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2019-12 03

[Event]YTIT(Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent) visited ERICA Campus

On November 29, the presidential delegation from Uzbekistan's first private university, YTIT (Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent), visited the ERICA Campus. The delegation held an agreement along with a campus tour. Global News Team Translated by Hyejeong Park

2019-11 29

[Event]"Start of the new change," ERICA Industry-Academy Cooperation Fair Day

Hanyang University’s ERICA Campus (Vice President Yang Nae-won) held the “2019 ERICA Industry-Academy Cooperation Fair Day” at the Hanyang’s Guest House on November 25. As Ansan Science Valley (ASV) was designated as InnTown, centered around the ERICA Campus, which is a key organization, this event was designed to present various projects related to technology commercialization, infrastructure support, and tax benefits for companies that want to move into this designated area. More than 200 participants attended the event, including Yoon Hwa-seop, a Mayor in Ansan, Kim Dong-kyu, a Chairman of the Ansan City Council, Yang Seong-gwang, a Chairman of INNOPOLIS Foundation, Yang Nae-won, a vice president in the ERICA Campus, and several businessmen. The event was divided into three parts: an opening event, briefing sessions for support projects by organizations, and consultations on technical support. These institutions presented during the briefing sessions for support projects included: ▲Ansan City Enterprise, ▲ERICA Industry-Academy Cooperation ▲Ansan InnTown, ▲Technology Guarantee Fund Incheon Technology Innovation Center, and ▲Korea Industrial Technology Association. In the last session, an additional support consultation meeting was held to help business associates understand the support project. The last session also held a one-on-one technical consultation. A number of institutions and universities exhibited excellent technologies (ERICA Campus, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Korea Testing Laboratory, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, N4U Tech Holdings, Ajou, Kookmin, Konkuk’s Global Campus, SeoulTech, Myongji, Suwon, Kyonggi, Yonsei, Korea, Soongsil, Kyunghee, and Kyungpook National University). In this way, not only was various information on potential technology shared, but also, suggestions were made to solve these difficulties. In addition, various exchanges were conducted between companies and universities. The ERICA Campus has been operating a dedicated Technology Licensing Office (TLO) since 2011 to promote technology transfer and commercialization. They have developed technology commercialization capabilities by carrying out the University Technology Management Promotion (TMC) and LINC projects. As a result, among the JoongAng Ilbo University Rankings, ERICA has maintained its ranking in the top 10 for three consecutive years in Technology transfer revenues per professor in the science and technology sector: 9th in 2016, 10th in 2017, and 7th in 2018. The recent designation of the InnTown not only provided opportunities for further technological commercialization, but also paved the way for high-tech industrial complexes where universities, research institutes, and companies can create synergy effects. Yang Nae-won, vice president of the ERICA Campus, said, “With ERICA Campus being a key organization, it will work with various institutions to provide the best technology that companies need. We will do our best to commercialize it.” He also added, “We plan to actively support Ansan InnTown to develop into a high-tech industrial complex.” Global News Team Translated by Hyejeong Park

2019-11 22

[Event]Hanyang AI Solution Center, Industrial Circles CEO Invitation Forum on 22nd

The Hanyang AI Solution Center (Director Kang Sang-gi) invited the CEOs of industrial circles to host a forum themed: ‘Strengthening business competitiveness and AI’ at Seongdong-gu, Seoul Campus on the 22nd at 3 p.m. This forum will begin with the introduction of the AI center by Kang Sang-gi, the director of the center, and will further be discussing ‘AI technology and trend,’ ‘4th industrial revolution generation AI platform,’ ‘AI based image processing and its application in industries,’ and ‘industrial intelligence development and cases of application.’ The Hanyang AI Solution Center is the first AI solution center in Korea that was established last October to support the continuous growth of small and medium sized businesses and indendent, medium-sized operators. The Global News Team -

2019-11 22

[Event]Special Lecture: Invitation of Zellweger, the Former Switzerland development cooperation division, Pyeongyang head of office

The Hanyang University's Hanyang Peace Institute, headed by Head Choi Jin-woo, invited visiting scholar from Stanford University, Catrina Zellweger, who was also the Pyeongyang head of office for the Switzerland development cooperation division. Chief Choi Jin-woo stated, “I hope this special lecture creates a place for debate on deliberating new ways for North Korea, humanitarian assistance that contributes to improving the quality of life for North Korean citizens.” The Global News Team -

2019-11 21

[Event]Completion of the 80 Years Anniversary IC-PBL International Conference: “Towards IC-PBL Centered Hyper-Linked Education”

The international conference on the 80th Anniversary of the school which was held at the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library by the Hanyang University IC-PBL (Industry-Coupled Problem-Based Learning) was completed with great success. Under the theme of 「IC-PBL-oriented university education innovation and hyper-connected education with industry」 the event was organized to realize student value-oriented education connected to real society and to set the direction for innovation in college education through it. Around 180 experts from various institutions and universities interested in education innovation and industry-connected education participated in the event. In particular, the event consisted of a case presentation from Dr. Kin Leong Pei, the vice administrator of academic affairs at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, and Professor Lee Dong-wook, an action-learning subdirector at the Asia School of Business, which has been highlighted as examples of innovation in university education. For the local case, the presentation was made by Department of Architectural Engineering professor Bae Sung-chul and Division of Business Administration professor Shin Hyun-sang, who developed and operated the IC-PBL classes last semester at Hanyang University Seoul campus, shared the actual learning operation process and outcomes associated with the industry. The conference started with president Kim Woo-seung's welcoming speech, "We hope that the focus of student values will be on the front line and that universities at home and abroad will be in a place to evolve and develop together." In addition to the presentation of overseas and domestic cases, various panel discussions of education professionals were discussing the current status of linked education of domestic, foreign industries and universities and the solutions to pending issues. Diverse discussions in regards to future education including setting the direction for the future were debated. ▲ Images from the conference The Global News Team -

