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2019-11 18

[Special][Infographic] Keep Calm and Stay on ERICA Campus

Lim Ji-woo Design by Chun Chae-ryeong Photos by Lee Hyeon-seon

2019-11 15

[Event]Soongsil University Visits ERICA Campus for Benchmarking

Soongsil University vice-president visited ERICA campus on the 13th to benchmark ERICA's innovation attempts on education. Visitors heard president Kim Woo-seung's presentations on ‘How university education should be innovated’, and visited a academic-research-industry cluster zone, as well as Knowledge Studio, Factory(startup support space), and the College of Computing. They actively observed the IC-PBL and telepresence lectures, representative examples of ERICA’s education innovation. Global News Team Translation by: Kim Hyun-soo

2019-11 13

[Infographics]2019 Fall Semester: ERICA Students by the Numbers

According to the ERICA Campus enrolled students report on the current state for the second semester of 2019, compiled on October 1st, the number of students enrolled in the school year stood at 8,657 and 3,593. If the 445 students who postponed acquiring their bachelor's degrees is distinguished and taken into account from this year's statistics, the total number of enrolled students will be 12,695. The figure was down 433 from 13,128 in the statistics from the first semester (as of April 1st). According to the colleges and universities category, students enrolled in Engineering Sciences was the highest with 2,938 students, while the lowest number of students was in the College of Pharmacy with 128 undergraduates. However, in terms of the ratio of students to those who are enrolled, the College of Pharmacy shows a 98 percent enrollment rate as a result of only having two students on leave of absence. The College of Communications placed the second highest on the ratio of students attending school with 71.9 percent, and the College of Science and Convergence Technology scored the lowest with 63.5 percent. The gender ratio of the enrolled students was 4,916 males and 3,741 females out of the total 8657, creating ratio of 57:43, and the school year dispersion was evenly distributed by 25% without any major deviation. However, the distribution of students on leave of absence was slightly different. Among the total of 3,593 students, the gender ratio of the students on leave was 77:23 with 2,764 males and 829 females, followed by the school year distribution ratio of second grade (38.4%), third grade (28.2%), fourth grade (20%), and first grade (13.1%). Among the 445 students who postponed acquiring their bachelor’s degree, 434 students did not register for courses while 11 students did, making it 3.5% among all enrolled students. By unit, the College of Languages & Cultures had the largest number of students with 125, with the exception of the College of Pharmacy, the College of Sports and Arts had the lowest number of students with just 5 students. Meanwhile, 98 students were expelled in the first half of last year (March 1 - August 31), and 15 students were expelled due to the expiration of their leave of absence due to employment, taking up the majority. The number of graduates was 603 based on late 2018 graduates. The Hanyang Global News Team - *Special Translation by: Kim Hyun-soo

2019-11 05

[Event]Korea's first Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center opened at Hanyang ERICA Campus

The Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center was established on Hanyang University's ERICA Campus for the first time in the nation. The center was established to strengthen technological cooperation with Russia, a technology powerhouse in the fourth industrial sector. Following the opening ceremony on October 31st, it was launched at the Center for Business Incubation and initiated full-fledged activities. ▲ Source of the photo: Gyeonggi-do Gyeonggi-do will promote technological cooperation with Russia, mainly in ‘Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center.’ It plans to establish a bridgehead to enter the global market and secure ‘new growth engines’ by allowing small and medium-sized enterprises in the province to advance technology. The opening ceremony of the ‘Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center’ was held at 11am on October 11th at ERICA Campus, Hanyang University. The meeting was attended by more than 150 participants including Kim Woo-seung, the president of Hanyang University, Lee Jae-myeong, the Gyeonggi Governor, and 20 Russian government agencies and companies, including Mikhail Bondarenko, Trade Representative of Russia, and Valentin Makarov, the chairman of Russoft. Governor Lee Jae-myeong said, “The global economy has difficulties in various aspects, but I think it may be caused by the fact that our resources and technologies are not fully utilized.” He added, “If Gyeonggi-do has a good relationship with Russia, which has the most source technology for high-tech industries, we can commercialize Russia's original technology.” Russia's Trade Representative, Mikhail Bondarenko, said, ‘Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center’ is a solid foundation for mutually beneficial relations and a fruit of Russia and Gyeonggi-do's desire for scientific and technological cooperation.” “I am confident that this relationship makes a platform that links Gyeonggi and Russian entrepreneurs and creates opportunities for cooperation in cutting-edge science and technology.” In the opening ceremony, the 'Business agreement for the success of Russia's innovative technology utilization business' was signed among five related organizations, including Gyeonggi-do, Hanyang University's ERICA Campus, the Gyeonggi Techno Park, Hana Financial Investment, and the Korea-Russia Business Council for the full support of technological cooperation with Russia. Following the agreement, the center not only established and operated the center but also provided administrative and financial support. Hanyang University provided an entrepreneurship space and promoted university-industrial cooperation. At the same time, Hana Finance Investment will support financial and investment consultations, match Gyeonggi-do and Russian companies, and create a “Korea-Russian Joint Fund.” Moreover, the Korea-Russia Business Council will be matching technology appropriately to the enterprise and for consulting on technological cooperation. The Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center was arranged on the 1st and 5th floors of Hanyang University's Center for Business Incubation. On the 1st floor, the ‘Innovative Technology Products Exhibition Hall’ displays Russian IT, new materials, optics, robots, and VR products, and on the 5th floor, the center has an office space and a corporate resident space. The center is equipped with the optimum conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises in Gyeonggi-do. There are Russian-speaking, dedicated personnel with a network of Korean-Russian companies, as well as Russian technology corporations, Hana Financial Investment, and private consulting support companies. In particular, as the Gyeonggi-Russia Technology Cooperation Center is located in the R & D Zone in InnoTown, which leads the fourth industry, it is expected to produce strong synergies through close cooperation with Hanyang University, research institutes, and startups. The Hanyang Global News Team - *With translation by Hyejeong Park

