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2020-04 01

[Event]Yonsei University Vice President Visited ERICA Campus for Benchmarking

On March 25th, Yonsei University's Vice President, Ha Yeon-seob, and his associates visited Hanyang University ERICA Campus. The visit was made to benchmark ERICA's Industry-University cooperation support and Industry-University cooperation town construction, special region for research and development, and the Campus Innovation Park. The visitors watched videos of President Kim Wooseung's "Introducing Hanyang University Industry-University Cooperation Status and Operation Strategy," ERICA Industry-University Cooperation Leader Park Taejun's "Introducing Industry-University Cooperation Town Construction and Special Region for Research and Development," and Won Hoshick Innovation Park Operation Leader's "Campus Innovation Park Introduction." Afterwards, the team took a tour around the facilities related to industry-university cooperation such as the Smart Manufacturing Learning Center, Cooperation Robot Space CARE Lab, and Start-up Support Area Knowledge Factory and Studio. Meanwhile, Hanyang University ERICA reinforced the preventive measurements regarding COVID-19, such as conducting meetings with masks on, hand sanitizing, and body temperature checks. Global News Team Translated by: Lee Wonyoung

2020-03 26

[Academics]Hanyang University Professor Kim Jong-Ho, Developed a Nanocatalyst that Enhances the Performance of Metal-Air Batteries

Professor Kim Jong-ho Hanyang University announced on March 26th that Professor Kim Jong-ho's team in the Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering of Hanyang University ERICA campus has developed a new nanocatalyst that enhances the performance of metal-air batteries. A "metal-air battery" is a next-generation battery that is charged and discharged through oxygen in the air, which has bigger energy storage, a lower price, and no possibility of explosion compared to the Lithium-ion batteries, and therefore is attracting the attention of the electric vehicle industry. The performance of a metal-air battery that can be charged and discharged is determined by the oxygen's oxidation and deoxidation rate of reaction happening within the cathode. Up until now, expensive catalysts such as platinum (Pt) and ruthenium (Ru) have been used to catalyze the oxidation and deoxidation of the oxygen. However, these catalysts had the problem of reducing the lifespan of the battery, due to its high price and low stability. For this reason, the need for a carbon catalyst with a low price and great performance has been understood. Professor Kim's team coined the "Solvothermal Radical Synthesis," solving the problem through delicately adjusting the nanostructure and vitality of the carbon catalyst. Professor Kim's team attached cobalt atoms or cobalt nanoparticles to porous carbon nanostructures, in order to adjust the interaction between organic-inorganic molecules and precisely control the structure and vitality of the catalyst, thereby enhancing the performance and stability of the catalysts. The metal-air battery produced through the use of this carbon-nanocatalyst has a 30% lower price than the original catalyst, which maintains its stabilized performance above 100%, even after its long charging and discharging. Professor Kim mentioned that "when the carbon-nanocatalyst with a cheap price and high performance is applied to metal-air batteries, it will remarkably reduce the unit cost of electric vehicles," and added, "This research provides a new method to develop a next-generation nanocatalyst material with precisely adjusted structure and performance through molecular controlling." This research was supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea and was conducted with Professor Lee Sang-uck's team from Hanyang University ERICA Departement of Chemical and Molecular Engineering, and the result of the research (Paper Title: Molecular engineering of nanostructures and activities on bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for Zinc-air batteries) that was published online on one of the top internationally renowned academic journals within the field of chemical and environmental engineering, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, on March 9th. ▲ Synthesis of carbon-based nanocatalyst through effective molecule control <Reference> Related paper: 2020_3_Molecular engineering of nanostructures and activities on bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for Zinc-air batteries 『Applied Catalysis B: Environmental』 Global News Team Translated by: Lee Wonyoung

