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09/21/2020 HYU News > Event


Online AI Graduate Schools Briefing by the Korean Artificial Intelligence Association

AI Graduate Schools for Hanyang, Yonsei, and UNIST introduced on the 28th... First Semester started on September 1st

Global News Team

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On August 28th, the Korean Artificial Intelligence Association held a briefing for three AI Graduate Schools: Hanyang University, Yonsei University, and UNIST. The three new AI Graduate Schools that have been selected started their first semester on September 1st. 

On the briefing, representing concepts, goals, curriculum, research plans, graduate school education plans of each university will be introduced. 

Also, the three universities that are selected as AI Graduate Schools suggested operation plans for ▲Creating an education system for more than 40 AI Masters and Doctors, ▲Recruiting top AI specialist professors, and ▲Creating special lecture plans for intense and specialized AI courses. The universities will be supported by the fund of 1 billion won in the first year and 2 billion won starting from the second year. A total of 19 billion won will be supported for 10 years. 
▲AI Graduate School Operation Plans (Hanyang University Seoul Campus)

Hanyang University's AI Graduate School presented 'NEXT (Nurturing Experts for Top-class AI Research)' as its concept. It means to nurture students that have AI research skills.

The goal of the graduate school divides into two. First is securing the core technology through cooperation with overseas universities, research laboratories, and research cooperation. Second is focusing on nurturing students with working skills through university-industry related lecture skills such as job recruitment-related internship, and IC-PBL course.

The 2020 second semester of Hanyang University's AI Graduate School is composed of 17 master students and 5 doctoral degree students. Students that are studying for a doctoral degree and masters-doctors integrated degree are given a full scholarship. Starting in 2021, a total of 25 students will be selected every semester.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Science and ICT newly selected Hanyang University Seoul Campus as the AI Graduate School of 2020 in April and selected ERICA Campus for AI Integrated Research Center. Also, these AI Graduate School, AI Integrated Research Center have been selected as the institutions for enforcing new tasks of 2020, being part of the 'AI Semiconductor (NPU, Nural Processing Network) Research Development Project' enforced by the Ministry of Science and ICT. 


Check [[AI Graduate School Support Project]] at Hanyang Wiki

Global News Team
Translation by: Lee Won-young
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