of the Korea Gas Corporation's Overseas Business Headquarters, and Kim Bum-joong, leader of Energy Sector, EY Hanyoung Accounting Corporation, will hold a debate. Meanwhile, Professor Kim has worked as a invited researcher at the Hudson Institute, an invited professor at Butler University, and an invited professor at St. Mary's University, and is currently serving as a professor at Hanyang University as well as a director of the Energy Governance Center, a member of the Energy Development Committee of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, and the editorial chairman of the KJIS of the Korean International Political Society. He was awarded the Minister of Education Award in 2018. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-09 07

[Student]Team Hanyang HERoEHS, Won at the RoboCup Korea Open 2020

Hanyang University HERoEHS team won at the 'RoboCup Korea Open 2020' which has been held from the 14th to the 15th, at the university adult-sized Humanoid Soccer subject. The competition has been co-held by the RoboCup Korea Association and the Robot Newspaper, which has been sponsored by the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement, Korea Association of Robot Industry, Korea Industry of Robotics & Technology Convergence, Kookmin University, and Philoptics, including Hanyang University. The competition reached its 8th year in 2020, which was supposed to be held for three days starting from February 14th to 16th at Pyeongchang Resort in Gangwon-do. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it has been postponed two times and finally opened online. A total of 160 teams of 350 elementary, middle, high school, and university students participated on RoboCup Korea Open 2020, competing in subjects such as Humanoid Soccer, Junior Soccer, Rescue Line, Rescue Maze, Rescue Simulation, On Stage, Rescue Basic, GEN II, and Cospace F1. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-09 03

[Medical Center]Hanyang University Hospital receives 1st class in the Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Adequacy Test

Hanyang University Hospital (Director Yoon Ho-joo) recently received the 1st class in the "Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Adequacy Test" announced by the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service (hereinafter Assessment Service) and was selected as the "Hospital with good heart surgery skill." This evaluation was the result of the Assessment Service evaluating the total number of coronary artery bypass graft surgery, the ratio of using internal thoracic artery during the surgery, the ratio of aspirin prescription when leaving the hospital, the ratio of revision surgery from bleeding or hematoma, the fatality rate within 30 days of surgery, and rehospitalization within 30 days after leaving the hospital based on 81 agencies of national upper class general hospitals that proceeded the coronary artery bypass graft surgery to patients who were admitted from ischemic heart disease from July of 2018 to June of 2019. The coronary artery bypass graft surgery is a surgical operation of building a new blood vessel that bypasses the clogged part by using arteries from other parts or veins if the coronary artery, which provides blood to heart muscles, is clogged. Director Yoon Ho-joo said that “Hanyang University Hospital is making fast and clear decisions, as well as providing active treatments for cardiac infarction and anginal patients by close cooperation among cardiothoracic surgery departments that operates the coronary artery bypass graft surgery and the cardiology department which operates the percutaneous coronary intervention” and that “we have been getting safe and successful surgery results by equipping a hybrid operation room of the latest machines and operating a hybrid coronary artery bypass graft surgery that combines the advantages of each operation.” Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min