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2019-11 14

[Event][Notice] "Shall I Study at Universities Abroad?" ... International Affairs Team Holds an Exhibition

International Affairs Team announced that the '2019 Study Abroad Exhibition and Briefing Session' will be held on November 14th, on the 6th floor of Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library. The exhibition opens from 11 AM to 4 PM and the briefing session will start after 1 PM on that day. After the briefing, a Q&A session continues. Since experiences abroad or studying abroad in other universities take important roles in the job market, many students want to get a chance yet information and understanding of such events are hard to be approached for students. Regarding this, International Affairs Team planned an event in the form of an exhibition to increase approachability. Hanyang University's outgoing program is run in various forms and conditions depending on the regular courses and short-term courses. In this event, the International Affairs Team will help students widening their choices through systemic introduction during the exhibition. During the exhibition, prize giveaways including a ticket to take the TOEFL test are prepared. 25 various booths helping students are provided. Individual consulting is available through program introductory booths ran directly by International Affairs Team. Also, students can also learn about specific programs and local situations at each university's booths. As students who have been abroad through the dispatching program answer the questions, the answers will be highly valuable. For those who attend the booth exhibition, additional points will be given for the 2020 Second Semester exchange student program.

2019-11 13

[Event]Hanyang University Alumni Community Volunteer Group, ‘With HYU,’ hosts a Local Volunteer Sharing Event

The Hanyang University alumni community volunteer group, named ‘With HYU’ (chairman of the board Kim Cheol-jong) hosted the "2019 Kimjang Sharing of Love" event in front of Hanyang University Administration Building in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the 9th. Approximately 300 officials from Hanyang University, which included alumni, faculty, and students, in addition to the Seongsu General Social Welfare Center, participated in the Kimjang sharing volunteer work that day. With HYU and the Seongsu General Social Welfare Center delivered a total of nearly 3,000 heads, delivering 10 kilograms of cabbage to 500 households, including the elderly living alone and the boys and girls’ breadwinners in Seongdong-gu. ▲The Dean of the Seongsu General Social Welfare Center, Park Eul-jong, the President of Hanyang University, Kim Woo-seung, The Chairman of the Board, Kim Cheol-jong, foreigner undergraduates, the Chairman of the Board of Hanyang Foundation, Kim Jong-lyang (from left) are holding the self-made kimjang kimchi before the wrapping. ▲ The ‘2019 kimjang sharing of love’ volunteer participants are daring a heart with two hands. ▲ One participant is feeding the kimjang kimchi to a foreign student. ▲ The President of Hanyang University, Kim Woo-seung (left) and Kim Cheol-jong (center), the With HYU Chairman of the Board are delivering the fund to Park Eul-jong, the Dean of the Seongsu General Social Welfare Center. ▲Hanyang University staff members who participated in the ‘2019 kimjang sharing of love’ are posing in front of the photo wall. The Hanyang Global News Team -

2019-11 13

[Event]A Talk Concert with the President: "Hayangians Talk About Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

President Kim Woo-seung held a talk concert and communicated directly with students. Celebrating the 80th anniversary of Hanyang University and the 4th anniversary of the History Museum, a "Talk Concert with President Kim Woo-seung" was held on the second floor of the History Museum on November 12th. The topic of the talk concert was "Hanyangians talk about yesterday, today, and tomorrow." 30 students who were chosen at random had a conversational, face-to-face, sit-down with President Kim asking various questions during an hour-long event.

2019-11 12

[Event]Hanyang University’s College of Law opens a History Museum and holds a Symposium

Hanyang University's Graduate School of Law (President Kim Jae-bong) opened a History Museum and celebrated the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the College of Law and the 10th anniversary of the Graduate School of Law in Seongdong-gu, Seoul. A number of officials attended the ceremony, including Choo Mi-ae, a politician of the Democratic Party, and Kim Jong-ryang, the Chairman of Hanyang Foundation. Following the ceremony, a symposium was held on the theme of ‘The past, present, and future of Hanyang’s study of law.’ ▲ The collection of photos above commemorate the celebration at Hanyang University's College of Law. The Hanyang Global News Team - *With translation by Hyejeong Park

2019-11 05

[Event]Korea's first Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center opened at Hanyang ERICA Campus

The Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center was established on Hanyang University's ERICA Campus for the first time in the nation. The center was established to strengthen technological cooperation with Russia, a technology powerhouse in the fourth industrial sector. Following the opening ceremony on October 31st, it was launched at the Center for Business Incubation and initiated full-fledged activities. ▲ Source of the photo: Gyeonggi-do Gyeonggi-do will promote technological cooperation with Russia, mainly in ‘Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center.’ It plans to establish a bridgehead to enter the global market and secure ‘new growth engines’ by allowing small and medium-sized enterprises in the province to advance technology. The opening ceremony of the ‘Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center’ was held at 11am on October 11th at ERICA Campus, Hanyang University. The meeting was attended by more than 150 participants including Kim Woo-seung, the president of Hanyang University, Lee Jae-myeong, the Gyeonggi Governor, and 20 Russian government agencies and companies, including Mikhail Bondarenko, Trade Representative of Russia, and Valentin Makarov, the chairman of Russoft. Governor Lee Jae-myeong said, “The global economy has difficulties in various aspects, but I think it may be caused by the fact that our resources and technologies are not fully utilized.” He added, “If Gyeonggi-do has a good relationship with Russia, which has the most source technology for high-tech industries, we can commercialize Russia's original technology.” Russia's Trade Representative, Mikhail Bondarenko, said, ‘Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center’ is a solid foundation for mutually beneficial relations and a fruit of Russia and Gyeonggi-do's desire for scientific and technological cooperation.” “I am confident that this relationship makes a platform that links Gyeonggi and Russian entrepreneurs and creates opportunities for cooperation in cutting-edge science and technology.” In the opening ceremony, the 'Business agreement for the success of Russia's innovative technology utilization business' was signed among five related organizations, including Gyeonggi-do, Hanyang University's ERICA Campus, the Gyeonggi Techno Park, Hana Financial Investment, and the Korea-Russia Business Council for the full support of technological cooperation with Russia. Following the agreement, the center not only established and operated the center but also provided administrative and financial support. Hanyang University provided an entrepreneurship space and promoted university-industrial cooperation. At the same time, Hana Finance Investment will support financial and investment consultations, match Gyeonggi-do and Russian companies, and create a “Korea-Russian Joint Fund.” Moreover, the Korea-Russia Business Council will be matching technology appropriately to the enterprise and for consulting on technological cooperation. The Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center was arranged on the 1st and 5th floors of Hanyang University's Center for Business Incubation. On the 1st floor, the ‘Innovative Technology Products Exhibition Hall’ displays Russian IT, new materials, optics, robots, and VR products, and on the 5th floor, the center has an office space and a corporate resident space. The center is equipped with the optimum conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises in Gyeonggi-do. There are Russian-speaking, dedicated personnel with a network of Korean-Russian companies, as well as Russian technology corporations, Hana Financial Investment, and private consulting support companies. In particular, as the Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center is located in the R & D Zone in InnoTown, which leads the fourth industry, it is expected to produce strong synergies through close cooperation with Hanyang University, research institutes, and startups. The Hanyang Global News Team - *With translation by Hyejeong Park

2019-10 31

[Event]President Kim Woo-seung visits 4 Japanese universities to discuss exchange and cooperation

President Kim Woo-seung and Vice President of International Affairs Yoon Jong-seung visited partner universities in Japan for three days to discuss exchange and industry-university cooperation. During this visit to Japan, Hanyang officials visited Waseda University, Osaka University, Kindai University, Tokai University to discuss the strategic topics of each university. At Waseda University, the status and management system of international students were introduced. Also, officials discussed the English track operation, benchmarking of the AI Center, and how to adapt these elements in Hanyang University. At Osaka University, they met representatives from the International and Technical Research Departments to discuss ways to promote active exchange in research between the two universities. It was agreed that both universities will conduct research cooperation through analysis of research fields from outstanding professors from both universities. At Kindai University, officials had a campus tour and reviewed the introduction of an open library book purchasing system. At Tokai University, officials gave a special lecture entitled, “Innovative Higher Education in Hanyang University” and presented the IC-PBL education of Hanyang University. The interview with the President and Chairman of Tokae University, on this day, further strengthened the educational relationship between the two universities, which dates back to 1990, and discussed ways to expand academic exchange in the future. ▲ The visit to Tokai University ▲ The visit to Osaka University ▲ The visit to Kindai University Hanyang Global News Team - *translation by Park Hye-jeong

2019-10 31

[Event]Invitation Lecture at Hanyang by the Chairman of the Environmental Foundation, Choi Yeol