2019-11 15

[Event]Soongsil University Visits ERICA Campus for Benchmarking

Soongsil University vice-president visited ERICA campus on the 13th to benchmark ERICA's innovation attempts on education. Visitors heard president Kim Woo-seung's presentations on ‘How university education should be innovated’, and visited a academic-research-industry cluster zone, as well as Knowledge Studio, Factory(startup support space), and the College of Computing. They actively observed the IC-PBL and telepresence lectures, representative examples of ERICA’s education innovation. Global News Team Translation by: Kim Hyun-soo

2019-11 14

[Event][Notice] "Shall I Study at Universities Abroad?" ... International Affairs Team Holds an Exhibition

International Affairs Team announced that the '2019 Study Abroad Exhibition and Briefing Session' will be held on November 14th, on the 6th floor of Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library. The exhibition opens from 11 AM to 4 PM and the briefing session will start after 1 PM on that day. After the briefing, a Q&A session continues. Since experiences abroad or studying abroad in other universities take important roles in the job market, many students want to get a chance yet information and understanding of such events are hard to be approached for students. Regarding this, International Affairs Team planned an event in the form of an exhibition to increase approachability. Hanyang University's outgoing program is run in various forms and conditions depending on the regular courses and short-term courses. In this event, the International Affairs Team will help students widening their choices through systemic introduction during the exhibition. During the exhibition, prize giveaways including a ticket to take the TOEFL test are prepared. 25 various booths helping students are provided. Individual consulting is available through program introductory booths ran directly by International Affairs Team. Also, students can also learn about specific programs and local situations at each university's booths. As students who have been abroad through the dispatching program answer the questions, the answers will be highly valuable. For those who attend the booth exhibition, additional points will be given for the 2020 Second Semester exchange student program.

2019-11 13

[Event]Hanyang University Alumni Community Volunteer Group, ‘With HYU,’ hosts a Local Volunteer Sharing Event

The Hanyang University alumni community volunteer group, named ‘With HYU’ (chairman of the board Kim Cheol-jong) hosted the "2019 Kimjang Sharing of Love" event in front of Hanyang University Administration Building in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the 9th. Approximately 300 officials from Hanyang University, which included alumni, faculty, and students, in addition to the Seongsu General Social Welfare Center, participated in the Kimjang sharing volunteer work that day. With HYU and the Seongsu General Social Welfare Center delivered a total of nearly 3,000 heads, delivering 10 kilograms of cabbage to 500 households, including the elderly living alone and the boys and girls’ breadwinners in Seongdong-gu. ▲The Dean of the Seongsu General Social Welfare Center, Park Eul-jong, the President of Hanyang University, Kim Woo-seung, The Chairman of the Board, Kim Cheol-jong, foreigner undergraduates, the Chairman of the Board of Hanyang Foundation, Kim Jong-lyang (from left) are holding the self-made kimjang kimchi before the wrapping. ▲ The ‘2019 kimjang sharing of love’ volunteer participants are daring a heart with two hands. ▲ One participant is feeding the kimjang kimchi to a foreign student. ▲ The President of Hanyang University, Kim Woo-seung (left) and Kim Cheol-jong (center), the With HYU Chairman of the Board are delivering the fund to Park Eul-jong, the Dean of the Seongsu General Social Welfare Center. ▲Hanyang University staff members who participated in the ‘2019 kimjang sharing of love’ are posing in front of the photo wall. The Hanyang Global News Team -

2019-11 13

[Event]A Talk Concert with the President: "Hayangians Talk About Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

President Kim Woo-seung held a talk concert and communicated directly with students. Celebrating the 80th anniversary of Hanyang University and the 4th anniversary of the History Museum, a "Talk Concert with President Kim Woo-seung" was held on the second floor of the History Museum on November 12th. The topic of the talk concert was "Hanyangians talk about yesterday, today, and tomorrow." 30 students who were chosen at random had a conversational, face-to-face, sit-down with President Kim asking various questions during an hour-long event.

2019-11 12

[Event]Hanyang University’s College of Law opens a History Museum and holds a Symposium

Hanyang University's Graduate School of Law (President Kim Jae-bong) opened a History Museum and celebrated the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the College of Law and the 10th anniversary of the Graduate School of Law in Seongdong-gu, Seoul. A number of officials attended the ceremony, including Choo Mi-ae, a politician of the Democratic Party, and Kim Jong-ryang, the Chairman of Hanyang Foundation. Following the ceremony, a symposium was held on the theme of ‘The past, present, and future of Hanyang’s study of law.’ ▲ The collection of photos above commemorate the celebration at Hanyang University's College of Law. The Hanyang Global News Team - *With translation by Hyejeong Park