2020-03 16

[Special]Publication 40-year History of ERICA Campus

The ERICA Campus celebrated their 40th anniversary last year. To commemorate the milestone, the External Affairs and Development Team published The 40-Year History of ERICA Campus, a book which details information about ERICA's growth. The book is not merely a documentation of the past, but the essence of ERICA Campus, capturing its 40-year history in four sections: Prologue, "40 Years of ERICA" (further divided into 1979 to 1989, 1990 to 1999, 2000 to 2009, and 2010 to 2019), "40 Years of ERICA's Education" and "40 years of ERICA as Viewed by the Media." To celebrate the 40th anniversary of ERICA Campus, Hanyang University published 40-Year History of ERICA Campus. (Photo courtesy of the External Affairs and Development Team) The prologue “40-Year of ERICA in photos” shows chronological changes to the campus since 1980 through photographs. It shows images of an ERICA we have never known. The captions add to our imagination, reading, for instance, “When it rained, the campus used to turn into a mud puddle because the roads were not paved. Then, students went to their lectures in a pair of boots.” Image of ERICA in 1980 in the prologue "40-Year of ERICA in Photos” (Photo courtesy of the External Affairs and Development Team) Student activities were also recorded as an important part of ERICA’s history. There is a list of all student councils since the opening of the school with a note on whether they were involved in student activism, as well as records on student movements that occurred at the time. The book also includes images of present-day ERICA, introducing the current student council, school clubs, school events, and press institutions. In the second section "student activity," information about various school activities is detailed. (Photo courtesy of the External Affairs and Development Team) Turning one page after another, we see the enormous growth of ERICA Campus over the past 10 years. Moon Mi-sun, chief of the External Affairs and Development Team said, “For us, the last 10 years have repeated brilliant growth and innovation, greater than that of any other university in Korea…I hope Hanyangians share a sense of pride by reading this book.” Moon also expressed gratitude toward the senior staffs, elder professors, and team staff who supported the making of the book. “It was difficult to collect old data and thus required a great deal of effort from the External Affairs and Development Team to successfully finish the book.” Hanyangians can get 40-Year History of ERICA Campus for free by inquiring at the External Affairs and Development Team (limited number available) or read online at 40-Year History of ERICA Campus. Hwang Hee-won

2020-03 09

[General][Photo] 'From 1979 to 2019' Summarizing ERICA Campus’ History

A record of ERICA Campus’ 40-year history has been officially published in a single book, with the title ’40 Years of History.’ The ERICA Campus was established in 1979 and recently welcomed its 40-year anniversary in 2019. This 700 page book was published to commemorate the ERICA Campus’ 40-year anniversary with records of some of the most iconic moments of its history during this time period as well as other important yearly records and photos. <ERICA’s 40 Years of History> Read it as an E-Book: View The Table of Contents from Hanyang Wiki:년사 *only in Korean

2020-02 25

[General]ERICA Academic Information Center & Library: Provides New E-Learning Service

▲ Provided by: ERICA Academic Information Center & Library Hanyang University's ERICA Academic Information Center & Library started a new E-Learning content service starting from January. The newly opened education services are SERI&U and Hackers, which are online learning materials. SERI&U Knowledge Library offers educational content that holds the latest information on the business grounds given out by SERI CEO, to the business CEOs and core individuals of talent. The content provides up-to-date information regarding categories of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Humanities, Economics·Business, Latest Trends, and Leadership, in a form of a 5~10 minute video clip, delivering the core information to the audience within a short time. In addition to the categorized video content, they provide materials such as a PPT summary and a one-page summary in a PDF form. SERI&U Knowledge Library currently has about 2,300 contents, which would allow students to have the latest educational content from various fields. Hackers Language Education Content are also newly provided. The new content is directly created and provided by Hackers. Students can take about 300 video lectures in English, Chinese and more, without any limitations. The content also provides lectures for English certificates such as general English, TOEIC, TOFEL, TEPS, and IELTS. It provides self-diagnosis examination regarding TOEIC and TOFEL, allowing students to diagnose one's level and select the lecture depending on the level of difficulty. There are also other E-Learning services provided from Hanyang University ERICA Academic Information Center & Library, such as languages learning program of 24 languages of the world, 'Rosetta Stone Foundations,' online lectures for public officials, 'Amor Exam,' IT lectures provided by 'IT GO' and more. Students can earn the chance to gain extracurricular knowledge and grow as a self-directing individual by using various outside educational services provided by the Academic Information Center & Library. Global News Team Translated by: Lee Wonyoung

