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2020-08 27 Important News

[Performance]Hanyang University Rises to Rank 201-300 in the 2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities...2nd in the Country

Hanyang University ranked 201-300 in the "2020 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)" that was released by China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University on August 15, ranking 2nd in the country. This is a step up from the previous year in which Hanyang University was ranked 301-400. Out of the 1000 universities in the 2020 ranking, 32 Korean universities were included. Seoul National University maintained its No.1 position in Korea for 18 consecutive years with a rank of 101-150, while Hanyang University, KAIST, Korea University, Sungkyunkwan University, and Yonsei University together ranked 201-300. Harvard University in the U.S. took first place in the global arena followed by Stanford University, Cambridge University, MIT and UC Berkeley, holding the same position as the previous year. British and American universities dominated the top 20. Out of the non-British and American universities, Paris-Sacrédée, France, and Zurich Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland ranked 14 and 20 respectively. The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) is announced by the Shanghai JiaoTong University annually. The ranking is determined by indicators such as Nobel Price, Field Award winning record (30%), number of researchers cited (20%), Nature/Science journal publication (20%), Science Citation/Index Social Science Citation Index thesis (20%), and per-capita academic evaluation (10%). ARWU releases detailed ranking up to 100th, and announces the rest in sections. ranking University Country Ranking Ranking in 2019 Progression 101-150 Seoul National University 1 101-150 - 201-300 Hanyang University 2-6 301-400 ▲ 201-300 KAIST 2-6 201-300 - 201-300 Korea University 2-6 201-300 - 201-300 SungKyunKwan University 2-6 151-200 ▼ 201-300 Yonsei University 2-6 201-300 - 301-400 Kyunghee University 7-9 301-400 - 301-400 Kyungpook National University 7-9 401-500 ▲ 301-400 POSTECH 7-9 401-500 ▲ ▲2020 Korean University Ranking (up to 400th) Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 27

[Performance]ERICA Selected to 2020 Interdisciplinary Curriculum Support Project led by Design

Hanyang University ERICA Campus was selected for the "Design-led 2020 Interdisciplinary Curriculum Support Project" which is supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korean Design Promotion Agency on the 22nd. This project, which is implemented for the first time this year, aims to train design integration specialists with an understanding of the entire process of product and service development, from planning to marketing. This project is designed to support the management of interdisciplinary curriculum such as engineering and business administration, and to develop human resources capable of solving integrated problems through interdisciplinary education based on actual projects in industrial fields. A total of 6 universities, Hanyang University's ERICA campus, Soonchunhyang University, Anyang University, Yonsei University's International Campus, Korea University of Industrial Technology and Hansung University, will participate. The 6 universities participating in the project plans to develop human resources based on ther different points. ERICA plans to strengthen IC-PBL education to develop capabilities in order to solve industrial and social problems and develop technology-sympathetic cooperative talents. They will have a design advisor, a student-tailored education that encourages students to collaborate with other students from different majors as well as IC-PBL (Hanyang University education model) at the UX Design Center for artificial intelligence (AI) to lead future design trends that are human-friendly. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 26

[Academics]Professor Sun Yang-guk's Joint Research Team Publishes a Paper Reviewing Lithium Oxygen Batteries

A joint research team led by Professor Sun Yang-guk, Department of Energy Engineering at Hanyang University, published a paper reviewing lithium oxygen batteries which is one of the next-generation secondary battery systems. The joint research team includes Professor Sun Yang-guk of Hanyang University, Professor Kwak Won-jin of Ajou University, Professor Doron Aurbach of Israel's Biran University, Professor Peter Bruce of Oxford University in the U.K., and Professor Linda Nazar of Waterloo University in Canada. The paper was titled "Lithium–Oxygen Batteries and Related Systems: Potential, Status, and Future" and was selected as a cover paper for theJuly 22 online edition of "Chemical Review." The research team introduced he structure, driving principles and related derived systems of lithium oxygen batteries based on their experiences and achievements. It also pointed out the key problems in relation to lithium oxygen batteries, latest research trends, and improvement directions considering practicality. Lithium oxygen cells are next-generation secondary battery systems that utilize oxygen in the air as an energy source. It also has the potential to surpass the theoretical enery density limts of lithium ion batteries used in mobile phones and electric vehicles allowing active research. However, there are limitations like low energy efficiency caused by irreversible generation and decomposition of short-term battery life products caused by negative reactions by oxygen. Therefore, innovative research is required to solve these problems professionally. Meanwhile, Professor Sun was recognized as one of the best 10 scientists in the field of lithium-ion batteries by Research Interfaces. The paper was selected as the best paper researcher of the school in 2020, and currently holds 599 SCI-level papers and 456 domestic and foreign patents. In particular, he was recognizedas the "world's most influential top 1% researcher" by Claribate Analytics. ▲ A part of the paper "Lithium–Oxygen Batteries and Related Systems: Potential, Status, and Future" More on Hanyangwiki선양국 Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 26