2019-11 04

[General]Professors of Seoul and ERICA Campus Jointly Win a Tennis Tournament

Besides many other things Hanyang professors excel in, if there is one more forte, it must be their tennis skill. The Hanyang professor tennis team won the first place trophy in the first Capital-area Professor Tennis Tournament in doubles (2 vs. 2 players) on October 12th, 2019. The victory was especially meaningful because the team was an exemplary collaboration of professors from both the Seoul and ERICA Campuses. The winners were Ahnn Joo-hong (Department of Bio Engineering), Ryu Su-yeol (Department of Korean Language Education), Yoo Hyoung-suk (Division of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering), Kim Jong-hee (Department of Physical Education), Park Jae-woo (Division of Sport Science, ERICA Campus), and Ko Ji-hyun (Division of Sport Science, ERICA Campus). (From left) Ryu Su-yeol (Department of Korean Language Education), Park Jae-woo (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Ahnn Joo-hong (Department of Bio Engineering) are members of the Hanyang Faculty Tennis Club that won first place in the first Capital-area Professor Tennis Tournament on October 12th, 2019. The tournament was the first professor tennis tournament held for the capital-area universities. 22 teams competed in doubles matches. The Hanyang professor team won all five games with flying colors, from the preliminaries to the final. In the finals, they won against the Seoul National University team that was known to have many skilled professors. The team commented that their strategy worked well in the later interview. The Hanyang Faculty Tennis Club’s president, Professor Park Jae-woo (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) said, “the winning was especially meaningful because the team was formed by both the Seoul and ERICA Campus professors.” Although there had been active interchanges between the two tennis clubs, it is the first time that they joined as a single team. “We only had one practice run together before the tournament. Still, there was a sense of closeness, and our team worked in perfect harmony – perhaps because we are all a Hanyang family,” said Ryu. The two campus clubs already have plans to join the next tournaments together as well and strengthen their bond. They are also considering holding the annual Hanyang faculty tennis tournament together from next autumn. The Hanyang professor team pose for a photo on the day of the tournament. The exemplary collaboration between the Seoul and ERICA Campus professors made the victory especially meaningful. (Photos courtesy of Hanyang Faculty Tennis Club) The professors did not forget to welcomingly encourage other faculty members of Hanyang to join the tennis club. “The Hanyang Faculty Tennis Club is a small group that has become active fairly recently, but we have a very family-like atmosphere,” said Ahnn. It is also unique in that it is the only university tennis club where professors and other faculty members are combined together, whereas it is normally separated in other universities. “We also give free lessons. Anyone who is interested, feel free to join us!” Lim Ji-woo Photos by Kim Ju-eun

2019-10 01

[General]The ERICA Campus' 10 Year Plan: “Creating an Innovation Campus Hand in Hand with Over 500 Companies”

On September 27th, President Kim Woo-seung of Hanyang University announced a plan to attract more than 500 companies that will effect employment with 10,000 jobs after 10 years as well as advance the ERICA Campus to an innovation campus that will fuse three key sectors -- academy-research-industry. This unveiling took place during the ERICA Campus 40th anniversary. 10 years from now in 2029, the ERICA Campus will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Currently, approximately 190 companies and laboratories occupy the ERICA Campus with facilities or offices, including Gyeonggi Techno Park, LG Innotek, and the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH). As a result of these partnerships, the ERICA Campus has been called Korea’s representative academy-research-industry cluster (connoting the fusion of key industries). Recently, the ERICA Campus was selected for the ‘Campus Innovation Park Leading Business’ by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Land, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS). The university was also chosen as an InnoTown for R&D, which is run by the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), completing the preparatory steps to lure companies and laboratories inside the university. President Kim said, “We will complete the urban high-tech industrial complex that provides a synergy effect among the university, laboratories, and companies until the year 2029.” He purported enthusiasm in establishing an academy-research-industry cooperative and innovative platform which connects the university's capability with regional and strategic industry. “We will create an unequaled, high-quality university that will form an organic ecosystem with our society,” he added. Jeon Hae-chul, an assembly member for the Democratic Party, Yoon Hwa-sup, the mayor of Ansan, Germany's Max-Planck laboratory, Erwin Neher, an honorary professor and winner of the Nobel prize in physiology and medicine, and Kim Jong-lyang, the Chairman of the board of Hanyang Academy, all participated in the commemorative event. ▲ Kim Jong-lyang, the Chairman of the board of Hanyang Academy, is giving a congratulatory speech at the 40th anniversary of the ERICA Campus on the 27th. ▲Kim Woo-seung, the president of Hanyang University, is unveiling this new vision for the university at the 40th anniversary of the ERICA Campus. ▲President Kim Woo-seung (4th from the left) and Kim Jong-lyang, the Chairman of the board of Hanyang Academy (5th from the left), are performing a celebration ceremony with the parties concerned during the ERICA Campus 40th anniversary.