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11/14/2019 HYU News > Event > 알림


[Notice] "Shall I Study at Universities Abroad?" ... International Affairs Team Holds an Exhibition

An exhibition will be held to help Hanyang students study abroad


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International Affairs Team announced that the '2019 Study Abroad Exhibition and Briefing Session' will be held on November 14th, on the 6th floor of Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library. The exhibition opens from 11 AM to 4 PM and the briefing session will start after 1 PM on that day. After the briefing, a Q&A session continues.

Since experiences abroad or studying abroad in other universities take important roles in the job market, many students want to get a chance yet information and understanding of such events are hard to be approached for students. Regarding this, International Affairs Team planned an event in the form of an exhibition to increase approachability.

Hanyang University's outgoing program is run in various forms and conditions depending on the regular courses and short-term courses. In this event, the International Affairs Team will help students widening their choices through systemic introduction during the exhibition. During the exhibition, prize giveaways including a ticket to take the TOEFL test are prepared.

25 various booths helping students are provided. Individual consulting is available through program introductory booths ran directly by International Affairs Team. Also, students can also learn about specific programs and local situations at each university's booths. As students who have been abroad through the dispatching program answer the questions, the answers will be highly valuable. For those who attend the booth exhibition, additional points will be given for the 2020 Second Semester exchange student program.
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