[Event]10 universities Including Hanyang University holds World Life Science Video Seminar... Takes Advantage of Online Lectures

10 universities, including Hanyang University, will be holding regular online seminars on World Life Science starting from the 2nd semester. 10 universities will be in charge of this seminar, and Stanford students and faculty will also be participating. According to an electronic newspaper on August 13, Hanyang University, Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, Chung-Ang University, Ewha Womans University, Sookmyung Women's University, University of Seoul, Konkuk University, Soonchunhyang University of Medicine and Ajou University will jointly hold lectures and discussions on the field of life sciences, starting next month. Previously, Sungkyunkwan University held a video seminar every two weeks with Stanford K-BioX, a group of Korean scientists at Standford University, in the first semester. Stanford University researchers, 30 Silicon Valley startup founders, and Sungkyunkwan University students and professors participated and were able to grasp the trends of advanced research in life science of Standford University as well as creating synergy effects through open discussion sessions. As a result, this seminar expanded to an event involving world-renowned professors and Korean universities. Great scholars who carries out advanced research from all over the world will be attending the seminar in the second semester. Ten scholars, including Kwon Hyung-bae, a professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Jeong Jae-woong, dean of the Department of Clinical Cancer Biology at Cleveland, Lee Hak-ho, a professor of Harvard Medical School, Lee Jin-hyung, a professor of bio-engineering at Stanford University, and Joo Chul-min, a professor of engineering at Delft University of the Netherlands, will be giving lectures. This seminar is regarded as a good exmaple of the advantages of online lectures. Professors and students are time and place independent and discussions take place after time-consuming research presentations. There is no time limit for discussion allowing in-depth discussions for as long as the participants want. Those who were unable to attend real-time video seminars are able to watch the recorded video. Also, these online seminars did not require as much money as offline seminars. Students and professors from participating universities are able to attend the seminar via their smartphones or PCs. Lee Sang-gu, dean of Sungkyunkwan University's Faculty of Natural Science, who organized the seminar, said, "You can easily listen to the lectures of world-class scholars in the laboratory or at home and listen to what you want to know right away," adding, "Compared to past invitation lectures, which cost a lot of money, such as accommodation and airfare." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 26

[Alumni][Attention! Hanyangians] Kakao Bank representative alumnus Yoon Ho-young listed as an icon of an innovative financial game-changer