2020-01 08

[Admission ]ERICA Campus Admission Acceptance Rate for 2020, recording 6.02:1

The regular admissions for Hanyang University's ERICA Campus for the 2020 school year have been finalized. The final on-time competition rate was 6.02 to 1, which is closed at 5 p.m. on December 31. In terms of admission quota, in the group ‘Ga’, 2,649 students applied to 503 positions on the regular admissions, recording 5.27 to 1 as a competition rate. Also, 1,477 students applied to 182 positions in the group ‘Na’, recording the rate of 8.12 to 1. In total, 4,126 students applied to 685 positions, resulting in a rate of 6.02 to 1. This is a 1.16 decrease from the previous year's competition rate of 7.18 to 1. However, considering all the numbers including outside the admission quota, the competition rate is 5.70 to 1 as 4,699 students applied to 824 positions. The highest competition rate was in the field of Applied Music (Vocal major) in the group ‘Na’, as 551 students applied for three positions, recording 183.67 to 1. Besides the Applied Music, group ‘Ga’ has the highest competition rate in the field of Chinese Studies (6.92:1) and French Studies (6.91:1). Meanwhile, the announcement of the final successful candidates for the regular admission is scheduled for January 13. Global News Team Translated by Hyejeong Park

2019-12 19

[Alumni]ERICA 87 Graduates Classmates Host 2019 Year-end Party

ERICA 87 Graduate classmates hosted a 2019 year-end party. 87 graduates held the year-end party at Scalatium, Gangnam on the 14th of December.

2019-12 16

[Event][Photo] Hanyang Alumni Professors Prepared Dinner for 400 ERICA Campus Students

The professors of Hanyang alumni prepared dinner for students. This event under the name, "Sharing a Warm Dinner to Beloved Students" was held at 5 p.m. on November 11th at the Student Cafeteria of ERICA Campus. The late-night event provided 400 meals to the students and a special treat through prize picking. The event was also held at the Seoul Campus at the same time. Global News Team Translation by: Lee Seong-chae

2019-12 03

[Event]YTIT(Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent) visited ERICA Campus

On November 29, the presidential delegation from Uzbekistan's first private university, YTIT (Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent), visited the ERICA Campus. The delegation held an agreement along with a campus tour. Global News Team Translated by Hyejeong Park

2019-12 03

[Policy]Adventech-ERICA signs an MOU for Industry-University Cooperation in IoT and Smart Factory

Hanyang University's ERICA Campus and Advantech KR have signed an MOU for Industry-University cooperation in the Internet of Things and Smart Factory fields on November 26th. In this MOU, it is included that cooperation for the human resource cultivation and projects in the fields of IoT and smart factory will be achieved using both institutions' outstanding human resources and infrastructures. It is also included that InnoWorks, a global Industry-University cooperation program, held by Advantech in 2020, will be co-held with Hanyang University's ERICA Campus. CEO Jeong Jun-gyo of Advantech KR said, "It is a great meaning for us to promote the Industry-University cooperation with Hanyang University's ERICA Campus, which stations smart factory industry complex. With this, we will do our best to function as a vital part in domestic IoT and in the smart factory industry development through expanded and enhanced cooperation of both institutions." Advantech is an industry IoT solution provider, headquartered in Taiwan, which provides not only various hardware but also specialized software. Furthermore, it has expanded its business fields to factory management and monitoring using WebAccess SCADA, a factory automation software, data collection, saving, analysis, and prediction through cloud services. Hanyang University's ERICA Campus has been constructing a leading cluster environment that fits the government's regional innovation policies that combine universities, research, industry, and promote research and development and human resource cultivation using the each functions' research capabilities. Recently, not only the three government-funded research institutes (Korea Institue of Industrial Technology, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, and Korea Testing Laboratory) but also around 170 companies including Gyeonggi Techno Park and LG Innotech Ansan R&D Campus are conducting their activities in the cluster. Global News Team Translation by Lee Seong-chae

