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09/22/2020 HYU News > Event


Hanyang University Museum Selected as the '2020 Humanities on the Road to Museum'

'Humanities meets the Universe' program starting from September 1st

Global News Team

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Hanyang University Museum was selected for the '2020 Humanities on the Road to Museum' program on August 10th, which is a core project being held by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korean Museum Association.

'Humanities on the Road to Museum' provides adolescents and adults humanities-related experience programs in an attempt to spread the value of humanities and provide people with cultural activities within their daily lives. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will cooperate with the Korean Museum Association, carrying out the project until November of this year within 117 public, private, and university museums, having elementary school, middle school, high school students and adults as the target.

Hanyang University Museum is planning to connect this project with the special exhibition [From particle physics to microcosmos of BTS; Humanities Meets the Universe], providing lecture programs that focus on building integrated thinking skills and creativity by learning about the start and history of the universe. 

The program will be conducted online, with a total of 4 lectures, which begins on September 1st. The lecture contents of the program are ▲Finding the start of the universe -CMS of CERN and Higgs particle, ▲Filling up the universe with music -From planets of Holst to the microcosmos of BTS, ▲Learning particle physics through blocks, and ▲ART@SCIENCE. There are also additional special lectures such as 'The universe, space, and matter', and 'Story of the universe and particle physics'.

The 'Humanities on the Road to Museum' project began in 2013, with more than 1 million people participating in the program since its beginning. It had been providing various programs that can teach history and culture through the collections of the museums. In particular, it is also connected with the free-semester system so that students can grow imagination related to humanities within the museums. 

Meanwhile, Hanyang University Museum is constantly excavating, collecting, preserving, and studying the cultural heritages ever since its opening in 1979. Starting from 2003, the museum is opening special exhibitions two times a year. 
▲Introducing '2020 Humanities on the Road to Museum' program of Hanyang University Museum
(Provided by: Humanities on the Road to Museum website)

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Global News Team
Translation by: Lee Won-young

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