The Kakao Bank placed itself as a benchmark for a global internet primary bank in financial innovation and economic successes such as turning into the fastest profit-making internet bank after two years of its establishment. At its core stands alumnus Yoon Ho-young, who was listed as an innovative financial game-changing icon as the representative of Kakao Bank. Mr. Yoon graduated from Hanyang University's Department of Business Administration and started his work in the Korea Fire Insurance in 1996. After he worked as the management chief at the ERGO Daum Direct, and as the Head of the Management Support Team at the Daum Communications and Kakao, he built an expertise in fusing finance and IT technology. Moreover, when he was working as the vice-president at Kakao, he was the first to prepare for the establishment of the Kakao Bank. The Kakao Bank came out announcing 'the start of a new bank different than before,' The internet primary bank was a new form that had to place itself in the market by squeezing through the prior bank areas, which nobody could guarantee its success. However, the Bank unexpectedly succeeded in its first profit-making in 2019, only after six quarters of its establishment. At the moment, the asset size grew as must as the local banks and the monthly bank application user number exceeds all other banks. According to the Munhwa Daily, published on August 24, Mr. Yoon said that “I've never thought about standardized leadership when leading the Kakao Bank” and noted that “businesses are live organisms. They require different leadership according to the business evolution stage,” Because there is no set path, there is an indisputable flexibility that the leaders show when establishing a new road. Now, Mr. Yoon is the leader of financial innovation. Mr. Yoon emphasizes horizontal and even relationships more than anything. It is because of the thought that'thinks are apt to fall when the people in their 40s plan and 50s to 60s decide on the services that people in 20s to 30s will use'. Following Mr. Yoon's management philosophy, every employee at the Kakao Bank uses English names and horizontal business cultures are attempted in diverse parts such as the working space and organization structure. In addition, Mr. Yoon gathered some intelligence groups to hold debates to struggle through the uncertainties of the future. It is from his belief that group intelligence is more efficient than individual ones. The typical example is the debate that took place for two weeks in the process of deciding to only provide mobile app services without PC banking as the prior bank businesses do. Mr. Yoon persuaded the need for a mobile application service that provides the best conveniences to the employees who supported PC banking. The reinterpretation of decision making efficiently shows Mr. Yoon's work method. He highlights that “although the authority of decision making is in the hands of the organization's chief, the real decisions must be made by delegating a person that thinks most about the problem and who is familiar with it to reach the best decision.” In fact, Mr. Yoon assigned the application design decision to the relevant department. In exchange, the responsibility is on Mr. Yoon. Mr. Yoon announced last May that “we will incarnate the Kakao Bank First that lets people think of our bank when they hear the words mobile finance through service extension and enforced customer experience.” The Kakao Banks' steps to reaching the goal within this year will be paid attention to. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 26

[Culture]<Spring Spring>, an Opera Co-created by the College of Music-Seongdong Cultural Foundation, to be Performed in September..."Kim Yoo-jung's Novel into Opera"

Hanyang University's College of Music will present a creative opera based on Kim Yoo-jung's short novel Spring Spring together with Seongdong Cultural Foundation. Opera "Spring Spring" will be performed at Sowal Art Hall on September 4th and 5th. This creative opera is a performance that aims to comfort residents who are tired of their daily life due to the prolonged pandemic. Spring Spring is an innocent and simple love story in a rural setting. Comedic and musical elements are included appropriately to express Kim Yu-jung's excellent sense of language into a dramatic composition in the form of a Korean traditional play and grammar of Western operas. In addition, this opera is appropriate for all ages as it dispells the prejudice that "Opera is difficult and boring" by connecting with the audience. A number of alumni of Hanyang University will also take part. The music director Lee So-young is an alumnus who graduated from the Department of Composition at Hanyang University's College of Music. She is attending graduate classes at Hanyang University and Samyuk University. Conductor Song Sung-chul is also an alumnus of Hanyang University from the Department of Composition. Ryu Shin-ae, a graduate of Hanyang University Graduate School, will be playing the piano. Spring Spring will be performed twice on September 4th and 5th at Sowol Art Hall. Details of the performance can be found at Sowol Art Hall. Tickets are available on the Seongdong Cultural Foundation website ( and Interpark Tickets ( In addition, the performances will be divided into offline and online (streaming transmission) and will be unveiled from September 18 to 26 through Seongdong Cultural Foundation's Youtube Channel. ▲The creative Opera Spring Spring will be performed twice on September 4th and 5th at Sowol Art Hall (Source: Seongdong Cultural Foundation) Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 26