2019-11 29

[Event]"Start of the new change," ERICA Industry-Academy Cooperation Fair Day

Hanyang University’s ERICA Campus (Vice President Yang Nae-won) held the “2019 ERICA Industry-Academy Cooperation Fair Day” at the Hanyang’s Guest House on November 25. As Ansan Science Valley (ASV) was designated as InnTown, centered around the ERICA Campus, which is a key organization, this event was designed to present various projects related to technology commercialization, infrastructure support, and tax benefits for companies that want to move into this designated area. More than 200 participants attended the event, including Yoon Hwa-seop, a Mayor in Ansan, Kim Dong-kyu, a Chairman of the Ansan City Council, Yang Seong-gwang, a Chairman of INNOPOLIS Foundation, Yang Nae-won, a vice president in the ERICA Campus, and several businessmen. The event was divided into three parts: an opening event, briefing sessions for support projects by organizations, and consultations on technical support. These institutions presented during the briefing sessions for support projects included: ▲Ansan City Enterprise, ▲ERICA Industry-Academy Cooperation ▲Ansan InnTown, ▲Technology Guarantee Fund Incheon Technology Innovation Center, and ▲Korea Industrial Technology Association. In the last session, an additional support consultation meeting was held to help business associates understand the support project. The last session also held a one-on-one technical consultation. A number of institutions and universities exhibited excellent technologies (ERICA Campus, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Korea Testing Laboratory, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, N4U Tech Holdings, Ajou, Kookmin, Konkuk’s Global Campus, SeoulTech, Myongji, Suwon, Kyonggi, Yonsei, Korea, Soongsil, Kyunghee, and Kyungpook National University). In this way, not only was various information on potential technology shared, but also, suggestions were made to solve these difficulties. In addition, various exchanges were conducted between companies and universities. The ERICA Campus has been operating a dedicated Technology Licensing Office (TLO) since 2011 to promote technology transfer and commercialization. They have developed technology commercialization capabilities by carrying out the University Technology Management Promotion (TMC) and LINC projects. As a result, among the JoongAng Ilbo University Rankings, ERICA has maintained its ranking in the top 10 for three consecutive years in Technology transfer revenues per professor in the science and technology sector: 9th in 2016, 10th in 2017, and 7th in 2018. The recent designation of the InnTown not only provided opportunities for further technological commercialization, but also paved the way for high-tech industrial complexes where universities, research institutes, and companies can create synergy effects. Yang Nae-won, vice president of the ERICA Campus, said, “With ERICA Campus being a key organization, it will work with various institutions to provide the best technology that companies need. We will do our best to commercialize it.” He also added, “We plan to actively support Ansan InnTown to develop into a high-tech industrial complex.” Global News Team Translated by Hyejeong Park

2019-11 21

[Student]A team of ERICA Campus Hanyang students received the Commissioner's award in the 2019 Campus Patent Strategy Universiade Competition

A team of Hanyang students received the Commissioner's award in the '2019 Campus Patent Strategy Universiade Competition' held by the National Academy of Engineering of Korea and the Korean Intellectual Property Office. According to an announcement by the National Academy of Engineering of Korea on the 20th, the Hanyang University ERICA Campus team (Choi Yeong-hwan, Shin Min-ae, Lee Na-yeon) and the Sejong University team received the Commissioner's award, while the Kyungbuk University's team received the Minister's award for the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy. In addition, Hanyang University was named as the university with the most participants, and Professor Kim Jin-gyeong (Materials Science and Chemical Engineering) was included among the 4 professors for the Advisor Professor Award. Celebrating the 12th anniversary of the competition, 28 domestic, representative companies, research institutes, and a total of 1,195 teams participated in this event. The award ceremony will be held on the 21st. The Global News Team -