A lecture session with experts on environmental protection was held at the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library on the Seoul Campus in Seongdong-gu, Seoul, on October 25th under the theme: "From a Carbon Economy to a Circular Economy.” Choi Yeol, the Chairman of the Environmental Foundation, stressed the need for environmental protection and the importance of practice for students and faculty attending the lecture. In addition to Choi, Cho Cheon-ho, a professor of special affairs, and Cho Jin-man, an architect, participated in the lecture as environmental protection experts and gave lectures on "transitional changes in the climate crisis era" and "new relationships." Prior to the lecture, Hanyang University signed an MOU with the Environment Foundation in June, pushing for the establishment of a plastic free campus for the first time in Korea and launched the Environmental Supporters in September to build an eco-friendly campus. ▲Choi Yeol, chairman of the Environmental Foundation is speaking on the theme, "From a Carbon Economy to a Circular Economy" at a lecture by environmental protection experts at the Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library, Seoul Campus, on Octber 25th. Hanyang Global News Team

2019-10 30

[Event][Notice] 6th Hanyang University Programming Competition 

The 6th Hanyang University Programming Competition will be held at 1 p.m. on November 10th in the IT/BT Hall (305), room 508, at Hanyang University's Seoul Campus. This competition has been held annually since 2014 for all students at Hanyang University (Seoul Campus). In this competition, students can participate as a team (three members) to solve programming problems. The students on a leave are welcome to join, but a team must consist of at least one undergraduate student. To participate in this competition, apply from the official website located here: ( In the ‘Beginner Division’ category, the award includes 600,000 won for the first place winner (one team), 400,000 won for the second place winner (one team), 200,000 won for the third prize (one team), and a special prize (five teams, announced on the day of the competition). In the ‘Advanced Division’ category, the award includes 1 million won for the first place winner (one team), 600,000 won for the second place winner (one team), and 400,000 won for the third place winner (five teams, announced on the day of the competition). For more information about the competition, contact Hanyang University's Algorithm club 'ALOHA' ( ▲ A poster of the '6th Hanyang University Programming Competition' Hanyang Global News Team *with translation by Hyejeong Park

2019-10 22

[Event]Hanyang Successfully Concludes its '2019 Actual Startup Education,' 1st Session, Final Demo Day

The Hanyang University Startup Support Foundation successfully finished the '2019 Actual Startup Education, 1st Session, Final Demo Day' that was from October 11th to October 12th. In this demo day event, 37 Lean Startup participants and team members joined. Announcements of present conditions and presentation strategy for effective IR (Investor Relations) briefing, mentoring for IR planning, and IR presentations took place during the event. Furthermore, the opportunity to discuss problems that came up during the market proof stage and review business models from the perspective of cooperative evaluators were given, with the help of invited experts who could invest the initial seed money, such as accelerators or VC's (Venture Capitalists). All of the participants were provided with the chance to pitch and network with external VCs. On the first day of the event, 20 companies in the first session presented their current status of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Choi Kyung-chul (a professor of Hanyang University), Lee Hyung-min (a CEO of SpaceJump), and Kim Cheol-ho (a CEO of WisePM) were in charge of evaluation and provided alternatives after the final announcements. After that, 5 companies formed a team according to their business items, and individual mentoring took place. Executive Son Hee-cheol (an executive of the Korea Business Environment Institute), Gwon Hyuk-jung (CEO of ProPR), Joo Myeong-gyu (CEO of Cafe24), and Team Manager Jeong Sun-shik talked with the participants about the components and core parts of IR business planning, and how to pick a core keyword. On the second day, the IP planning presentation took place, where students prepared after the mentoring session. The panels for evaluations consisted of Lee Jeong-ho (MashupAngels), Jeong Seok-min (CompanyKPartners), Yoon Ye-seop (Mega investment). The panel was in search of △merchandizing potential, sales revenue, and its relevance in market analysis, and △the imitability of rival companies, technological differentiation, market entrance and rationality of pivot strategies. Hanyang Global News Team

2019-10 18

[Event]The 4th Paiknam Prize Ceremony

Paiknam Memorial Association held 'The 4th Paiknam Prize Ceremony' on October 16th at Paiknam Music Hall of Seoul Campus. Paiknam Prize was established to honor the philosophy of Dr Kim Lyun-joon, the founder of Hanyang University, and the total sum of 200,000,000KRW will be given to the prize winners. The winners of the 4th Paiknam Prize are ▲Engineering Award Cha Gi-chul, the CEO of Inbody ▲Music Award Kim Nam-yoon, president of the Korea Arts & Gifted Education Institute ▲Human Rights and Service Award Dubont (Rene Dubont) Catholic Bishop. CEO Cha Gi-chul contributed to the diagnosis and cure of adult diseases and diabetes through developing body composition analyzer with high accuracy. President Kim Nam-yoon was praised for promoting Korean music to the world, training many prominent talents while serving as a professor at the Korea National University of Arts. Bishop Dubont was evaluated for contributing to the regional development through medical and educational projects since he moved to Korea in 1954 and introduced the early discovery and treatment of Hansen's disease. ▲CEO Cha Gi-chul of Inbody, the winner of Engineering Award, and his wife are taking a memorial photo with Chairman Kim Chong-yang (on the right) at the 4th Paiknam Prize Ceremony held on October 16th. ▲President Kim Nam-yoon, the winner of Music Award, and his wife are taking a memorial photo with CEO Kim Chong-yang (on the right) at the 4th Paiknam PRize Ceremony held on October 16th. ▲Bishop Dubont (Rene Dubont) on the left, the winner of Human Rights and Service Award, is taking with CEO Kim Chong-yang at the 4th Paiknam Prize Ceremony held on October 16th.