[General]College of Medicine Will Start Local Society Health Examinations in Cooperation with Namyangju City and the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Hanyang University's College of Medicine is cooperating with Namyangju City and the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention from August 16th to October 31st, to start local society health examinations which aim to collect data for future health and medical policy planning. The examination has a total of 890 subjects over 19 years old, who have been randomly selected among the Namyangju Poongyang Health Center area (Jinjeop, Onam, Byeolnae-dong, Byeolnea-myeon), according to a statistical method. The examination will be operated with an investigator visiting the subjects and holding 1:1 interviews. ▲ The College of Medicine will start local society health examinations in cooperation with Namyangju City and the Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (Contributed by: Namyangju City) This year, considering the exceptional case of COVID-19, steps such as measuring body features such as height and weight will be skipped, and the number of questions will also be greatly reduced. The subjects will answer a total of 142 questions, in which 97 of the questions are required, and 45 of them are related to COVID-19. The city requires 5 inspectors to take a COVID-19 test, and received negative results for all the inspectors. The inspectors are provided with an environment where they could perform self-checks of their health, wear masks when visiting the subjects, sanitize their hands, and check their body temperatures so that the subjects for the examination can reduce the concern of getting infected by COVID-19. The head of Namyangju Poongyang Health Center Jung Tea-shik mentioned that "safe examination will be conducted while keeping prevention instructions for the COVID-19," and added that "the examination will play an important role in the development of the city, and we therefore ask for cooperation from the citizens." Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 26

[General]Hanyang University's 4th Industrial Revolution Research Institute Supports Consulting on "Ocean Bio-Healing Industry" in Wando, South Jeolla Province

Hanyang University's Fourth Industrial Revolution Research Institute (ICBM) held an advisory meeting with Wando-gun, South Jeolla Province, on a strategy to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution. The advisory meeting was held on August 13th, 2021 The Maritime Bio Promotion Plan, the marine healing industry, and the algae fair in Wando-gun South Jeolla Province were dicussed. This meeting was carried out online to ease the difficulties with managing projects and planning regional events conducted by local governments during the pandemic. Professor Cho Byung-wan (Department of Construction and Environment Engineering) said, "We hope that this consultation meeting will give a lot of vitality to the projects of local governments." The conventional concept of marine healing is limited to consumers' perception that marine resources are simply good for their health. The Fourth Industrial Revolution Research Institute suggested that it is necessary to break away from this by adding consumer-customized concepts by including a blockchain compensation and networking platform, a system in which participants receive health care. In addition, considering the technological development caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution and the advent of the pandemic, the construction of an infrastructure "System Virtual Physical System (CPS)" that integrates robots, medical devices and online software, and the surrounding environment was proposed. Last month, Wando-gun became the first to enact the Ordinance on Promotion and Support of Wando Marine Bio Industry to support the comprehensive and systematic development of the marine bio industry. Meanwhile, Hanyang University's 4th Industrial Revolution Research Institute, led by Professor Cho Byung-wan from the faculty of engineering, is a domestic laboratory that studies the fusion and combination of IoT, CPS, Blockchain, Machine Learning (ICBM) technology, advanced relativity theory, quantum mechanics, and genetic engineering. Click to see the keywords [[Cho Byung-wan]] ,[[4th Industrial Revolution Research Institute]] at Hanyangwiki Global News Team Translation by: Lee Hee-jin

2020-08 26

[Student]Student Formula Club "RACE" Places Second at the 2020 KSAE

Hanyang University student racing club RACE placed second in the technology idea sector at the 2020 Korean Society of Automotive Engineers Contest that was held for three days from August 7 to 9. RACE participated with an E-Formula vehicle in the Formula category to create technological gaps with other teams by using two independently-controlled BLDE motors and monocoques, which let them get attention with a high-quality design. In particular, the creative and outstanding monocoque forming technology commanded attention. Engineer Lee Young-sub who participated in constructing the body said, “A carbon monocoque was used in the RH27, which we predicted would allow us to obtain a stronger property compared to the weight of the previous pipe frame,” and that “In fact, as the specimen experiment result, higher rates showed by 1.3 times in buckling, 3.5 times in bending, 9.4 times in energy, and lower rates of 0.75 times in transformation. From this, we could optimize the vehicle by obtaining stronger properties and at the same time minimizing the weight.” ▲ Hanyang University student formula club ‘RACE’ is taking a picture together after getting a reward When asked about the reason they were awarded a prize, they said that “as for our team, we were the only university in Korea to create a monocoque with a resin infusion method, which allowed us to maintain the advantages of the monocoque that we've mentioned before but at the same time minimize the cost by decreasing the cost of outsourcing,” and explained that “we believe that the fact that we've created a high completion level monocoque with the least cost led us to receive the award." Furthermore, they explained some difficulties they faced and said that “there were some parts of the thickness aren't even as the nature of the forming procedure and also some difficulties in adding the finishing touches.”Then they shared their aspirations saying that “we would like to make improvements on these parts to build a more perfect vehicle next time.” RACE, which has grown under HAST is planning to produce a high-quality E-Formula(electric racing) based on the all-wheel drive (AWD) in-wheel motor next year and prepare for global contests outside Korea in 2021. Click to see in detail in [[Hanyang Wiki]] Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min

