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09/16/2020 HYU News > Alumni > 주목받는한양인


[Attention! Hanyangians] Alumnus Ko Young-yeol broadens the spectrum of the Korean traditional singer and music

"The most important thing is to show persistence to new things and your will."

Global News Team

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▲ Alumnus Ko Young-yeol (Source: Hello Artist)
Alumnus Ko Young-yeol from Hanyang University's Department of Korean Traditional Music drew attention with an unrivaled sound in "Phantom Singer 3" in July of this year. Although he only made it to the second-to-final round, he was the most suitable participant for the team named Lavidans, which means "a guide to crazy music," and their popularity was no less than the winning team, "Lapoem.”

Mr. Ko dreamed of becoming a national swimmer until sixth grade in elementary school. While looking for ways to increase his lung capacity, he was led by his mother who recited pansori, and thanks to swimming, he practiced pansori in a very short time. Eventually, he became a singer as if it was his destiny and entered the Department of Korean Traditional Music at Hanyang University.

He is also an all-around performer who is good at playing musical instruments. Because he loved playing musical instruments, he practiced geomungo, kkwaenggwari, drum, and janggo. He plays the trumpet and midi as well as the Korean traditional musical instruments very well. The piano was also encountered by chance and pansori was played according to the piano melody, which is how the unusual scene of the "Keyboarding Singer" was born during the "Phantom Singer 3" solo performance.

When he was in university, he won the first place in the pansori category of the Onnara Korean Traditional Music Contest in 2014 and joined the 22-member modern orchestra "Easton Most" as a singer in December. Taking advantage of this experience and knowledge, he later tried various genres of music and created an inspiring crossover stage in the "Phantom Singer 3."

Mr. Ko has already been called a rising star in the pansori field for the past four years. Along with Kim Jun-su, a member of the National Changgeuk Company, he became renowned by participating in the Ethnic Fusion Group 'Second Moon' album 'Pansori Chunhyangga'. He starred in KBS's "Immortal Songs" with the Second Moon of the Ethnic Fusion Group and with the Gukak Girl Song So-hee, he won the final title with a twist between piano accompaniment, ballad songs, and pansori "Chunhyangga."

At a time when the door to joining a state-run art organization is getting narrower and the number of stages is decreasing, this kind of Mr. Ko's move gives hope. In an interview with Newsis on August 2nd, he said, "I was also lost. I had to take tests at national and public organizations and face difficulties while doing creative activities," and also stated, "But every time, I was stubborn. The most important thing is that you know how to pursue something new and show your will."

Mr. Ko plans to continue to be active in the future. In a documentary to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Cheongsan-ri, which will be broadcasted by KBS this fall, he finished filming his presentation at the South Chungcheong Province independence fighter General Kim Jwa-jin’s Hongseong birthplace, Dongsango Street, and at the beach. On August 31, he sang "Heungtaryeong," "Bird, Bird," and his own song, "Unattainable Days" with Haegeum player Sung In-young.

Global News Team
Translation by: Park Gyeong-min
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