2019-10 18

[Event]Hanyang University recruits volunteers for ‘The 2019 Love Gimjang Sharing Event’

Along with Hanyang University's Center for Social Innovation, Hanyang Harmony will hold ‘The 2019 Love Gimjang Sharing Event’ in front of the Administration Building (Lion Statue Square) on the Seoul Campus at 9 am on Saturday, November 9th. The event includes, not only making kimchi, but also packing and delivery work. Kimchi will be delivered to 500 households in need in the Seongdong area. Applications for this activity will be on a first come, first serve basis by October 25th, and you can fill out and submit an application form online ( For more information, please contact the Center for Social Innovation (02-2220-2406, for students and faculty members. In the case of Hanyang graduates or general participants, please contact (02-2220-2004, ※ The image below is translated as follows. [Detailed schedule] 09:00~09:30 (Orientation-Attendance Check) 09:30~10:00 (Opening ceremony) 10:30~13:00 (Kimchi and packaging, rearranging) 13:00~13:30 (Lunch) 13:30~15:00 (Cleaning and checking attendance) 15:00~17:00 (delivery) Application method (Selective) Submit the attached application form [Division] 1. Pay only donations 2. Payment of donations + Making Kimchi 3. payment of money + Making Kimchi + delivery 4. payment of money + Making Kimchi + delivery vehicle support 5. Delivery Commando (vehicle support or delivery) Vehicle support means you bring your own vehicle. [Content] 1. Select one of the divisions. 2. Download and fill out the application form. 3. Submit by email. - Basic amount of donation is 10,000 won or more. (The donation will be used to purchase kimchi ingredients) Others 1. We ask for your support because kimchi ingredients are purchased with raised donations. 2. Our administration team will prepare the rubber gloves and aprons for the activity. (We would like you to bring extra clothes and shoes in case of any stain.) 3. We issue a volunteer activity certificate (6 hours minimum) 4. Kimchi can be distributed to students who . (20 first-come-first-served students! Foreign students and studnets who live alone, 1 packet per person) (Application: Submit a simple reason in the application form, receiving it at 15 o'clock on the delivery schedule. We provide a container to carry it) The Global News Team

2019-10 16

[Event]The Paiknam Memorial Association selects the 2019 Paiknam Prize Winners

▲ (From left) Bishop Rene Dupont, CEO Cha Gi-chul, and director Kim Nam-yoon On October 16, the Paiknam Memorial Association selected ▲ Cha Gi-chul, the CEO of Inbody, for the Engineering Award ▲ Kim Nam-yoon, the president of the Korea Arts & Gifted Education Institute, for the Music Award, and ▲Rene Dupont, a Catholic Bishop, for the Human Rights Volunteer Award as the winners for the 2019 Paiknam Prize. In particular, Dupont is from France and has contributed to regional development through education projects in farming and fishing villages in the northern part of Gyeongbuk province and medical and relief projects since his arrival in Korea in 1954. He served as the first bishop in Andong, Gyeongbuk province between 1969 and 1990 and has devoted himself to the poor and needy local residents. In 1974, he opened the ‘Damian Dermatology Clinic,’ which contributed to the early detection and treatment of Hansen's disease. He established Sangji Girls' Middle and High School and Sangji Girls' College (currently Catholic Sangji College) for women's professional education. CEO Cha Gi-chul is the world's first major player to develop and commercialize the body composition analysis technology. The new finding was recognized for its contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases and obesity by developing a body composition analyzer with very high precision. Director Kim Nam-yoon has won numerous awards on the world stage, including the Tibou Barga International Violin Competition. She has also trained many talents while serving as an academy of music professor at the Korea National University of Arts. As a violinist and educator, Kim Nam-yoon was evaluated for promoting Korean music to the world. The Paiknam Prize was established to inherit and develop the spirit of Kim Lyon-joon(1914-2008), the founder of Hanyang University. Monetary prize awards totaling 200 million won will be given to the winners. The award ceremony will be held at Hanyang University on the upcoming 16th. Hanyang Global News Team