2020-08 26

[Alumni]Alumnus Kim Hyun-soo Named CEO of Lotte Rental

▲Kim Hyun-soo (Department of Accounting, '81) On August 13, Hanyang University alumnus Kim Hyun-soo (Department of Accounting, '81) was chosen to be the CEO of Lotte Rental. On that day, Lotte Group announced that Kim had been named CEO according to an internal board of directors meeting. Kim graduated from Hanyang University's Department of Accounting in 1984, entered Lotte Industry, and went worked his way up the ladder, hold positions such as the head of the financial team of Lotte Department Stores, the head of the accounting team, and reaching the head of the financial department. From 2014 to 2019, Kim also served as the CEO of Lotte Insurance. Check the keyword [[Kim Hyun-soo]] from Hanyang Wiki Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 26

[Policy]University Administration Implementing a Work-from-Home System

Due to the proliferation of COVID-19 and the announcement of the 2nd level of social distancing, the university administration has also changed to a work-from-home system. On the 21st, the Human Resources Team announced that they will follow the guidelines given by the Student Health Care Center and implement a circulated-work-from-home system to lower the number of staff working in offices. The work-from-home system will be in place for 2 weeks starting from the 24th and ending on the 4th of next month; the policy will apply to all staff and researchers. According to the plan, only 50% of the personnel from each office will be in the offices, rotating after a week. However, some offices with difficulties carrying out their workload do not need to follow the plan according to the decision of the each head of office. Those that are pregnant will continue to work from home without rotation. After two weeks, the plan may be extended according to the situation. The circulated-work-from-home system will need to be operated in a way that secures the original workload. For this matter, all staff is required to apply call forwarding and use a VPN so that they can receive a office phone call from their mobile phone and access school information with their laptop. Additionally, all staff needs to write a daily work log and maintain the security of documents. Some offices will be unable to follow the plan, especially those related to student services, graduation preparation, and preparation for the new semester. However, the plan also applies to student workers, stopping them from coming to their offices or changing them to a work-from-home system. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Won-young

2020-08 25

[Performance]ERICA Selected as the "2020 Design-leading Multidisciplinary Education Course Support Business"

Hanyang University ERICA Campus was selected on August 22 as the University participating in 2020 Design-leading Multidisciplinary Education Course Support Business by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Institute of Design Promotion. This business, which began this year, aims to grow a design-leading professional force that fully understands the process from planning to marketing such as product, service, and system. This business supports a multidisciplinary education course management such as design-leading engineering and economics, and aims to support talented students who have theoretical and practical information across diverse fields through industrial-settings-based programs and problem solving potential. Along with Hanyang University ERICA Campus, Soonchunhyang University, Anyang University, Yonsei University International Campus, Korea University of Industrial Technology, and Hansung University are participating. These six universities are participating in this business plan to nurture talented students with their own differentiated points. ERICA Campus plans to enforce the IC-PBL education that is required for developing problem/solution capabilities for industry/social problems to support talented students in technology-sympathizing cooperation. They are also planning on a "design advisor", which is a student-centered education that encourages students of different majors to cooperate, and an AI Design Center’s IC-PBL (Hanyang University ERICA’s education model of the industry-local district-university link that solves real problems that happen on-the-spot) environment to lead a human-friendly future design trend. Global News Team Translation by: Park Gyeong-min